Beaver County Sheriff George David’s brother was ambushed outside of his home in Center and robbed of thousands of dollars he was carrying in a bag, according to multiple sources. Sources say the bag also allegedly contained what are being described as “documents” or “books.” The bag was later found burning in Aliquippa.

Sources, who spoke on condition they not be quoted by name, tell the Beaver Countian that Morris “Maury” David, age 66, was entering his home in Center Twp around 11pm on December 19th, when he was struck from behind by an unknown male. Sources say it is believed the man was lying in wait for David. The assailant then reportedly took the bag David was carrying, containing the money and “documents”, and ran into the woods. The bag was later found by police burning on a street in Aliquippa. The money was not recovered. David is said to have suffered several lacerations as a result of the attack.

Center Township Police Chief Barry Kramer confirmed that his department was investigating an incident involving Morris David. “We are still looking into some matters, and hope to get this case resolved.” Chief Kramer said David was unable to provide a good description of his attacker.

The case is being investigated by part-time Center Twp Officer Rodney Biskup, who was first to respond on scene the night of the attack. Biskup also works as a part-time Deputy for the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office.

Attempts to reach Morris David for comment were unsuccessful.


  1. Was he carrying his lunch money in a bag. Maybe the sheriff could lend him one of his deputies (since he has so many) for protection after all he has been protecting him for years.

  2. Ah remember the Act111 , that said this had a chance of going deeper than just a grand jury in the sheriff?

    Yeah I do and everything that’s been said has happen I feel bad for the deputies that try to cover for him,I think a criminal trial will be for mute than just one in sheriff dept. But now comes the gambling and drug rumors of family connections with laundering also good job Georgie

  3. Say it ain’t so….

    I heard a rumor about this and asked people around morry some that didn’t like him too, it was hush hush few said this shit got to stop or a lot of peeps going to get hit

    Lol wait till they check into the Dr.Mo code he is on the medical license for a doctor office as office manager he can’t spell doctor, why to ensure he got paid back , check the methadone clinic, and property this is going drop and good wait till the connections to dope come up and the backing and who all is involved.

    Years of head shaking and whispers coming to a head

    And sarine law enforcement going to get smacked too

  4. I find it extremely amusing that in the course of 2 years John Paul probably has over 50 sources calling him with dirt on the Sheriff. I’m sure it’s overwhelming for him and he has to weed out the more ridiculous tips that people feed him.

    But it does go to show that the Sheriff’s fan club is based on fear and the threat of paybacks. How hard can this guy fall?


  6. @ mvee , I don’t recall to many times seeing anonymous sources with the sheriff

    But any that where, either way they have been proven true, most by people that serve him.

    In this story Barry Kramer the chief of Center Township police department is confirming the story.

    You my friend must be a fluffer, so get back on your knees.

  7. @mvee sorry after reading some of your comments I sense sarcasm, and thought for a moment you may be a planted fluffer of GD.

    And @joe919, he ripped and made fun of you called you charity ashamed of you, and fought to get rid of you, but kept someone else that tried and did fuck you over, happy new year.

  8. They are all dirty….from Hopewell to Aliq to Beaver and all in between. (Especially the dirty courthouse that should FIRST be cleaned of detectives, investigators and Judges.) BC is just a big inbred society of legal gang type criminals. It’s my personal opinion that GD is evil and a top notch wacko but, not any worse than his counter parts.Any azzhole with a speck of brain knows it’s always been this Italian/Lebanese thing going on. I’m still hoping GD goes into a witness protection program and turns States Evidence and blows BC up in a way it never has been before. ( including ALL the dirt on fixed convictions in the County….all the set ups and pay offs) He (GD) , needs to finally step down and do the right thing. I think the old man is terrified now and his badazz status is kapoot! I’m just wishing he confesses his own crimes and sins along with his participation in organized crime here in the county…….it’s what he needs to do, forgiveness and leniency for his own involvement can bring the ‘other side’ down for once and for all. Beaver County needs cleansed CORRECTLY. GD could come out a tarnished hero….he has the ability to take alot of people down, and should…..disclaimer: this is all just my personal opinion which in America I still have a right to. I am not accusing any one person directly of ANTHING! I just wish the man would be a man and do the right thing with no fear. His testimonies against B C corruption and organized crime, well lets just say ….could and should bust it all open atlast. Personally, I would like to see the ‘familia’ go down. ~All those Angels with Dirty Faces~ 🙂

  9. I haven’t lived in BC for yrs now. No one HAS to live in that hell hole. Well, just God Bless the people who haven’t made it out yet….or are too stupid to realize that their own ignorance is what keeps feeding the Beast.

  10. Rumor has it the sherrif has one of his deputy’s working on the case on county time instead of letting the local police handle it. Beaver county deputy’s arent even allowed to investigate are they ?

  11. COURT ORDERS issued by judges , commssioners love them or hate them telling him he cant do certain kinds of work, laws that are clear in black and white, finacial people telling him not to do certain things but ….. he still does what he wants and now his brother gets mugged LOL LOL LOL morry has been mugging people clear back to the brass monkey days…

    hell he brags everywhere how much cash he spends on kids ex husbands that stole and spent money from him, doctors that he bails out of tax woes, FAT women he took to atlantic city and spent to much and always have problems needing cash, backing restaurants, giving cash to golf courses, buying property with other people and not getting paid , getting free healthcare on a company of someone he hates but they owe him big bucks, chuckie not paying him what he actually lost every week, paying cash for property, every one being called a dirty cockroach..

    yeah we have heard it all every morning for years some of us had to wait on you and your filthy cop brother, strangers he would be nice too and sweet people that had to deal with either of them where treated like shit. more so cause you wouldnt give them time a day in that way.

    i hope all of it comes out sounds like the sheriff going to the slammer, and some other going with him

  12. OHHH they laugh behind your backs when your not around saying one is a dirtball sleaze, the other is so tight he cant pass gas, and both are dumb as dumb gets

    it was a matter of time his shit would catch him, should of got him when he with held eveidence in a murder trial, hopefully justice will get served for the true culprits in little jimmy getting slain trying to do the right thing, but some family was getting nervous i hear, wellllllll some other family need justice and closure

    • Boy I wonder if that’s really true. It seems they never caught the real killer? Who would have thought?

      It seems there are some real dark secrets in the Quip. Secrets about to be unleashed.

      If this plays out like the crime novel it appears to be I am going to get a tour going in aliquippa of all the hot spots.

      I bet this could be segment on 20/20 if it’s juicy enough. Just think this could make the county famous. It might end up better than the cracker plant. The tourism dollars will be rolling in!



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