The Beaver County Sheriff’s Office says it needs up to a month to search for documents detailing how its department acquired the dogs being utilized as Sheriff’s K9s, needs up to a month to find documentation on who actually owns the dogs, and needs up to a month to locate any contracts or agreements the department may have with a private for-profit K9 handling business being operated by some of its Sheriff’s Deputies. The one thing the Sheriff’s Office does know, is that it has no records detailing where any of the monies donated by the public to the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office K9 fund went.

The delays and denials come after the Beaver Countian submitted a series of formal Right-To-Know requests seeking information about the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office K9 Division. This publication’s requests were made as it nears completion of a nearly year-long investigation into entanglements between the Sheriff’s Office and a private for-profit K9 handling business being run by some of the department’s Deputies.

Beaver County Officials say a search of county records yielded no contracts, agreements, resolutions or expenditures that show where the Sheriff’s Office acquired its dogs or who owns the animals. A similar search by county officials found no contracts, agreements, resolutions, or expenditures between the Sheriff’s Office and a private company operated by some in its department, or between the Sheriff’s Office and the American Working Dog Association which is having a major workshop in the county next month.

Although the County was able to complete its search within days, the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office notified County Officials they will need up to a month to do its own search for those same records, saying “the extent or nature of the request precludes a response within the required time period.”

Beaver County Officials say there are no records in any county department, including the Sheriff’s Office, for a bank account being used by the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office K9 Fund, or records of donations or expenditures for the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office K9 Fund, which has been raising money from the public for years through various fundraising activities.

The county’s formal letter of extensions for the Beaver Countian’s Right-To-Know requests now puts a response date of no later than May 27th.

From The Beaver Countian’s Ongoing Investigative Files:

The following video from December 2015 shows Beaver County Sheriff’s Deputy Jim Brown training a dog for K9 service. The training exercise is taking place inside of the Beaver County Emergency Services storage building, which houses the county’s rescue boat, armored vehicle, and other emergency response apparatus. The dog seen in the video was not owned or utilized by the county and was being offered for sale by Bullocks K-9 North, a private for-profit company owned by Beaver County Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Richard Yonlisky. This video was used as a commercial to advertise the sale of the dog.


The American Working Dog Association’s 2016 Pennsylvania Workshop and Certification hosted by the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office and Bullocks K-9 North will take place from May 23rd to May 27th at Bradys Run Park. The event is $135 to attend and is being organized by Beaver County Sheriff’s Deputy K9 Handler, Bullocks K-9 North proprietor, and American Working Dog Association trainer Sgt. Richard Yonlisky.



John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. I am sure they were off the clock when all of this training and video making was taking place !!!… Need to clean house folks !


    • put George yasitch on it he knows where the money is. its the quite ones that know how to stay under the rader that are the most corrupt.

      • Honestly you people are retarded, instead of throwing out false accusations towards these officers you should be standing by them. They have families, kids and wives, they aren’t going to get involved with criminal activity over a few dollars and risk their career and families. This is why you never listen to social media expecially some wannabe journalist who can’t get a real freaking job and a real life helping people, he’s trying to make people look and sound bad when he doesn’t even have a damn clue as to what is going on. Have you ever asked yourself if the officers bought their own dogs and the county didnt???? Did you ask yourself that if they fund their own dogs with their own money?????? Before running your mouths maybe you should ask one of them yourself instead of being a pussy and talking shit on them. I’m sure they would love to talk to any of you people and then maybe you would have a change of mind. This is why America is so screwed up now, people like you guys out to get everyone and don’t know the real deal. P.S GET A FUCKING LIFE

    • sorry about this is for yourmom. so we should be standing by these deputies and county workers. well no one wants to stand by them because they don’t want there pockets picked. jp a wanna be reporter who cant get a real job helping people and the people who post on his site are the reason America is presently all fucked up at present. hey yourmom what about the 1 million property taxes stolen never to be reimberesed. davids wife hired back. if it wasn’t for the beavercountians presence no one would have heard a word about the 1 million in stolen property taxes


    What the hell is going on with this site!!!!!
    In January, there was talk about calling in the State Police, the FEDS, and people were going to jail for corruption in the court house and the taking of money from beaver county treasury dept.

    There was talk about Berni Rabic using the court house for own business office.
    There was talk about Spanic using a beaver county computer with Amadeio for election purposes.


