Beaver County Courthouse / photo by John Paul

Several Beaver County Sheriff’s Deputies and County Detectives were among the highest paid employees in county government last year, a payroll analysis by the Beaver Countian has revealed. Some employees in the offices of Sheriff and District Attorney topped well over $100,000 in earnings for 2016.

The Beaver Countian formatted and analyzed county payroll records obtained in response to an Open Records request. The figures analyzed are not annual base salaries for the employees’ positions, but instead show actual gross earnings paid by the county to each employee for 2016, including overtime compensation and other payments. Employees who started working in their positions after the first of last year will show wages below their annual salaries. Payments for some employees’ wages may include monies paid from sources other than the county’s General Fund, such as from state subsidies, forfeiture funds, and grants.

The wage figures do not include the cost of any fringe benefits, such as healthcare, provided to the employees.

The county’s top earning employee in 2016 was District Attorney David Lozier who made $177,110. The salary for the County District Attorney is mandated by state law based on salaries earned by Common Pleas Judges, who are employees of the state.

Chief County Detective Robert Chamberlain (an employee of the District Attorney’s Office) was the county’s second highest earner, whose wages including overtime totaled $127,479. Other top earning County Detectives were Robert Heberle at $101,309, Timmie Patrick at $100,316, Andrew Gall at $97,449, and Timothy Staub at $92,950.

Chief County Assessor Michael Kohlman was paid $120,294 in 2016, after the Board of Commissioners allowed him to participate in the county’s retirement buyout package but were then forced to keep him on staff because of trouble finding a suitable replacement. Kohlman agreed to continue working as Chief Assessor at a new hourly rate of $75 — his position is required by the Pennsylvania County Code to remain filled.

The County’s Chief Solicitor and Financial Administrator were each paid approximately $111,000 last year.

Sheriff’s Deputies Joseph O’Sche and Charles Hurst were among the top 10 highest earning employees in the county for 2016, making $107,797 and $105,405 respectively. Other high earning Sheriff’s Deputies included Harold Shane at $90,935, Kristen Chapes at $90,258, and Kevin Lupo at $88,760. Eight of the 25 top earning employees in county government last year were Sheriff’s Deputies.

A searchable database of all county employees is being made available by the Beaver Countian below:

1AMADIO, ANTHONY HCommissioners68,310.32
2BICK, RANDICommissioners16,985.03
3CALTURY, ANTHONYCommissioners46,151.06
4CAMP, DANIEL IIICommissioners68,310.32
5EGLEY, SANDIECommissioners71,289.92
6LAVALLE, VINCENT ACommissioners13,835.41
7LUCKOW, RICARDOCommissioners111,233.49
8MILLER, SHARON ACommissioners6,990.12
9RICHARDS, JULIE LCommissioners48,852.93
10STEWART, KARIN LCommissioners19,067.06


  1. With these inflated salaries, would love to see a copy of their job description. With the closing of the Pittsburgh Correctional jail, expect these salaries to increase next year, much longer commute to transfer prisoners which means more overtime.

  2. DEPUTY Chapes deserves every penny. KC put’some in long hours with the K9 department. Them puppies are well taken care of.

  3. Deputy David Mangerie made $52,239.43??? HE’S PART TIME!!! Monatani made $51,115.18? HE’S PART TIME TOO!!!!


  4. Well, you can blame the commissioners for this. The old ones, Spanik, Nichols and Amadio and the two new ones, Camp and Egley. They have these little public show meetings and rant about the high cost of the sheriff office and David and Guy go “yeah, yeah, okay” and go back to their office sign off on the OT time sheets and everybody gets paid.


  5. Reality check for all you underachievers, dimwits and senior citizens $100,000 salary ain’t that big a deal. And the hourly employees that made anything near that put in the hours. Nothing to see here, move on.

    • It is a big deal when my income stays the same but my taxes are increased 17% to pay someone without a college degree to make near what an Attorney makes after how many years of college and college debt.

