Beaver County Sheriff George David
Sheriff George David / photo by John Paul

A group of five secretaries who work in the Sheriff’s Office have come forward to the County alleging they are being harassed, bullied, degraded, and otherwise mistreated by Sheriff George David. Without the authority to remove the Sheriff from office, County Commissioners have been struggling for months to find ways to improve conditions for the people who work for him.

Sources within the Sheriff’s Office and the courthouse say the secretaries have filed formal written statements with the county detailing some of the alleged incidents of abuse.

Among the allegations made by the secretaries include that Sheriff David has falsely accused them of wrongdoings, unjustly disciplined them, failed to discipline others who have mistreated them, screamed at them in fits of rage, and used degrading and derogatory language to demean them.

In one incident the secretaries say Sheriff David referred to them as “cunts” — in an earlier incident he allegedly said one female Deputy “needs six inches up her ass” to “teach her a lesson.”

In April of last year Sheriff David falsely accused one of his secretaries of hiding evidence against a man he had falsely accused of preparing to commit mass murder at Friendship Ridge. In May of last year, a female Deputy abruptly retired after she said Sheriff David tried to get her to lie about a secretary. In August of last year, David falsely accused one of his secretaries of criminal wrongdoing which led to a four month long investigation by the District Attorney’s Office. In September of last year David allegedly began making another secretary sit quietly at a desk all day without having any assigned duties to occupy her time.

The County’s former Director of Central Services, Mary Anne Ruskin, had previously made similar complaints about harassment by Sheriff David before her employment was abruptly terminated last May. She has filed a lawsuit against the county alleging violations of the Pennsylvania Whistleblower Law. Commissioners have denied any retaliation.

Sources say some of Sheriff David’s secretaries have been so mistreated in the office, their doctors have prescribed antianxiety medications to help them cope with the hostile working environment.

County officials have debated a wide range of remedies to the situation, at one time even considering the possibility of renting portable office trailers and placing them in the back parking lot of the courthouse for the secretaries to work from. County Officials tell the Beaver Countian that Commissioners have made desperate calls to both the Governor’s Office and the FBI seeking help in dealing with Sheriff David, and have also talked with State Representatives.

County Officials have also spoken with top attorneys from the union which represents the secretaries, and the two organizations are considering filing an unprecedented joint lawsuit together against the Sheriff on their behalf.

Despite Sheriff David’s mounting legal problems his secretaries say their mistreatment continues.

Within the last few weeks, several of Sheriff David’s own Deputies have also begun coming forward to the county filing formal complaints about mistreatment and bullying in the office. Among those accusations include alleged physical outbursts in the office, which some Deputies have attributed to widespread steroid abuse in the department. Those Deputies allege that Sheriff David has allowed an inner circle of loyalists to “run rough shot” (sic) over the entire office.

David is currently awaiting trial on charges filed against him by the Pennsylvania State Police and the Attorney General’s Office after he pulled out his service revolver and threatened to murder this reporter and several others. He faces unrelated charges stemming from another incident in which he allegedly threatened to dismember and cannibalize one of his campaign workers.

Some county officials had previously asked the Beaver Countian not to report this story because they feared it could inflame Sheriff David and make the situation even worse for his secretaries and other employees. Officials now say the public needs to be informed about his behavior, and say it is time for someone with authority to finally take action to remove him from office.

According to the Pennsylvania Constitution, the State House can vote to begin impeachment proceedings to remove elected officials due to “misbehavior in office.” An impeachment trial would then occur in the State Senate, where a two-thirds vote of members would be required for a conviction.

State Representative Robert Matzie’s brother, and Representative Jim Marshal’s brother-in-law, were both hired as full-time Deputies by Sheriff David. Sheriff David’s brother, Morry David, has given thousands of dollars in contributions to Representative Jim Christiana’s campaign committee.