    Did the bull shit fairy come and take it away, or did I miss something?

    I don’t see any more reverences to the corruption going on any more!

    JUSTSAYING !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What about the pitbull fighting probation officer Nick Lackovich? Oh wait, he won the state title for the Alighetto basketball team. All is forgiven. He is now a role model for the plan 12 gang of animals.

    • Lozier took over the “investigation.” How do we, the taxpayers, get the state police or someone else to actually investigate?

  4. That is alot of fucking money not accounted for!!! WTF!!!!

    The taxpayer/donor gets fucked again by these no good SOB’s!!!!!

  5. If the county has no record of spending money on the dogs, it seems rather obvious that they were bought and paid for from the donated funds cited in the article. So basically the county and its citizens get the benefits of these drug/police dogs without having to spend any taxpayer money! Sounds like a pretty good deal to me! Finally, something good has come out of the courthouse. Instead of trying to make these guys look bad JP, maybe you should be commending for their efforts, and donated time. These dogs are a great tool in fighting the epidemic of heroin use in Beaver County. We need all the tools we can get in this fight….especially if they are free !!!!

    • Wonder if they raised money with the K-9 fund to pay themselves to buy their own dogs from their own company or companies their company does business with and then had the county paying them to train them? Wonder huh?

      • Wonder if they raised money with the K-9 fund and used the stuff they bought with it to train dogs for their private company then sold them? Wonder huh?

      • Wonder if its a non-profit, just like it says it is, and wonder if they are using the money to fund the K-9 program, because they know The County can’t or won’t. Wonder if your looking a gift horse in the mouth…wonder huh?

    • Fairplay, there is no way you expect anyone to believe one word you just said. Are you kidding me???? You are either one of them, related to one or Guy himself. This stuff has been going on for years. You have to have full accountability for this type of stuff!! It’s wide known throughout the county what these guys have been getting away with. Training dogs on county time, utilizing county time and equipment during “private business”, selling so called well trained dogs to other PD’S and having to buy them back because they’re not trained properly (county funds??). Everyone in that department is aware of what was going on from the top down. You can try to shuck and jive for them but the gig is up!! It time to hold people accountable from top to bottom. If funds are missing or unaccounted for charges should be filed on everyone who was involved or knew and did nothing!!

      • I don’t give two fucks about what they do with donated money, and neither should you. This county is a financial wreck right now because of some idiot politicians. These dogs are being used for pubic good and its not costing us a dime. If they do some training on county time so fucking what…we are getting the service for FREE. I am not a deputy, or the sheriff, I am pissed of taxpayer who is sick of politicians wasting (or stealing) millions, and making our county look like the shithole of Western Pennsylvania. This stupid dog story is a nonissue,and a waste of space. There are much bigger fish to fry here bro.

      • Let me get this straight. You’re ok with deputies stealing but not politicians. Well bro most of them are political hires up to and including the sheriff!! Stealing is stealing and they should be held to the fire. Getting paid by the county for doing non-county stuff is stealing from us tax payers. Having fundraisers and having no accountability is illegal. Send a can around for help with healthcare bills and go to Disney and see what happens if you’re caught. People get charged with this all the time. Wake up BC SMH!!

      • @NoMama…I usually do not acknowledge your mindless rants, but I guess i have to now. Your vindictive posts offer nothing constructive or intelligent to this forum. All you do. in here, is kick and scream like a little bitch. When are you going to man up boy.

      • Stealing what ? They take donated money, and money they raise through a nonprofit, to fund a K-9 program, that we are better off with, than without. What don’t you understand abut FREE? I really don’t think these guys are getting rich doing this….I just don’t see what the beef is.

      • Ok it’s time to pull your head out of the sand!! Donated money isn’t free money. It’s donated for a purpose and that purpose needs to be documented. If they are in BC deputy uniforms and they are on the clock but not conducting county work but doing something on the side and getting paid for that also, we have stealing. I don’t how else to lay it out. The reason everything is supposed to be WELL documented is exactly for instances like this. If things were being done above bar the info would be obtained in less than an hour. Now they want 30 days??? Common, I hope you’re better than that!! Wake up BC!!