    • It isn’t that big of a deal but it used to be people making six figures a yr in this country were either dept heads of some sort or making products in their own business working 60-70 a week not uber drivers for prisoners or checkpoint guards i feel this size of a county that money could be used elsewhere cut that dept in half

  6. Valdamir reality check, , this is GROSS MISMANAGEMENT ! When your employees are making twice their gross wages there is a management problem! Just because it is within your budget doesnt mean you are running your dept. efficiently! This would not happen with a private enterprise but it is business as usual in the Courthouse. At this rate who will be the first deputy or detective to reach $200,000? Same old, same old in the Sheriff dept. and I hope the Detective money ,was accrued because of tthe Treasurer INVESTIGATION,

  7. Judging from some of the remarks critical of us “underachievers, dimwits and senior citizens” it is very apparent we have a lot of “family” courthouse people reading the blog. All they needed to do to get their made-for “position” was to list their funhouse family connections, no need for education or experience, just list your aunt, uncle, brother, lover, donor connection and presto a job is created.

    • Let’s state the facts, Lt. Chamberlain started making $8/ hr in Aliquippa , 16 Years ago , while going to school, supporting his family, filling in the full time position after Officer Niam’s life was taken in the line of duty. Still today, treating people with respect while going to school to better himself, working long hours, so the system let’s the criminal get away with everything while innocent people die!

    • It’s the same where I work Maria Mando. I pull in an extra 30k a year in time and a half overtime. You would think they would just limit this and hire more people and pay straight time. But I guess they figure in that they would have to pay health benefits, which aren’t cheap at the county level.

      • You don’t understand how budgets work. It is a problem when the department consistently goes over budget. And it is a problem when the department goes over budget by doing work that is not in their prescribed set of responsibilities. Dogs, drug work, unauthorized patrols, quasi-private security,… THAT has been the issue down there for years now and nobody deals with it. You can’t just do what you feel and then say “here’s the bill, pay me”.

  8. Given the responsibility involved, I don’t understand why full time employees in the treasurer’s office make more than the full time attorneys in the public defender’s office. Does issuing a dog license take more skill than getting a law degree and passing the bar exam?

  9. It’s MY OPINION that these positions are compensated quite well, if not over-paid, as in highway robbery. One would THINK with the duties and responsibilities REQUIRED of a Commissioner, it would be one of the higher compensated positions.

    However, there are a few interesting details within these figures. There are 1005 positions in the pay scale above, 69 which paid MORE than the highest paid Commissioner (Egley) and 16 of those positions are Sheriff’s Deputies.

    According to the Pa County Code, the Sheriff’s department is LIMITED to protecting the Courthouse, serving papers/summons, and transporting prisoners. It’s MY OPINION this Department is WAY overstaffed (add em up) and over-paid (add $$ up). And he wants to ADD five more deputies!?

    Sandie, if you want to cut dead wood (no pun intended), THIS is where you can start. Oh, that’s right, you can’t. Sheriff’s can hire who (and how many) they want. But, that’s OK. Only 3 1/2 years and VOTE WAYNE KRESS FOR BEAVER COUNTY SHERIFF.

    • @ Jaybird, didn’t Egley just deny the sheriffs request of 5 new hires and the other two- Dan & Tony approved? So, two votes…sheriff gets 5 new hires to top that list!!

      • Yes, We The People, you’re probably right. The previous article said “Dan Camp and Tony Amadio favor the new hires, with Commissioner Sandie Egley declining to sign paperwork authorizing them”. However, my question now becomes does a new hire require unanimous approval of all three or can one dissenting individual deny the hire? I don’t know, and the article doesn’t specify whether they were actually hired. JP, can you clarify?

    • @Ron C…….Buddy c’mon…..You sail a boat! Provided it has a “sail”! One does not ” sale ” drugs. One may indeed sell drugs but to sail drugs that doesn’t work either unless they are stowed away on a boat that is sailing to and fro! Has Mungo given you a clue? Or are all younz guyz going dawn to tha crick and play in the warder? Because if so you may want to sail your ass down and locate a thesaurus!

      • Mungo: I hate to correct you, especially when you are trying to educate a moron but he did say SALE drugs. (Not sail) So perhaps he is referring to his drug dealer that had a new years sale of half price? I think Ron must have taken advantage of that sale judging from his comment that has absolutely nothing to do with this article or any previous comment that I can see.

      • Haha…….Indeed Mungo stands corrected! Sail my ass down for some new reading glasses!!

  10. yeah the welfare system being the taxpayers paying for worthless fucks to sit on their ass doing nothing and drive around in county owned cars running red lights driving way over the posted speed limit from what i see not a one of you assclowns are worth more than 20.000 a year thats the welfare here all the county employees sucking on the taxpayers teet i dont know how they sleep at night … want to talk about people expecting something for nothing seems to me thats exactly what all the county employees do

  11. Would it not make more sense to hire a few more deputies to alleviate all the “massive” amounts of overtime? Even if they hire part time deputies that way they don’t have to pay them benefits. I know local police departments that have done that.