Political observers say it is “extremely unlikely” that legislators will bring the Beaver County Sheriff up for impeachment, and “even more extremely unlikely” in a year when State Representatives and the Governor are up for reelection.

Sheriff George David’s term of office doesn’t expire until 2016. Pennsylvania law has no provisions which allow for recall elections of officials at the County level.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  1. I think that among all the things he does that sickens me, what bothers me most is the fact that the county has looked into getting trailers for the secretaries to work from in the back parking lot. So these women who have been harassed, slandered, bullied and mistreated are the ones who would have to uproot themselves and work out of cramped trailers rather than the comforts of the own office (minus David). That’s absolutely deplorable. I think that instead of relocating the secretaries from their offices to a trailer, they should save the taxpayers some money from renting the trailers and just relocate the problem (David) to a nice little cubicle at the Beaver or Butler County jail. A nice, little 4×6 room with bars to protect the world from him.

  2. The Sheriff’s hearing on Monday, 1/13/14 was a travesty. The judge allowed the matter to be lowered to the level of a domestic squabble, which he could avoid acting upon and instead turned it back upon the “arguing children” to “work out” on their own. The defense arguments were so flimsy — describing the questionable deputy patrols as “on the way to work” and “on the way home” — errands, that it was extremely embarrassing (my words). Had there been more than three members of the public in the audience, there would have been outright laughter at the silliness of it. Some people just shook their heads at it the excuses. And, the telephone conference format doomed it from the beginning.

    There was a huge “elephant” trumpeting in the courtroom, but no one, except the Commissioner’s attorneys, would recognize the presence if it.

    Matters like the heinous behaviors mentioned in this article, and the contrived, diversionary wordplay of the defense in the hearing, lead me to believe that the only real answer is to REMOVE the Sheriff from office. Things could hardly get worse, unless he physically attacks someone and harms him/her.

    The recall legislation is not in place, but the progress of it is important. It is for this reason that I posted references to it in the Discussion section. If it is not available for the present matter, at least it could be in the future. Please read it and even update or clarify it if you wish. It is up for a committee vote this week.

  3. the County will keep screwing around until someone gets shot, or someone sues, which will cost us taxpayers hundreds of thousands that we can barely afford.

  4. The DAY I would put up with that behavior in my workplace is the day there would be ice skating in Hell. Why don’t these ladies go get an attorney NOT affiliated in any way with The Corruption Capital of the World (aka Beaver County).

    • Yeah, Vicki, because this is the ONLY page where you read any of this…..
      There are other pages and reports that basically say the same things, and if it wasn’t serious, then why was the sheriff arrested and out on bond right now?

  5. If this guy had all these problems how is he seen fit to serve and protect the law when he clearly can’t get along with his co workers? I can’t get a carrying permit because off charges that were found not guilty. How is this right for him to have the option to abuse people? I know if I did any of that at any of my jobs I would be fired and put in jail whether I was guilty or not.


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  7. This will end up costing the taxpayers money when the employees file a lawsuit and win because the state doesn’t have enough stones to impeach the sheriff and remove him from office.

  8. whether this happened or not….have you ever thought about how this effects the secretaries that still work in his office….or are you out to throw the sheriff under the bus regardless of how it may hurt others…

    • How do you see this as “throwing the sheriff under the bus”? And what others are your talking about hurting?

      If anyone is hurting, it’s due to the actions of George David, and the inactions of the commissioners.

  9. I’m so glad I don’t live in beaver county anymore and have no care of all the chaos that goes on in that courthouse. The older I get the more I hate politicians and government

    • Crystal, the word was not a creation of the BC. It was allegedly used by the Sheriff and reported by the women addressed as being such. This article merely reports that. Wonder instead about what kind of man would use the term against women, county employees, and make the reporting of it necessary, foul as it is.

    • Cyrstal, this is a blog (no offense JP) not a newspaper. If you are offended by the true language used by our ignorant sheriff, take it up with him not the people reporting it. Funny how you support the redneck at Duck Dynasty and his use of offensive language but are somehow shocked here. Can you say “Hypocrite”!?!