      • @fairplay the biggest issue with the lack of documentation you all are debating is this. when the sheriffs dept utilizes those funds any and all cases related to them then are under scrutiny. you speak about the public good the dogs and department may be doing but seemingly fail to realize that if there is any questionably point is the discovery process that many of these cases are not subject to appeals and thus can be over turned. thats a multi folded issue in that criminals can then get out of jail that should be there and also costs us tax payers money in re litigation of the cases involved

    • sounds like a pretty good deal for the bc sheriffs dept. donations are all to be deposited in a bank account and then dispersed accordingly. not in the pockets of the bc sheriffs dept. do u keep track of your money. and where it goes. oh well what the hell. this type of thing has been going on for 45yrs. just think what was going on in the sheriffs dept. before the internet.

    • beaver co. is awash in herion those dogs are like putting a finger in a leaking dam. ant u figured it out yet.

    Why did the commissioners rehire the people that just retired as part time and at a higher rate of pay .

    Do they think us tax payers are STUPID?????????????????

    I under stand the knowledge that they carried with them when they retired, but were we not trying to cut the cost of operation.

    If they had intensions or if they were offered a part time job when they were signing there retirement papers, they should have not received a buy out!
    That seems like SHADY BULL SHIT TO me !

    They are laughing all the way to the bank!!!!!!!!!!!

    We look like ASS HOLES as tax payers!!!!

    • they don’t care there going to keep taking your money. sheriff guy sheriff david no difference you can see that by now.

  7. Kudos to John Paul for persevering in his efforts to expose the waste and corruption in Beaver County! While it may seem overwhelming to read story after story about these issues, it is awesome to see that these stories are being brought to light and some in the County are assisting in the efforts to expose this nonsense. Keep digging, John Paul!

    • I never post this much but the bc sheriffs dept is out of control. the federal govt. should step in like they did with the teamsters back in the day apt temporary sheriff get rid of 90% of all in that totally corrupt dept and ensure the people of bc have a sheriffs dept. not arrogant punks with badges and guns. highly unlikely but it would definetly work.

  8. So this enterprise evidently started and continued under King George David. The glaring question now is, will Sheriff Guy continue to operate under King David’s shadow or will he truly be his own man and stop it?
    This whole enterprise is a great example of how a person gets involved, and sees the opportunity to line his own pockets, sadly at the taxpayers expense. JP needs to look at other non profits too, and tell us here which ones operate primarily for the enrichment of the CEO and cohorts.

    • He’s well aware of what was going on. That’s his Aliquippa connection buddy. He hasn’t done the right thing since a he’s been in. He’s just continued in the same shoes as David following in his shadow. What did you expect when they’re all connected with the same people. Wake up BC!!

      • remember head of beaver co. narcotics jack baer. well back in 1993 many kilos of confiscated cocaine in fact so much was going missing from the bc evidence locker the state police put a hidden camera on the evidence locker. and o my gosh there was head of narcotics jack baer helping himself to those kilos like the evidence locker was his refrigerater. how many lives did all that coke destroy. faces have changed but its the same old same old in the 1960s and 1970s when men lived in the valley 90% of this filth wouldn’t have a chance to do the damage done.

    • Bingo!! These types of things should be highly documented. Anything dealing with donations and money especially dealing with a law enforcement agency should be doubled documented. This isn’t brain science it’s common sense. How many people lately have been charged with charity scams. People donated hard earned time and money and they have zero documents for it, WOW!! An investigation should immediately be called upon. This is crazy!! If we keep electing the circle we will continue to get run over by the wheel!! Wake up BC!!

      • @ BCTRUMP. There is no evidence of your claims of illegality, and, and on its face, this appears to be legit operation that costs the County nothing. I do not have a horse in this race, I,m just calling it as I see it. You, on the other hand, definitely seem to have an agenda here. By your comments, it is evident that you have a bias against the Sheriff Department, and appear to have something to gain by denigrating them. Perhaps you are one of the deputies that was cut loose by Sheriff Guy(since you suddenly appeared here when that all happened). These two deputies live in average to below average homes in Beaver Falls and Aliquippa, and live well within their means. If they were making so much cash by “stealing off the county” as you say, we would see some evidence of extravagance in their lifestyle…we don’t….not in the least. The most they are guilty of is sloppy paperwork…its not like they each have an administrative staff and secretaries,(like the commissioner’s).Your unfounded, and unsupported, accusations of theft and corruption are groundless and irresponsible . Your words are those of a scorned man with an ax to grind. If you want to know why you were let go, take a long slow look in the mirror.

