Democratic Sheriff candidate Wayne Kress / photo via Facebook

Republican Beaver County Sheriff Tony Guy’s wife Sylvia is stomping into the political fray again this holiday season, posting a nasty little message to Wayne Kress’ Facebook page.

Democrat Wayne Kress — who announced earlier this year he will be running again for Sheriff in 2019 — posted a photo of himself dressed as Santa Claus to his “Kress for Sheriff” Facebook page last week. Kress had volunteered to play the role of Kris Kringle as part of a fundraiser for the Humane Society.

Kress accompanied his photo with a brief holiday message, “I had such a great time today helping the Beaver County Humane Society raise money!! These are just some of the animals that paid me a visit, all of them were on the nice list!!”

Sheriff Guy’s wife Sylvia publicly posted a comment to Kress’ photograph today, saying, “To bad you aren’t on the nice list.. Pathetic liars never are!”

Wayne Kress told the Beaver Countian he was disappointed with the lump of coal left for him by Sylvia.

“I wish Sheriff Tony Guy and his wife Sylvia a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,” said Kress when asked his thoughts about Guy’s comment.

Sylvia Guy is heavily involved with the Beaver County Republican Committee along with her husband.

Sylvia Guy’s response to Wayne Kress’ Christmas photo / screenshot via Facebook
Wayne Kress dressed as Santa for a Humane Society fundraiser / photo via Facebook
John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • It is obvious from the photo, Mr. Kress is dressed and playin’ a role. However there’s no hidin’ the fact, with Sylvia, what ya see is what ya get. She’s a clabbered, clotted, coagulated, congealed, curdled wad of flesh stuffed into clothes screamin’, ” Help Me.” Oh an she ain’t got a filter, lucky Guy, that Tony Guy.

  1. Wayne Kress handled it very well. More proof that he has the character and integrity to lead. I can’t wait to vote for him again.

      • Also, at the risk of death threats, I will say there is a republican president who is the king of attacks, insults, slander and discrediting every chance he gets. So don’t act holier than thou. No matter how much you love the guy, you cannot deny this truth unless you are in total denial, living in a cave.

      • Make NO mistake about it. These people are NOT conservative or republican. They are die hard libtardal Demoncrats! They are nothing more than RINO’s.

      • She not a Republican. She is an undocumented Democrat. Her and shorty should be ashamed of themselves for what they done to Republican candidates in 2017. Pitch these dumbass out.

  2. Too bad she couldn’t spell “too”. What a hateful thing to do/say on a lovely Christmas post. Not that I needed her help but she certainly solidifies my vote for Wayne Kress. Have you not even an ounce of class, lady? The lies and ugliness from you and your husband are what is ugly, not Wayne Kress, a decent man who really showed you up with his response. Do you even have the capacity to comprehend how ignorant, ugly and disgusting your comment was?

  3. I am a devout Conservative in my Political beliefs and I think Wayne Kress is a much better man . If Sylvia wrote that comment she is a very bitter unhappy woman. ( I wonder why?) Georgiesguns for County Commissioner .

  4. Woooow way to keep it classy Sylvia. Guess treating other people as you want to be treated isn’t important to her. Say the same to her and see how she feels or reacts. Disgraceful that any county official would ever have a story like this but Beaver County always surpasses expectations in the wrong direction.

  5. She sounds like a very unsatisfied woman who has certain needs which aren’t being met that has come to the realization after years of wishing to be satisfied by the jolly green giant with his huge corn stalk that she’s stuck with the keebler elf and his tiny vienna fingers. Consequently, she’ll just make herself feel better by shitting on everybody else’s parade.

    But, that’s just my opinion.

    • acordingtome: In my opinion, there is a matriarchal base that runs through that seemingly tough guy “ Cosa Nostra “ community, hence my memes above. Tony’s old lady, Jim’s mum, Frat’s family, the Queen’s ruling, and on and on. It softens the phony tough guy images and just makes some of them look like pussies as they do as they are told.

      • Kind of makes one wonder how many corpses with cement shoes and electrical wire wrapped around their necks might be found if one were to dredge the river from just east of Bridgewater to west of Moon.

  6. Thankyou Wayne for helping the humane society ❣ Sylvia, Sylvia, Sylvia, what can I say? Such a class act! You really are a disgrace and Im sure an embarrassment to your husband. If he’s not embarrassed, well…. that speaks volumes

    • Look at his notes! What kind of professional writes, “no f’n good down for others to see?!” Class act there. Way to go Beaver County. They all belong in jail. Funny how they all go to mass too. No amount of prayer is saving you lowlifes.