  10. Why don’t you people report what really goes on? A lot of this all political because they want a yes man in that sheriffs seat and sheriff David isn’t a yes man. Any of you people that knows what really goes on in this county also knows that this is bull crap. And really people? Do you believe everything you hear?

  11. @ o’data , Vicki basille

    I personally know people that served and currently serve in that office it’s worse than what is reported, complete abuse of power and tax dollars he had it made but caused political fights and listen to his lawyer and just like always self destructive rage when he doesn’t get his way. And she’s his time looking to get even with others for his fuck up.

    Democrats put him in that is correct, and been trying to get him out as republican powers aside and help him now big money players got local leadership in back pocket it’s no secret. All that’s left to do is watch the debacle and wonder what it will cost us.

  12. More of the same. Any bit of information, half truth or outright lie which can be twisted to smear the Sheriff is continuously put out there to the public. Sheriff David’s first name is George, not Jesus, and he never claimed to walk on water. But he does know who the vermin are in this county and actually does try to protect the taxpayers in this county from them. He stuck up for his deputies by getting them better quality uniforms. The deputies should be present at events such as San Rocco, sporting events and the Hookstown Fair, to name a few, to keep things under control. Private security just isn’t the same as a law enforcement presence. Even if the rumors of deputies patrolling Aliquippa and Beaver Falls were true I would think it was a good idea to have them there. The more law enforcement you put on those areas the better. Even if a deputy drove by some property owned by C. J. Betters, that’s fine too. C. J. Betters pumps a lot of money into this county and if a thief or P. O. S. was collared by a deputy breaking in to some property owned by Betters it may take them off the streets and prevent them from breaking into my own, or your own, property. A deputy slid on ice and damaged a vehicle and all we are told is rumors of what he may have been patrolling yet never told if he was injured, is ok, or anything about his condition. Once again showing the goal is to smear the Sheriff.

    • BTW I am not affiliated with the Sheriffs office, a police officer, or heavily involved in politics nor am I a criminal who was given any big breaks by them. I’m simply a taxpayer who goes to work and pays my bills. But I do recall when I was younger and lived in Aliquippa the truly bad people had a fear of, and respect for Officer David. He may not be perfect but when the bad guys are afraid of you that’s a good thing in my book.

      • So Dave, you think just because someone “pumps a lot of money into this county” they have a right to use the taxpayer’s money for for their own private security force. Youre either someone’s nephew, or as niave as a newborn.

  13. Learn the facts before you defend this piece of shit….in the state of Pennsylvania sheriffs deputies do not have the power of arrest that a police officer does… they are merely to serve the court and provide security ON COUNTY OWNED PROPERTIES ONLY.

  14. Ralph, our opinions of the Sheriff aside, I believe that county sheriffs may still make arrests for a felony committed in there presence although recent legislation to expand the authorities to include investigations was voted down. I don’t like reading a continuous barrage of attacks against our county of any sort. If he did something wrong it will get sorted out in the correct forum.

    • He continually does “something wrong”. Harassment and intimidation are the nicer of the wrongs he commits. Thumbing his nose AT A DIRECT COURT ORDER is called contempt. He was told to stop doing a specific thing by a judge, but Georgie, thinking he’s king shit, doesn’t feel like listening, so he continues on his merry little way.

      Personally, I believe that threatening to kill someone because they didn’t like something that was said is not ok to do. He needs to be occupying a cell, just like any other person who has broken the law.

  15. It’s funny George won’t put up with anybodies bullshit. He knows who is full of shit in the court house and county government. Don’t let them get you down George David. Give them the bullshit they give you . Why aren’t our commissioners and other officials working on getting jobs back in this county instead of worrying about the Sheriff .