      • @Fairplay, once again please pull your head out of wherever it’s hidden. Sorry to break your bubble but I’m neither new here nor was I ever employed by the sheriffs department or beaver county. I’m just a regular tax payer tired of the vicious corruption circle that continues to go around and around in this county. On the agenda issue you got me, however it’s not only concerning the sheriffs department, it’s every department within this county. I read these articles and have my ear to the ground so it’s not hard to tell who the players are or what’s going on. I call it as I see it and if you want to continue living under a rock and drinking the kool-aid more power to you. I will not sit back and continue to be satisfied with the status quo. It’s time everyone in this county puts their foot down and make a stand. Continuing to allow the same circle to control this county will only make a select few more powerful with more money. The buck stops with us and sorry to break your bubble but I quit drinking kool-aid along time ago!! Wake up BC!!

  9. Wait one minute here are you saying they should train on their own time, nobody in any work place trains for their job for free they get paid to learn how to preform their job why should the deputies be any different . When the local police go for their act 120 updates every year they get paid to do so. These dogs serve a valuable service to this county and it is free does not cost the county or taxpayers one dime people on here making comments are just haters and must never needed any time of law enforcement service in their life but one day you will. And I know what everyone is going to say I won’t call a deputy lol but in the time of need and the call goes out you never know who might be the closest to your emergency.

    • I’m not sure where anyone said the should train for free. They are full time and get paid 8 hrs a day 40 hours a week. They have training they are required to take yearly and have time throughout year to train and stay qualified. Once again, if they are conducting any business outside of county business on county time and getting compensated that’s stealing. If you have fundraisers and take donations from people who worked hard for their money your required to be accountable with it. Us tax payers don’t want to fund personal expenses etc if the money is supposed to be for the K9’s. If any of this happened or is happening an investigation should be conducted right now!! This is the typical unaccountable reality of how the circle gets away with doing whatever they want with zero consequences. Its been going on far to long in this county with the same old suspects. Hold people accountable for their actions!! Wake up BC!!

    • Just like to point out that plenty of professions have to train on their own time. Teachers are one of them. Most not only train in the summer on their own time, they pay out-of-pocket for the training as well.

  10. If the Sheriff’s Department does not own the K9s, and the K9s are called over to Aliquippa for a drug search and are handled by a Deputy with no investigative powers, aren’t the results of that search invalid? The K9 is being used as a tool for law enforcement (just like a breathalyzer) and I am not aware of any case law, statute or regulation that permits private citizens to own (and theoretically maintain) any testing equipment to be used for purposes of criminal prosecution.

    • Absolutely Gerald. I concur fully. Not only that but if something goes wrong, like a dog bite or whatever, wouldn’t the owner be liable?

      • So if the search in fact is invalid, that would raise a question about all previous cases and convictions that these K9’s were used and produced results.

    • The dogs are certified drug dogs, does not matter who owns them.If you’re caught with drugs, by a dog, or if you drop them in front of a deputy, you broke the law. Should a deputy ignore it because he has no investigative powers? If I, as a private citizen witness and report a crime, or make a citizen’s arrest, is my eye witness testimony not valid because I have no investigative powers?

      • Fairplay you are correct in that if you witness a crime your testimony would be valid despite the fact that you have no investigatory power. Being a factual witness to an event is different than possessing the power of the government to investigative. Even though a deputy does not have investigative powers they are permitted to take action based upon what they view in plain sight or an event that happens in their presence – what they are not permitted to do is identify an individual and then begin to investigate as to whether the individual committed a crime that was not in plain sight or viewed by that deputy.

        As a private citizen you are not permitted to act as a law enforcement unless you have the training and certification by the state ALONG with powers invested by the municipality to enforce laws within the municipal jurisdiction. As a private citizen you do not have the power to stop someone at a traffic light, bring out your own personal breathalyzer and then have the ability to force the person you stopped to submit to a breath test. You can call for law enforcement, report what you witnessed and then, on that basis, law enforcement can investigate as to whether a crime has been or is being committed.

