One of Sheriff David's supporters following the public meeting.
One of Sheriff David’s supporters following the public meeting.

Several dozen bikers attended a public meeting of the Commissioners at the courthouse today, where they expressed their support for Sheriff David and his practice of providing security services for private entities.

The county’s law department recently issued a letter to Sheriff David stating the practice was in violation of state law, demanding he cease. When David subsequently went on Channel 11 News to say he would continue to defy the Commissioners, they filed a lawsuit against him seeking an injunction.

Hookstown resident John Wakeley introduced the various biker groups being represented in the crowd prior to addressing the Commissioners directly.

“There are several things going on in the community that bother us” began Wakeley. “The special services that the Sheriff’s Department provides, number one being out in the public is a great public relations tool to use for support for law enforcement within Beaver County. One reason why that is so important is with the downsizing of local police departments, and or the disbanding of local police departments, it’s important to have some type of law enforcement out there to help make the community safe for our children and citizens.”

Sheriff’s Solicitor Myron Sainovich coaching biker John Wakeley before the meeting.

Sheriff’s Solicitor Myron Sainovich had been heard before the meeting coaching Wakeley and several others in attendance on what to say to the Commissioners. Many of those who spoke at the meeting said they had been asked to attend by Sheriff David directly, including former Sheriff Frank Policaro.

“I’m here because George David asked me to come down, and I thought being Sheriff for 21 years I’ve got to lend a little bit of support for him” said Policaro, who later misled the crowd about the training Sheriff’s Deputies receive. “As far as the training of the Deputy Sheriffs, they’re all under Act 120, they’re all well trained. They are better trained, believe it or not, and I am not downgrading any police officer […] Really the Deputy Sheriffs are more trained than the police officers, a lot of police officers in Beaver County anyhow.”

“So please I’d like for you to just rethink what you want to do […] If you want to make six people happy over this deal fine that’s your choice but if you want to piss off about 190,000 people, do it any way you want to do it” concluded Policaro to thunderous applause from those in attendance.

Deputy Ronald Costanza, who attended the meeting in full uniform, spoke out publicly against the Commissioners’ actions and in support of Sheriff David. “First of all I want to thank all of the organizations that came here to support my Sheriff and my Department” he said. “I also want to say I’m happy to work for Sheriff David […] I’m making sure that the public is safe, and I just want you to know that’s what my Sheriff wants to do, he wants to make sure that the public is safe. It’s all about the safety of the public. Come on, we got to think of the public, and we want their safety first. That’s all that I have to say.”

Others who spoke in favor of the Sheriff’s practices included John Dudo who organizes an annual sportsmen’s bash, former Aliquippa Code Enforcement Officer Bobbie Williams, and the manager of Cinemark in Center Township.

Several of those in attendance encouraged the Commissioners to ignore state law. “We are sworn to uphold the law, as is the Sheriff’s Department” said Commissioner Dennis Nichols. “To say that if the Sheriff can’t do this nobody else can provide security is not really appropriate.”

The meeting progressed in an orderly fashion with citizens voicing their opinions to elected officials about law and policy. “It’s a testament to Beaver County how we can have a meeting like this and keep it under control, and I thank you for that” said Commissioner Tony Amadio, wrapping up the public meeting. But before it could be adjourned, Commissioner Joe Spanik interjected.

“I think they need an answer as to why we’re in this position” he said. After a short discussion the tone in the meeting room degraded, with this reporter being mentioned by some in the crowd.

Following the public meeting, this reporter was lambasted by several in the crowd who swore, threatened, pushed, and knocked a smartphone being used to record the event to the ground. At least two of those individuals had spoken about the need for public safety and security just moments before.

“Four eyes, four eyes. Ya fuck that phone, ya. Asshole” said one man, showing his middle finger before being escorted from the room by another biker. A woman then came up from behind this reporter, knocking the phone to the ground. A courthouse source tells the Beaver Countian that woman is a part-time jail guard for the county.

“Ask a deputy for help” laughed another person in the crowd, as further harassment was taking place from other individuals.

Citizens Concerned About Public Safety – Video 1

Citizens Concerned About Public Safety – Video 2

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, the Beaver Countian has released a statement regarding an incident involving Sheriff George David and this reporter.


    • The dirt bag that is flipping the bird is one of the county’s Dept of public works employee. What a waste of our tax dollars.

  1. what a bunch of low life, scum sucking, inbred, uneducated motherf&^%$#@!!! John Paul, keep up the good work!!! Finally, somebody who is willing to expose the corruption in this county

    • Just some facts for you, the low life, inbreds you are refering to have raised several tens of thousands of dollars to donate to needy families. Families who have children with terminal illnesses, lost family members or other accidents that have left those families financially broke. Maybe you should learn about these groups before you form an opinion. There is always 2 sides to every story.

  2. I CAN NOT BELIEVE WHAT I JUST READ AND SAW, absolutely horrible where did these loons come from? They all belong in jail cell, this is our law force? I am actually ASHAMED OF THEM…. JOHN PAUL YOU DON’ DESERVE THIS … This is a hate CRIME YOU JOE SPANIK WILL NEVER GET MY VOTE AGAIN…. All of you are and look absolutely discusting. COMMISSIONERS YOU ARE THE TWO MOST SPINELESS MEN I HAVE EVER SEEN……… I AM JUST TOTALLY APPAULED.

