Commissioner Dan Camp (left - submitted photo), Sheriff Tony Guy (right - submitted photo)

Beaver County Sheriff Tony Guy had high praise for Commissioner Dan Camp during a speech at a political function sponsored by the Republican Party of Beaver County. Guy’s remarks were made last Thursday at the party’s annual Whistle Stop event for candidates.

Sheriff Guy was speaking at the gathering as a surrogate for State Representative Jim Christiana, who has announced his candidacy for United States Senator. Guy is working as Beaver County Chair of Christiana’s campaign.

The start of Sheriff Guy’s remarks follow as given at the event:

“I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I choose my friends carefully, and much of what I do in that arena is based on character. So I want to mention a couple of people who are in this room who I think highly of character wise.

“At the top of that list I look at a couple of people who have become very good friends of mine who I ran with for county-wide office here, and that is [Coroner] Dave Gabauer and [District Attorney] Dave Lozier. Those are two guys who base their decisions on what’s the right thing to do and they follow through with that. They have high morals and high ethics and they follow through with that.

“[County Commissioner] Dan Camp and I got off on some shaky ground, on some rough footing early on in our public service as citizens of the County of Beaver. But I can say this, even though we didn’t agree on every issue Dan Camp never made it personal. There was never any name calling, there was no demeaning language, and that’s a sign of character. I venture to say that there are some things that Dan has done recently that’s shown me that he is really, really, progressing. He’s a young man, much younger than me, and he is really, really, progressing as a leader and as a public servant. I venture to say that at some point in time Dan has the opportunity to be considered maybe the best county commissioner that this county has ever had — just keep making the right decisions for the right reasons.

“Several people who aren’t here, [State Rep] Jim Marshall, [State Rep] Aaron Bernstine, [State Senator] Elder Vogel, public officials who have high character and I respect that and they have become friends of mine also.

“I can’t help but to mention [state rep candidate] Josh Kail. I have had lunch with Josh a couple of times over the last month, and not only in the ride to lunch, but during our lunch, our conversations have gone so far beyond politics — the issues of what’s important in life, and friends, and family, and service. As a matter of fact I told my wife last Friday when I got home, the more I get to talk to this guy the more I like him and for those reasons. I mentioned that to [State Rep] Jim Christiana on the phone last night, so please get to know Josh and support him because I think he’s worthy of your support.

“In 2015 Jim [Christiana] introduced me here, and he introduced me by talking about our first conversation, a 15 minute coffee that turned into about an hour and a half discussion and that discussion, again, went to faith and family and friendship and the reasons for public service.

“So now, I’m a little bit into this speech, they told me it was going to be 5 minutes and Cathy is looking at me, and she’s like, ‘when are you going to get to the stuff about Jim [Christiana]?'”

After Sheriff Guy’s remarks about those in local government he went on to talk about Jim Christiana’s candidacy for United States Senator.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • So, if Christiana’s “chosen” replacement is Kail, someone who has lunch with Tony Guy, we need to find someone with integrity to run against him.

      • Charles or Ted, take your pick since they both have more integrity than the Midget or his lunch pals.

  1. “There was never any name calling, there was no demeaning language, and that’s a sign of character.”……

    Um, no, Tony, that’s a sign of adulthood. Grow the fuck up.

      • Ya he’s a little baby child his whole speech was him thinking he’s smart attacking Sandy Egley but not naming her he’s mad because mommy didn’t give Tony a cookie. Tony goes to Dan for cookies because Dan never says no no wonder Tony’s getting fat.

  2. A pre-empted propaganda statement to re-elect camp? Re-elect Camp and get taken to the cleaners. I wouldn’t let that bald headed bastard wax my car.

  3. Guy is supporting Christiana, that’s very disappointing. Please Tony, tell me what he’s done during his tenure except pad his pocket with charter school money. When Jimmy boy doesn’t get elected where will he land with a county job?

    • Christiana tried to get the Commissioners to hire a pro-immigrant guest worker law firm as a consultant. Remember? It was right when Sandie’s assistant had to resign?

  4. Now I have a. List of all the people NOT TO VOTE for. I voted for all of them, including Guy, but they have all disappointed me. What a bunch of losers.

  5. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. Tony, you are coming off as a kiss ass and it is clear that you are rubbing elbows with folks that you think can help you with your future political aspirations. It’s also clear who is feeding Loser with misinformation on how to run his office and make decisions that an ambulance chaser doesn’t have the knowledge to make. Your list may provide some folks with a “no vote” list come election time. Loser needs to distance himself from Guy and Gall if he wishes to garner any level of respect and competence but then again, it’s probably already too late.