    • You said “It’s funny George won’t put up with anybodies bullshit”……um, I hate to be the one to inform you, but when a judge hands down an order, it’s generally not considered “bullshit”.

      When it comes down to the offices and people who are the most full of shit in the courthouse, you’ll find that most occupy the Sheriff’s office and the commissioners’ offices also.
      They need to clean house, and start all over with a completely clean slate.

  16. You are correct that deputies don’t have the same authority as other police officers. That was going to get changed as part of the legislation which did not pass. The intent, as I understand it, was to be able to put more officers with full arrest and investigation authority in cash strapped areas such as Aliquippa. That didn’t seem like a bad idea to me.

    • If Aliquippa needs more officers on the streets then they should add them, Why should people living in Beaver or Chippewa pay for more patrol via county taxes???

    • If Aliquippa is so “cash strapped”, why doesn’t Chuckie donate some of his money to the community that he holds so dear to his heart??

  17. There are so many illegal things he had done that is under wraps that this problem is nothing in comparison and I can’t wait till everything comes out in the open and it will!!

    • @Athena…You are so right, there are a few dirty little secrets yet to come out in the open at the sherrifs office, and a cover up or 2 as well…we shall see!…@weredareres..well said!!!

  18. I cannot believe the stupidity of some people. First lets get one thing straight, George David was feared in Aliquippa by law-abiding citizens as well as criminals. Why? Because of his behaviors, the idiot ran around beating up young 12 year olds, beat up old men with back braces, called blacks N*****s, and waved that gun around a lot.. I remember his go to church on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligations and presenting as holier than the pope. But once he put on that uniform, he acted like he owned the world. This is a guy that told me that a later convicted dope dealer was a good friend and that even if the guy worked at a “titty place” (his words not mine) he was a stand-up guy. I remember when the guy was finally arrested and good old Georgie took care of his friend while he was in jail. This guy needs impeached, but as other bloggers have pointed out Georgie has spread a lot of C.J. Betters money in a lot of high places. This guy will finish out his term of office and will receive a pension from Beaver County. Beaver County is a cesspool and it will never change because people like V. Basile, D. Kramer and Christy will continue to support this nasty greasy slimy person because they are just like sheep.

  19. Nobody knows this asshole more than I do my father worked along side him for 20 plus years in aliquippa…… he is a racist with little man’s syndrome and anybody that’s knows him personally knows it… and as far a deputies arrest powers at this point they are no more than a civilians….. who all share the power of citizens arrest….he was in hot water over having deputies arrest someone not too long ago

    • Your dad did not do shit the entire time he worked in quipp. Lazy and dumb and wiped boogers on the dashboard of the police cars. Idiot would not even get out of police cars on calls.

  20. Michelle Blinkey- Your comment is completely uneducated, what does the time in which the secretaries waited to speak up have absolutely anything to do with anything? You are insinuating that just because they did not stand up for themselves the second after something happened that they are now lying? I guess the same should go for rape victims as well then? That comment just completely boggles my mind and is probably the kind of logic George David will use as his defense in his trial lol. Also to Crystal, the people of Aliquippa have a lot more to worry about then a report using the c word.

    Aliquippa needs to go completely off the map because the whole town is nothing but shit. Lots of crime and a corrupt justice system will never help Aliquippa be anything but the shithole that it is. Its one thing to feel that a town is unsafe but to be absolutely SURE I would end up dead or assaulted if I were to walk down the street in downtown is another thing. Maybe that is the whole problem with what George David is Dave Kramer. “His town” as im sure that’s how he views it, is completely crime ridden and unsafe. There is so much crime that goes on just on the MAIN STREETS of downtown alone which go completely unnoticed because the police are too busy patrolling Betters’ property, San Rocco, Hookstown Fair, and sporting events. I mean COME ON PEOPLE! A nun was raped at the St. Titus church which is maybe 2 minutes driving distance from the police station! Maybe I am wrong in my belief that stopping crime and making the city a safer place should be the 1st priority of law enforcement in any city. George David cares nothing about the good of Aliquippa he only wants to be the ruler of his own island. Maybe the nun and a lot of others would have never ended up being crime victims if these officers were doing their jobs. Criminals in Aliquippa have virtually no fear of the police because they are no where to be found! Off patrolling the properties of George David’s close buddies.

