A Beaver County Sheriff’s Deputy may soon be facing criminal charges, as County Detectives have intensified their investigation into an Affidavit of Probable Cause filed after an alleged incident at Friendship Ridge earlier this year.

Multiple independent sources within the Sheriff’s Office confirm to the Beaver Countian that County Detectives have been conducting interviews as part of a criminal investigation into Corporal John Joe Fratangeli. The investigation centers around an Affidavit of Probable Cause he filed on January 17th to substantiate charges against Larry Hicks, a man Fratangeli and Sheriff George David had accused of preparing to commit mass murder at Friendship Ridge, the county run nursing home.

While all of the major media outlets in the region began reporting about a foiled murder plot at the time, touting Sheriff David and his Deputies as heroes, the Beaver Countian started receiving secured communications from confidential sources close to David and Fratangeli, warning that the arrest “wasn’t right.” A subsequent investigation into the incident by the Beaver Countian revealed apparent inconsistencies between the charging affidavit filed by Fratangeli, Sheriff David’s on-camera comments to the press, and what witnesses to the situation were recounting.

Sources say County Detectives are investigating whether Fratengeli may have knowingly made false sworn statements in the case.

The media frenzy came just one day after Sheriff David pleaded his Fifth Amendment Rights against self-incrimination during a hearing for a lawsuit filed against him by County Commissioners.

Sources within the Sheriff’s Office say Fratangeli has repeatedly acknowledged he will soon be “jammed up” by the “rat squad,” but has vowed to remain “a company man.” Those sources also say Corporal Fratangeli is bragging that Sheriff David promised him paid administrative leave if and when he is criminally charged.

The Beaver Countian has independently confirmed that a criminal defense attorney hired by Fratangeli has been contacted by County Detectives about the investigation.

Corporal Fratangeli has previously commented about his arrest of Larry Hicks at Friendship Ridge, writing “I DID MY JOB! those who know me, know im no rookie at this. I worked for aliquippa for 11 years,” and “I was brought to be loyal to all brothers. I wont stoop to the lower level that most are now a days. I believe in brother hood And i will not change.”

Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh has repeatedly declined comment.

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Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Something in the air anywhere the sheriff and his merry band of men are never smells quite right….
    Perhaps this particular incident was the beginning of the end for the corrupt deputies that blindly follow sheriff David…the first domino, if you will, that you knock over, and it brings the rest of the dominos down….

    • John Joe is an idiot he needs to go. His cousin works for the controller office. She just got a 15,000 dollar raise for doing nothing. How could they give her a raise and lay off people a couple of months later. And what a nice raise. She needs to go. His sister works in the treasurers office, she’s taken care of. Oh, I almost forgot John Joe ‘s other sister is married to commissioner Tony amadio son.

      • Holy Crap! Beaver County is like Medieval England…..betrothing your daughters to the devil for political gain in your own family. Unfreakingreal!

  2. Looks like J.J. will be back in an Alighetto uniform again soon if he loses his Sheriff’s job. His mommy will be elected to council in November and she will get her little Johnny back on the job in the ghetto again.

  3. Double J knows his little ass getting charged and its driving him nuts his Butch ass will start crying on shoulders to make everyone feel bad just like he does everytime his midget ass gets in trouble

    But this time I don’t think it will work cry me a river munchkin your antics and abuse of powerjust done tic tic ran out, have fun thinking and waiting it out even more now, fyi easy solid foods helps prevent diarrhea when stomach is out of wack… Then again that might be to far gone try ensure for the nutrients

  4. This deputy is corrupt..he thinks that his police brotherhood is all that matters..maybe if you want someone to lie for ya..and to brag about policing aliqqippa for 11 years, that says it all…he’ corrupt plan and simple…he knew when he wrote the charges he was lying…he should be charged and prosecuted he’s an officer of the law and should be fired and put in jail..he thinks he’s above the law like some police officers..

  5. Also he should not be alowed to wear another police uniform…I hope he gets what’s coming to him also…David time is coming also…I know he’s corrupt..

  6. No, it’s not peer pressure. It’s greed for rank. Under sheriff ASSHOLE< he promotes as he sees fit. No written exam, no interviewing others just hand out promotions. Jonn Fratangeli brags about his years of service with Aliquippa. He had to know he was lying on the complaint also, wasn't there another ranking officer with him. I guess he was having coffee with the asshole sheriff while John Joe did the dirty work. Your time is coming John Joe. Justice will be served !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I bet Sheriff David wrote this complaint. Who uses the name as Frat does in the second paragraph. Total set up from the start. Sooooo long brother!

    • No Bubba sheriff David didn’t write the complaint. He couldn’t even fill out an accident report when he worked in Aliquippa. I’m sure he hasn’t learned much since.

    • It will stop when the people start voting into office honest people with some sort of moral values. Then, and only then.

      • The sad thing is, I think most of these people started out with good morals and intentions, but power corrupts even the strongest of wills.
        You know what they say- “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”
        I highly doubt that any of these people applied for and started these jobs with corrupt intentions. Peer pressure is a bitch, and way too much power is intoxicating.

      • And that is why politics was NEVER intended to be a life long career. And that is why we MUST voted them out after 1 or 2 terms. Another reason why they don’t teach POD in high school anymore.