  6. This is Tiny Tony jockeying for position for a run at county commissioner. He knows he’s not going to win re-election for county sheriff, soooo……..He is going to run for commissioner. That is why he is colluding with Danny Boy.
    I can see the signs now…….”Tiny Tony and Danny Boy Wonder for commissioner. A dynamic duo!”

  7. “Character.” An unfortunate choice of words to tie all those listed people together in a Christiana support speech. Try “personality” instead. Nice try, but no cigar. And “character wise?” Ain’t no such animal unless you are counting characters in programming.

    Try again, my friend. Wrong words, wrong people.

  8. Dan Camp needs no help or support from Sheriff Guy, because he has a near unbeatable last name in Beaver County. Sheriff Guy on the other hand, very much needs Dan Camp’s help. I’ve never been a fan of the Camps. Charlie Camp was an absolutely disaster and continued to get reelected. Dan Camp so far has not been as bad as Charlie.

    • They all need each other equally because none of them can stand on their own merits. They rely on a network of support, and the more they can intertwine their networks, the better chance they have of winning. That’s their entire strategy. They are a gang, they are not part of any political party anymore.

      • You are absolutely right. They are all bought by Betters anyway. Take a look at what campaigns took his cash. Georgie was close with Betters. They have no party besides an unethical immoral gang mentality.

    • OR Buzz could it be, tiny tony sings the praises of Camp to keep him in the commissioners seat to avoid Dumbo Dan winning AGAIN by name recognition, the job of “Write Your Own Future as State Rep.” A job I am sure tiny tony has been getting schooled on by ” MY MAN, jchristiana.”

    • Comparing Dan to Charlie to determine that Dan isn’t as bad is like comparing Gonorrhea and Syphilis in order to decide which would be preferable. The correct answer is neither.

      Throw in the midget (no midget tossing jokes here 🤣) who has aspirations of being like herpes that we can’t ever really rid ourselves of and my preference would be to dump the entire group of participants that comprise the festering pit of county venereal disease.

  9. The Midget is a f-cking narcissist! He can’t balance a budget, manage an office and has no respect from the taxpaying public. Anyone he named is a piece of shit political hack like him. Some of them fooled me the first time but not again. He’s a f-cking conniver and is scheming to run for Commissioner and then he can really take care of Friends and Family Inc. Our taxes will be sky high and corruption will flourish again. Happy days are here again. The following people need to go next election: Queen Connie, Midget, Stonewall, Conehead, Gabauer and ESPECIALLY ambulance chaser Stonewall Loser. This article paints a picture of Camp that is very revealing about his character. Being endorsed by the Midget is like a kiss from Gotti. Goodbye Dan. Stop scheming and get your ass back to balancing a budget. Christiana appears to be the Godfather in this political circus. He, like the Midget have delusions of grandeur and a very high opinion of themselves. Too bad the taxpaying public can see through their charade. Clean house again next election!

  10. Raising money to buy bicycles for special needs children was an excellent act of kindness. Now this story comes out and makes me believe this was done to manipulate and bamboozle the voters for the next election. FORGET IT CAMP! YOU ARE OUT!

    • John Q- The inept and corrupt BC Times does nothing but suck the ass of their friends and trash their enemies. Sandie is their foe because she called them out on the big payola from the tax forgiveness for Nardelli’s company. They got over 20K of the 30K! If anyone relies on the Times for anything but the sports scores they have to be brain dead. That’s the only thing they can’t control but they can print garbage articles and try to sway the dumb ass voters in this county, like they have for over 20 years. They shouldn’t be permitted to print that drivel. I can get more information from the National enquirer or Grit magazine.

      • Although it was a good cause, I knew he it was a scheme to pat himself on the back for the public as soon as I read it Mr. Equalizer. They aren’t pulling the wool on me. I know too much about their families going back 40 years. They probably know about my skeletons too, but I’m not serving or running for public office.

  11. “Disgruntled” — so true.

    “They are a gang, they are not part of any political party anymore.”

    Except that it has always been a gang from south of the Ohio River. This perpetuates that.

    Time to stop the State Cop background bullshit, Tony. It hasn’t worked as Sheriff, and it won’t work as Commissioner. Hell, save time and go for State Representative. It’s easier to make up your own rules there and pull the strings in Beaver County.

    Pass the barf bag.

  12. Tony’s blathering reminds me of a line from Goodfellas, you know, that movie about gangsters?

    “You know, we always called each other good fellas. Like you said to, uh, somebody, “You’re gonna like this guy. He’s all right. He’s a good fella. He’s one of us.”


    What did uncle tell you a LONG time ago???