  3. John Paul:

    I have been following your online paper for some time now. I liked that you brought a new persective on reporting in Beaver County. Your reporting was unbiased and accurate and I recommended the BC to alot of people. I do not doubt that you are a good man–a seeker of truth, and the reporting on the sheriff has been factual as far as I can discern. But if you wish to aspire to be a better journalist, then I humbly ask that you try to create a forum that distinguishes between unbiased reporting of events and editorial opinion. Its not that you arent reporting in a cutting edge and refreshing manner–its that you are mixing those two distinc styles of journalism. I don’t care if you post this–I was hoping that you read this though becuase I too abhor injustice and the abuse of power–even if to the abuser its in what he feels is the “best interest” of the community. I also worry about your safety. Obviously I have no knowledge of threats against you–but this article has raised the hairs on the back of my neck. So, in the spirit of love and humility, I make the following recommendations to improve your fledgling paper. 1. Hire some more “e-porters”–bring different voices and viewpoints to your paper. you can still edit and maintain that control–but it will broaden the appeal–and provide you some much needed cover. 2. You are obvioulsy intelligent and gifted—pen a clear editorial—explaint that your only agenda is seeking the truth—find some quote form early journalists–etc–about how the press protects society from the unchecked power of the government—your know the “fourth branch of government” argument. Then–without giving up–tone down the rhtoric—you’ve already succeeeded in putting the public spotlight of Sherrif David. Let Askar and the comissioners do their jobs–and stop being the martyr. Its no longer necessay and it does (I’m sorry) appear that your personally involved now–so you need to think if your integrity is being compromiseed by the need to “win” as opposed to being a truth teller. I hope this reaches you!!! Good luck!

    • John Paul is in a tough spot i dont always agree with how he does things but i’m happy i’m not the one has to make tough calls he does. I also think he’s in danger too.

    • The ‘s Intergrity is just fine. Sheriff David needs to worry about his Integrity (if he has any left).BC shouldn’t have to hire more reporters if the BC thinks it is being threatened. Especially if it is being threatened by SHERIFF DAVID and SHERIFF DAVID’s cronies. This is a bad situation for BEAVER COUNTY. NOT the . Sheriff David needs to be charged. Harassment, Disorderly Conduct, Theft, Insubordiantion, Bullying, Law breaking. Sheriff David is stealing tax money to pay his friends overtime to sit at a movie theater and chaperon 16 year olds. Which would be fine, if the commisioners ok ed it. So more cops taking money from our wallets. I wish my friends made up my work schedule.
      No wonder America is in debt.

  4. You know what. I’m sick and tired of hearing how a man that’s trying to protect the safety of his people gets scrutinized. So when a fight or god forbid a shooting happens at a highschool football game after you assholes want no security there then you get on these dumbass blogs and say where were the police or sheriffs at. You people make me sick. There are too many young kids dying over sensless bullshit and the more security the better. When your child get hurt or killed remember your bullshit you wrote. Well georgie let me say thank you and I support you 100 times over and don’t back down. People in today’s day in age need the worse to happen before we beef up security and your preventing it. Thank you. And the jail guard in the article just wants attention. You won’t get white shirt sooner like that bone head.

  5. Only in Beaver County, bunch of redneck idiots! The most intelligent thing they can do is flip you the bird…lol

  6. I hate this county !!!! Horrible corruption in western PA !!! Cops breaking the law and NOTHING being done about it. A sheriff is supposed to set an example and follow the laws. These “citizens” who showed up are all friends of Sheriff David’s and are supporting a law-breaker. If I broke the law and told Sheriff David I don’t Care. I’m gonna keep doing it, Sheriff David would throw me in jail personally. FIX BEAVER COUNTY AND DO AWAY WITH SHERIFF DAVID !!!

  7. The commisioners need to act now before the lose respect from the CITIZENS of this county. I would like to say this directly to Sheriff David: ” I understand we need security and a safe place for our kids and families, however it is against the law to do what you are doing.” However, we all know how it works in Beaver County. Police officers can say FUCK THE LAW, but if a taxpaying citizen breaks the most miniscule law , we have 5 cops breaking down our door, tasering us,beating us up,in front of our kids and throwing us in jail. NO HYPOCRITES

      • This has nothing to do with preferance, it has to do with your motives and pointing fingers when it comes to the law and breaking it. If you live in a glass house?

    • You do know John Paul Vranesavich (AKA John Paul) Google him then made your comments about “a dyke, white trash dirtball and closet queer”. Do your own research about your hero.






    1- against the LAW

    2- NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE (god forbid something would happen)

    3- the GROUPS should be BETTER served by an agency that can fully protect them, be it local POLICE departments or act235 secruity company that has insurance NOT ONE THAT HOLDS county TAX PAYERS LIABLE…

    4- This has been for the most part PURE POLITICS for our COUNTY SHERIFF and he manipulated the fact he cares about PUBLIC SAFETY, when its about using his deputies to promote himself and give favors FOR POLITICS

    5- ITS NOT FAIR AND ILLEGAL to provide for private enities on the county TAX DOLLAR. SOME GROUPS PAY FOR THESE SERVICES and SOME GET IT for FREE

    6- Whats more horrible is that THEY HAVE UNDERCUT local police departments for the duties in certain communities

    7- SOME DEPUTIES are PAID time and half do work a detail, while some working the very same are just given COMP time.. thats a shame and they can not FILE anything because the SHERIFF has stripped them from UNION rights ALL THEY have is a sheriff assc which is for collective bargining with contracts, NO MEETINGS and RAN BY JUST A FEW ON INSIDE CIRCLE..

    8- AS for bikers groups and POKER runs …. NOTHING WOULD CHANGE THE SHERIFF DEPARTMENT WOULD STILL BE ALLOWED to lead those events.

    9- Why should county TAXPAYERS HOLD THE BAG on LIABILTY for WAL-MART on black friday…. REALLY or SAN ROCCO in aliquippa AND the local CLUBS AFTER HOURS PARTIES ,which they hire security and have aliquippa police present…. 2 years ago the SHERIFF had 2 DEPUTIES GET DRUNK WHILE ON DUTY AT THESE EVENTS which was made public…

    10- AND its TRUE some of these EVENTS are great causes like the BCCI inc in blackhawk which has a few thousand attend, but its not true protection its perception but not PROTECTION and its illegal and has nothing to do with beaver county and could be a major LIABILTY to the BCCI inc, if something happen at the event and to the county,

    NO CONTRACT by the COUNTY no CERTIFICATE of insurance and LIABILTY……MEANS whole lot of people at fault and liable, and i feel bad for those getting manipulated deputies included..

  9. Ok everyone, I need to save my job so lets call a bunch of unbathed long haired inbreeds to a shirt and tie meeting to speak on my behalf. Then to top it off I will call on another out dated sheriff to speak on my behalf. Oh yah, lets also get that part time motor jockey that has been in law enforcement for a week to talk….. I’m sure he knows everything.