        Generally speaking, the factual testimony as to what you saw or heard is admissible but your personal conclusions reached from what you saw or heard would be inadmissible in most circumstances. The information that you may have gained from your personal breathalyzer would also be inadmissible as it would not be kept in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the government as to such evidence gathering devices.

        Whenever anybody possessive any controlled substance it is a crime where they are caught or not. One of the problems that is fueling the increased use of drugs in Beaver County is the fact that more and more individuals lose sight of the fact that possession of and/or improper use or abuse of controlled substances (drugs and alcohol) is a crime even if it is part of a person’s daily lives or part of the lives of the majority of individuals who are around then . This myopic view often causes individuals to be surprised when they are caught and the government brings criminal charges and sanctions their behavior. It is only a matter of time before anyone who regularly uses controlled substances (drugs or alcohol) faces criminal charges as it is simply a matter of statistics and of being caught at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong individuals in the wrong circumstances. Individuals lose sight of the fact that their personal viewpoint on their use of drugs or alcohol is irrelevant as to whether such conduct is illegal or constitutes a criminal offense.

      • @ Gerald..Thank you for the clarifiaction……I hope I’m not going to get an invoice for legal advice !!!!

    • Thatta boy Gerald! Seizing opportunity!

      For the record: I totally agree with you. I’m a devout believer in the great document called the Constitution.

    • Spoken like a true defense attorney who phone number is on the speed dial of all the drug dWales who infest the County!

    • interesting point because at this time if the department doesnt own the dogs how do we then know that they have all met proper certification or training programs? Jim browns a great guy ive met him many times and doubt his integrity could be an issue however at what point does the law and proper procedure come in to play? this could be a nasty mess of issues for the DA office if in any situation the dogs were used can now be put under appeals. it will costs us tax payers tons of money in re-litigation of cases and we apparently already have a horrible shortage in the budget already.

  11. Gerald, you sir have hit it right on the head. They want it whatever way it suits them depending on the situation. Three ring circus does it no justice. I few bad for the few that are actually clean and take pride in their job. The corruption in this county will never cease to amaze me. Wake up BC!!

  12. Sadly, this is why I don’t give money to ANY of these goofy “non-profits”. John Challis fund, Little ______ whatever sports teams, police, fire, veterans, go fund me’s, etc., etc. Inavariably, you eventually end up disappointed and feeling taken advantage of. You might as well just take the money and give it to the guy or girl at the next table in a fast food shop.

  13. Why does a department with no investigative authority even have dogs in the first place? Local municipal police departments should have their own animals and most do. I’m pretty sure that the Mexican drug cartels aren’t routing their wares through the beaver county courthouse so I’m a bit confused as to why the sheriff’s department has narcotic sniffing dogs.

  14. People are misled to believe that ” Non Profit Org ” are a bunch of do gooders with the best intentions. Most of them are, however they could do way more good. All non-profit means is they have to show that they spent all their money at the end of the year. So at years end, after they pay for all the help, salaries, rent, etc. If there is 10 million dollars left, the CEO and the CFO both take a bonus of 5 million each and there you go. 10 million dollars that they could have used to do more good for people.

    • This article says Bullocks K-9 north is a private, FOR-profit company, owned by a sheriff’s deputy. Cronyism strikes again.

  15. I give you credit you are the only person that challenges the RIght to Know law that most people won’t for fear of retaliation , If you started to looking into some of our local communities the Ohio River would overflow from all the sweat from politicians with sticky fingers.

  16. I always donated to the local public television station UNTIL the newspaper article printed their salaries. The Pittsburgh director was making more in salary than the director of the New York City station. End of donation. These non-profits also do a very lucrative business selling your name to other non-profits..ever wonder how/why you received that Made In China tricket from an unfamilar organization.

  17. @Gerald Benyo: Your postings are very informative and helpful here. Thanks. I shall only nitpick one statement.

    You say, ” It is only a matter of time before anyone who regularly uses controlled substances (drugs or alcohol) faces criminal charges as it is simply a matter of statistics and of being caught at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong individuals in the wrong circumstances.”

    The predictive determinism you suggest behind statistics is misleading. While on a large population scale statistics have some “predictive” value, based upon probability, not a causal relationship, they fail on a personal level in suggesting that an individual will eventually be brought into the sample.

    Some individuals will always remain outside of the sample, and for the same statistical reasons — i.e., not everyone will be “caught.”.

