A video secretly recorded in the Sheriff’s Office on Monday may show Sheriff George David violating a state statute he was warned about just days before by the Pennsylvania Department Of The Auditor General, according to multiple sources within the courthouse.

The video, which was provided to the Beaver Countian by a confidential source, begins with a man identified as Midland Constable Raymond Dushac entering the Sheriff’s Office. Dushac tells a secretary he is there to renew his concealed carry permit, and asks to speak to Sheriff David. The Sheriff comes out and greets the man a short time later, and the two can be heard discussing David’s criminal charges and pending trial.

“Listen, if you need a character witness just let me know […] I think I’d be a good reference,” Dushac tells David. David thanked Dushac, who he had previously referred to as his “buddy,” and later told him he never threatened anyone and doesn’t even cuss. David went on to criticize reporting about him by the Beaver County Times.

The two men also briefly discussed business dealings being conducted by Sheriff David’s brother Morry David, and local real estate tycoon Charles “Chucky” Betters. David mentioned he had an unspecified financial interest in some of those dealings.

David can be seen on the video taking the concealed carry form from Dushac and giving it to one of his secretaries.

Permit application fees are to be $20 as dictated by statute, with $1 going to a state modernization fund, and $19 going into a county account. A recent audit conducted by the Pennsylvania Department Of The Auditor General showed that David had been undercharging select individuals over the past four years, in some cases sending the state their $1 but collecting little or nothing for the county treasury. State Auditors issued a written warning to Sheriff David, which he sign on July 19th, noting that “The fees charged for gun permits must be according to statute. Free permits are not allowed.”

But David had Dushac’s permit application processed for just $1 anyway, over the objection of a staff member in his office, and in apparent violation of the state statute he was warned about just days before by the Auditor General’s Office.

The Beaver Countian was unable to ascertain how much revenue local taxpayers may have lost in permit fees since David took office.

The video was provided to the Beaver Countian hours after it was recorded, with this publication having no prior knowledge it was being made. The Beaver Countian considers the individual who provided the recording a confidential journalistic source for an investigative report, although the source understands that due to the limited number of people in the area at the time, their anonymity could be in jeopardy.

“If there’s anything that I could do to help expose the Sheriff’s misdeeds, I’m going to do it,” said the source.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  1. Give the man enough rope, and he’ll hang himself. You would have thought that he would have been toeing the line, but obviously, he is thicker than some people thought.
    How much more bullshit is the county going to have to take??

  2. It one thing to bring your brother down but your so called friend chucky betters he didn’t see that one coming. Dose this mean we get a rebait on permit can’t wait for mine.

  3. I agree Nikki P. but we’re talking about the infamous Georgie David! With this incident, maybe the County won’t have to deal with him much longer! We can only hope.. :erm:

  4. Kinda miss hearing about news other than our cartoon of a Sheriff David P. Coletrain…..The Beaver Countian is a great source, but needs to start moving onto other important county news as well 🙂 Keep up the good work Mr. Paul….spread yourself out some

    • He can be sued in his personal and professional capacity both and be charged criminally under Title 18 and forced to pay restitution, Spike

    • Posting of the video would provide perspective of location of the camera, therefore increasing the likelihood of identifying the source. I certainly can understand not wanting to provide that information.

  5. Enough already.
    Why hasn’t the state ethics commission been brought in to get rid of David.
    Enough has been brought out even without the outcome of a criminal investigation, that the ethics commission could remove him from office right now…
    What is the hold up already???

  6. ding mother fucking dong once again the sheriff shoots himself in the foot again(no pund intended) so he is using his office for political gain? seems that way and he can’t claim he didn’t know this is getting old sound like he is in fringing on thin line of violating his bond.