    “Get the Democrats, out ! The DEMON-crats!!! We need fresh ideas, break up the old-boy crowd. Tired of the same old shit in this county!!”

    Uh, huh. And NOW you got these guys. The GOP. The fresh blood and “new” way of doing things. AND… You got your cliques, your alliances, your puppet masters and your special interests, just a different cast of characters. OUR turn to milk the budget in Beaver. OUR turn.

    How do I phrase it? “Same shit, different asses.”

    • You are right about this clown class in charge now. You do know there is a difference between a true republican and a RINO, don’t you? These assholes are not republicans, but democrats in republican clothes. The only one that is even close to being a republican is Sandie, and she is fighting a losing battle because of Baby Boy Danny.

      • Oh, please. EVERY time a Republican fucks up, we get the “____________ is not a true conservative!” rationale.

      • Like John “Brain Dead” McCain and the late Arlen “Sphincter” Spector. RINO’S.

      • As a conservative myself, I can assure you that Tony is not. He is a tried and true democrat. I’ve been to meetings, know his beliefs, and see where he got campaign bribes, I mean donations. A TRUE conservative believes in the exact opposite of that trash. He was scheming and promising jobs before he was even elected. If his lips are moving, he’s stealing your dollars.

  14. It’s time to elect a qualified, independent slate of candidates where there is no local political party affiliation. Candidates who spend their weekdays in the courthouse working and their weekends at home with their families instead of hastening to the local party treehouse “headquarters” every free moment of their day in order to scheme and plot their agenda for power and control.

    Too much of the bullshit that goes on in this Country starts with the “party.”. The door revolves with candidates but the underlying mindset doesn’t change.

  15. Geesh! I needed my fishing waders to get through THIS line of BS.

    Unfortunately, this sugar-coated shit is the same mind-numbing pablum from the R AND D parties fed to the yinzers of Beaver County and funneled through the BC Times that will get them voted into office. Peel back the shell and look underneath.


  16. Danny has been working more on campaign fundraisers than on actual county work. I think it would be an interesting exercise to cross-reference his campaign account filings with those of Guy. Also to compare pre and post love-fest between Camp and Guy. Might be enlightening to see where the money comes from. My guess is that Danny’s campaign account is going to start to grow rapidly now that he’s won Guy and Christiana over. But you know there are plenty of strings attached.

  17. Well, the High Sheriff got the last name right, as “The Best Beaver County Commissioner”, but Gordon Camp was the BEST County Commissioner we ever had.


    • Just like when George “CuzCuz” David endorsed Tiny Tony. Talk about a BIG red flag, and this asshole Tiny STILL got elected! SMH!

  18. The headline alone made me snort my coffee. Now that is rich coming from someone of questionable character at best. Wow, just wow. I’m embarrassed for every snake in this little clique. I’d never ever want any of these creeps uttering my name much less singing my praises. I’ve turned red with shame at the very thought.

  19. So, a “guy” who is a neophyte in politics, and only as a short-term Sheriff at that, makes a speech like a veteran establishment politico and judges a new kid on the block like a worldly career politician.

    A puppet on strings mouthing the words of the puppet master.

    Who the fuck is this guy to judge ANYONE? It really is a gang isn’t it? How does it feel to be the boss’s toady? And as a Commissioner? Still a toady. Thanks for telegraphing what things would be like if that occurred. And thanks for the heads up about the new membership drive in the “Cosa Nostra.”

  20. Camp needs to “Just keep making the right decisions for the right reasons”. Which, of course, would be the ones that benefit the sheriff’s office, the district attorney’s office, Guy’s run for commissioner, on up to Rep. Christiana’s run for senate, dictated by the powers that be in beaver county. “The best commissioner in BC history”, that’s just sad and delusional. Commissioner Edgley is way ahead in that respect, imo.

  21. In a perfect world it’s difficult for someone from Western PA to be elected to state office. Name recognition is lacking in the Philadelphia area and while not impossible, it is highly unlikely. That being said, Christiana is dreaming the biggest pipe dream if he thinks he actually stands a chance of becoming a US Senator (Jimmy, I hope your connections have a paper delivery route lined up for you because you’re going to need a job shortly).

    I stand a better chance of becoming the next Pope than JC has of becoming a senator. The thought of him arriving in DC believing that he’s on the fast track upwards only to find himself relegated to the shit committees and a basement office is very amusing though. Within a day he would be a nobody and he’d quickly realize that when the big man on the high school campus goes away to college suddenly nobody gives a shit who they were last week. It’s almost a shame we won’t get to see it.

