Sheriff David tosses out candy during a parade / Beaver Countian file photo
Sheriff David tosses out candy during a parade / Beaver Countian file photo
Sheriff David tosses out candy during a parade / Beaver Countian file photo

Beaver County Sheriff George David has promoted a deputy who filed a materially false criminal complaint against a destitute African American man to the position of Lieutenant.

Deputy John Joe Fratangeli was promoted to Lieutenant this week. Fratangeli, previously a Corporal in the Sheriff’s Office, came under scrutiny in January of 2013 after an investigative report by the Beaver Countian first called into question an Affidavit he filed to substantiate criminal charges against a man named Larry A. Hicks. Deputy Fratangeli had accused the man of threatening to commit acts of murder at Friendship Ridge.

The alleged incident came just one day after Sheriff David pleaded his Fifth Amendment Right against self incrimination during a hearing for a lawsuit filed against him by the County Commissioners.

Sheriff David held a press conference in his office to announce the arrest and marched Larry Hicks past cameras, declaring he and his men had saved the county from a possible mass murder while diverting media attention away from his own legal problems.

But exclusive reporting by the Beaver Countian revealed Deputy Fratangeli had never even spoken to the alleged witnesses he claimed to have interviewed in his official Affidavit charging Larry Hicks. When the Beaver Countian interviewed the individuals named in the complaint, they said they had no first hand information that Hicks had made any threats. Witnesses told the Beaver Countian that Hicks was calmly doing his mother’s laundry, who was a resident at the facility, at the time of the alleged incident.

An independent investigation conducted by Beaver County Detectives as a result of the Beaver Countian’s reporting confirmed those findings. The original charges against Larry Hicks were dropped, but District Attorney Anthony Berosh failed to charge Fratangeli for filing the materially false affidavit and has refused to hand the case over to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office for prosecution.

District Attorney Berosh has declined comment on dozens of occasions when asked by the Beaver Countian about his office’s investigation.

Fratangeli has previously commented on the Beaver Countian about his arrest of Larry Hicks at Friendship Ridge, writing “I was brought to be loyal to all brothers. I wont stoop to the lower level that most are now a days. I believe in brother hood And i will not change [sic].”

This reporter has testified under oath before a Statewide Investigating Grand Jury that Fratangeli engaged in acts of harassment and intimidation following the Beaver Countian’s reporting of his misconduct.

These weren’t the first controversies involving Fratangeli. Back in 2008, the deputy was suspended after being discovered intoxicated at the MPI Club in Aliquippa while on duty.

Along with being a Sheriff’s Deputy, John Joe Fratangeli is also a part-time Beaver Borough police officer and serves as a Supervisor for Independence Township. His mother is a Councilwoman in Aliquippa. Fratangeli has a sister who works in Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens’ Office and another sister who is married to County Commissioner Tony Amadio’s son.

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  1. So, I take it that John Joe will NEVER be charged, because Berosh doesn’t have a spine to speak of, but he sure as shit jumped on making sure the parents of the two little girls in Aliquippa were charged with bullshit charges.

    Cronyism at its finest, right here, front and center, for all to see.

    Lie for David, and he’ll make sure your taken care of. I had raised the question previously if it was possible that Ochs botched his testimony so that he couldn’t be used at trial, and more and more, I’m starting to think he did.

    • I agree with you Nikki 100%…Those poor people who lost two children and now there arrested for what? because there house was dirty theres 5 kids , can’t wait to see the news to hear the story, but the Sheriff keeps marching on.

  2. The good ol boy network of scumbags continues to march forward unchecked under the leadership of napolean (little georgie) does noone remember the last time a tyrant was allowed to proceed unchecked in 1938?

    • Oh watch out Ralphie…Georgies coming to put you in an oven! Gimme a break Sir if you want to see a real life tyrant just look at the power hungry/ rule by decree puppet that is currently inhabiting 1600 Pennsylvania ave. Nuff said on that NONSENSE!

  3. Hicks was a threat that day, he did make threats, but no different than any other time he had been kicked out of the building..he was a problem for staff and patients on multiple occasions…only reason police were called that day is because that staff were tired of being threatened by him and didn’t want to deal with him anymore…and really, are you going to report in every little move George makes? How many people are you willing to burn by your biased reporting? You have an agenda in your writing, I’m not saying your lying or that i don’t agree with some of the views you write, just seemed obsessed with burning George at the stake.