    now he name dropping his family and making ties to them publicly he is reckless

  7. John Paul, One of the ways you can protect your moles is have them mail you things so you don’t know who sent it. Then they can call you on the phone and block their number if they need to explain as some judges have actually held people in contempt for not telling but they cannot make you tell something you do not know. Ministers priests and lawyers have been held in contempt and jailed because they wouldn’t tell but eventually some do as no one likes jail. Your whole system should be made to protect you and the moles both. People are afraid to speak so you must show them they will be protected no matter what. Then the court would have to prove you have names but you will have none. I rest my case. You are young, ask older people questions and listen. Raven on line has lots of knowledge and brains both as do a couple others, Lots of people will help as you have done more in a year to help the corruption problem in Beaver County than has been done in the last hundred. You don’t know how many times I have asked myself why didn’t i think of it? It was right in front of us all but you saw it and none of us did. Take advantage of the wisdom that surrounds you so your idea can be fine tuned.and prosper. The Wright brothers flew but thousands of others worked off their idea and 75 years later we were on the moon. You are finally doing the job the Times should have been doing for years but they are in bed with the bad guys. Grow in your power and speak young man speak. Every one out their Join and give John Paul the money he needs to keep this going and build as this is for us all. And for Gods sake when you see him pat him on the back as he lives in a world where he is surrounded by a lot of bad people If anyone deserves to do well from his idea it is him. And its not like he is some tuff street kid used to just standing up and fighting. I know he gets scared but he guts his way through for us. Know how hard that is for most people? Put yourself in his place. How many of you could deal with some idiot putting a gun to your head and still stand strong. I keep hearing he is gay well so what, he is gay and stronger than 99% of us. He can sit in my foxhole any time he wants gay or not. Now I will not be kissing him but I will take him as a warrior as that is what he is. The fact is he is a very brave man. He is worth at least 500 Sheriff Davids in my opinion. SUPPORT HIM WITH YOUR MONEY AND YOUR MOUTH. Semper Fi Spike

  8. If he isn’t collecting the county’s portion of the registration fee, doesn’t this constitute theft? Is there a reason that the county can’t have criminal charges filed against him for essentially stealing county revenue?

    • the county wont do anything because district attorney tony b is a gutless coward who is afraid of the sheriff and his friends

      • The District Attorney filed all the charges against the Sheriff through the AG did he not? Spike

  9. The question I’m about to pose SHOULD NOT be seen in any way as an attempt to defend the Sheriff. I am aware, as are most informed Beaver County residents, of the Sheriff’s misdeeds as reported by John Paul. I want to preface my concern by advising that I believe the criminal allegations brought against the Sheriff are true and I’m confident a Beaver County jury will too in the very near future.

    Now to my concern… Why is there audio with this surveillance video? Having been Wiretap Class A Certified in my previous position in law enforcement I’m aware that this is a violation of the law, a felony I might add. Now this can be averted if a sign is posted clearly advising that conversations held on the premise are being recorded via an audio recording devise. Clearly this is a location where an individual might come in to discreetly provide information as to the location of a wanted fugitive, report a crime, provide sensitive biographical information, etc…, during which the individual would have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Barring public notification by a conspicuous sign I believe it is quite probable that a felony has been committed.

    Furthermore if we’re talking about a county surveillance system recording audio under the circumstance I’ve expressed concern about, well John Paul you’ve got your next story. However, if this was a surreptitiously produced video made by a staffer both they, for producing it, and you John Paul, for reporting what was said, could be prosecuted criminally.

    I truly hope that my concerns are unwarranted and that everything captured both on video and via audio were done lawfully. I believe the work that John Paul has been doing, in an area bereft of an investigative press, has been sorely needed and I commend him for his diligent reporting. I also feel for the honest, hardworking staff and Deputies who have been forced to work under the conditions we, the public, are only now learning about.

    In closing I’d like to point out that I’ve posted this using my name because I feel a responsibility to stand behind anything I post. This is a personal choice as I certainly DO NOT have a problem with an honest, respectfully composed anonymous post. For those in law enforcement in Beaver County they’ll know who I am as I worked here for 20 years prior to my retirement. If I erred in any way expressing my concerns I welcome your input I only ask that you do so with respect. I managed to compose five paragraphs without using a single obscenity while expressing my concerns and my belief that the allegations made against the Sheriff are true. I’m not sure about others but I tend to scroll past the obscenity laden attack rants which negates the purpose for posting them in the first place.

