Treasurer Connie Javens' House

Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens’ adult son has been placed under arrest after allegedly showing up to her house intoxicated and brandishing a gun. The man allegedly fired shots as the county’s 911 center was dispatching police to the location. The incident happened around 8:40pm in Monaca.

A county dispatcher can be heard on scanner traffic archived by the Beaver Countian.

Dispatch: “911 call from 1120 Don Street, 1120 Don Street, caller is advising there is a Dan Javens in the residence with a gun, said he has possibly been drinking, was looking for his mother […] Said to be shooting.”

Officer: “County is he in the house or outside of the house?”

Dispatch: “As far as we know he was inside of the house shooting.”

Officer: “Alright, is this Connie Javens’ house?”

Dispatch: “I am not sure about that, we just know the shooter’s name is supposed to be Dan Javens.”

Dispatch: “Alright that is going to be an affirmative on the Javens’ residence.”

Officer 2: “I’ve got him. I have Dan right here.”

Monaca Police could not be reached as of the time of this report, but the Beaver Countian has independently confirmed that Dan Javens is in custody and under arrest. No injuries were reported as a result of the alleged incident.

Along with being the son of Treasurer Connie Javens, Dan Javens is the husband of Sherry Javens, an employee of the Beaver County Court Administrator’s Office.

The Beaver Countian will have further updates as they become available.

Listen to part of the emergency response to this incident as dispatched by the Beaver County Emergency Services Center:


  1. Well well well

    The kid that got kicked out of school and had to attend Quigley, then mommy ran for school board to get even, finally fucked up enough to be arrested for shooting a weapon, if someone was near in house that’s attempted homicide and aggravated assault.

    Hmmmmm is mommy going to get the 50 year old drunk out of this? Like she does the rest of her children, or just point the finger at others and try to take away the attention another family fuck up.

  2. I know this is serious and could of killed someone and is really big because it involves the 80 year old lady whose name for some reason is on my dog’s licensed tags.

    But what kind of wanna be shit mansion is that, why 2 mailboxes , I’m checking assessment that looks suspicious

    Also for real the COUNTY treasurer has a window air conditioner but drives Mercedes Benz, and Hummers


    the first to ti switch colors

    Only good one is Randy and the people thatmarried in the family

    But then they know and GET THE FUCK OUT


    • bada bing…keep living in that shack that you call a house with your boyfriend and hiding behind your PC. clueless and classless!!

    • I’m not sure if you realize this with your limited intelligence, but I’m pretty sure that photo wasn’t taken today. If you look at the bottom, it’s a copyrighted Google image. 

  4. Hey bada bing. Let’s hear your real
    Name or are you so much of a coward that you’ll hide behind your computer. Acting like you know so much. Get your facts right before thinking your some type of reporter

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  6. On a side note, PA has no “brandishing” law as stated the suspect was doing. To unjustifiably draw your weapon is considered assault with a deadly weapon.

  7. ,@the hub

    I just seen that in the picture ,, what no central Air, it’s like a 70s house with lava rocks

    But for real two mail boxes looks funny, serious note this bad real bad

  8. Please watch what you don’t know what goes on in their lives.Dont be to quick to judge.He could be just having a rough time.I know the family and they are all very nice people.

    • Yeah, I’m a really nice person too. So, the next time I’m having a rough day, maybe I’ll go get my Bersa .380 and bust off a few shots in my residential neighborhood. Then, when the cops show up, I can just tell them “I was just having a bad day, you know how it is, baby daddy drama, but I’m a really good person.”And they’ll put their guns away, and I’ll put my gun away, and we’ll all crack open a few cold ones, and have a good laugh about it all. Maybe even throw some steaks and ribs on the grill, and have a few more laughs about it. Maybe they can even give me some advice on the best brands of ammo for my handgun…..YEAH, TRUST ME, IT SOUNDS JUST AS STUPID AS WHAT YOU FUCKING SAID, YOU CLUELESS, IDIOTIC TWAT KAYLA.