    Rich Vanus Jr.- HAHA so you are suggesting everyone just sweep the MANY crimes of George David under the rug and instead focus on getting more jobs back to Aliquippa? GREAT IDEA!!! You were surely born a genius.

    Also to Dave Kramer, it is not a bad thing for bad people to fear George David or any authority figure for that matter, but its not okay when everyone is in fear because of the corruption he demonstrates. The only ones that are not in fear are his relatives and buddies because they all know too well that he does not care what crime you do or do not commit, its all about who you know. And you can easily find some “favorites” of the sheriff by simply reading the comments on reports about him because they are the only ones defending him. They also stick up for him by writing things that are completely ridiculous and make no sense, such as HEY GUYS LETS ALL FORGET ABOUT THIS AND PUT MORE JOBS IN ALIQUIPPA!, or my personal favorite, THE ACCUSERS TOOK TOO LONG TO SPEAK UP SO IT CANT BE TRUE! lol. Lets not forget that he has been in law enforcement for a long time. The fact that his criminal ways are only coming to light now is frightening. Who knows how many people he has threatened and crimes he has committed throughout his career? He surely didn’t just decide to be corrupt recently I am sure.

    We also cannot solely blame George David for the corrupt politics and jutice system of Beaver County when the DA is most likely 100x more corrupt then him, how do you think he’s flown under the radar for so long…

    P.S, Yes I am leaving this comment from an anonymous account not because I am scared of George David (even though anyone in Beaver County has enough reason to be), but because I do not wish to have my name be the topic of discussion for George David’s family and followers this evening. End Rant!

  21. Stop bickering. There has to be an impeachment Process. Obviously his bosses need to be impeached also. I hate to hear this about Beaver County. It was a great place to grow up. Politics has invaded the county. Good luck.

  22. I wonder how many people could have their lives put under the microscope and withstand the public scrutiny that police officers and elected officials endure. You may say “that’s why they get paid the big bucks” but that often is far from the truth, especially in Beaver County. I also don’t like hearing all this about Beaver County especially when a good portion of it seems like rumors and half truths. Law enforcement people have one of the most thankless jobs around but who do people call when the $hit hits the fan.

  23. hey I just figured out where the first installment of georgie six inches is at, all three are in Dave kramers mouth.

    Dirt ball white trash and blacks feared georgie in aliquippa cause that is all he chased, as cocaine was pushed out of dealerships,jewelry stores and brass monkey with family and friends he didn’t chase them down our as the tall cars would get robbed. fucking people crack me up, hey I have small business with few employees healthcare killing me can I join county plan and get cheaper rate .

    municipal taxes go to municipality period.

    school taxes to that district

    county taxes to county services

    Give me that shit CJ Betters pays a lot taxes he gets tax free zones along the Ohio river and half his property he is year behind on taxes, the others that he pays for are rental complexs which he profits

    Get the DPW guys or inmates to mow his fucking lawns next. lol

  24. This is just another example on why things need to change in Beaver County. This type of behavior shouldn’t be accepted and just another pile of dirt to add to the mountain surrounding this office. In 2015 it will be our responsibility to show that this type of behavior isn’t acceptable in Beaver County. It will be our time to shine and bring in some new leadership. Anyone can type out a comment on a forum but if you truly want change you have to put some work in. Get behind the candidate that brings the most to the table. Check on their reputation, integrity, training, experience, and back ground. Do your homework on who will be running. Do you want the norm or someone who will bring back some integrity, honesty, and leadership back to the office? Don’t just go in blind; it just takes a little bit of work to see who will best fill that seat. Make sure you, your friends and family are registered and make your voice heard by voting!!