  22. Lenny Strollo once said that if you can control the Sheriff and the District Attorney, you own the county. You have a free hand to do anything you want. It worked for Lenny for years until a different guy won the election for DA.

  23. Well what do you know, a dislike. I guess we can surmise that Mrs. Midget didn’t find any humor in this meme. IT could be because she wears the pants and does the driving and it doesn’t show the Midget in his proper place which would be the passenger seat.

    But, that’s just my opinion.

  24. “Julius Caesar”

    Marc Antony:

    “So are they all, all honorable men, —
    Come I to speak in Caesar’s funeral.
    He was my friend, faithful and just to me:
    But Brutus says he was ambitious;
    And Brutus is an honorable man.”

    • The problem is that the gang that runs the Courthouse and local towns are not a political party. They are a gang. And the noble Sheriff is kind enough to list who the gang members are in this article. Ask any one of them what they stand for, and they will answer, “Less government” or “More government” , depending upon their audience. But try and go beyond that knee jerk response, and they will be dumbfounded to provide anything else. And, irony of ironies, that gang is not more or less government. It is a coterie of friends and family that make up an oligarchy of control. Some call it a sardonic “Cosa Nostra.” But that is not far from being accurate.

      Watch Anthony Bourdain’s program on “Pittsburgh”, Channel 32, CNN, and you will see that the many cultural neighborhoods around the city are typical of Beaver County’s Monacaquippa community, just 25 miles away. And they all spring from the same immigrant base of the early 1900’s, the steel mills, coal, the labor force, and the countries that they came from. Here, the base is the Italian-American community that reigns supreme. For now, and for the foreseeable future. Not good, not bad, just the way things are.

      • Just what the fuck do you have against Italians?! Maybe it’s the Serbs running things? Or the Irish? Or how about it’s the LEBANESE?!!! Or maybe their just plain old corrupt democratic Americans.

      • Add to this the not-so-silent matriarchy behind these fellas, and you have a second tier of policy making. Actually, it is probably first tier at times, just less obvious. Well, someone has to be in charge of the down votes here when the boys are at work.

      • If you could inject a dose of truth serum into the gang members before you asked them what they stand for, the answer you would certainly get would be ‘whatever the money tells me to stand for.’ Follow the money and eventually the truth will come out.

      • “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? Then who the hell else are you talkin’ to? You talkin’ to me? Well I’m the only one here. Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?”
        R. De Naro

    • You need to do a little research on what a conservative or moderate is because that man has no affiliation other than to immorality. What has he done that aligns with a Republican? Every choice he has made leans left and is a power bid! He wants more money, more control, power, and praise no matter who he hurts. He needs to sit in confession for a few weeks with his other cronies.

  25. WTF??!!:

    Not a damn thing against them. But it is a unifying factor, like it or not. When the Germans take over the police departments, they will get recognized too. To not admit it as a factor is denial, and you have to know your enemies much better than your friends. As with mentioning Trump here and inviting a MAGA riot, every time cultural factors are mentioned, the paparazzi here think that ethnic racism is behind that revelation. Ain’t so. Actually, talk to one, and you will see a person proud of his/her ethnic heritage.

    • Egalitarianism in the U.S. is a good thing, but not recognizing cultural differences is naive. They exist, and to not accept that is typical of one who has not travelled much. My favorite country to travel in? That’s right, Italy. What a rich culture and history they have. Unbeatable.

    • Raven…
      So just to make sure you’re not in denial….Who is it in your opînion that controls everything and runs everything in Hollywood, and in banking???
      Hint…..ît aint the Italians!

    Hmmmmmm…..SAY ITS NOT SO….

  27. Guy is a French and English surname, from the old French “gui”, or to “guide” (pronounced gee). So, perhaps we are getting screwed by the French and English as well. Happy now?

    • There is no agreed upon meaning for Lozier. But, it is Austrian. Some say that the families were known for building thick stone walls around their houses to keep out the enemy. Apparently it worked, and they became a ruling class, but they were not very well liked.

  28. Who cares if Dan(camp) has the opportunity to be considered “maybe the best county commissioner that this county has ever had.” This is an endorsement coming from tony guy, and as stated above, he is someone who can’t balance a budget, manage an office and has no respect from the taxpaying public. Someone needs to let his dumb ass know, we do not have a commissioner hall of fame anywhere in the county. Tiny Tony, it’s time to climb down from your high horse.


  29. Excuse me Sheriff Cut-off-at-knees but has the county not balanced it’s budget for two years and had its bond rating dropped? I don’t think that has ever happened before?
    I bet he thinks Governor Wolf will be the greatest ever too.
    What a meathead.



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