    • Uh-oh, Looks like the sheriff isn’t the only one that has broken the Law! You know damn well G.D. WILL PRESS CHARGES

      • Can’t no reasonable expectation of privacy exists if one is committing a crime. Spike

    • I am not going to speak for my source or their actions at this time, but I will respond as your comment relates to my reporting:

      “if this was a surreptitiously produced video made by a staffer both they, for producing it, and you John Paul, for reporting what was said, could be prosecuted criminally.”

      I would refer you to the 2001 United State Supreme Court decision in the matter of Bartnicki v. Vopper, which originated in Pennsylvania.

      This reporting is lawfully protected speech.


      “Bartnicki v. Vopper, 532 U.S. 514 (2001), is a United States Supreme Court case relieving a media defendant of liability for broadcasting a taped conversation of a labor official talking to other union people about a teachers’ strike. The parties stipulated that the taped conversation had been illegally obtained by an intercept in violation of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. The Court held the radio station not liable because the radio station itself did nothing illegal to obtain the tape. The case stands for the rule that media defendants are not liable even if a third party violated the law.”

      • United States v. Stevens touched on criminal liability as well. I have been well advised, and am confident of the ground I’m standing on, as it is solid.

      • So I blow a ton of holes in your, Bartnicki v. Vopper logic & you come back with some U.S. vs Stevens B.S.! It’s quite clear you have no clue what you just got yourself into!

        I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to seeing your picture in midweek mugshots…

      • You didn’t blow holes in anything, both cases are relevant to this situation. As you are an internet troll, and not a legal expert, you are failing to grasp the concepts involved.

        I hate to break it to you, but I have broken no laws with my reporting.

        Thanks for being a reader of the Beaver Countian. :thumbsup:

      • JP This case shows immunity for an illegal taping the one you have is legal. Spike

    • Every single thing you have written is in compliance with the law however you forgot to take into account the Sheriff was recorded in the commission of a crime which removes his right to a reasonable expectation of privacy. Spike

  10. Just the fact the you’re arguing with me is a clear sign that you’re scared! Puff your chest out & defend yourself. It amuses me almost as much as when our “Beloved” does it.

    Birds of a feather, fucking flock…

    • I am responding because these are important topics about freedom of speech and a free and open press — I believe the public needs to be accurately informed and educated about the issues involved.

    • “yes, your honor, the evidence I present against the defendant, John Paul, is that he argued with me in the comments section of his website. The prosecution rests”.
      – avi

  11. Sherii David, I hope that this isn’t the same constable Ray Duschac that along with two other constables , back in 1972, entered the Aliq. police department with a warrant for an Aliq. police officer. Upon serving it in front of a no good assistant chief, brutally attacked hin. He was beaten with black jacks splattering the office with his blood, hand cuffed behind his back and dragged out of the station. Then instead of taking him to the Aliq. hospital, they took him to the Rochester E.R threatening to throw him over the bridge while still hand cuffed. The E.R. nurses were later interviewed and stated that “it looked like a dog that they were dragging in”. Duschac along with one other constable were charged and found guilty, they also served jail time. All this occured as you were on the department. Please tell us that you’re not condoning this man carrying a weapon and then giving him a break on his permit ! And you call him your “buddy” ? Say it isn’t him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Good Job SD. If you are correct and he was convicted of a crime he cannot even own a firearm let alone carry one. Are you reasonably sure about this? If you are I will get this information to the AG. A lot of information we the people have on this case the AG doesn’t even know about like the pants of Chief Alston and the feces art. I read your postings and they are always informative and well done, in my opinion Spike

  12. @avi: Give it up. You are misdirected in your attack vendetta. JP is responding to clarify, not “argue” the point. Rdemaiolo’s comments apparently escaped your notice. Things will sort out, but at least have a little class.

    • Avi is just another Dennis McKee (spikeonline1) who will argue for arguements sake, and that’s all. He couldn’t have a valid point, and he’d still argue.
      The supreme court could tell him he was wrong, and he’d still argue it.

      • I didn’t see “your source in the sheriff’s office” in this weeks mugshots, I guess they gotta pull her out from under the bus you tossed her under first….