  7. Wayne Kress – dedicated and distinguished public servant, class act, and lover of doggos. Can’t wait to vote for him for Sheriff again.

  8. Wayne, this response is why people will vote for you.

    Sylvia, you have the mentality of a 13 year old.

  9. Sylvia…You and your husband are lowlife scum! You just ruined your reputation and his is already in the toilet You are so jealous of Wayne. You two are pathetic!!!

  10. Guess what, Tony. Wayne Kress was a State Trooper too. But he has CLASS, doesn’t lord it over others, and doesn’t use it to brag everytime he talks. Also, he doesn’t have a mouthy wife who embarrasses him and herself and tells him what to do. Jealous?


  11. They are typical Quip low life’s. What do you expect, class? Normal people cringe at their antics but their behavior is a mirror image of the community they thrive in. Win at all costs, malign enemies without proof and take care of the Familia, & Friends Inc first. Hire unqualified shady characters and expect people to respect the Sheriff Deputies or BC LEA’s who associate with these scum. And don’t forget save Tony & Sylvia the first pew at church every Sunday. Obviously they are napping during the lessons about decency and doing the “right thing”. Phonier than shit and so pitifully lacking in class. Go Quips!! On to the MPI/AIC for our marching orders.

  12. BIG Momma & the Midget! Straight out of Quip town (hell). Worse than Pale Rider. Sorry, Clint for the slander.
    Two jackasses from the apocalypse. Plague & Pestilence.

  13. I hope their family gets back everything they dish out to other people! Misery and backstabbing scumbags. They Guys are truly lowlife! You go Wayne!!

  14. I’m just thankful that we have removed most of the tired, old, corrupted, entrenched Democrats from county government and replaced them with bright, mature, forward-thinking GOP leaders. Like this pair, here.


  15. Behind every good man is a good strong woman! So it stands to reason …..By the actions and words of this woman it could be said behind every power tripping, vertically challenged, mentally stunted midget Sheriffs is a behemoth of troll proportion. One that probably straps on them industrial man panties and truly calls the shots! But anywho thanks for all the good things this season and especially thanks to Sylvia trollmeister for making herself open to very public rebuttals.

  16. You’re a Monster, Sylvia Grinch.
    Your heart’s an empty hole.
    Your brain is full of spiders.
    You’ve got garlic in your soul, Mrs Grinch.
    I wouldn’t touch you with a
    Thirty-nine and a half foot pole.


  17. Perhaps this comment is not germane to this article, but with the quips about the relationships among people, maybe it is. I often wonder if we are dealing with organized crime, by friends, family and relationships, and not just INDIVIDUALS who are involved in “corruption.”

    According to online research: “…by the late 1990’s the Mafia had been dismantled in Pittsburgh and elsewhere, and has not recovered, thanks to the government RICO Act crackdown. In Pittsburgh, the Cosa Nostra remains active, though, and influences politicians, judicial figures, and especially the police.” (

    It matters from a mind-set and an intervention point of view. It becomes a state and federal matter, since little would be expected to happen from local law enforcement and politicians. That could explain much of what we see happening locally.

    I don’t know. I have come to believe the problem and the size of it are much greater than I had ever imagined. If so, covering individuals in articles is helpful, but if the relationships are the real problem, then those should be investigated as well. Maybe we are seeing the beginning of that.

  18. @Raven
    You are correct in the size and scope of “this thing” ! Any investigation such as the Aliquippa PD will always have to stop somewhere. A patrolman or 2 will get thrown under the bus, but as soon as it starts to hit the names many on here know so well it will always be shut down. That is the essence of this County’s and States and Country’s corruption! Wishing it weren’t so is simply foolhardy in the least, but actually believing something will ever get done over it is arguably delusional!

  19. @Raven & Mungo – Back in 2001 when Jim Naim got assassinated, the AG came in to do an investigation on corruption in Alighetto because allegedly Nain was going to the press to do a tell all on the corruption in the Alighetto PD. I was told by a couple of good reliable sources at that time that the reason nothing came out of that investigation was because the dots connected all the way up to the AG office! IF this is true, the corruption will NEVER end in this county. Remember the “BINGO” judge? You think that just happened for no good reason? Now you got “Frank the Snake” back involved in county government, you think there is no “quid pro quo” going on there? We, are never going to end the corruption known as Beaver County Government.

  20. It’s beginning to sound like a job for Elliot Ness and the “Untouchables.” Too bad it’s not simple like prohibition. And, the Bingo Judge could have prevented the Not Guilty by unloaded gun verdict, but he sat back and let the whole thing go south on lies and perjury. Damn.

