Beaver County Sheriff George David


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photo Sheriff George J. David / Beaver Countian file photo


  1. I tried telling John Paul about this months before he was attacked by David. I was laughed at and used as another sensation story. Now since David stuck a gun in JP’s face , he is suddenly about exposing police corruption. But why just this story and not the missing trust fund for the Ambridge bridge? Why not the stolen $38,000 from the leetsdale police dept. Although JP has done a great job covering the “David scandal” it is only bias towards a man he hates. Not fair and balanced reporting. You sat around silently about corruption for how long? It is a shame that it took a near death experience to open your eyes JP, but since it happened , please don’t let this be the only time you are excited to report on crooked cops. I hope it opened your eyes and you continue to seek the truth in Beaver County.

  2. @Shane Hamilton he’s alleged to have broken the law and a grand jury feels that he did,let me guess he’s your lover your trying to protect him from Bubba.

  3. According to beaver county times website his bond is only 50,000.00 and it states he must surrender all the question where do you house him not beaver county jail he was chief of security there

    • He needs to be housed in the Beaver County Jail with all the people he beat at one time or another. A good taste of his own medicine. Karma is a wonderful thing. You can’t go thru live beating on people. It will come back to bit you in the ass.

  4. Guns taken by court order, go to the sheriff department to be held until an order from the court returns them to the owner. so I believe, that in this case another sheriff office or the state police will have to collect and maintain control of George weapons, and I believe they are taking all his guns. As they go to his house and collect them, I’m sure they might get a few surprise’s with a few guns previously registered to and please excuse the term he used (niggers) that he dealt with in quip. I’m a democrat and voted for Piccinini because I know the man and know he would have done the job much better than David has. But that BC for you. Maybe they will give the office to Piccinini now, but I know that not how it works.

  5. @day late dollar short… it’s quite funny the allegations you throw around yet you have no evidence that you are presenting and you are hiding behind a screen name. Everyone else has their names on here… what are you hiding from? maybe they didn’t listen to you because you lack credibility and you have told so many stories no one knows what the truth is… he did break the law and deserves to be punished, but you have no right to sit here and slander people saying YOU told people and trying to take credit for it behind a screen name… shows how scared you really are

    • Cmari709 Are youstupid or what. He,s going down. the dirtyrat disgraced the Beaver Conty law officials. And his family. GOOD BY SHERIFF ASSHOLE> Thanks J.P and the PSP.

  6. Anybody want to bet that his next crusade is going to be attempting to get the county taxpayers to pay his attorney bill to represent him?

    Given the circumstances, I think he should be banned from his office pending the outcome of the trial? Who is in a position to facilitate this? Would that be the county commissioners?

    I wonder how many people of color in Aliquippa will now be getting an attorney and suing based on what would appear to be a self admission of police brutality and ethnic intimidation…..can you track any of those people down, JP, so that they can tell their stories?

  7. I would like to say that I feel bad for George. The truth is I do NOT. This has been a long time coming. He has ruined the lives if people that I know and love. For just that alone I am grateful his is being brought to justice.

  8. @jemma I would agree with you 100 percent but with him once serving as head of security at the Beaver county jail he would truly be a security threat as he is familiar with the operation of the facility and probably able to take advantage of the weaknesses.but on the other hand he probably would be killed first

  9. He is a psycho! And threatened multiple people’s lives with a weapon that alone should revoke his firearms license. He thinks he could do what he wants and this is just the first round wait till the major charges get handed down from the state for all his other stuff. He needs locked away and the key tossed in the river…

  10. I worked with him at the Jail and he was a total jerk to all of the inmates and staff. I thought beaver county was stupid for putting him has sheriff in the first place. Once a jerk always a jerk. I would love to see him spend his time in the county jail and let the inmates handle his punishment.

  11. A grand jury investigated for almost a year, they no more than you do, you can’t do that and get away with it. Shame on him, and guess what people it’s not over yet more charges to come. Some of the things that he did make me sick, Who does he think he is. Every one that knows him know that it’s the truth. There’s over 50 witnesses. I can’t believe he’s allowed to go back to work. I feel sorry for the poor deputies that had to tell the truth.

  12. This piece of shit was allowed to go back to work and have access to weapons! Wow hope he doesn’t melt down on the job after this pressure!

  13. How can you people support this a?,,:'[!! He is getting what he deserves!! He is off the f{/;in reservation!! Shame on you all.

  14. I don’t understand why he was permitted to return to the courthouse. I can’t even begin to imagine how those deputies are handling this. I understand that he is an elected offical but this makes not sense. He does not belong in the courthouse or having any access to firearms. This is only going to get worse. He will fly off the handle again. What if someone gets hurt or killed? This can happen. He can snap and really hurt someone. Is that what has to happen before he is removed? What more is needed to see that this man is a loose cannon. Mr Finn I have always had the upmost respect for you but I don’t think this was a smart move. He is who he is he wil never be any different.

  15. Tim Finn would not release that one guy who just threatened friendship ridge but allows this ass hole to go back to work with complete access to firearms. Hey Tim, why didn’t this coward only get misdemeanor charges and was released so easily? Hope this guy doesn’t melt down like that cop killer in California! This guy must have some good crocodile tears?

  16. I told you ALL on SEVERAL POSTS – PSP would get this insane man…I never got any response…feels good to be right! LOL

    • I believed you. I believed it myself. I just did not say anything. The momentum is now increasing, and I think we are seeing the beginnings of the solutions for this particular matter. It will take much time, and it will get more complicated as others “actors” become known and are brought forward, but at least some of the answers are appearing. A domino effect is almost assured.

  17. The Sheriff is clearly manic from mental illness. We veterans have problems with him as he personally is a draft dodger and he disrespects our nations hero’s and commits the Title 18 crime of Official Opression by not following the Veterans Preference Act in his hiring practices. As well, his talk and admitted behavior is reprehencable to all African Americans and especially our veterans.

  18. I just had the opportunity to read the Grand Jury Presentment and for the life of me, I can’t understand why Sheriff David is permitted to be in the Courthouse, considering he threatened his deputies who lied for him because they feared for their jobs, as well as the Prothonotary’s well being. They are all in the same building and have to worry about any run-ins with him on a daily basis. As far as John Paul and what he had to endure tells me the Sheriff has some real anger issues. He’s a loose cannon, why would he be permitted to return to work? We all know how he is, do you really think he’s going to hide in his office all day? Bottom line…the day he was cuffed and led out of the Courthouse should have been his last day there until he was either exonerated of all charges or found guilty of them. He goes to work and collects a paycheck for sitting in his office twiddling his thumbs!! The Grand Jury Presentment in itself should have been enough to have him taken out of service until he was either found innocent or guilty or all charges, Period!!!

  19. George is a good man but he is one of the last of the old school police. That group was different, you didn’t have all this political bull crap to go through. I’m not saying what he did was okay just saying I can see why things happen. Yes its time to move on.

    • Oh, You mean like the old school police in Chicago in the 1920;s And the political bull crap he has to go through like being charged by the Office of The Attorney General? I can see why things happened with Ted Bundy too he liked to rape and kill women. We moved on with him after we put him in the electric chair. Spike



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