        What I would give to be a fly on the wall in that office tomorrow!

      • Jp, You think what Nikki said was asinine when she blew the Sheriff out of the water by giving me a heads up and saved my case? Without Nikki I would have probably lost. I don’t think getting that kind of help on my case would be asinine I think she is manna from heaven. No one helped me more than Nikki. Certainly, I will comply but you said you don’t censor anything?? Remember only the speech we don’t like needs to be protected. Spike

      • I believe I’ve shown a great deal of latitude in permitting the lingering diatribe between you two.

        The reality is that every article, no matter what its topic, can not have a discussion area filled with off-topic rants between the two of you that extends for pages. It’s unfair to those who want to discuss the relevant on-topic issues that any given article raises.

      • @avi if that was only the case…. think maybe it’s one of his circle jerk boys that had enough? You know the circle not the kind your use to and aspire to be in the middle getting glazed, but the good ol boy crew you know friends week maybe you don’t but you get the gist right..should be easy to find out.

  13. John Paul, I’d like to thank you for providing the relevant court cases addressing the press’s ability to report the content of an audio recording obtained surreptitiously. I’m not surprised you did your due diligence prior to publishing your story.

    That said I am correct in advising the individual responsible for surreptitiously recording the conversation between the Sheriff and Mr. Dushac did in fact violate Pennsylvania Law.

    It is obvious you have numerous well intentioned sources throughout the courthouse whose reason for providing you with information is to allow you to report to your readers allowing us to decide if our elected officials are doing their jobs responsibly, honorably and lawfully. I believe you’re committed to maintaining your sources confidentially, as you should be, I hope too that you care enough about them to advise them of their criminal exposure when they choose to take investigative action on their own.

    I regret my post elicited the response and the language directed towards you that it did. While I’m a regular reader of both your articles and the associated posts this is only the second time I posted myself. Not that I haven’t wanted to on other occasions it is just that the anonymous, vitriolic, attacking responses serve absolutely no purpose and do not lend to an honest back and forth between individuals who disagree.

    While I know you don’t need me to say it I’m saying it anyway. Keep up the good work.

    • “That said I am correct in advising the individual responsible for surreptitiously recording the conversation between the Sheriff and Mr. Dushac did in fact violate Pennsylvania Law.”

      You’re making definitive legal conclusions about a tape you never saw, recorded by a source you do not know the identity of, and are once again overlooking a significant body of case law.

      George David was a uniformed officer in the performance of his official duties having a conversation about matters of public interest with another elected official (Constable Dushac) in a public location and in a manner where they were easily heard by others in the area. The video may also document a potential act of wrongdoing by a uniformed official (Sheriff David).

      What does the case law say about all of THAT? While I am not an attorney, I’ll tell you what I’ve been advised the case law says: there was very clearly no reasonable expectation of privacy for the parties involved for many different reasons.

      With all due respect, rather than providing accurate legal advise, it appears to me you’re accomplishing little more than needlessly scaring potential sources of wrongdoing by public officials.

    • While it may not be true, one would be reasonable to assume JP has, quite some time ago, had a few qualified legal advisers offering assistance.

      • Bartender, That may well be true but since we now have the internet every single law is available to us all at the push of a button. And all the case law state and federal you can get an online service for around $30.00 a month and this is exactly how attorneys get their information. And, since my interaction with Nikki caused such a stir I would think a lot of people now know you don’t have to be a lawyer to practice law. That being said it is my hope some capable non lawyers will get involved to try to keep the system reasonably honest. And provide real help to those that for various reasons can’t help themselves because sadly if we don’t know our rights we don’t have any. Doing law is hardly any great intellectual challenge as everything is written down the only possible roadblock is knowing where to get the information you need and the internet now makes this easy. Spike

      • Another thing we should now all know is how a reasonable expectation of privacy can be factored in with taping people. You can use this both to protect yourself and expose corruption. If anyone cares to check a reasonable expectation of privacy is not present in a public place, any gathering of more than 2 people, in a room where people are talking loud and people outside the room can hear what is being said and in the commission of a crime or a violation of your rights. Civil or other. Spike