    • its really simple if you catch someone with their hand in the cookie jar you can stop it. beaver county is the cookie jar and the courthouse is the cookie. so how can you stop them if they are all in there and if you call anonymous to complain the gate keeper passes your info along to the person or persons you are trying to stop and you get threatened SO IN CLOSING FUCK BEAVER COUNTY

  8. Come on it’s time to clean house. The whole Court house get rid of the waste because the shit is getting deep. :upset:

  9. Anybody that know Georgie knows he didn’t write no complaint, that’s hilarious in its self alone and sad fuck its criminal hearing him speak let alone read or write, yeah that’s cruel but he has long been Ann evil bulky that hurt and ruined many for ever one good deed he committed 25 horrible. just a pure narrow minded bully that has no life skills when dealing with normal people for a long period, that’s why he loved bring in uniform and always wanted a title he could boss someone somewhere, same as when he fucked up being sheriff last time and went to jail he wanted title chief for security, he looked like a wackenhut security guard walking around beaver in his uniform did nothing but abuse his roll undermine a warden and aligned mimesis that had no business being guards in his army, he fucked that place up too

  10. What about our Sheriff? His family should have been in prison decades ago. The ONLY reason he became a Alighetto cop was to protect his brothers illegal activities, which still continue to this very day. Sadly, the sheeple of Beaver County will elect most, if not all, of these people again.

    • Most of them probably believe that “the devil you know is better than the devil that you don’t”
      We already know the Georgie boy is off his fuckin nut, but what about the next person who gets voted in?

      • NO, and I AM NOT advocating for the reelection of Sheriff David by any means. He needs to go. But alot of the Beaver County mentality is basically to stick their heads in the sand. If they don’t see it, it’s not happening. That is what was meant by my comment, not that we should reelect him because who knows, what comes after him could be worse. That was not my intention at all. Personally, I don’t think we even need a sheriffs dept that is as large as ours is. It needs scaled down MASSIVELY.

      • Quoting the movie “Warrior”… I liked that movie too. But your comment insinuates that anyone waiting in the wings, you believe is corrupt. Simply not true.

  11. Georgie has to go, no doubt, and pay up for his crimes. John joe should have to face his punishment as well. But in a world of “me me me” and selve serving individuals, it’s somewhat refreshing to see John Joe suffer quietly and not be a rat.

  12. The Sheriff is very smart he lets any asshole willing to take the blame do the dirty work he is the smart one those that are stupid enough to do this should pay for what they did.By the way the scandal all went down the only one that didnt seem to play was the gun permit lady she will be the last one standing good job dont let that old fart try to bully you hopefully the ladies in the office arnt stupid enough to play with the boss or he will sink them too.George you are smart but this is all catching up you ever get fired you should write a book.

  13. I just read the above article above again and somehow missed something. John Fratangeli, being a company man, stated that his beloved sheriff promised him administrative leave, with pay, if and when he’s convicted.
    Who’s shitting who. We all know how dumb J.J. is but this is ridiculous. John, you had better open your eyes. He’s going to let you go down with the ship. Paid leave if convicted, never happening. You better flip on this asshole while you can. Just saying !

  14. I’m still amazed that fulltime deputy they all get 60 grand, for waving nut sacks and trying to flirt with women at doors of courthouse, watching hearings in front of judges that work only 20 hours a week and make 160 grand, between tax payer funded public defenders office and district attorneys office that’s alot waste, please and serving papers, locking park gates, transporting inmates. Fucking kidding me, and this midget is the worse if the bunch

  15. First and for most double j is and was a great cop/deputy the problem here is the fact that the ranked officer your referring to is a pier he has been a nobody his whole career he was a advanced auto parts sellsman sheriff didn’t hire him.. cough and is a lien rat bastard! He screwed his union and his deputies. And tried to cover it up sad. He’s been lien to the state troopers to save his job.. and he’s now lien to save it again COWARD. The problem lies with the ranked members of the sheriff’s office. Ego and power trips greed and envy are the down fall of that office. The problem is that people think that whatever they do is betterthen the nxt guy does. All I have to say is that the COWARD aka Sgt. Is you call everyone else the rat but I was taught when u point a finger look at ur hand cause there 3 pointing back think about it sgt. Tibs

    • I tried, I really did, but I just can’t. I apologize now.
      *foremost*, *you’re*, *peer*, *an advanced..*, *salesman*, *lying*, *lying*, *lying*, *better than*, *next*, *you*, *your*, *there are*
      Sweet baby Jeebus, ya’ll might hate me after that, but I just couldn’t let it go. Don’t even get me started with the sentence structure and punctuation. I’d be here all day.

  16. SILENCE NIKKI PARSONS, SILENCE!!! You’re opinion has been read in this forum and you do not come across as an intellectual savior. I will not dignify any foolish comments by any insignificant simpleton like Nikki Parsons. As far as you readers, please do not pay any mind to Nikki Parsons… you’re All Welcome… and the pleasure has been all yours!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    • OOhhh.. you sound like someone I’ve irritated. I never said I was an intellectual savior, just another random Beaver County resident expressing my opinion, as is my right. Wassa matta, did I bruise your ego at some point??

    • Oh yes, you did get at least ONE THING correct in your “personal review” of me:
      So, for that, I should thank you. But I won’t. Because I’m a bitch like that.

  17. @catfish 83. Pssssst John Joe its that you i’m trying to see you but its hard to see your little lying ass,, but sure sounds like you or Georgie maybe its one of the blonde bimbos, nah you got a laptop under his desk???? Come on up you little fucker and sit in the booster seat look around ahhhh you got something on your chin …let me get that for you (little dribby dribby)) well you never last long anywhere… That’s okay… People fuck up maybe machinist is in your future??

    You LUCKY little fucker (wink wink) that’s okay sgt.bounce a check caught with pants around ankles ….. Isn’t in the clear yet… He just gave himself enough rope, heard some wizards and rail Walkers could be getting disbarred tooooooo.



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