Beaver County Sheriff George David
Sheriff George David / photo by John Paul

Sheriff George David was caught racking a long gun in the criminal division of his office in direct violation of his bond, according to court documents filed this week in the criminal case against him.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office filed a motion on Monday asking Mercer County Senior Judge Francis J. Fornelli to revoke Sheriff David’s bond.

In response to a previous bond violation by Sheriff David, Judge Fornelli had ordered that David “shall not be physically present” in the criminal division of his office where two of his alleged victims, Lieutenant Ochs and Sergeant Tibolet, both work. Other provisions of David’s bond forbid him from carrying or being in constructive possession of a firearm.

According to a motion filed by the Attorney General’s Office, on March 24th Sheriff David crossed over into the criminal division of his office. David then entered the Sheriff’s Department Armory when a witness began to hear the racking of a long gun and saw him in possession of a firearm.

Both Lieutenant Ochs and Sergeant Tibolet were present in the criminal division side of the Sheriff’s Office at the time.

The motion does not specify why Sheriff David was allegedly in possession of the firearm.

Judge Fornelli has set a bond revocation hearing for April 14th which could potentially result in Sheriff David’s incarceration until July 28th, the date tentatively set for his trial.

According to multiple courthouse sources, Sheriff David has blamed his secretaries for informing the Pennsylvania State Police about his alleged bond violations. Without first notifying the County Commissioners, David attempted to have a wall constructed in his office this week to further insulate himself from his own secretaries. The county has prevented the construction of that wall, according to Beaver County Solicitor Joseph Askar.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  1. Georgie what did mommy tell you about playing with guns in the court house?  Bad Georgie!  BAD!  No cookie for you!

  2. Don’t you get it? He’s a bully. He’s gotten away with it for so long that he knows no other behavior. If the judge doesn’t revoke his bond during the April 14th hearing, there is something wrong. Frankly, I am tired of seeing this endless barrage of stories about him. He’s a punk.

  3. Honestly……I see this becoming a story of Mr David snapping the F^&K out and hurting some folks before its over. And of course before his revocation hearing. I see no way out for this fool, and if he sees it the same way…..he will be going out with more than a few bangs!

  4. Why hasn’t any law enforcement officer (the courthouse is full of them) taken George David by the hand, handcuffed him and then take him directly to jail? I thought that when someone is out on bail they must follow the rules of bail and if they violate the rules are taken to jail. At least that is what I have seen in the past.  Put this idiot in jail before someone gets hurt.  This guy is a loaded weapon and he can go off at any minute. I hope someone in law enforcement with balls will put him in jail.

  5. Haha wow, wat a shithead. Does this guy purposely just try to make the headlines now? Constantly breaking the law when hes suppose to be defending it. Hes a bully who needs to be put in his place an removed from his position!! You Mr David are a disgrace to law enforcement and Beaver County in general!

  6. The Georgie bashing continues unabated.  George is a good man and a top notch law enforcement officer.  I’d vote for him again in a milasecond.

    • You are a special kind of stupid, for even admitting that you would vote for that clown again. BTW, it’s spelled “millisecond” dumbass. Now we know why he wants a wall built. “What we’re dealing with here is a complete lack of respect of the law.” Sheriff Buford T. Justice

  7. Sadly, I believe we’ll be seeing the courthouse in the news again, and not for anything good. Personally, I believe he is purposely violating as many stipulations of his bond as possible just to see how much he can get away with before (and IF) they will violate him and toss him in jail. He’s so used to the courthouse and his office being his own private kingdom that he really doesn’t know how to act. He’s a blight on Beaver County, one that needs to be removed, and with force, if necessary.

  8. I have never heard of any law enforcement person acting in such an unprofessional manner. I guess when he was bashing his cousin he must of thought he was making a statement. WOW talk about karma. I guess Deputy Joe David was not the bad guy here. I am sorry that I believed the Sheriff was truly doing the right thing when he was reprimanding his cousin. This really changed my mind. He is the bad guy here.

    • Not True  As bad as this is George was right in the actions against his cousin. Joey is as big  a piece of shit as there is

      • Who’s a piece of shit? I would love to see you tell Joey that in person. George was afraid that Joey might over power him. Your thoughts SUCK !

  9. There  must be some way to get this clown out of office and out of the court house.  Surely his behavior goes far beyond the limits of justice.

    • James Young..I thought the same thing about how Chief Harper was literally crucified for the crime(s) he committed, and even tho embezzlement and whatever else he was charged with was a crime, what George David has done and continues to do is 10 times worse. Where in the hell is the Media coverage about his crimes, especially this one? Where’s Amy Marcinkowitz from Channel 11, she usually covers stuff like this? It’s time Beaver County “grows a pair” and gets this useless, do nothing Sheriff out of the Courthouse, before he seriously hurts someone! Let’s just hope Judge Fornelli does the right thing… revokes his bond and incarcerates him until his trial in July!!! Enough is enough!!!