  10. Mr. Policaro, your an idiot! Some of the deputies truly are good at the job. Unfortunately most of them aren’t! They didn’t get hired because of what they know, they got hired because of who they know. To make the statement that the deputies are better trained than the local police is just foolish. Very few of them have Act 120 or have ever seen the outside of the courthouse. The ones that have rank are the ones with no gag Just a bunch of
    overpaid mailmen. George isn’t a sheriff, he is a constable with an office. Get him out of there.

  11. You people all have something against the sheriff. Joe Port i do remember you. you were the correctional officer who was bringing in tobacco and then got caught and werefired for it. Lord knows what else you were bring in so before you start thinking supporting any kind of saftey think of what a loser you were and how you couldnt do your job. the female correctional officer lets just say you showed real class and showed exactly how a county especially a officer in a jail should act in public. What you did was vandalism and should be put in jail for your actions. Your no better then some of those inmates in the jail did. you are abusing your power or what you think your power is. like i said never gonna be a white shirt with those action.

  12. Better trained then all local police ….I seriously doubt that. With the exception of some of their search and rescue and k9 units, they are not a full service SO. This is Beaver County, not a full time SO of the south. Stick to the court house David.

  13. John Paul you need to turn that part time jail guard in for assault!!!! My sources tell me her name is Darcy Figurel!!!

  14. i’m dropping my kid of at the mall with friends to eat and shop can someone send a deputy, want to make sure all is well for them

  15. Maybe the readers of these events should know why John Paul started this. To retaliate for a friend of his !!!! He’s no better than the people he is trying to accuse.

  16. First and foremost we apperciate the sheriffs department for helping us at the BCCI inc GUN BASH which is a great event that raises money for youth sports!

    And SHERIFF DAVID has been great with us, BUT we never knew about the jurisdiction and figured they would be allowed, that being said hell yes we would take FREE security in exchange for putting up some signs but who wouldnt and the more you look at it its truly not FAIR to other towns that have events that have to pay!

    But inlight of what THE LAW states and now aware of this, the BCCI surely would in know way want to be held liable if an accident happen at the GUN BASH, which knowing the facts now , it is made aware and now on record in a county meeting of what was all provided when Mr.DUDO was asked to come and state our thanks and what service was provided!

    With having a BEER wagons and gambling and 2500 people in attendance, we should want and have POLICE OFFICERS with jurisdiction and investigating powers to protect the safety and to make sure they are covered by insurance and allowed!

  17. Well once again the sheriff and his weasel attorney tried to manipulate the public.

    POKER RUNS COULD STILL GO ON , those chapters where lied too well within the right to lead a run.

    but STRIKE 1 on the SHERIFF .. why would you have SAN ROCCO people come down about FREE service way to let all know how you gave illegal free service to that festival not to mention the MPI club that week. ( a lot of other communities with events not real happy)

    STRIKE 2 – putting on the record all the man hours for a GUN BASH with alchol and thousands of people.. what if somebody was hurt in a domestic or that while being seperated or crime happened not witness then detained…

    strike3- the movie theater LOL LOL, carmike didnt want to pay what the raye center township requested and chief KRAMER said anything lower would have staffing issues. who comes in sheriffs department (which i can see for perception of security no fault but ONE problem, NOT ALLOWED STATE LAW opps, but kinda looked past until the sheriff got ahhhh GRAND JURY on him.. nobody else JUST MISTER KNOW IT ALL HIS WAY OR THE HIGHWAY GEORGIE BOY) and recieves payments OPPS no contract with county… to be BLUNT THE SHERIFF HAS FUCKED HIS OWN MEN and only the ring of FLUFFERS with stripes or chasing the carrot of being hired full time are marching for him… BCSO exspose next the corruption of the defunct UNION HE STRIPPED YOU guys of and left you with just a SHERIFF ASSC. lol no union ask for a record of MINUTES and treasurer report, YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR FELLOW brothers have done to you, with out your vote?????

    KEEP following MYRONS LEAD to seek personal payback and GEORGIE BOYS DREAM OF COUNTY POLICE DEPT and bridgewater will have a bigger department!

  18. The commisioners shouldnt of approved the union contract that approves them to work these private events if they didnt want them working the events, the cost is covered by these private entities for the sheriff deputies wages. I dont like Georgie either but this seems like a huge waste of time and a witch hunt. “The County Code” my ass. “Extra work details for outside agencies, which are reimbursed to the County, shall continue to be distributed among Deputy Sheriff’s as in the past.”

  19. This excess is not confined to the Sheriff’s office. This whole area is over-policed in numbers, levels, overlapping jurisdictions, equipment and blurred accountabilities. Who, really, are they accountable to, and how did it get so excessive? Look at the types and numbers of interventions. They have the luxury of skimming marginal offenders who would not even be of interest in a larger city. The Sheriff’s office contingent is but a worst-case microcosm of the larger network of law enforcement. And it is scary.

  20. There is the unfortunate true maxim of “Don’t talk to a cop”, even if you’re innocent. In reading of cases like this, would anyone really trust these people?

  21. What doesn’t this ASSHOLE understand????? He’s not a Police Officer and never was. Even though he wore a badge for Aliquippa, he was never a “COP”. The public should know the truth about his foot injury. This CLOWN lied about it and made a hero of himself. His cronies say that his men are more educated and trained in law enforcement than police officers. That’s BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!Send Georege to Plan 11 or the Extenson and see what happens. Maybe he’ll shoot himself in the foot, leave his partner behind, or even have his wife l lie for him and he’ll be a hero. Accept the facts, George David, you and your cronies are no more than ERRAND BOYS!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Johne Paul Vranesavich I knew u would censor your real name, because these hide in the dark bloggers would fine who and what u r. Its OK the Beaver County Times site will no problem with it.

    • I’m not sure what gave you the impression I try to “censor” or hide my full name? And I’m not sure what you mean by “hide in the dark”, I’m at the courthouse reporting almost every day?