    • what’d make more sense would be remove extra duties from Sheriff’s Office and downsize it big time those deputies make way too much a hour to sit at metal detectors or taxicab prisoners but commissioners won’t do it they like wasting our money to give tiny Tony more kids to play with in his sandbox!

  12. Holy crap!!! I was a deputy / detective in south Louisiana with state supplemental pay we thought we were doing good at $28,000 a year. That’s at 18 years… this is ridiculous

  13. it is ridiculous i work my ass off have been at my job for more than a few years and i cant even come close to what these leeches make and as a matter of fact we dont need the sheriffs dept period im sick of my taxes going up all the time and the commissioners do nothing about it either all those fat fucks do is vote themselves pay raises with clearly no basis for it and yes i include sandy egly in there i thinks its kind of funny how she pretends to help the people but goes along with whatever the other commissioners do anyway trust me she is no friend to the people either we need to clean that fuckin sesspool up and right quick and of course we have connie javens stealing money outright and no one does a fucking thing about it that wrinkled old bitch should have been gone years ago and you gotta love how she can create positions out of the clear blue sky for a friend or family geee i wonder why our taxes are so high in beaver county … we sit in the most taxed state in america and these leeches seem to be trying to make this the highest taxed county in the world

    • Just reading your whole paragraph that is one loooong sentence without punctuation you should be working at McDonalds.

  14. It appears most of these jobs are in the union or some type of bargaining unit. Therefore they get overtime and probably other compensation for being on call and such. So you can complain about the overtime or hire more people and cut down on the OT. It’s not as easy as saying bring in the state police either because a trooper is more costly than a local.

  15. So we should pay our DA, detectives, and deputies peanuts? I’m sure that’ll bring out good work from people trusted to solve crimes and prosecute criminals. I have no issue with law enforcement being compensated for their hard work.

  16. Compare the numbers to the story you ran last year , look at certain deputies, a lot of them made from 10000 to 20000 more than last year, we all would like a raise like that. I see Another tax increase coming .

  17. What’s the point of this article? To get people angry over the pay of our Law Enforcement? How petty! How about posting an honest article concerning the fact that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is again facing a budget shortfall? OVER SPENDING on EVERYTHING…Oh, but let’s get people all riled up over Sheriff’s Deputies and Detectives…not the inadequacies of failed Governor Tom Wolf!

    • @Kelly…..You certainly have a point! Mr Wolf puts the eve in ” Summer’s eve ” ie. grade A dee bag, but rent a cop types that make $50 plus an hour for manning a door or two is most definitely NOT petty! These are our tax monies that are continually being given out to under deserving lackeys whose positions were filled in many cases thru shady nepotistic hand outs. Before one goes after the big fish …..the State ….onemust first clean house at the local level. Sheriffs deputies who are performing duties way outside their job description is just another way we taxpayers are going to get stiffed if the wrong person gets hurt and happens to have the right lawyer’s to represent them. It may seem that the BC relentlessly goes after the Sheriffs office…..well they kind of do..hehe, but with good cause.This crap has been going on and on and on. Since before Sheriff David wipped his gun out all Rambo like and threatened to eat peoples fingers or toes or whatever the hell he wanted to eat! And don’t get Mungo started on Connie the Con! John J…..let me sign my name to some totally fake shit Frantanwhoobe!! So get riled up….get real riled up about all of it! Many people are capable of focusing on the little local and the big State at the same time!

    • They don’t enforce laws Kelt; they are not the police. They’re sole purpose is to “Protect and Serve”…. Protect the courthouse and serve papers!

  18. None of these people should be making $100,000 or even close to it. These are taxpayer funded jobs. If you want to make that kind of money (and have the education) get a job in the private field. Oh wait…a county job in Beaver County = work less than private industry employees and have job security for life. This is corruption at it’s worse. These top earners should be ashamed of themselves. The top five positions are SALARIED positions, not union. Come on Commissioners, do your damn job!