  10. This is reminiscent of the Dixie Mafia back in the 1960’s and 1970’s in Biloxi Ms., the State Line Mob and corrupt law enforcement.

  11. I agree, I am big enough to say I was wrong about deputy David,someone told me he was a good cop for a lot of years and never had no problems until the sheriff came into office. Jackson you must have a personal problem with him,which is not what this is about. My information was told to me from another respected law enforcement officer.

    • Forgot about the MPI Club incident already, did you? You know, when Joey and JohnJoe got DRUNK on duty and let a civilian drive the Sheriffs car to JohnJoe’s house, and Joey let some slut wear his duty belt with a loaded GUN. I don’t always agree with Jackson4570, but he is spot on with his comment.

      • We finally agree! What about the house he set on fire next to the Sons of Italy  How about riding his truck through yards in Hopewell the night Gene Coon was arrested  Big cover up. Hopewell police called down to Aliquippa for his father to come up and take car of it An aliquippa police car was wrecked trying to stop him  I could go on and on

  12. Well, now Sheriff George David is telegraphing his future moves. Act now, Mercer County Senior Judge Francis J. Fornelli, because very important people in very high places will be asking many damning questions when this guy goes into his final meltdown and makes national news. The focus shifts from the mentally ill criminal to those who could have stopped him. What would the excuses be? That there wasn’t  the fortitude to make a hard call? That help is three hours away? And this is not a matter to be decided by a vicarious phone call. It really does make a difference to see the squirming and scheming of the defense attorneys as they cop out with more smoke and mirror word games as before. A HUGE transparent disconnect in conversational understanding was created at the contempt hearing, because of a weak, confusing phone call which was exploited by the defense. It was laughable. Yes, these are very serious matters, as was agreed regarding contempt accusations, and now is the time to take them seriously, before they get completely out of control.

  13. Food for thought-look what happened yesterday at Fort Hood. People that know George David also know that he’c capable of following in the footsteps of a murderer. Everyone beware !

    • Yes, sd, and consider that many, if not most, of the recent mass shooting and bombing murderers and maimers did not give warnings that approach the bizarre actions of this guy. The warnings of some of the commenters here are not Chicken Little scare tactics.The canary in the Sheriff’s office mine shaft is already dead, and some people think it is just sleeping. Metaphors aside, if he harms just himself, so be it, but if he harms another person, that would be inexcusable. 

  14. Thought this was about George David? I don’t see anywhere in the article where Joey David’s name appears! Why was his name brought into this, especially by someone that doesn’t even know him personally! Good or bad, there was no reason to stir the pot! You people are hungry to bash another human being, thrive on drama, get a life! I’m sure you all have skeletons in your closet too! Don’t judge you don’t have the right! Oh but I guess your perfect? Lol….no your not! Pathetic!

  15. The words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who said, “The problem is not so much the evil people who are killing and destroying this world, it’s the appalling silence of the good people.”

     A rally on the court house steps will speed up the process of impeachment or at least assure that his bond is revoked at the hearing. All this lip-service you people do under every article about this clown is doing nothing. I can see Cpt. Crunch at his desk whacking off to your comments about him. He’s got you bullied too. He knows he’s fine as long as you sheep are just going to take potshots at him from behind a computer screen. Show up on the court house commons with a couple signs, he might just resign. At most, you’ll give up a couple hours of your time. I’m gonna quote the dearly departed Dr. King again, who gave up his life fighting for a worthy cause: See my opening paragraph above.

    • I attend the hearings. That’s not a rally on the Courthouse steps, but it’s at least a sign that I care. When you sit in a courtroom, people see you and take notice that your are there. And believe me, if a lot of people sat in the courtroom, they would care a lot. See you on the 14th. 

      • Vondel since you like quotes, here is on that applies to sheriff David. “Half the lies the tell about me are not true…Yogi Berra

  16. This douche bag is so freaking stupid. He knows the Judge does not have the balls to violate him so why should he not intimidate everyone. What a buffoon.

      • So lets put our money where our mouth is there Vondell. I’m guessing you must either be independently wealthy or a unemployed job searching productive member of society (sarcasm) where you can afford to allocate time for every worthwhile cause….big or small to bring awareness to the obvious lack of elected officials ability to perform their job. The job WE PAY TAXES to cover their livelihood. But hey….I got a good job with some vacation time…….so if you would like to organize some get together at the courthouse to bring some awareness to the “people”, let me know. I got the posterboard and markers ready. Or we can all sit here behind our computers and keep expecting our paid government officials to do their fuckin job. I think ill stay here because honestly, I’m one of those who believe I don’t make a difference. When I see shit like this…..I know its true. 