  23. If those types of people are the ones supporting Sheriff David, then that is no Sheriff I want to be answering to. This is the true definition of “thug”, folks. Abusing power to enlarge personal gains, right? What does David stand to gain from his misuse of power? We see it right here. Beaver County is full of uneducated fools who believe that this type of thing is “good”. I am sickened by this ridiculous thug-ocracy that revolves around men who are past their prime, and who are desperately seeking power in society that is gradually rejecting these societal norms.

  24. BONEHEAD Mike DeBona or what ever your name is? since you like to call everybody out and call them names let’s talk about you, I believe you work in the courthouse as a deputy or guard or whatever and either you or someone in your family was campaign manager for sheriff David . It’s people like you who give him a bad name, maybe you’ll get a raise or some extra hours for talking about gay people. what ever your agenda is it stinks…. Great mentality. Why don’t you look in the mirror at yourself you seem like your so full of hate. Instead of cutting everybody up why don’t you comment on the article since you work there. NOW EVERYBODY KNOWS WHO YOU ARE………..

  25. Hey DeBoneHead, every one with half a brain could find what JPs name is what’s your point stooge, go back to you’re glory hole

    • hey hey so true. u got it right about being a half brain. cyotte– my referance had nothing to do with his preferances (that’s your hang up not mine) but, dealing with his motive when it comes to the sheriff. Is JP a campion of justice? If you all believe in this cause. Why were you not there at the meeting? Is it the law thats you think is being broken or you hatred for George David that gets your juices going. Its not me that’s the hater, up to this bullshit JP started I had nothing but respect for him. Now he is hurting to many people that just work for a living and have nothing to do with politics. Yes your right, I was the Sheriff’s campaign manager and his friend.

  26. Does anybody really believe that these bunch of ignorant, scum bags that look like they all need flee dipped are the real tax payers of this county? It is our older folks who worked all there lives and the people who go to work every day, Do you really think we want our tax money to go to motorcycle runs? and all the other stupid waste of time places, I think NOT AND JUST REMEMBER you gutless COMMISSIONERS ….Don’t come to us and raise our taxes crying you have no money YOU let this go on for years, i’m sure we’ll die of shock when we find out where all our tax dollars went… and we will find out.

    • Many of these “dirtballs” are nurses, laywers, doctors, accountants…ect. Learn about a group before you label them.

  27. I am madder than a mdget with a yo yo!!!! I am opposed to comments about the sexuality of others. i dont know much about this story but i do know that if i had done what that jail gaurd did, i have no doubt i woulda been tackled shackled and, cuffed and stuffed and charged with eveything aggravated assauslt. i guess true justice means (just us), by that comment i am in no way refering to race, but to where you work and who you know, i wonder if the court house is hiring, then everytime something doesnt go my way i could go around and knock things outta peoples hands and get away with it

  28. Got it wrong again DeBona…this is about what is legal and what is not and this is about ABUSE. What has been done to John Paul should never happen to anyone’s child. How could the commissioners and everyone else at that so called meeting let him or anyone else be treated like that? and to answer your question I (AND A LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE) wasn’t at the meeting i’d be afraid of catching some disease from those HATERS WHO PROBABLY NEVER WORKED A DAY IN THERE LIFE. Bye the way rumor has it JP PASSED TWO YES TWO LIE DETECTOR TESTS………………Everyone in that room that let this happen should be ARRESTED, People everywhere are talking about what was done to him for no reason but telling the TRUTH.

  29. Poker runs usually begin and end at bars, with bar checkpoints along the way. It would seem more convenient for these fellows to start and end at the Sherrif’s department and stop at police department checkpoints along the way. Watch out for those metal detectors.

  30. People who are shocked at John Paul’s treatment do not fully appreciate the group mentalities of the people in that room. The picture says it all. It’s real. JP could have been punched, knocked to the floor and kicked, and there would have been no witnesses. Go to the next meeting and see for yourselves.

  31. I have just one question. Why weren’t some of these people arrested? Plenty of police in the room and no one arrested for disorderly conduct or assault. I assume the charges will be mailed to the guilty parties.

  32. You sir are lying. I was there she did not knock the phone from your hand she placed her hand up to cover her face and you threw your phone to give that appearance. You must’ve cut out the parts on the video but you where called out on that stunt at the meeting but it wasn’t on your video? What happened to that segment of footage?

  33. This reporter blocking should have been stopped, since he has every legal right to be there and record the public meeting. I wonder if the State Police should be present to maintain order in the future, if the local authorities cannot or will not.

  34. You may stand by your reporting. But I stand by the truth. I know what happened so does everyone else. Your not gonna pull wool over people’s eyes for much longer. And she put her hand up to block her face not block him from filming the events that where happening. We don’t want high drama news WE JUST WANT THE TRUTH

  35. DON’T MAKE ME Laugh…. DOCTORS AND LAWYERS OH MY. HA HA Please name one doctor or lawyer liar liar There were plenty of people who saw it….PATHETIC IS WHAT THEY ALL ARE, and you are NOT telling the truth and you know it. I’ts a sad day for beaver county….

    • Well, for one, the distinguished gentleman in the picture is Dr. Inure Rectum, a famous proctologist, advertising.

  36. Why would the female guard need to block her face. She was at a public meeting in a public courthouse, at a meeting to support her “friend”, who most likely got her the job at the jail, and undoubtedly asked her to be there. Just saying!!!!

  37. Strange, Darcy hurt her back sooooooo bad Medic Rescue paid her to quit, but now she’s well enough to b a jail guard. Interresting bunch that supports the sheriff. With friends like the Redneck Inbred Beaver County SOA and workers comp fraud people he has obviously lost his mind

  38. I think John Wakeley would be upset about the behavior shown by at least the one biker present and his infamous picture, and, by the camera grabbers and bad-mothers. Loose lips sink ships. John Wakeley and his organizations have done exceptionally good services to various charities and causes. Perhaps a representative cool-headed group would be better next time. This bad press is counter to their work, and it reflects poorly on some very good, dedicated and well-intentioned people. They have done too much good to have it tarnished by unthinking rogues in their midst. Even “motorcycle enthusiasts” are thankful for their work. From scooters to non-Harley people, they are actually working for the common good. It also reflects poorly on the Sheriff, the Commisioners and the issue at hand, and sets people off-topic. Everyone loses.

