The Beaver County Sheriff’s Office has made public dozens of documents that reveal private information about Deputies, the Beaver Countian has discovered.

The problem began when Sheriff George David directed all of his Deputies to begin filing paperwork required to be submitted by law before being deputized — something David had failed to do since first taking office. Along with an oath of office and a notarized affidavit from each Deputy, the Sheriff is also required to have a photograph of the persons he intends to hire filed with the Prothonotary’s Office.

But rather than taking a photograph of each employee, the Sheriff’s Office pulled up confidential files on their Deputies from the Pennsylvania Justice Network (more commonly known as JNet). The JNet system is limited to law enforcement use only, and records obtained from the system are generally required by law to be kept confidential.

A portion of those records were then printed out for each Deputy and then filed with the Prothonotary, officially making the JNet files public documents. But not only did the JNet records contain the driver’s license photo of each Deputy, they also contained a wealth of personal information, including their date of birth and driver’s license numbers.

After the Beaver Countian asked several deputies and others about the filed documents, the Sheriff’s Office sent a secretary to the Prothonotary’s Office in an attempt to redact the records with a black marker. But altering official documents after they have been filed may be considered a crime, and Prothonotary Nancy Werme halted the effort under advisement of her Solicitor. Along with the original paper forms filed by the Sheriff’s Office, the documents had already been scanned into the digital records management system used by the county.

Many of the documents have been publicly available for over two weeks, and sources within the Prothonotary’s Office say several individuals have reviewed them during that time.

By law, a court order will be necessary to redact or amend the public records filed by the Sheriff’s Office. As of the time of this report, no such order has been issued, and the Deputy’s personal information remains accessible to the general public both in the Prothonotary’s Office and via the internet.

Below: A scan of one of the documents filed in the Prothonotary’s Office for a Sheriff’s Deputy. While the Beaver Countian has blacked out personal information before publication, the original public document remains unredacted as submitted by the Sheriff’s Office.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, the Beaver Countian has released a statement regarding an incident involving Sheriff George David and this reporter.


  1. Any REAL cop would know you dont print out shit from jnet and start posting it all over like a flyer for a garage sale.

    Georgie has NO idea what the fuck he’s doing and neither does his attorney Myron.

  2. What else can they screw up down there? What a mess… Is that a picture of a deputy or an add for AARP ?

  3. This is out of line… He has put these men/women’s personal information out there for any goofy weirdo that has an issue with one of them or law enforcement in general… Making them a prime target for anything from vandalism to actual viloence… When is enough enough??? He should be removed from office for this crap, if nothing else…

  4. no matter what your personal feelings are with the Sheriff as a man, it has become very clear that he and his legal advisor are both incompetent and incapable of running this department.

  5. Hey that’s sergeant penis head in photo, I man sergeant bang my cousin, damn I mean sergeant not on juice anymore formally known as assistant chief caught by the DA office in BF,, then demoted

    Officially Sgt slap Dick

  6. OK people (and JP) which way do you want it? JP, you and your friends (Werme, Rossi, and the rest) base everything on public records (example the uniform allowance which gave the type of equipment each one of the deputies have, which would have put their lives in danger), but now this is to much information and you and your friends are worried about the deputies. And while we are on the subject WTF does your friend Werme do as the Prothonotary any way, she doesn’t do her job or she would have stop this from the outset. She and her office don’t already know that this information should not have been copied and posted by her office. Stay off the phone all day Werme and not your job and quit playing politics with people lives. And as far as filing paperwork for new hires, is it not the Prothonotary’s job to know hiring protocal, missed that one too? Good JOB! Good job reporting JP, real reporters would have found that there was only one Sheriff in the history of Beaver County that followed that hiring protocal because Diluca sure did not. Didn’t get that one either Werme. I am tired of this sloppy shit in this rag, it’s no fun anymore.