  25. People quit getting off the subject here, the Sheriff should be ashamed of himself or be in jail, What man talks to any woman like that? All of you so called men who work there and let this go on should be ashamed too, you have wives and daughters WOULD YOU WANT ANY ONE CALLING THEM THESE NAMES? The comissioners have known what’s been going on in that office but they don’t care because they are afraid of him..and you Sheriff David stick your make believe in your dreams 6 inches down your throat and GAG ON IT ASSHOLE.

  26. This is the type of person who one day might just lose it and harm someone and everyone will ask ” How did we not see all the signs”but yet,there are those who actually come to this wacko’s defense,to you I ask,ARE YOU STUPID or JUST PLAIN BLIND ?. Impeachment my ass,I’m thinking MENTAL WARD and throw away the key.

  27. I also attended the hearing at the Courthouse. There couldn’t
    have been more than three other citizens in attendance. After
    all the legalese was said and done, we have a standoff for 30 days.

    My supervisor decided to harras me after years of satisfactory service.
    The older I got, the worse the torture. A lawyer told me “Just because
    he’s an asshole, he can’t be fired”. I had to PROVE age discrimination.
    I ended up retiring.

    I don’t want to even think what MY wife would do IF he called HER a cunt,
    paycheck or no. He wouldn’t be able to pick up his teeth, or his balls,
    because his arms, legs and fingers would be broken.

    I can’t believe someone hasn’t filed a sexual harrasment against him.
    Sexual harrasment is an impeachable offense regardless of his status.

    • I don’t wish to beat a dead horse, but according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission “Harassment does not have to be of a sexual nature, however, and can include offensive remarks about a person’s sex. For example, it is illegal to harass a woman by making offensive comments about women in general.” (note the word ILLEGAL). So, if not criminal, it should be a civil case at best – enough to get rid
      of the perpetrator.

  28. Dirty old man, dirty mouth, dirty mind, Tell me why this PSYCHO keeps picking on woman? Tuff guy? I don’t think so. WOMAN ABUSER…YES…if a real man came after his sorry ass he’d piss himself. They need to take him out of that office and put him in a cage outside or the MENTAL WARD and let nurse Kratchet take care of him. Tuff man picks on woman , Little F’N BABY WHEN YOU DON’T GET YOUR WAY. so who’s the real C-U-N-T here? Little man syndrome, It’s not there fault you have to put a string on it so you can find it…………

  29. Extremely biased to say the least. This is heresy. When I was in that office getting my gun permit renewed, three secretaries couldn’t have said nicer things about this man. There was one there that had her duties changed and she is the same one that screwed up my previous permit because she was too busy on the phone with an apparent friend or relative. I don’t feel bad for her in the least. John Paul hates this man and will go to all lengths to make him look bad. That’s fine. This is his website and he has plenty of moronic followers that have their tongues hanging out waiting for his next masterpiece. Follow him down that lonely and dark path to Getalife Avenue!

    • No secretary in their right mind is going to talk shit on their boss, while he’s there and on company time. They have to put on a good facade, for fear of losing their jobs.
      So tell us this, were YOU one of the $1 special permit recipients? Is that why you’re so quick to jump to Georgie’s defense? I’ll bet you were…..

      • You are dealing with a nut that you can here him yelling from his office you would be stupid to say anything or you could be the next John Paul looking at his gun.The ladies are smart to his shit stay out of his way he and his blondes are realy good at sinking there self they are probably working on a way out for the sherrif for this one as normal thay will fuck up.Just remember be strong ladies and the clock is ticking and those in the office that have the balls to stand up for yourself good job and let the law correct it.As for you Sheriff YOU ARE A BIG MOUTH LOOSER WITH NO BALLS AND PICKS ON WOMEN YOU NEED HELP.