    • That courtroom was the last place that incompetent Asst. AG wanted to be. And, AG Kathleen Kane was led to prison in cuffs. So, your point is well taken.

  21. It seems unlikely that Sylvia went rogue on Tony with her own agenda when he wasn’t looking. No, it’s more likely that both are calling him a “pathetic liar.” For what, pray tell? So, here we have the Sheriff of Beaver County, apparently, calling a former, and future, rival a liar. The only lies from the campaign that I recall were about honesty, integrity, reducing cronyism and nepotism and having stringent, objective hiring practices.

    Really, Sylvia, what did he lie about? Make us believers. You might even redeem yourself.

  22. I am just guessing: In my opinion, it seems that we are witnessing a gradual reemergence of organized crime, formerly festering under the skin of local communities, unnoticed. But now rising in putrid boils of pustulence as they are exposed. Not just some “corrupt” individuals fucking around in the Courthouse. Not just a dirty cop here and there. But more and more, “it” all seems connected; all the individuals in “it” seem to be connected. Not at the well-organized levels of the late 1900’s, but organized nevertheless. Maybe we are seeing that legacy — reborn. Under what name, who knows? Actually, who cares how they label it? It appears to be based in Aliquippa, or even Monacaquippa, and it extends into every community around it, and, of course, the Courthouse. Why should anyone care? Because ALL of you are affected by it — you just can’t recognize it. No one has connected all the dots yet. And, clearly, it becomes a job for the state, and a job for the Feds. Please, God, give us a sign.

    • I agree. I also think it may take some time to connect all the dots because my guess is it includes local bookmakers, pharmaceutical distributers, scam artists, extortionists, embezzlers, police officers, elected officials (past and present), detectives, probation officers, judges, and maybe even higher. It’s gonna take one of them getting pinched and looking at a ton of jail time to sing, providing that person knows enough.

      • Yes, but someone would have to be in “charge”, wouldn’t he/she/they? Someone out there would almost have to be leading a buffered charmed life of power, money, influence, without much worry of being arrested and/or prosecuted. Groups of people just can’t do any kind of shit without stepping on someone’s toes. I don’t think anyone at the Courthouse would qualify for that. And, of course, that person(s) would have to have contacts/sources outside of the local area, unless someone locally is turning out tons of drugs. Or, maybe I’ve just watched the Godfather too many times.

      • I believe this thing affords a lot of them a charmed buffered life, but as you say, someone hasn’t put it all together yet. I’m not so sure that there is only one person in charge, but certainly as long as everyone is living a better life than we are, due to corruption…..why give anyone up? People who tell, don’t know and the people who know, won’t tell. So it goes, on and on.

      • It’s hard to tell who pushes the buttons Raven. There is always a buffer. The family has a lot of buffers.

      • I think that the creme is rising to the top, John Q., and we are seeing the beginning of the wraps being taken off the

    • 86-year-old model Carmen Dell’Orefice. Oldest working model. Real natural-colored hair, natural eye lashes, real eyebrows, wrinkles not filled in, modest neck skin, thin, natural color, tasteful jewelry and clothes. Clearly not a “beautician’s” product. Real class, not pretend.

  23. John Q. Taxpayer: It could be that there will not be a takedown of clearly identified crime families, but perhaps just the main actors. The real problem lies in the community itself. Just as they are quick to blame the African-Americans for the blight in the town, they are slow to accept the responsibility for the crime and corruption. The town, and largely Italian-Americans, take pride in their heritage, BUT THEY CANNOT AND THEY WILL NOT POLICE THEMSELVES. THERE IS NO ONE TO DO IT. From the cop on the beat, all through the levels of the Courthouse, it is friends and family. So, it is a free-wheeling community of excess and exploitation. There are some internal controls, among families and friends, but there is no effective law enforcement available to throw the bad guys in jail. And, as history has shown, the cops are often the ones who have ended up in the cages.

  24. Get rid of the filth in that sheriffs dept. And 40% of the problems you speak of will be solved. This Insane filth has been going on since the 1970s. But it has truly came into its own When Georgie david became sheriff. He and his brothers have a lot to answer for. Slander lies false accusations and the present sheriffs dept. has taken it a step further. Cancer only gets worse if left go. no turning a blind eye to it. Make sure Wayne Kress wins the election for sheriff. Vote for him. Theres your hope . theres the chance at some kind of decent future for Beaver County.