      • Now some twats are just clueless, and some twats are idiotic, but to be classifies as a clueless idiotic twat just hurts

  9. This is going to cast a major spot light on that family and the corruption that has gone on for decades

    Check BEAVER FALLS few years back see who was arrested then let go, check out economy Boro, again see who was arrested then let go……

    Ohhhhh my favorite you sure you paid for everything in that cart, rung by the neighborhood girl? You could start writing now but they’d run out of ink it’s thirty years of stuff, this will take the cake…

    Wonder who will represent him????

    Who has first duty arraignment this morning?

    What will bond be,100k,250k, that’s the normal.

    • You and I both know that bond ain’t gonna be anywhere close to the figures you stated. No where near it. Maybe we should start a betting pool?? Lol

  10. Yep Danny owned jazzys, he was dick then and drunk womanizer and now just a barely hold a job crying drunk with powdered nose and glove box full of loser lottery tickets and club chips. Kids and wife good people don’t deserve the shit, but they know he is abum it’s mommy’s fault. Agree with other poster Randy good dude stays away from family…. Connie been no good since she hustled the dentist years ago and was on school board.

  11. Not two mailboxes…one is a newspapee box. Agreed that they need landscaped and an attached garage. That big house and no garage?? Thats whats really fishy here..

  12. No reason to call Kayla a twat.. That was completely uncalled for.. I’m glad everyone’s lives are so perfect they can sit on here and bash others!!

    • Wow, I’m glad that my day doesn’t revolve around what you think about what adjectives I may use to describe an idiot. You the fuck are you to tell me what is uncalled for or not? How bout you just go back to your corner, and shut the fuck up, k? Thanks.

  13. Way to keep it classy Beaver County – and I’m not talking about the Family in the story…I’m talking about the idiots leaving the comments. Never fails to amaze me the things people will say behind a keyboard. Ridiculous!! Hope each of you feel better about yourselves now.

    • Actually, if you were to meet me in real life, this is pretty much how I speak also. I don’t walk around wondering what other people think of me, because I don’t give two shits one way or the other. Stopped caring a long time ago, and it’s lead to a lot less stress in my life. You live yours the way you want, and I shall do the same.


  15. yeah running around sticking your nose in everyone business and getting milk on the whiskers did advance you but what was the cost? The procreation that’s been created is useless, drugs, alcoholics adultery an so on to the point it’s procreate another generation that has pretty much gone completely to another race, cause everyoneknows fucked up the rest are

    • Why? All he would do is have John Joe write up another false report, while his old, decrepit ass would be on the 6 o’clock news, talking about how he was responsible for stopping another mass shooting….

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      • I love this game. Y’all couldn’t be further from the truth. No trailer, I don’t drink or do drugs, I have one child, who was the product of being married, and I don’t rely on some random guy to take care of me. Sorry to burst your bubbles, boys. 

      • OK then Nikki, No trailer to live in…just a divorced project dweller that relies on her girlfriend to take care of her.  Scissors for $10 at 2am when the bars empty out…are you white though?

      • @youdon’tknowshit:Don’t live in a “project”, don’t have a girlfriend (sorry, don’t swing that way), and my race has nothing to do with this convo, much like the rest of these personal comments. And with that, unless it pertains to the article at hand, I’m done.

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    @big mama. Your right those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and she has for years when she should of been watching some in her own front forty. And Danny been a big mouth spatting since he was teenager and the other one has hang out for the troubled youth for decades, mommy always gets it cleaned up,

  20. After reading these comments, I’ve decided that the vast majority of them have come from people who apparently thrive over other people’s troubles. There has not been one person in my life that I’ve come across that hasn’t had an issue of some sort with a member or members of their family. So now just because it is someone in Beaver County’s public spotlight, that justifies you trash talking an entire family… most of which who had no association with this particular incident?! In my personal opinion, that makes those of you with all of the derogatory comments sound ignorant and classless! It’s insane to me how many people on here with no direct connection to the family feel the need to do the following: bash those who are innocent to the situation, bring up supposed criminal acts done by those members of the extended family that have no relevance to these ones involved, and just speak so nastily in general about people you act like you know about but really don’t know about at all! It’s all sickening, and makes me sad for your lives that must be so incredibly pathetic that you find it okay to shoot off your mouths about people that you clearly don’t know many facts about! Unreal!



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