Sheriff Tony Guy (right) with Chief Deputy Dean Michael / photo by John Paul

The Beaver County Sheriff’s Office says it is unable to recruit qualified new applicants to become Deputies because of reporting by the Beaver Countian. The stunning claim was one of many contained within a lengthy email sent this week by Chief Deputy Dean Michael to the Board of Commissioners and Salary Board.

Chief Deputy Michael sent county officials the three page letter ahead of a voting meeting of the Salary Board this week, asking them to reconsider their publicly stated support for eliminating several full-time positions from the Sheriff’s Office. The Salary Board was ultimately unmoved by Michael’s lengthy rant, voting to approve a motion removing the unfilled positions.

The Beaver Countian was provided with a copy of the email — which declares itself “not for public dissemination” — by multiple county officials who characterized the document as manipulative propaganda. This publication is in the process of having Chief Michael’s entire email analyzed by a group of current and former sheriff’s deputies and law enforcement professionals for a potential future report.

Along with claiming the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office is inadequately staffed to deal with “a large scale or coordinated assault on the Beaver County Courthouse,” Michael also provided officials with an ominous warning about the “courthouse blogger,” one of Sheriff Tony Guy’s nicknames for Beaver Countian founder John Paul.

“Attempts to hire and recruit good quality personnel have been seriously hampered by the continued attempts to dismantle this office,” wrote Chief Deputy Michael. “At the present time, no one with necessary experience wants to subject themselves to the visceral attacks that are routinely levied by the courthouse blogger. These attacks serve no legitimate purpose and are nothing more than a disruption of County government. Nothing good will ever come of this if the negative influence is allowed to continue.”

Chief Michael did not specify in his email how the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office proposed to stop the Beaver Countian’s reporting. The previous Sheriff, George David, attempted to intimidate the Beaver Countian into ceasing its coverage by brandishing a firearm and threatening murder — a tactic which proved unsuccessful and problematic for the official.

Among the articles published by the Beaver Countian about the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office in recent months included a piece detailing an investigation conducted by the county’s law department which concluded Chief Deputy Michael violated the employee sexual harassment policy.

Just a few of the other articles published about the Sheriff’s Office over the last year by the Beaver Countian which purportedly served “no legitimate purpose” include:

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Sheriff Guy Hires Several Deputies Including Two Aliquippa Cops And A Man Previously Arrested Twice For False Statements

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In-Depth: Sheriff And Commissioners Hold Public Budget Meeting – Reach No Consensus Or Conclusions

Arbitrator Rules In Favor Of Terminated Sheriff’s Deputies – Orders County To Pay Up

County Investigation Determines Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Violated Sexual Harassment Policy

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County Policy Changed After Sheriff’s K9 “Grabs” Courthouse Employee In Its Mouth

Investigative Report: Sheriff Tony Guy Working Part-Time Deputies More Than Full-Time Hours

Full Disclosure: Sheriff’s Office Falsely Alleged Beaver Countian Founder Breached Courthouse Security

Former Deputy Who Testified Against Sheriff George David Files Federal Lawsuit Against Sheriff Tony Guy

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Gift To Sheriff Guy From A Supporter Caused Bomb Scare – Led To Courthouse Being Evacuated

Former Deputy: Sheriff George David And His Men Are Supporting Tony Guy For A Reason

MUD FLIES! Sheriff David – Supporting Tony Guy – Confronts Wayne Kress At Police Chiefs’ Luncheon

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.

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Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor


Matt Fedak
Matt Fedak

wow try to work your magic in the commish’s office.


Obviously, JP, you’re doing the right thing!


there fighting to keep there criminal enterprise intact.David —- Guy there deputies are corrupt muscle with badges guns and so called police. dogs. the atrocities that these deputies if can even call them human beings have committed against BC citizens and no one talks about are beyond beliefe. this sheriffs dept has gone completely rogue. Guy cant hire competent deputies what he means is because of the scrutiny u have put under and his halfe assed gang of thugs he CANT hire deputies with integrity. Georgie david tony guy and the most corrupt influence of all Georgie yasitch aren’t going to let go of this corrupt organization easy. never let up on THEM.


Apparently one of the prerequisites for a leadership role in the Sheriff’s office is the ability to insert your foot in your mouth…repeatedly.

I wonder if no one wants to apply for a position in that office because people in leadership roles are the kind of people who commit, condone, and cover up harassment against employees? Maybe?


The headline should have read- “Sheriff can’t hire his corrupt cronies because that “blog” won’t let him get away with it”. Hey Tony, this isn’t your fathers “Beaver County Times” anymore. Buck up Cuz Cuz Jr. The days of corruption as you know it in Beaver County are OVER!

Thank You JP!


This is exactly what I thought when I read this.