      • Take a seat Sylvia, or maybe two or three for someone of your girth. You have no idea what YOU are talking about because you and your husband are devastating the people of this County with your never big enough budget. But you cannot see past your own huge noses! Your family should be ashamed. Such hypocrites. “Catholic quotes this and that,” all over Facebook trying to prove you are good people. You couldn’t attend confession enough to wipe your slate clean! Anyone with mob ties such as yourself are soulless, selfish, bottom feeders. Care to talk about the deals you made prior to taking office?

      • Obviously it’s Sylvia. She couldn’t put together the correct form of “you are.” Brief lesson: You’re = you are, not “your.” This is similar to the misspelling of “too” on Wayne’s post. Writing in all caps also shows lunacy. They are not only classy but highly educated too! Bravo!

  25. She has posted that Jesus is the reason for the season on Facebook…really? It’s not about trolling? So many fake Catholicism posts on there too. Exactly when did Catholics cross over into Republican territory? Again fake. You cannot be a true believer doing what you and your husband do. You have a one way ticket down!

  26. Yes! Of all the lies perpetrated, it is the HYPOCRISY of the lives SOME, I said SOME, of these gangstas lead.

    St. Titus for the San Rocco Festa, St. Titus for the Blue Mass, St. Titus for the Knights of Columbus, St. Titus to be seen at on Sunday, St. Titus to bullshit to the priest about how sorry they are for sinning, and then go out and fuck the public everyday of the week. It is like the Baptism Scene in “The Godfather.” No separation of church and state there.

    And NOT ONE of Tony Guy’s campaign promises has been kept. Nepotism, hiring friends, phony hiring practices, the worst, not best of candidates for jobs, overspending, trying to make a police force against state guidelines…

    THERE are the lies, Sylvia. Troll those before you attack Wayne Kress again.

  27. Stick to the facts. Tony has been caught lying. He’s hired and protected friends in his department and had the audacity to sell it to the public as a a campaign promise to clean up corruption.
    Tony or Sylvia (who ever is really the sheriff), you didn’t have my vote last time.. and certainly won’t have it for sheriff or commissioner. Sylvia has been a bull force and inserted herself into the spotlight countless times. Just like the Corners wife.
    Like I said before. Tony, sit down and be quiet until Wayne gets here! Now I’ll add.. & tell the crazy wives to do the same!

  28. You don’t realize it, Sylvia, but by shooting off your mouth and inserting yourself into the Sheriff job, time and time again, you have emasculated your old man and done more damage to him and the pettified office than George David could have done in one of his angry rants at the office women.

    The picture is one of a man not in control of his office, a man not in control of his personal life, a man deferring to his wife, as he struts around acing like Buford Pusser and an inconsequential petty cop in a fourth tier town.

    And he wants to be a Commissioner? Aren’t one Conehead and do-nothing Sleeper enough? And you will want to micromanage the job and put a Showboater in as well? Nope, won’t work. Can’t work. You would be back here weekly, racking up another 100 comments, plus your 50 Down Votes, as the public sees through the bullshit of more campaign lies and calls the Dynamic Duo out.

    • Spoiler alert, Sylvia — there is a reason — Politics 101 — why spouses stay out of the politics of a politician’s job. It fucks things up. Guaranteed. Every time. Trust me.

  29. Just seen Kress at the Beaver Falls High School volunteering his time on Christmas Day with his daughter. They were running around cleaning tables and filling drinks for hours. The “Guy’s” show up, lean against a pole for 20 mins just to say they were there and left!! Kress continues to show his compassion and leadership skills and truly caring about our community. The smoke and mirrors are coming to an end!! I will do whatever I can to make sure Kress wins!!

    • The Sheriff is not elected to be the Good Will Ambassador for the County. That is a Commissioner’s job. George David had his candy thrown back at him in parades. But the Tony and Sylvia Showboating is on display from community picnics to first responder events. Clearly, the Dynamic Duo is gearing up for a political future. Grab your umbrellas and prepare for the Rein of Sylvia.

      • I disagree Raven. All elected officials should do what they can for the county. Good deeds rarely get any good publicity but the negative ones linger causing turmoil and dissention. This county has been living under a black cloud for so long most people think that’s normal. They all need to do what they can to turn things around and if that means helping any community in any way they can, I’m all for it. The difference from the ones you mention is the fact that they do not have the best interest of the county at heart and are tied into the corruption and negativity that has engulfed our county for decades. It was always about showboating, power, political gain for them!

  30. You people are complaining about Tony Guy’S wife..REALLY YOU MUST NOT KNOW WAYNE KRESS’S WIFE



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