    • @Rochester Sucks: I posted some information about elected official accountability and recall legislation, namely House Bill 1680, in the Discussion section (the reference to H.B. 1620 is an error, if it has not been deleted). Other than that, you can call those people you mention, but I’m not sure that it would have an effect upon them, or, whether they could even act upon the information. My guess is that they already know plenty about this matter, including the sponsors of the above bill.

      There are some promising signs, though, in that some officials, like the Commissioners in the recent hearing, and the secretaries, are beginning to challenge George David and legally call him on these matters. Resistance is increasing, and it’s not just talk anymore. I get the feeling that more is happening behind the scenes by people than we know about. The Sheriff is gumming up the works royally and materially hurting people, and officials and private parties are starting to resist that. Like some of these other officials or not, he is getting in their way, and they are seemingly opposing it.

      The short term legal challenges might be more effective in these matters now than the long term action though recall, although I believe that recall is the best way to get rid of this Sheriff and other corrupt elected officials once and for all. This matter with the Sheriff will provide an excellent trial run for finding a solution, even if the problem is here to stay with us for awhile.

      A real opportunity exist for the Commissioners to come back fighting, if they have not “settled their differences” with the Sheriff, like squabbling school children (as the judge would have us believe), in 30 days at the next hearing and put the facts and testimony on the table for the judge, something they could not do on Monday, 1/13/2014. If he doesn’t buy it or allow it, there will at least be a precedent for future opposition to the Deputy patrols. It might be another travesty of courtroom justice, but it bears watching.

  30. By the way….. There is so much corruption in this county and just because the sheriff isn’t a yes man and refuses to go along with the corruption isn’t a good reason to attack him. You people who really believe this crap need to open your eyes and get to know what’s really going on.stop being sheeple

    • @Christina Cujas Boothe: “…the sheriff isn’t a yes man and refuses to go along with the corruption…” Please tell us exactly what he is not saying “Yes” to, and what the nature of the “corruption” is that he refuses to go along with. As one of the sheeple, I am all ears.

    • The sad thing is, the sheriff is the source of most of the corruption…..

      You need to open your eyes and clean out your ears, and listen and watch, and not just accept and swallow down whatever the people in power tell you to, sweetie.
      Poor Christina, just one more sheep in Georgie’s flock….

  31. Christina: No comments have been deleted from this post, and you will find many that were made in support of the Sheriff. We are proud to offer a forum for open debate in Beaver County.

  32. This isn’t a welcome mat for debate. People like nikki p attack anyone that doesn’t support her comments. This sheriff is no worse than the other politicians. He’s under a microscope so everything he does or doesn’t do is blasted on this site.

    • MoeJouser: It depends upon who is setting out the mat. Pick and choose. God help us if the Sheriff is no worse than his fellows. He put himself under this microscope. If the other politicians in the courthouse start calling their office staff by the same names, I am sure that they will fit under this microscope too.

    • Whoa there…..I didn’t attack you. I responded to your comment, where YOU were attacking MULTIPLE people here on the site.
      I asked you a valid question, which you declined to answer. Where I was respectful to you, AFTER you called us all “moronic followers”….

      Trust me, if I “attack” you, you’d damn well know it. Nothing that I’ve said above this comment was a personal attack on you.
      I don’t attack anyone that doesn’t support my comments. I state my opposition to what they may have to say, and I welcome a response. That, my friend, is the definition of DEBATE.
      Quit trying to bait me into a fight. It won’t work. Sorry.

      • It is really sad when arguments in favor of the sheriff get replied to, the people taking his side claim that people are attacking them. Ive seen nothing but civil comments by Nikki concerning this matter, so how is that a personal attack?

  33. Were you there to witness it? Of course not. It’s a perfect time for everyone to jump on the bandwagon and cry foul. This is nothing new. In fact, it’s human nature! Everyone loves being a victim!