  39. I was at the meeting.j p pushed the man in the vest and then shoved his phone into the man’s face to get a rise out of him…I would have thrown you on the ground and smashed you phone…and then you did the same thing to a female senior citizen…johne paul vranesavich ..disgusting and misleading as always

  40. This question / comment is for john Paul . I’m a New and hopefully up and coming aspiring writer and maybe reporter someday soon . I currently attend college to do so. I have always been a big fan of your work and stories . You are a extremely talented and I have the up most respect for your work or at least I used to , as a beaver county resident I attended the meeting also not just to stay informed of my surroundings but hopeful to see you at work , gain some experience. What I saw with my own eyes and what you portray in your story was two totally different things . I feel like a child who was just told Santa doesn’t exist ! When you were walking out I was watching you and say you bump into the man in the picture , well actually it looked more like a check in a hockey game , and he turned towards you and the I thought you were going to hit him in the face until I realized you were pushing your phone into his face with how close your hand and phone was to that man’s face I couldn’t believe you were not physically touching him . I am honestly surprised that the man only yelled and gave you the bird . If I were him I would have decked you . Then the same thing with your phone to that poor old woman . I was scared you were going to deck her too. I can only hope that during the meeting you were maybe having a bad day ? I can’t imagine how you the man who wants to stick up for the hard working people , give them the truth , the dirt going on could act like that and turn yourself into the brave victim ? My heart is broken ! I looked up to you , a man I never met just because of the words you right , but the guy I saw who provoked those people like that just to get a rise from them in hopes to bash them , make fake evidence, twist the story the truth is that same man I looked up to . I wanted to be just like . If I have to act as youdid just to be considered a good writer then I’m changing majors . If I had not seen it myself I would never believe it ! Please say that it was just a bad day , a bad couple decisions you made to act as you did ? So all the hours reading your work , sticking up for you thinking how wonderful you and your work is was not for nothing ? I did some research about that man in the photo , and what he represents and its really wonderful. I dug deep to find a excuse , to justify how you acted towards him . I found nothing but wonderful things . He is a hard working man that supports his family , a grandfather , he us the man you say you fight for not with . The best part I found in my research was a woman who wanted not to be mentioned but wanted to do anything she could to help the man in the picture . She was one if the family’s his charity biker organization helped , held a benefit in her child’s honor . That he would go to the hospital every day to visit after working all day . Spending his own time and money to get her things etc. To make the child’s last few days in the world happy. That cried for weeks after the child’s death , and still keeps in touch with every child and family that they have helped over the years. Who in her own words said if not for all his and his organizations time and selfless effort her and her family would never had made it through this tragic experience. This is the man who you are slandering , who your followers are calling white trash and other offensive things. I just can’t come to terms with what I witnessed , how a Hunan being could act as you did john paul. You were a inspiration to me until I say you true colors and how you collect and write so called ” truth ” to the people. When you are actually the one who is betraying the people . We need to be protected from your lies and your dirt needs dug up . How you pick and choose what so called truths to tell all your stories are discredited in my eyes . I’m just heart broken , you may or may not post this for others to see and I don’t really care . I’m not doing it for anyone but myself . To help me come to terms with what I saw . That unfortunately my hero is actually a villain . But I guess that just makes me young and stupid . I said my piece you may have been able to lie to me before with your writing but not any longer I saw what you did and how unbelievable wrong you were . It’s funny how you didn’t tape or take a picture of your own actions and words . As for the police not helping you when you were screaming like a child about being assaulted by a poor old lady whom you scared half to death trying to get a rise from her to slander as well I’m sure . Unbelievable how you prey on the innocent and then go for the kill in your writing . The only words I have left are heart broken and ashamed to have ever believed your ” stories “

    • Maybe you should reconsider your major. This rambling pseudo pity party of unrequited hero worship leaves much to be desired for an aspiring journalist, if that’s what you really are. Perhaps a short fiction class would better prepare you to hone your skills and keep you focused.

  41. I’m not sure I understand how you all can write these nasty things about the bikers, police , sheriff etc. ? Do you not realize what they are working and fighting for ? All these biker groups are trying to keep the small or private events safe ! They are taking time from their lives , donating their time and money to help family’s and children in need . Raising money to help sick children get the care they need and deserve. Have we lost sight to of our goals. Think of these people who are selflessly helping others they barely know just so they can have what you all take for granted . Happy healthy children , walking , talking , going to work to support those children . Imagine your child terminally ill. Your struggling just to keep food on the table and now how are you going to provide the best care for your child, your whole world. All that time your working is less time you get to spend with them knowing they may only have days or hours left. Watching them suffer in more ways then one . Not even having time to deal with your own grief . These are the true people your hurting by fighting about keeping them safe and keeping the tradition of these events going to help family’s and children in need. Who are you to fight against helping a child in need. Cause the reality is you don’t really care or even think about it . Your all being selfish in your own stubborn ways . Shouldn’t we be helping and supporting these bikers and police to make safe events that help our family and children ? You should be happy that our tax dollars we work so hard for are put to good use . Or thankful that their are still decent people in thus world and especially in our home towns willing to sacrifice their times and efforts to help others . We should be asking how we can gved and help not slandering them. If this Paul guy and these other people who are against thiwould put whatever grudges they have for whatever reasons aside and look at the big picture . What if it happened to you ? To your children ? You would be all to willing to accept the helping hands if these ” white trash bikers ” corrupt police and sheriffs” and. ” dykes ” are since they are kind enough to extend it to you no matter who you are or love. They wouldn’t slander you or even judge you because that’s how these hard working every day Americans we taught . It’s so sad that with all the battles we face you decide to pick to fight against the people who are fighting for you . For your children . Over what ? You sell out a defenseless child a struggling family ? For money ? For pride ? For personal grudges ? You should think about what were fighting for not just fighting. Instead of taking the help away we should come together to fight so that these events can be safe in other areas to help more people and children . Stop and think about who you are directly effecting when choose these silly battles

