Secretaries in the Sheriff’s Office have filed a new round of complaints against George David and are attempting to kick one of his most loyal employees out of their union.

County employees belonging to SEIU Local 668 have filed several new complaints with their union once again alleging Sheriff George David is violating provisions of negotiated labor contracts. Clerks in the Sheriff’s Office allege David has made arbitrary hires without posting positions or taking applications and that they are being improperly supervised.

Secretaries have also asked the SEIU to oust part-time secretary Karen Hopkins as a union member. The employees allege duties assigned to Hopkins by Sheriff David amount to administrative functions and she has in effect become a defacto supervisor not eligible for union protections. David gave Hopkins many of the duties previously performed by Lieutenant Thomas Ochs after he was arrested by the Pennsylvania State Police and placed on unpaid administrative suspension.

Karen Hopkins, a resident of Ohio, has been given broad authority over the Sheriff’s Office by David and now oversees everything from the security cameras that monitor courtrooms to purchasing and acquisitions. Hopkins regularly reviews surveillance video, interfaces with vendors for items ranging from uniforms to firearms, and holds meetings with senior courthouse officials including Court Administrator Rich DeFilippi. She previously had control over a system that programs access cards to the courthouse and secured areas within the building, including the judges’ chambers.

Sheriff David began delegating more and more authority to Hopkins (who has given television interviews in support of him and recently hung up “Not Guilty” banners throughout his office) after several of his full-time clerks began coming forward with allegations of corruption, criminal wrongdoing, and other abuses perpetrated by David.

Five full-time secretaries filed written complaints earlier this year alleging they are being harassed, bullied, degraded, and otherwise mistreated by Sheriff George David. Among the allegations made by the secretaries include that Sheriff David has falsely accused them of wrongdoings, unjustly disciplined them, failed to discipline others who have mistreated them, screamed at them in fits of rage, and used degrading and derogatory language to demean them.

In one incident the secretaries say Sheriff David referred to them as “cunts” — in an earlier incident he allegedly said one female Deputy “needs six inches up her ass” to “teach her a lesson.”

The county took no action on the complaints at the time they were filed, hoping that Sheriff David’s criminal trial would end with his removal from office. Now with David being acquitted of all charges, the secretaries say county officials must take action to protect them from further abuse.

Complaints filed by the county employees are now being reviewed by attorneys with the union who are weighing possible actions that can be taken.


  1. Holy shit… Give it up already with this witch hunt against the sheriff… You lost your B. S. case again him… It came out that your beef with him is nothing but retaliation because he couldn’t get your husband his job back.   Now you just look pathetic… 

    • Let me make this perfectly clear:  I never, at any time, asked George David for any personal favors.

      Just because George David said something under oath doesn’t mean it was true. His attempts at tarnishing my reputation were sophomoric and my reporting will continue.

      You are under no obligation to read it.

      • Let me make THIS perfectly clear, The jury didn’t believe you & neither do we!

        Much like the time they laughed you outta the room, you’re the last one to realize your the JOKE!

      • It’s funny how some of you are saying that because Georgie said under oath that JP’s allegations were false. I seem to remember in the not-too-distant past, an elected official stood before Congress and testified under oath that “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”
        Elected slime balls will do anything and say anything in order to keep their positions, no matter who or what it hurts. Sheriff David won a battle, but the war is far from over.

      • Avi, let me make this perfectly clear: you speak for YOURSELF, and and only yourself. You sure as hell do NOT speak for me. That is all.

      • Didn’t the Ambridge Police Chief corroborate the Sheriff’s testimony?  Everyone is lying? You LOST, move on

      • @wtf: Jimmy Mann is as dirty as they come. For the right amount of money, he’d swear on a stack of bibles that he killed Jimmy Hoffa, he pulled the trigger on the gun that killed Kurt Cobain, and that he was present at the crucifixion of Christ. He’s a “pay for play” cop, and that is all.