    • I’ll only add that placing four restrictions upon a given population (“possession of and/or improper use or abuse of controlled substances (drugs and alcohol)”, such as “wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong individuals in the wrong circumstances…” narrows the population under consideration, like circles in a Zen diagram, and spoils the statistical consideration. If the group remaining were then analyzed in the same way, some individuals would still not be caught.There are too many variables.

      • Raven, your knowledge of statics and probabability clearly exceeds mine. I defer to you as to this subject. I appreciate your explanation and I would have replied sooner but I had to give your comment some thought. Next time the District Attorney uses DNA evidence in one of my cases I may need to call on you to put the statics into perspective. Thank you.

    • i have to agree with Gerald here with an algorithm more similar in nature to say playing craps or gambling. the longer you sit at the table and toss the dice the more likely in time that you will lose more than win.


  18. Grey areas of ethical behavior are commonplace in AMERICA. A NEW order of expected public behavior is beginning. Until it is understood, embraced and commonplace these “doesn’t pass the smell test” articles will continue. Happens everywhere just look around because of the “everyone does it” attitude meets “they are doing it for a good cause we should thank them” collide. It is common in churches, clubs, smaller governmental organizations. They only get questioned when police get involved. Ethical behavior training is needed.

  19. @fairplay: I have no doubt about your sincerity regarding law enforcement personnel. We need them, and it’s a dangerous and honorable profession. I do think, though, that you have have crossed over into being an “apologist” for them at times. There are good ways to do the job, and there are some not so good ways. As in this case of sloppy management and seeming lack of accountability, we should at least look at how the K-9 thing is being done, and whether there might be a better way of doing it. This does nothing to disparage the people, the program or the profession responsible for it.

    • @Raven. If it turns out that these deputies are doing something illegal, then I will be the first to say they should be punished accordingly. As to being an apologist for these men, I know nothing about this K-9 program except what I just read in JP’s article, and drew my conclusions accordingly. Being fair, it appears, on its face, that the county has a K-9 program ,that we are benefiting from, that cost us nothing, that’s the bottom line right now. I do not like the implication, in the article, and by the commenters, that these deputies are stealing money. It has to cost a lot of money to start and maintain this program, and I just do not see a whole lot of extra funds available to unjustly enrich these guys. They may be guilty of sloppy record keeping, because I am sure that is not their forte, and that part of it does need to be shored up. I am just not a fan of witch hunts, unfounded accusations, biased opinions, and spin. If further investigation finds concrete evidence of illleaglity, then that’s a different story, but right now there is none. Call me naive, but until someone shows me some proof of criminality, I am going to bat for these guys, because they are doing something good for all of us. Irresponsible reporting and commenting, based on hearsay and innuendo, calls into question the credibility of this site, and all of us who participate here.

  20. Beaver County has went to the dogs. Dogs, Dogs everywhere. Everyone has a dog. As a general rule, these dogs ride around, lick their balls and other than a few days off a month to train, they are taxpayer funded house pets. Plain and simple. Beaver County sheriff, Beaver Falls, New Brighton, Center Twp, New Sewickley, Beaver, Franklin Twp. we wreak with dogs. In the summer they lounge in taxpayers funded vehicles with the engine running so that they can stay cool, in the winder, its too cold to work them. One sits on duty whiles it’s handler works out in a gym. we have went to the dogs.

  21. Why isn’t the office held to the same standards as local police training for dogs and handlers? They breed their own dogs, pick and choose who they take out on patrol and don’t go through the rigors of other municipal training. Then to top of off, they use these dogs, county owned patrol cars and fulfill personal contracts to do searches at privately owned businesses and commercial buildings and they pocket the profit. There’s a whole bunch of self ordained k9 happenings in that office and it is beyond me how it happens. Make their own schedule, never show up or check in at courthouse and only “help out” in Aliquippa.. And now that drama has landed at Aliquippa police and they bounce dogs and handlers around like a volleyball

  22. Correct about the Quip dog…. A dog won’t work correctly when it has several handlers. Their first handler thought it was a pet and now it’s ruined as a K-9.

  23. Give them all (except 2 for the whole county) back to Big Ben. I’ve been asking for years why we have so many drug dogs. When someone gets caught with drugs, they only get ARD, anyway.



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