      • It’s cool, Signed. Think about only yourself, and the couple dollars you might miss out on for a couple hours fighting a worthy cause. Your sarcasm seems more like ignorance no that you’ve tried to expound. People like you will be the reason Georgie is reelected if he decides to run again. If your job was as good paying as you say it is, a couple hours wouldn’t matter, or you could take a sick day. A fake screen name usually means a fake persona. Yours is a case in point.

        BC_Democrat, did you reregister at the sexual predator registration office yet you baby raping homo?

      • oh Vondell. My username is funny. unless you are 20 nothing and don’t get the joke. Its not to hide.  Dumbass. I’m a real person in real life, but nobody gives a rats ass about who I am in real life here. why does it matter? If you took the time to read my comment, you would understand my bitch is not about taking time to protest the very thing these dickwhads are getting paid to do. Its about what is right in the first place. And if you think standing out in front of the courthouse is going to do anything… my guest. I’ll take a few hours off of my job (which I did mention is good and allocates a nice amount of time off) and bring you lunch and hang out to see how its going.  

      • vondel. still hustling I see. Tawana Brawley said it best. “Why everyone try to manipsnate me fo?”

  17. Ok, here’s something to think about:
    He went into an area that is off limits to him, because two of his victims work in it, playing with a gun…..WHY WAS HE NOT ARRESTED AND CHARGED WITH WITNESS INTIMIDATION?????

  18. Could someone (JP maybe) compile a timeline of “issues  dealing with our sheriff to get a better understanding of his past record.

    • I started making a chart of the interconnections of the people who have graced these pages. It’s not easy. And it had to be only documented activities, not rumor or hearsay. An archives search would help, but I don;t think one is available. The links given in the stories help. I wasn’t interested in just George David, although that would be much easier as just a sequence of events. When I started charting all the interconnections, it turned out to be much more extensive than I originally thought. And, it’s very time consuming. If it becomes accurate and worthwhile, I’ll put it in the Discussion section for people to review and revise or add to, with John Paul’s permission. Or, someone else can start one. 

    • Go to the Facebook page of the Beaver Countian and scroll back to its launching in January 9, 2011. Things are “calm” for awhile until J.D.Prose of the Beaver County Times gets under the Sheriff’s skin, asking about expenditures, and the Sheriff starts to rant against him. Then, the Sheriff sale notices are pulled from the Times, a campaign worker is threatened with having his hands eaten, the Sheriff waves his gun at John Paul and others in an interview, the Commissioners take action against the Sheriff, and things get hot and heavy rather fast. Problems surrounding the Sheriff did not start then, but publicity allowed them to now be widely known. After that, other stories are published and include more and more of the background material that involves more people, places, times and events. It was all there, just waiting to be discovered and publicized. To answer those persistent few who think that John Paul started a personal agenda of biased Sheriff coverage — it just isn’t true, and the history of the matters shows that. John Paul and the Beaver Countian have cast light on the dark areas where the rats are nesting, and that has sent them scurrying for cover ever since. 

  19. Holy hear say! Is it just me or will J.P. write anything he hears about George David? What proof has he provided in these stories? Yet most of you people wanna lock him up & throw away the key. It’s sad how quickly y’all are rushing to judge him over hear say.

    I heard J.P.’s next story is about how the sheriff picked his nose & ate it! REVOKE HIS BOND!!!!!

  20. Lol lol lol wait….lol

    This is going to be priceless……

    They are going to have a strip ticket and base it on the lottery the night before,to see who wins the right to cuff, escort and transport his ass To jail.

  21. Living all my life in Beaver County I have come to this conclusion, George David will not spend a day locked up. He will finish his term as sheriff, hopefully will not be reelected (unless the sheep somehow vote him back in) and spend his remaining days on earth bullying anyone he comes in contact with. His punishment will happen after his death where no amount of fake church attendance will help him.

  22. Does anyone have the George David hearing time and courtroom for Monday, 4/14/14, if it has not been cancelled? I can’t find it online. I assume it to be 9 A.M.

    • The Bond Revocation Hearing will take place as scheduled on Monday (4/14/14) starting at 10:30am in Courtroom 1.  
      This hearing will be open to the public.

  23. Today is the day we will see if Judge Fornelli has had enough of George David!! If it’s another “slap on the wrist”, something is TERRIBLY WRONG!!! 

    • As much as I should love to have faith in the “justice system”, I won’t be holding my breath. It would take a miracle for the sheriff’s bond to be revoked…..



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