Beaver County Sheriff George David / file photo by John Paul
Beaver County Sheriff George David / file photo by John Paul
Beaver County Sheriff George David / file photo by John Paul

Beaver County Sheriff George David has promoted a deputy who is at the center of a contempt of court complaint from part-time to full-time status.

The Beaver County Board of Commissioners have a contempt of court motion pending against Sheriff David, alleging he violated a preliminary injunction prohibiting him from performing private security services. The county contends that after a judge issued his ruling, David continued to order his deputies to patrol private properties owned by local real estate tycoon and Sheriff David political crony CJ Betters.

As the Beaver Countian reported exclusively back in December of 2013, Deputy Ronald Costanza wrecked one of six new 2014 Ford Interceptors the county bought for the department during early morning hours in Aliquippa. The county alleged that Costanza was conducting patrols for Sheriff David at the time of the one vehicle crash, in direct violation of the court order.

The county’s motion to have Sheriff David found in contempt is still pending before the court.

Deputy Costanza spoke out on behalf of Sheriff David while in uniform during a public meeting of the County Commissioners back in 2012, urging them to allow the Sheriff’s Office to continue their private security work even though it is explicitly prohibited by state law.

Deputy Costanza was promoted to full-time status this week by David to fill a vacancy left by John Joe Fratangeli who was promoted to Lieutenant.

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  2. I remember this. In the “exclusive” report we learned that the deputy wrecked in a NEW vehicle ( the roads were terrible that night) and there was speculation on why he was out driving around but I don’t recall anything about the condition of the deputy following the accident. I guess how badly he could have been injured didn’t do much for your cause of besmirching the Sheriff so why bother. Although I only met him briefly, Deputy Costanza seems like a nice guy who actually cares about his job and he supports legion events. Thankfully he was not seriously injured.

    As a taxpayer I actually support the Sheriffs Office providing security, especially for large events like San Rocco, Hookstown Fair etc.

    I don’t recall ever meeting C J Betters but I am aware that he has invested a great deal of money into this county and provided some jobs and supported charities. These are things a lot of your supporters in the ongoing tirade against Sheriff David likely have not done. So personally, I don’t care if a deputy is out driving around and drives past property owned by Mr Betters. If a deputy catches some pos breaking into property owned by Mr Betters, perhaps that pos will be less likely to break into my own property.

  3. He was reaching for his steroids …when he was getting a chics phone number …. while he tells his wife I love you

    Thats what caused the accident

    • Aliquippa is not your problem my friend. An asshole is an asshole no matter where they are from. I’m sure there are plenty asshole’s to find in your neck of the woods.

  4. Sheriff David is a decent person and does care about the people of Beaver County and does a great job. People who do the most talk are the ones who have never lifted a finger to help anybody.Remember your day is coming. Congratulations on your release from all the lies now let the Sheriff do his job and leave him alone.



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