Beaver County Sheriff Tony Guy promoted a long-time acquaintance as one of the newest full-time deputies in his department. Deputy Justin Rapko was moved to full-time status back in September.

According to records maintained by the county’s Human Resources Office, Rapko had been working as a part-time deputy since June of 2013 — his full-time status became effective on September 24th. Rapko fills a position in the department vacated by Deputy Kristen Chapes, who is now working as a full-time officer with the Center Township Police Department (Chapes is the girlfriend of Sheriff’s Deputy Jim Brown).

County officials say Rapko was not the most senior part-time deputy in the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office, but was moved to full-time status by Tony Guy through what the Sheriff has called his “merit-based system.”

Sheriff Guy previously testified about personally knowing Justin Rapko during a deposition he gave in an ongoing federal lawsuit filed against Guy by former deputy Curtis Larrick.

“Yeah, I knew Justin Rapko’s parents,” testified Guy, according to a transcript filed as an exhibit in federal court. “I knew him as a young man and probably when he was an adolescent growing up.”

Sheriff Guy also testified that Justin Rapko had supported him during his election. Rapko had supported Sheriff George David in the primary, according to testimony given in the case by Captain Jay Alstadt.

During his campaign for Sheriff, Guy submitted an op-ed that was published by the Beaver Countian where he promised to end “a patronage system, which places value on personal and political relationships above professionalism and process,” saying, “the system of cronyism, political hiring, and protecting political friends must end.”

Despite his personal ties to Rapko, Guy has assured county officials the deputy was promoted to full-time status based on an objective system, ensuring only the most qualified personnel with integrity and good character are hired or promoted in the Sheriff’s Office.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. So…did you post this just to trigger outrage? Cause this happens quite often. If someone knows someone that is perfect for a job and they have the qualifications…bingo!

  2. When you bypass seniority it opens yourself of to scrutiny concerning preferential treatment and favoritism.

  3. Sheriff Guy is really proving to all that he will be a “one hit wonder”. By the way, who’s the young deputy sitting in the county building in Beaver Falls? He never takes his eyes off his phone. No security there.

  4. As long as he’s qualified for the job, I don’t care. The problem, well one problem, with the previous sheriff was that he hired and promoted people who weren’t qualified.

  5. I do not know either of these men, personally. I do, however, know that this is a very common practice in all areas. Anyone who is surprised by someone in government promoting someone they like or know well, is living under a rock.

    With that said, I hope that the promotion proves to be a positive thing for the county.

  6. I feel better now. Guy has assured county officials that he is using his merit base system that he invented. No cronies here! Campaign promises fulfilled! NOT!!
    Iโ€™d say the judge who is deciding the curt lerrick case can see a pattern of political favors. Pay Curt what is owed to him for destroying his life, thanks to Tony Guy.. how much money have you cost the taxpayers for all of these lawsuits??
    Not to mention the pt deputies that you over worked and the union demanded them to be full time! You canโ€™t manage your office.. just sit in your chair, be quiet & until Wayne gets there..

  7. First off, Justin is a quality guy. He’s respectful and is a hard worker. I’m sure he’s a definite asset to the department.

    Second, I can understand reporting that he was promoted because he was replacing another deputy and giving their name, HOWEVER, I have no idea why or what matters who is dating who? This journalism isn’t about reporting news… It’s about stirring the pot and trying to attract viewers.

    Maintain your reporting on the subject of your article. Throwing other information in that head nothing to do with the story takes away from the standards that you should strive to reach.

  8. Tony guy is a cheating crook. Always was and always will be! Wake up beaver county. That office is a hot mess!! And why wasn’t dean Michaels fired for sexual harassment? That is the question everyone is asking. The other counties are laughing at this county tony guy…you are by far the worst excuse for a sheriff! It’s a total embarrassment!!!!!

    • The Pope selects Cardinals ; The Manager, Owner, and Scouts select ball players ; The public selects elected officials ; A Chef selects special menus; A man or a woman select lovers ; So, why in the hell can’t a Sheriff select deputies ?

  9. I guessing Chapes is the daughter of long time Center police officer Mike Chapes. No nepotism and cronyism going on in this county.

  10. Joseph Millrat’s father worked in J&L until his retirement. His son Joe Jr. followed in his fathers footsteps and he also worked in the mill, nepotism and cronyism? Somewhere along the line you have to realize that not everything is an infraction. John Q, based on a GUESS, to imply that Officer Chapes’s daughter/niece/ cousin, who you do not know, you know nothing about her qualifications, education etc., yet somehow you feel her position is based on nepotism and cronyism. You are asinine.

  11. I would never want to work or be in a position where promotions are based on seniority. In no way do I support Tony Guy. I feel, career advancement should be merit based, and only the most qualified person should be promoted. This is one time, I do not care for the article pointing out who is dating who, without recognizing individual achievement. BALANCE.

    • I agree, but there also needs to be balance by being able to quantify the hiring criteria. I don’t have any suggestion as to how to measure merit in this situation, but when appointing essentially a public servant there needs to be something available to view that explains “what” those merits were.

  12. Did anyone expect anything less from the Midget? Friends and Family Inc is alive and well at the courthouse. Qualified or not the whole process is corrupt, starting with the Midget and the whole damn courthouse crony mill.

  13. Raven, thanks for the reminder about this sleezebag! Shit talking Quip trash. We know the real truth. One and done baby!

  14. I’m looking for the Pope. The Pope of Beaver County. AHHHHHHH OHHHHHHH The Pope Tony Guy were all so BLESSED.

  15. Hey Ray, wipe that shit off your nose and wipe your chin off too. You have done your job very well, AGAIN!!!!!!
    Got your boy full time status with the county, got your wife a position with the turnpike, got your daughter a job with the state store, hell, if it wasn’t for the tax payers, you and your family would have starved!
    You truly are a piece of work!!! Scumbag!

  16. Wake up BC, go back and look at everything he preached about, a little google search will do. Now look at everything he’s done, its the complete opposite of what he said. He’s completely mismanaged the Sheriff’s office, cost the tax payers a ton of money, lost lawsuits, lied to the FOP and PSP, wants police powers, a bigger budget, the whole K9 fiasco, hell I can go on and on! He’s part of the problem with corruption and nepotism that has strangled this county for years. Hold him accountable, tell your friends and family, get the word out. Thank god Kress is running again!!

  17. I’ve said it a million times! Tony guy is a no good cheating crook! Him and his family need to feel the wrath of all the evilness this devil has caused! He thinks him and his family are better than anyone else? You have many secrets in your closet that need to be be exposed. You are very hated!!!



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