  42. Yes their are lawyers in that so called white trash inbreed biker groups , because I’m one of them , its actually funny how silly you all look saying all these horrible things about people you have no knowledge of. How can you claim you speak the truth ? Knowing respecting most of these local biker groups as well as part of one I know who they are , the lives they lead . The man in the pictures group does also have a lawyer , a priest , a PA several hard working men in all fields of the union . If you would get the facts before you run your mouths on this animals blog you would know . If you were at the meeting you would have saw the true story and what really happened . You can learn how to edit video tapes in high school and lie I’m sure in Paul’s case at a young age . But it also works both ways sir. Your aught red handed and you are exposed for all the lies you have written . All the people you have hurt in the process. And how you can allow such all your followers are blinded but I’m sure not for long . With what you did to that poor woman and that man ! The only crime here is that thus Paul guy is aloud to provoke and harass people like that and then write it out as a victim. Slander these poor people . I didn’t realize it was a crime to give the bird ? And the only people who were assaulted were that poor woman and man !

    • Unbelievable: I’m sorry, but your writing doesn’t reflect a lawyer’s proficiency, which would be mechanically flawless and grammatically correct. Maybe you were in a hurry. I am skeptical of your credentials.

  43. I think you Mr. John Paul should do a revised version and actually tell the truth about what happen at the meeting , what your actions were to get the reactions out of that man and women . And your special talent with your cell phone and people’s personal space . The your words to those people. And try to salgave anything creditable about you if their is anything . Because your not the only one with a phone that has video and camera! Trust me it will be very hard to bull crap your way out of this joke of a article you wrote and how you slandered that guy in the picture when the whole viedo surfaces and it will trust me ontthat . It’s time to ring out your dirty laundry and show people your true colors finally caught in the true act of the con artist and liar you really are . Well see how many people on this comment list change their views about your ” reporting skills ” and clear those two people the credit and respect they deserve for having to deal with all the lies and ” evidence” you show here against them is staged and bull !

  44. For a sheriff you are quite the role model…Shame on you..I am from western Pennsylvania and you should be above all the crap that goes on in small towns…Wake up…Kids are watching you…Show some respect for your citizens…

  45. The smartphone, videophone and handheld videocameras are here to stay. They are far easier and more practical for one person to use than setting up a tripod camera, like the one in the background of one of the videos. And, they are legal in public settings, even when recording traffic stops, if the taping is revealed to the officer (if you are an arguer, use the stop as a confessional, or really are a candidate for Mugshot Monday, this might not be for you). Besides, you are being recorded from his car anyway. Some people drive with them on the dashes of their cars and record their country drives or their own accidents. The same goes for public meetings. One alternative is to record the events yourselves, in the same manner. Then, it will not be “7 Blind Men and the Elephant”. These open two-way forums are relatively new in reporing (i.e., YouTube, Facebook, etc.). Print media of the past was one-way Holy Writ, with only the Letters to the Editor and personal columns being ways to give feedback. It’s better in these columns at the BC than at the BCT, where a mild curseword or unfavorable remark about a columnist can get you blocked. If John Paul wished, he could eliminate criticism by hitting a Delete key, blocking people or editing comments. But he doesn’t. Given some of the language and attacks above, he is being very generous and open.

    It isn’t practical or possible to rent a football stadium to hold these meetings for all Beaver County residents; so, if you want to make the reporting more accurate, contribute to it in the same way, and make it available to all. You can post links to your videos here, or you can post on YouTube or Facebook and give the link. It’s very easy.

    I also would be interested in what the guy with the tripod camera recorded. It would be a public record and retrievable.

  46. All I can say about the use of deputies for outside events is: back in the 80’s, when Policaro was sheriff, deputies assisted Patterson Police at the annual Fireman’s Carnival, for as long as I can remember, deputies worked Hookstown Fair, except 1 year when a big mistake was made and constables were used, deputies have been at football games, parades, probably the festival in Ambridge for years…what’s the problem with it now? And, if the deputies union contract states they can do private duty, so-to-speak, then, the commiss’ need to shut up!

  47. The contract is meaning less when it comes to STATE CODE, and the LAW, once it makes it full circle they will be dropping him like no tomorrow when made of the liabilty rumors there are lawsuits brewing already!!!

  48. All you you folks saying this did not happen are crazy. Big tough biker guy was trying to be a tough guy. Who calls somebody 4 eyes? What a low class bunch of individuals. Mrs/Mr. Jail Guard touched him, it’s clear as day. I don’t know why any rational person would have supporters come out and then have a person under his employ assault the same person who caused a GRAND JURY to be held when he used poor judgement. This Sheriff will not be reelected. He will either lose or be in Jail. It’s really pathetic.


  49. If it wasn’t for john Paul’s relentless pursuit of finding the injustice in the sheriff ‘s office we would still have the status quo from the commissioners , IF we turn our heads we won’t see what’s really happening

  50. Many people have now called into question the accuracy of your reporting of this story. In my opinion, only a fully unedited release of your video will quell the rumors and restore your credibility. Quite frankly, I just bought a premium membership and now I am having my doubts, John Paul. Release the video or print a retraction. That is the right thing to do.

  51. Nice try idiots. Look at the syntax and punctuation in the comments written by reportAsmile, small town, unbelievable and time 4 truth. They are all the same person. Possibly the post from jpis aliar as well, but definitely the first four. If you are going to try and pull this off folks, at least learn proper technique or at the very least, alter your writing style in each post. Lame!