  7. Sorry… PS and this is because I want to help You (JP), because you were once a person who cared about the truth, fine out what happened to the Prothonontary in Allegheny County when this same thing happened. Hint it wasn’t the Sheriff that had charges or was in court. Just thought I’d help. Have a good day 🙂

  8. I have been telling you people for months this guy is beyond incompetent, and obviously place people of rank not capable of protecting the right of his office also, its a shame for I have stated numerous times some of the men in this department are true good guys but are getting lumped in this mess that is way overdue to be cleaned up

    He should no longer have a service weapon, everyday in the courts alleged crimes take place of threats and until its resolved the weapon is removed he has been allowed

    He knowingly broke state laws which he is on trial for currently

    Also illegally charged and nit charged for services that are nit with in his jurisdiction under state law, he should be surcharged if not the commissioners should for not doing the due diligence of office then..

    He busted a union leaving most with out protection so he could run a dictator dept. While a few sold themselves and fellow deputies down the river for stripes.. Was the Sgt,cpls all worth it?

  9. This will be called as “oops my mistake” by lt Ochs the JNet tact officer, and from his secretary “I didn’t know, sorry”. Tell this to the deputies who has family. Yes it’s wrong

  10. Hey TruthU before you print it know the facts. 1. Sheriff Felix Deluca filed a list on March 13, 1998 of deputy sheriffs and the accompanying affidavits. You see this was a Sheriff and solicitor that knew what they were doing. 2. The Allegheny cty case you refer to was a sealed divorce case that was inadvertently scanned while back scanning. 3. Don’t blame Prothonotary office (which has no obligation according to the rules to refuse the filing) because of the blunders and stupidity of the sheriff & solicitor. WTF how can anyone not see what he has done now & in the past. You have to be dumb, deaf and blind.

  11. What a JOKE… The Sheriff and his solicitor filed there papers wrong again and you want to blame everyone else (TRUTH U) There is no truth in what you wrote, I don’t know what planet your on. You want some clerks that probably makes 2.00 an hour to tell a lawyer with a degree and the Sheriff they were wrong again, How in the hell are they supposed to know if the sheriff or Myron Sainovich don’t know what there doing It’s there office. It’s history repeating itself BLAME SOMEONE ELSE and he”ll get away with it AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN , and guess what your not fooling anyone but yourself.

  12. A secretary or who ever filed wrong papers and realized it two weeks later. brought a magic marker to fix it, and it’ everyone else’s fault, really, TOTAL INCOMPETENCE….get your shit together sheriff office and talking about goofey wierdos look at the picture of the deputy poster boy, he never did anything but chase skirts when i was there and from what i hear nothing changed. so glad i retired.

  13. TruthU – after reading your blog I’ve come to see you fit the GD profile. Blonde, sipping G’s kool-aide, cooking your road kill and kissing your man in uniform or should I say his ass! Say what you want, take what you want, do what you want and when you get caught BLAME everyone else for braking the law and the county code. Why blame the other Row Officers for doing there jobs. Spell the F**K UPS name right – DAVID AND SAINOVICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

  14. Don’t be too hard on Sainovich. He might call in John Havey to circulate an opinion survey, and the taxpayers can’t afford that.

  15. From my understanding, the County Commissioners could remove George. If that is true, then the pressure in the media should be put on them. It has happened elsewhere. And they would NOT like that. Another avenue would be a class action suit by the public, who are directly hurt by this. It wouldn’t even have to be expensive. A group, via petition, with a pro bono attorney with the public safety in mind could just file the suit. The Sheriff doesn’t have the resources for a defense, even with its all-purpose solicitor. Being a major distraction intrrupting his daily functioning would be enough. It wouldn’t even make it to trial. It’s time to remove this cancer from the body politic, because it is obvious that it is metasticizing. This extremely insecure, vulnerable and defensive Sheriff is afraid of failure, so he is in denial and counterattack, stonewalling the obvious. You don’t “reason” with people out of touch with reality.

  16. He certainly is unorthodox but hoping he realizes now is the time to come out with all of the dirt he has on the rest of BC corruption….GO GETTEM GEORGE! CERTAINLY NOT MY FAV PERSON BUT….he needs to start exterminating all the fleas off the big dogs and go States Evidence and rp BC a new one! Attorney Gen’s office George…seems you’re going down soonor or later anyway….do the right thing and take them down with you. Atleast go out with SOME respect! 🙂



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