  19. sorry you can not justify the amount of money any of these worthless fucks make THEY DO NOTHING .
    all you boot lickers that come on here trying to defend them make me fuckin howl

    no doubt you or someone close to you was rewarded a job of some sort or they made a job for you just for keeping their boots clean with your tongue
    this is wrong in so many ways yet you think its all normal or just and they deserve it ?
    people like you are the reason why corruption runs rampant through our county
    you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem

    • Mike, LAPD are police officers! Beaver County/Pennsylvania Sheriff Department ARE NOT LAW ENFORCEMENT or POLICE OFFICERS. They are nothing more than courthouse security and paper servers. NO K9, NO investigative power. Come on people, get with the program and understand what they are and what they do.

  20. when criminals in this world appear
    and break the laws that they should fear
    and frighten all who see or hear
    the cry goes up both far and near
    for Underdog! Underdog! Underdog! Underdog!

    speed of lightning, roar of thunder
    fighting all who rob or plunder
    Underdog. Underdog!

    when in this world the headlines read
    of those whose hearts are filled with greed
    who rob and steal from those who need
    to right this wrong with blinding speed
    goes Underdog! Underdog! Underdog! Underdog!

    speed of lightning, roar of thunder
    fighting all who rob or plunder
    Underdog. Underdog!

  21. We shouldn’t blame the people who made the money. We should hold the previous administration responsible. Some of the practices they allowed were illegal or at the least irresponsible and unethical. Now the taxpayers have to pick up their slack. WHY HASN’T AMADIO RESIGNED OR BEEN REMOVED?!?

  22. This is why my road never gets plowed and pot holes get bigger . Talk about corruption. Beaver county’s sheriff is the definition! Let’s investigate them top to bottom , bring the state in if need be but clean house we must .

  23. I really don’t understand where all this overtime even comes from. The Court house hours are 9-5? 5 days a week. What are they doing when the court house is closed? Do they run around the county serving papers at 2:00 am? selling gun permits at midnight?
    The closest civilian job I can think of is an armored car guard since they have a gun and transport things. Also a considerably risky job. Here is what they are paid and they do not seem to have a problem finding quality workers.

    Job Title Salary
    Brink’s, Incorporated Armored Driver/Guard – Hourly $12.67/hr
    Loomis Fargo & Co. Armored Driver/Guard – Hourly $13.25/hr
    Loomis Fargo & Co. Armored Driver/Guard – Yearly $29,216
    GardaWorld Armored Driver/Guard – Hourly $13.02/hr

    Neither the sheriff nor armored car guards are law enforcement so please do not go there.

  24. Ya people on welfare who sit on there asses and do nothing homeless and nearly starving unless good many of them are informents for the Beaver CO. Sheriffs DEPT who then take care of them by making sure they reicieve section 8 housing. how would u like to have the very roof over your head your security your children living in such an inviorment. Anyone that doesent know what is going on in Beaver County is suffering from willfull ignorance . People on welfare ruining BC. Hears just a few names past and poresent. John Hineman Jack Baer George Yasitch Mike Veon Little Georgie David Tony guy connie javens. Its not the people on wefare destroring BC.

  25. There is no position in the county worth more than 100K a year. Top position of District Attorney should be 100K and the pay scale should decrease from that point. If employees are purposely planning and plotting ways to work unnecessary overtime, that is racketeering.

  26. Correcto mundo John Q. The Sheriff’s office is one huge racketeering operation aided and abetted by the Midget himself to build his empire. Surround yourself with boot lickers and losers who look up to the Midget as a god. He is to the useless political hacks and wannabes that populate the dept. Remember next election all the bullshit the Midget put out about cleaning up the office and then write down every attempt that piece of shit has done to circumvent the duties and management of his personnel. He is the most inept manager of time and resources I have ever seen. No wonder Connie admires him. Two peas in the same corrupt pod. The overtime needs to be examined by outside authorities and I am willing to bet that you will find willful fraud to earn overtime. A good manager would address that but we all know what we got. The Midget, the Old bag and Stonewall (I see nothing!) Lozier. 3 more years!!!

    • equalizer13- I thought that the Commissioners administered an executive order that stopped all overtime and they said any claims of overtime would not be paid. I don’t know what happened to that policy.

  27. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver county. Hey Sheriff Guy and Andy Gall, you don’t have a blank check to pay the bills. Part of your job is managing the money and schedules. Andy, how about staggering the shifts of some of your people and maybe that will help with overtime issues. I don’t think it’s a requirement for your people to work steady daylight. But then again when the boss is making nearly $100,000 he doesn’t have the time to manage his people. The Commissioners need to pay and have an audit conducted on the entire courthouse. That would be money well spent rather than blindly raising our taxes. Friggin Amateurs.



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