    • This does not seem to be JP’s witch hunt, but legitimate concerns by union employees that are validated by their union. That is what he is reporting on. It just happens to involve the Sheriff. Imagine that.

  2. Keep exposing this slim ball, JP! Just because he got off on one thing doesn’t mean he’s an saint.

    Remove George now!!

  3. Alot of this has to do with politics. All those secretaries in the sheriff office were all political jobs given before George David was there. Although most of this could be true it boils down to politics and political favors. If I’m correct I believe anthony battalini family works in sheriff office. It’s well documented the long standing feud and dislike of each other over the last few decades. Every job in the county goes to politician and their families this is why it’s such a mess. It’s not what u know its who u support in elections that get u jobs. It’s time for all new faces down there from to political leaders and the work force. I’m sure j p if u go to every town in beaver county I can almost guarantee 90% of all municipal and county jobs have political families and influence.

  4. JP, losing one battle does not mean you lost the war. I’ve read the personal attacks and insults levied against you, truth be told, you’ve got balls of steel and thankful you do what you do. Keep up the good fight. Karma will be your aide.

  5. Big tuff guy picking on women, one of those ladies should kick his ass, by the looks of him all you would have to do is blow on him and he would fall over. His ditsey blonde is a disgrace to all woman and maybe he should take that THUMB that he has in the picture and shove it up her ass. SOME ONE in that courthouse needs to stand up for these ladies, let’s see how many real men there are working there. I couldn’t imagine going to work and my boss calling me a cunt, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? What a filthy disgusting person he is..That’s how much respect he has for women and me as a woman would never vote for him again, that could be anyone’s daughter, go pick on a man and leave the ladies alone pervert…

  6. Has anyone in his office, meaning the secretaries filing the grievance, thought about contacting NWCAVE? (They have a Facebook page) or possibly ? All nonsense aside why isn’t there more outrage in the way this man has degraded these women and other coworkers ? Never should this be condoned anywhere, at any workplace at anytime!

    • Why isn’t there more outrage you ask? Because he is a Demon-rat and his family has a LOT of influence in Backwoods County! That’s why!

  7. Honestly, if I had been called a “cunt” by ANYONE in the work place, I would sit in the Human Resources office from 8-5 EVERYDAY until he is reprimanded appropriately. Sounds like homophobic George & his “supporters” could use 6 inches up ALL their asses !!!!!! What a horrible man & shame on anyone that makes homophobic remarks. Is this really 1975 when thinkgs like that were so shamefully tolerated ?!?!? Makes me ashamed to live in Beaver County

  8. This is not JP fighting the Sheriff the county smacking his hand now let see who wins someone made them mad upstairs.

  9. Ok, instead of beating a dead horse with this matter, how about focusing on the other offices in the Court House and or the Jail. There are numerous jobs that are never posted and mysteriously someone new is hired. Either its a political favor, cousin, in-law, sister, brother why is this occurring. When is it enough. Expose this. Its sad to see college graduates that are qualified get denied a job because they don’t have any connection.

  10. This is a big deal and I sat n waited and watched, they did nothing! ENOUGH is ENOUGH! what about the EEOC?
    Certain families in this county get away with just about anything, this “good ol’ boy” mentalatey is outdated to put it mildly! Everytime they or their family members get in trouble it’s swept under the rug and not reported by News Media in this area and they are not made to go through due process.

  11. this story isn’t new but got put on the back burner because of the other charges against mr david. when will this all end so tired of reading about this man . he has been crooked ever since his days in Aliquippa . remember guns missing from sols sporting goods. beaver county politics will never change. the younger people in this county need to get involved and realize that this effects them sooner or later. the old guard in beaver county has run things tooo long and hopefully all these crooked politicians will get what is coming to them

  12. It seems to me this sheriff has cost this County alot of money with all the court cases and his legel problems. I as a voter will place my vote for another candidate. I think alot of other people are fed up with all the problems and will do the same.



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