  14. John Paul, I’d like to apologize if anything I said in any way scares away potential witnesses as it certainly was not my intent. It is clearly reflective in my posts that your investigative reporting has made me a believer and I’m well aware that this would be impossible without concerned county employees providing you the information you need to do what you do. I have some genuine concerns I expressed that unfortunately brought some unwarranted attack posts directed towards you to which I apologized in my previous post. As I stated in my previous post I’ve only done this once before and because my second post contributed to additional attack posts along with your observation that I am “needlessly scaring potential sources of wrongdoing by public officials” this’ll will be my last. Keep up the good work and I’ll continue to check the Beaver Countian several times daily to see what you uncover next.

    • Don’t let the trolls keep you from posting…that is what they want. They don’t want anybody to post anything that might prove them to be the fools they are.

    • Officer, You didn’t do a thing wrong in posting your opinion. I only think you failed to apply the factor of reasonable expectation of privacy to your post. You do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy if 3 people are present, if you are in a public place, if you are alone with someone in an office and the speech is so loud that outside the room others can hear. There are others but the one that clearly applies here is no reasonable expectation of privacy when committing a crime. Please keep giving us your opinion and remember there are no perfect people except Jesus and my ex mother in law. And possibly Nikki Spike

  15. well again another smack to the face of public officials in beaver county and just a few days ago another smack to the cronies that defend him and try to protect and serve him through intimidation and dirty shenanigans…. so that can mean only one thing……

    get ready to look up into the sky,, listen for the motor to roar he comes the political crop duster to spray claims and distractions somewhere else, you know plead the fifth at your own heating instead of soak the truth, then next day stage a friendship ridge catastrophe with gun to soon media attention, get hit for conducting illegal security and comp time one day next day channel 11 rolls in sheriff says the heel with commissioners I’m here so kids can play football,

    ahhhhh it never stops cause the circle always runs through the cycle

  16. sorry for any spellings but swype on iphone while waiting to interview people with the thumb can be reckless at times.

    Good to see your still in the loop rocco I guess that wouldn’t surprise me, only if when of the other retired guys would quit playing politics and and trying to make a buck by aiding some of this filth whichmakesme question a lot of things in the past……. An who can you really trust guess the first slice of the soul is expensive but the others come cheap.

    • Not trying to nitpick, but swype and iphone are not two things that go together. Swype is an android feature, not available on iphone. Sorry.
      Also, I wouldn’t really worry about any misspellings in your post, if it wasn’t a complete rant and made almost no sense.

      • Always trying to make yourself look good by making others look bad. You need to try a new tactic. Spike

      • Hey Chuckie, I ain’t here to make you happy. I was actually pointing out that the rant didn’t really make much sense, even to one with a Beaver County education.

      • Ms. Parsons, do you really think being offensive and abusive is the way to make a point? I have a “Beaver County education” and I find some of your posts crass and unintelligible.

  17. Wiretapping? Are you serious? No DA would charge him over that and it if we was charged no jury would find him guilty. 2 public officials, 1 on duty talking about a theft of taxpayer dollars? I’m sure that would go over well….

    • dont be so sure! tony b might ignore crimes committed by sheriffs and deputies but he would be more then happy to have this people executed for hitting a record button! :stupid:


  18. Perhaps sheriff George J. David should be referred to as “THE TEFFLON SHERIFF”. I think he earned that reputation through corrupt officials in the county, state and federal agencies who are afraid to touch him. Kathleen Kane, yes you too. The only one to get tagged with this was title was John Goddi. Finally someone had the balls to bust his bubble. We think the time has come, where’s the savior ???????? Just saying !

    • SD At lease John Gotti helped the poor in his community and only killed other criminals. Sheriff David mistreats the law abiding. If I had to pick between the 2 John Gotti for Sheriff. Spike

  19. sorry nikki if that isn’t the proper ummm name of app or feature, I just know I can swype over the keyboard and at times my intention isn’t typed ohwell, and only certain few would get that.