  53. Mr. Rubric I’m sorry if what I had written had gave you a wrong impression in some way. To be honest I did not expect this to be posted to the public , though I knew there was a possibility . With no disrespect to you as you seem like a fair person I did this for my own personal reasons . I’m sorry if my writing was not up to your standards, but I am still learning . As living in the great USA I have a right to my opinion. For the comment about changing majors I’m not sure if that was ment with good or bad intentions for I’m trying to give you the benefit of the doubt . But it was was pretty rude especially since you were not a part of my comment at all I don’t feel that it was necessary to try and retaliate negatively towards me . Everyone feels and deals with their feelings differently , being that I have the passion for writing , that is the way I choose to express mine . Once again I’m sorry if my writing was not to your standards but to try and break my spirit by insults is hardly appropriate , and I didn’t realize I was being graded by my comment I was under the impression that this was a public place for people to voice their opinion. I’m sure as anyone else , we have all had disappointments in our lives and now I guess was just my time . It was not a great experience to watch Mr john Paul in action , but I learned from this experience how NOT to act.

  54. You have a good point. Maybe there is someone posing as several different “posters”. However, I was not present at the meeting and would like to see the entire video, if possible. Can you do that for the benefit of your readership?

  55. Fedup ? I Certainly don’t have time for a multiple personality show , with no disrespect to you or anyone I don’t really care what you think . As you will believe what you want anyway, I’m sure that there are not two people in this world with similar writing styles or opinions right ? So silly anything for attention .I have said my piece to Mr. Paul I respect his writing skills for tg stories, but that’s what they are stories . instead of giving the news he makes it .

  56. ReportA Smile: There was nothing personal. And I think I was objective. If you post your opinions in a public comment forum, you leave yourself open to scrutiny and opposing views. Some people lie, plagiarize, fabricate, adopt multiple screen names, make emotional appeals, and vent their misguided anger in these discussions. I suspect some few are drunk, high or impaired and impulsively punch foolishness into their phones while sitting in bars or in a stupor at home. You can’t “put it out there” and expect a bubble of immunity to cover you. Some people write and/or teach writing as a profession. For them, spotting idiosyncrasies and flaws in writing styles is quite easy; it’s like a kind of linguistic x-ray vision. Some very educated, proficient and knowledgeable writers read and post here. Criticizing a person’s writing is a very personal matter, because you are striking at the roots of his ego. Some spend hours cranking out 50 words, just to encounter attacks. It’s not a task for the novice or weak at heart, because it hurts keenly when evaluated. Most of it can be ignored, but when someone is fraudulent, he is an easy read, and those who know better have an obligation to step up and challenge it. If you are genuine, you have only two remedies: stop posting, or, keep posting and gain credibility. If you are a fraud, I and others will take you to the cleaners and expose you. Should you really expect less?

  57. A few months ago, I thought the Beaver Countian was a refreshing objective site. I recommended the Beaver Countian to others. I cancelled my Beaver County Times subscription because I personally knew they were printing things that were untrue and they did not even attempt to report both sides of the story. There’s no point in reading things you know are very biased.

    Unfortunately this is my view of the Beaver Countian also. This site has become a vendetta against the Sheriff and anyone associated or in support of the sheriff. I personally do not know the sheriff but people that I know and trust have a high opinion of him.

    JP – I sincerely suggest you move on to other topics. Do you have someone who can report on the sheriff’s activities and be objective- because you are NOT.

  58. Former Fan, I see what you are saying but you don’t make any sense. The Beaver Countian now has a vendetta against the sheriff? Oh wait the Times does as well? And the Commissioners? And The Pronothorary? And a whole bunch of other people as well? Does the grand jury have a vendetta against the Sheriff?

    Could it just be, and I may be going out on a limb here so bear with me, that the Sheriff is actually a hot headed nut bag like everyone says and most of his supporters stand to benefit some way from him remaining in office? Because that’s the way I see it.

    The Sheriff actually has a vendetta against himself because he keeps doing stupid things and saying stupid things. He literally has the easiest job in the County and yet he messes it up by trying to run the Sheriff’s department like Idi Amin.

    It’s his own dumb fault that he is in this position, I don’t feel bad for him. And all you sheriff followers better realize that he has no support anymore. No one will support him because no one wants to be associated with him for fear that he will do something stupid. And he will. And I am not talking about washed up biker groups or Jail Guards with back problems and failed football careers. I am talking about people that write checks and get folks elected.

  59. Your more tgan welcome to try to ” expose me ” sorry but that’s sorta makes me laugh . Let me make it easier for you . I’m a 24 year old single mother who waitresses during the day and goes to school in the evenings and dreams about being a great reporter and writer one day . They may just be dreams , as I may never make it but I’m just happy to have the drive to head towards my goals and dreams to make a better life for my child . As a teacher and professional you shouldnt you be trying to use your ” x-ray” eyes , sorry I just had a professor who used that same word for grading his papers he would put ” x-ray ” above your mistakes . Use it to help young writers to become better to inspire them like john Paul once did for me . The only things to expose about me were once I was 16 I stole a tube of chap stick from a rite aid and maybe you’ll make cracks about being a young single mom , though I made a bad decision on who to love and trust as a significant other I do not and will not feel bad for giving birth to a beautiful child no matter what my age or circumstances. My child is my world and has made me the person I am. As I said before I’m sure that john Paul should get to pick and choose what comments to put . I knee their was a chance to post it but honestly thought he would not . My research on the man in the photo was not to bring john Paul down but to find a reason behind his actions to justify his behaviour I saw myself. was rambled and many errors but I was upset , not on drugs lol , but upset so I’m sure that contributed to my poor writing . As for the multiple post per one person that just seems silly based on the posts I read it seems like most of the posts I would repeat offenders are the ones who are swearing and trying to hurt people they don’t know , not the posts just putting out how they feel about john Paul’s reporting. It also works both ways as I’m sure you know , how do we not know that every post in here is not one or two people ? How do I know you the man named Rubric is not john Paul himself defending his honor off the record so to speak ? We don’t know that is why I give the benifit of the doubt . You seem just as talented in your writing skills as john Paul is . I thought it was innocent until proven guilty ? I was caught off guard by the jabs at my major choice and writing. With most of the posts in here are negative in the way of bashing people and calling them white trash and dirt balls . I just assumed if my post was to show, since my option is different from most I would just be considered white trash not put down for my major choice or writing skills . Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have ever came back to this site .

  60. mvee- the whole site is story after story about the Sheriff and his solicitor. And JP has lost his ability to be objective. The Beaver Countian is less objective than the Times- and the Sheriff pulled his advertising from the Times so they have been very critical of every move the Sheriff has made since.