    • The thing is, the police were not called that day. George was called called directly by a friend. The timing of something to make him look like a hero was beyond coincidental.

    • Seriously, are you serious?

      The FACTS of that incident don’t match the inflated story that Boy George and his cronies tried to pull over on the public. Maybe the staff WAS tired of dealing with Hicks, but to call it a terrorist attack on Beaver County citizens? Really?

      In that case, plus his version of his “12 Angry Men” trial, proves the truth of “coming out smelling like a rose”. He definitely deserves an Emmy for his performance.

      The FACT is, George David is SUPPOSED to be a public servant. That is good enough reason for his EVERY move to be under a microscope, big AND little. His every action, which you call an obsession, should be observed.

  4. Well more money that will cost to special order that little fucking midget WHITE SHIRTS….

    But despite being drunk on duty and letting a civilian drive a county owned cruiser, that midget served loyally on his knees.

    Congrats Frat, who you going to pay to replace your shifts in New spot like you did in quip.

  5. @ homeboy

    You stole my thunder, lol this is great that stupid little fuck wanted more stripes, well he got them and you know he going to fuck up and it’s going to cost him cause the bargaining unit shouldn’t pay for shit, but please don’t say union because technically the whole department is at will, when they voted to for go it’s protection and give way to the geriatric fucker

  6. How do you go from Corporal to Lieutenant? Isn’t there a rank in between called Sergeant that was skipped? This makes me sick to my stomach. I will hold out hope that the next Sheriff voted in fires his ass day 1.

    • Keep holding onto that hope skippy! You see where the last “hope and change” thingy got us. There is a very real thing however called the Blue Wall. And it most certainly DOES exist, so I guess what Mungo is telling you is calm down, breath deep, take some Pepto for the tummy and all, and you know go fishing or something:-)

    • This happens all the time in Beaver County. Whenever someone has licked the boots of any despot they move up to a new rank or to a newly created job position. Check out other departments within the county, people moving on up without any experience, no testing of personnel, no posting of bids. It is mind blowing how many good people are passed up because of “friends and relatives”. Nothing has changed, except that with the Beaver Countian reporting these facts the general public know what is going on. Keep up the great work, J.P.

    • Hey girl I’m with you there! But this is a department that the rank of sergeant wasn’t good enough, we had to create the rank of staff sergeant (lol) for the “special” people. Retarded if you ask me. So we have corporal (useless rank for law enforcement), sergeant, staff sergeant, lieutenant, first deputy (another lol there), and I think they have a commander rank too. BCSO is ridiculous incarnate.

  7. Little man syndrome just like the 2 commissioner’s oops they are related he need to take snaggle tooth turk with him two punks without a punch meet them both at the dentists office

  8. I want to be the first to congratulate Lieutenant Fratangeli! Keep flying the great gadsen flag and keep your head up brother! All these HATERS just be a hatin:-)

  9. Anyone who thinks george david is their “Friend” i wish my father was alive so you can ask him how that goes….. this man will stab anybody including his owm mother in the back if it bemefits him. I will never forget this ashole telling my dying father he had to remove the fop placard from his truck….as sick as he was my father told him why dont you come take it….i think napolean shit in his pants as he scampered away

  10. Well it’s no surprise. We all saw John Joe Fratangeli sucking Georgies ass while the trial was going on. David should have fired this little PUNK immediately when the crime was committed. But, Fratangeli was probably just taking orders from the ASSHOLE sheriff. Again, a crime was committed and the accused gets rewarded ! What the hell is the great TONY BEROSH waiting for ? Arrest this nitwit already. Or, was he just waiting to see the results of his beloved sheriff ?

  11. With all of these lies and bullshit coming out of the courthouse I can’t understand why the State Police or the Attorney Generals office can’t charge D.A. Tony Berosh with obstructing administration of law? He admits that a crime was committed and had an arrest for John Fratangeli on March 3rd. of this year. The crime was committed in January of 2013. This man is deliberately covering up for Fratangeli and he himself is guilty. Charge his lazy ass and see how quick Fratangeli gets arrested. Or is he just waiting for the Statute of limitations to expire ? Either way, he’s dirty as the sheriff himself !!!!

  12. Hey capt. Underpants; why let this little sceevy bastard steel anybody else’s dignity by even wasting the finger strokes it takes to make any comment about this hobbit!!! Everybody knows as well as I, that if the dead could speak, This Beaver county cosmopolitan would be grinding the fucking gristle!



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