  35. If things were SO bad for the, and I’m going to be PC here, administrative assistants to have to go on anti-anxiety medications…why not just resign? Easy for me to say because I don’t work for the county and get awesome benefits and 15 (YES 15!!) holidays a year (probably the reason the majority stay working for GD). There are 2 sides to every coin. I’m not sticking up for GD in any way, shape, or form nor do I condone workplace harassment; but when your mental health starts to suffer due to your job, it’s time to start looking for options. And yes I know the job market in the Beav is horrendous but come on, I’d rather be flipping 35 cent pancakes at the Hot Dog Shoppe than going to a job where I hated life everyday.

  36. If this is true it is only a matter of time before someone from this department injures or kills a member of the public they are sworn to protect in a pique of “roid rage”. It is time we let our representatives know that we will hold them responsible, electorally and, if necessary, criminally, for dereliction of their oath of office. There needs to be an independent investigation NOW. In any private organization accusations of this severity would warrant removal pending investigation or trial. I expect the same standard to apply to our public officials. Indeed I expect our public servants to be held to a higher standard than private citizens. After all, Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion.

  37. Nikki p of course I paid the proper fee. I have witnessed enough of your “debates” to realize what you are so no, I do not want to talk to you or breath the same air as you.

    • Good for you for claiming that you paid what was owed. I particularly enjoy the fact that you “realize what I am”, which could only mean that you know that you wouldn’t stand a chance in a debate with me. It’s ok, I am capable of feeling pity for people, such as yourself.
      Also, glad you don’t want to talk to me, but you might want to check about the “breath”ing thing….

      For your information, the correct word is “breathe”. “Breath” is the intake or expelling of air from the lungs.

      The more you know…..

      • Also, I figured that since you had an expectation of me being a bitch, I might as well have played into it for you.

  38. The real question is, has Georgie removed the pictures of him and the commissioners that are on his desk? As seen in the above picture. Pr0bably not. Why?? He has so much shit on them that if they turn completely on him, theyre all headed to court. They may make public statements somewhat against him, but they probably call him immediately and tell him that theyre just doing what they have to do to.

  39. Jack, that’s a very good and quite intelligent hypothesis. Unlike most of the comments on here. “Hang him” pretty much sums up about 80% of the posts. There’s way more going on then what’s being chosen to report or make up.

  40. Can anyone fill me in on who this guy is in bed with? I am new to this area and want to know who the bad guys are. Time to take them out at the ballot box or with other means

  41. @Tyler Fleming: Excellent question. I am sure that a police station kind of crime tree board could be laid out, but realize that the roots are deep, the branches are many and the leaves are more plentiful still. It is not just George David’s “bed partners”; it is county-wide with statewide connections. It is a defacto “organized crime”. It is tied into the Beaver Valley immigrant working class culture mentality that had its beginnings in the steel mills a century ago. Saying this might piss some people off, but the evolution of some people from that is almost undeniable. Many who became successful, valuable members of this society arose from that origen, but so too did some uneducated, ignorant, survival-oriented, kick-ass punks who persist to this day. And that is who we are dealing with here.

  42. @Tyler Fleming: “…Time to take them out at the ballot box…” Good luck. Ask yourself, “Who would vote for a candidate like George David?” The answer — bikers, fellow department Deputies, families and friends, military people, Second Amendment voters, friends he grew up with in Aliquippa, political and business buddies and those whom he has dirt on or influence over. Considering that the office is won by a few thousand out of almost 20,000 possible votes, and only a couple hundred deciding votes, it is obvious that many “average” Beaver County voters stay home at election time and let the chips fall where they may. Talk to those people. They are the ones who hold the office in their hands. It is not a done deal to give up on. Some of them bitch about it here, but do not show up at election time. Go figure.

  43. first off don’t like the man and his Aliquippa cronies but he deserves his day or days as it seems every day something new pops up in court then if found guilty which I believe he is then should be impeached right now until it all sorts out he should be on a paid leave and not allowed to be in the courthouse.



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