    @ Report a smile- I believe your story- however- Rubric is correct that you have a long way to go with your writing skills- but a lot of the errors you make are common among our youth-” you’re” means you are and is not difficult to remember- but kids use “your” and also mix up “there” and “their.” It is often difficult to figure out what they mean. But if you have creative ability you may be able to overcome the structure issues- I have zero creativity so I admire anyone who can write well.
    Good Luck! I also worked my way through college with a young child at home. It’s tough!

    • I agree. Story after story about the Sheriff. Stories that obviously need to be told. I see no problem with any story here on this site. If you need to offer a rebuttal please do – if you can. When I moved to beaver county I was surprised to see what the Sheriff’s department here does which is the kind of things a “Police Dept” has and should be doing. These are things we don’t need here but the Sheriff wastes money on. He even bought a bus once on a whim. It’s just insane.

      I am not trying to be petty here. If Aliquippa need more patrols on their streets … and they do.. guess what – They can raise taxes and pay for it themselves! And their mayor can explain why taxes went up***. I am resentful when my tax dollars are used inappropriately, yes. The town I live in is well managed and provides good services. I pay a lot in taxes to live here and they do a great job. Why do I have to pay for misused county resources for a particular community? So the Sheriff can get more jobs and votes from his hometown crew?

      So yes, I see there are many stories about the sheriff here. This is a full blown freak show. It’s not the fault of this website the Sheriff is a nut bag and wants to be famous for all the wrong reasons.

      *** After he learns how to write complete sentences and not be a general tool bag and a major embarrassment to his entire town.

  61. ReportA Smile: I am not John Paul. I am not his pseudonym. I don’t know him, and I have never met him or even seen him. I do like his work very much. He has considerable talent and fortitude and does this county a valuable service. By “expose”, I meant individual writing styles. If I offended you, I am sincerely sorry, and you have my apology, for the comments were not meant to be a personal attack on you. I have no idea who you are. I do, though, hope your obviously sincere plans and motivation for a career in journalism or writing work out well for you.

  62. mvee- Aliquippa is a financially distressed community under Act 47- where do you think the city can get additional taxes?

    And the freak show is instigated by JP
    The truth will come out.

    • Sure they are. For over 20 years. You can still raise taxes. I think you can even jack up the wage tax. Anyways I don’t live in Aliquippa. So I don’t really care about Aliquippa. It’s not my problem. No one really cares about Aliquippa including most of the people that live there! What I care about is Aliquippa getting free services from the county that I pay for.

      I don’t thing you can blame a reporter for instigating a public official to act like a complete idiot. You can train a monkey to run a metal detector at the courthouse, George David has proven that true. However, you can’t train a Sheriff to not act like an idiot.

  63. WELLLLLL i THINK JOHN PAUL and his little website was more THAN fair TO the COUNTY SHERIFF, HELL he wrote stories about the department and some of the services they provide and one about a deputy that was making good on his life and trying to help other kids , HE EVEN GAVE HIM a beaver county MOST WANTED article every month with his picture..

    Then when JOHN PAUL was sniffing about deputies not being able to choose uniform vendors the SHERIFF FLIPPED out.. According to john paul was threaten with a gun, PLEASE you think he made this up FOR????

    I dont blame the guy for writing what ever he wants about him, the guy IS CURRENTLY in the MIDST OF A GRAND JURY investigation, you kmow the kind they just DID for MIKE VEON, BEAVER INTIATIVE for GROWTH, former REPUBLICAN speaker JOHN PERZEL hell even JERRY SANDUSKY,,,,,, THATS NOT by RUMOR to start one you need some facts to get the ball rolling and its been months that the GRAND JURY has been investigating with state police and now the FEDS which makes it worst….

    HE has slipped through the cracks for years and i have known and worked with him for years, and he hasnt changed but one thing has its modern times and he cant get away with the stuff he once did, and he has loyalist in that department and he has bought a piece of thier soul, and a few didnt have much left, but the majority are good and see they where getting abused or scammed by him and the circle and spoke out which put the light on this and its getting brighter and brighter and i dont think the sheriff will be alone when the GRAND JURY starts charging and the VERY COSTLY TRIALS start up….

    ITS OVER GEORGIE WILL NOT HAVE A THIRD TERM IN OFFICE and a few of the fluffers wont be the replacements either.


  64. Why is that jail gaurd (if thats what you call her) even there. I think she might be trying to save her job. She couldn’t work at one jail or at an ambulance company or should i say two ambulance companies. She failed at football she is a waste on any counties payroll. And for George keep up the good work i do hope you get another term in i support anything you do. And JP you should press charges against Justin Beiber for throwing your phone on the ground

  65. As a tax payer and a county employee I think the whole sheriffs dept should be asked to take a pay cut but the sheriffs dept is way over budget with all the over time . Everyone knows its not what you know it’s who you know ,I am one of the very few who didn’t know anyone but after see how things go SO MANY people work for county that do nothing but take up space and get a pay check . As for the sheriff I’ve meet him a few times seems like he’s drunk all the time. What a waste that dept is do they really do anything but ride in a car I payed for and payed for the gas too

  66. To the guy in the pic flipping the bird.. Why?! You just flipped off your mom , grandmother, minister, girlfriend etc. everyone that looks at that got the finger from you! No one Wants to listen to an irrate and just plain crazy finger flipping person, so please – Think Before FLIPPING!

  67. Much of why I don’t live in that County anymore….but I COULD BE THERE IN A HEART BEAT IF I WANTED TO…..LOL, ANY NORMAL PEOPLE THERE SHOULD JUST MOVE….. Seriously, just rise above it all….

  68. At the heart of the first amendment is the recognition of the fundamental importance of the free flow of ideas. Freedom to speak ones mind is not only an aspect of individual liberty, but essential to the quest for the truth and the vitality of society of a whole. In the world of public affairs many things are done with motives that are less than admirable that are none the less protected by the first amendment.

    Supreme Court Justice
    William Renquist



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