Beaver County Sheriff George David has written a letter to County Commissioners, notifying them that he intends to resume providing private security services effective immediately.

As a result of a lawsuit filed by Commissioners, Senior Erie County Judge John Bozza issued a preliminary injunction against Sheriff David earlier this month, ordering him to stop having his deputies perform official duties for outside entities.

“An appeal, initially to the Commonwealth Court, has been authorized filed and served by my office,” read the letter signed by David. “The determination has been made, after advice from legal counsel that until this appeal has been fully heard by the appellate courts and a final decision issued, the assignment of deputy sheriffs for details as it has been done in the past will be resumed. The resumption of the assignment of deputy sheriffs for details will begin immediately.”

“It almost reminds you of a cow chewing its cud again,” said Assistant County Solicitor Bernie Rabik. “This letter was nothing more than the regurgitation of the litany of ad hominem arguments which have already been rejected by Judge Bozza … The Law Department intends to file an emergency motion with the court requesting the judge eliminate any automatic stay on the preliminary injunction as a result of their appeal.”

While the letter provides a legal rationale why the preliminary injunction may not be in force, it gives no mention of the underlying statue in the Pennsylvania County Code which makes it a criminal misdemeanor for any Sheriff or Deputy to perform outside security services.

Law enforcement sources tell the Beaver Countian that any Deputy who signs up to perform private security through the Sheriff’s Office may be risking criminal prosecution. Sources inside of the Sheriff’s Office tell the Beaver Countian that Deputies have been advised by an attorney for their union that they should avoid signing up for extra duties.

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Note: In the interest of full disclosure, the Beaver Countian has released a statement regarding an incident involving Sheriff George David and this reporter.


  1. Well, he’s doing what he said he would. Judge Bozza just wasted his time. Please, please someone do something with this LUNATIC !

  2. I hope Judge Bozza throws the sheriffs ass in the slammer. The judge and Bernie Rabic are the only two men who has some GUTS. Comissioners the ball is in your court..STOP THIS MADNESS , We as taxpayers are sick of this.

  3. @Shane: I haven’t read an answer to that question here, Shane. Maybe one exists. I don’t know. This is a legal social studies lesson evolving here, day by day. I can’t remember a similar law enforcement precedent in the Beaver County area in my lifetime, with the exception of the recent political corruption cases (Veon, Ories). I wish a lawyer would comment here with an answer.

    My interest has changed to a more serious one also. I want to know what the possible outcomes could be. For the sake of argument, let’s assume a hypothetical worst case scenario : if someone gets physically hurt, where does the guilt fall?

    Imagine CNN setting up its dishes outside the courthouse some day, after something goes terribly wrong. Wolf Blitzer asks from The Situation Room to his reporter on-site, “Were there any warning signs? Do the investigators know of a possible motive? Could it have been prevented? Could it happen elsewhere? What is to be done now to avoid a recurrence?”

    What will the answers be? And who will give them?

    We’ve been down this road before, haven’t we?

  4. I seriously hope that the judge puts him in jail for contempt. The blatant disregard for the legal system is beyond belief. I wonder if citizens could place the sheriff under citizens arrest. I for one am sick of George spending my tax dollars on his projects of folly.

  5. Somebody needs to contact the Governor’s office or send him the links to these stories. If he refuses to do anything, then I guess the blame would fall on the state of PA rubric if anything serious happened.

  6. Hey mister district attorney….. You know and are aware of a law and ruling..know a crime is being committed are you going to do your job and serve justice?

  7. I’m wondering why the county can’t use the “power of the purse” to collaterally attack the sheriff’s use of deputies for private services. For example, if deputy pay comes out of the general fund, why can’t the controller’s office refuse to issue pay for the times listed by deputies for work performed by private security. Also, I’m wondering if its possible to threaten to “privatize” all of the functions customarily performed by the sheriff’s office (jail, courthouse security, etc.) The unions won’t like it, but it’s a negotiating chip to get this sheriff to start adhering to some basic principles here.

  8. The audacity this man has to defy Judge Bozza is beyond words. He obviously believes he is above the law and can/will do whatever he pleases. I honestly feel bad for a few of the Deputies and the ladies in the Civil Office with all of this looming over their heads. Let’s hope something gets resolved very soon before someone seriously gets hurt. What the Sheriff is doing is inexcusable and his office deserves better than this! Enough is enough!!!!!

  9. The answer: a sheriff conviction, any sheriff conviction. Or even a deputy conviction. So, tell it to a judge. Maybe one will listen.

    • This reference to a conviction is not my opinion. It is the way the law works. If you know the history of this matter and have FULLY read the above Constitutional references, you will find that this conclusion is not unreasonable at all. You might not like it, but the sheriff is responsible for himself and for his deputies as well. If I am wrong, please correct me, and I shall stand corrected.

  10. He ran unopposed in 2011. And won. Whose fault was that? Were some of you complainers the ones that pushed his button or voted straight party in the voting booth? If this happens again, who’s to blame? And even if he is removed, becomes ill, dies or resigns, who will take his place? Who will run against him in the next election, if he chooses to run? My guess is that he won’t run. But still, will it be more of the same old thing, but just a different person? The time to plan for the next election or for his leaving is now, because no one is suggesting or stepping up as a replacement and we will be faced with a similar situation by default.

      • @SpeakTheTruthToo: I honestly don’t know. I just believe the cleanup will have to start with the available State Constitutional legal actions I have posted elsewhere, because I don’t think it will happen voluntarily, or otherwise, from within. Legal charges are already pending and others will come.

        I can remember Nixon smiling and waving his peace signs from the helicopter as he departed. He denied it, just didn’t get it, and he took a lot of good, innocent people down with him.

  11. Don’t any of these fkrz ever croak? This chits gettin old already. All involved have already proven they are immoral and corrupt. I keep checking the obituaries but like dang….I guess even Hell don’t want them. Poor BC, them dirty old boys just seem to never die.



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