  20. As I said in my earlier posts concerning this Sheriif and his controversies, there does not seem to be any county leadership above the office of sheriff. Or else these incidents are just lawyers full employment actions with the citizens of the county paying.

    • Mikulin, The chain of command goes Sheriff, District Attorney, States Attorney General so the Sheriff doesn’t really come under the supervision of County Elected Officials. But, in my view he should as the District Attorney has more than a full time job with locking up criminals. Dennis McKee

  21. Out of curiousity, since this tape shows an illegal act being committed, if he should be charged, is that not a violation of his bond agreement? And if he is in violation, bond is supposed to be revoked, and he is supposed to be detained, last time I checked. So, IF the county should play by the rules that they set out for everyone else, where would Sheriff David be housed?
    It’s not exactly safe, not to mention quite unfair to house him in the BCJ…
    Is the county going to extend to him YET AGAIN, something that they don’t normally extend to others who violate their bond agreements, and put him on house arrest? We see how well he can follow rules, so what do you think would happen?

    • If he were to be convicted his Bond would have been violated unless it has the stipulation of being charged but I doubt that. Remember, innocent until proven guilty If charged he would just be given another bond. Personally. it would be lots of fun to go to court and say Your Honor I move for Dismissal as the Plaintiff is now in jail but I would rather defeat him so other can see we the people can contest government corruption and dishonesty and prevail. Spike

      • I will respectively disagree with you, and I will explain why.
        In PA, if you are out on bail or bond, while awaiting trial, and you are charged with committing another crime, be it related to the original crime you are out on or not, it is a violation of your bond or bail. They then are supposed to revoke it, and arrest and hold you on a detainer. The option/opportunity of the defendant to recieve bail/bond is up to the judge presiding.
        There is no cause for a “dismissal” of a case, be it the older or the newer one. Let me give you an example. “Hypothetically”, so to speak.
        Say I walked into a Co-Go’s and robbed them. I am arrested, taken to the BCJ, fingerprinted and photographed, and arraigned. If the judge decides to grant bail, I have the option of either paying said bail straight out, or hiring a bondsman. Now, I’ve paid my bail, and I am out of jail, awaiting my hearing. I decide that this time, I’m gonna hit a different store. I’m arrested AGAIN. My first bond will be automatically revoked and I will be placed in the BCJ until my trial.
        When you are on probation or parole in the state of PA, this is exactly how the rules go also. While on probation or parole, you CANNOT be arrested and charged (or even implicated) in another crime. If you are, your bond is gone, and you serve out the remainder of your sentence in jail.
        Sadly, all this I know from experience.

      • Also, this goes along with the other reply:
        If he was to be convicted of anything, his bond is null and void at that point. The judge can give him the option of having bail/bond until his sentencing hearing, at which point, THAT bail/bond is no longer in effect. There is no need for it to be. You have been charged, tried, and found guilty or not guilty. Once the verdict comes in, bond/bail is no longer an issue.
        All bond/bail does is guarantee that you will show up for your hearing, and if you do not, all monies put up on the bond/bail piece are now forfeit, and there is a whole new set of charges for jumping bail/bond if you do NOT show for your hearing. And if it is the type of bond/bail that requires a co signer, THAT person is now responsible if the defendant does a no show, or jumps bail.
        Basically, bail/bond would be a non factor if he had already been convicted of what he had been charged with, since the verdict was already in. At conviction, the judge has the option of detaining the defendant until sentencing, or releasing said defendant while awaiting sentencing, unless the judge is prepared to impose sentence at time of conviction.

  22. To those who are interested in the permit case with the Sheriff. I just mailed out the evidence to the court I obtained from the Veterans Hospital. Quote “Mr. Dennis McKee has been assessed and determined not to be a danger to himself or others based on past history and currant behaviors” Unquote. These are the only people in this case qualified to judge me on this issue. This evidence could only be trumped if the Sheriff could produce a qualified person saying differently. Unlikely, at best as any other qualified person would give me the same testing the VA hospital did. At this point in this case the Sheriff has not a single qualified person to back up what he has alleged. In my 40 Years at the VA hospital I have NEVER had a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. Spike

      • Really, is that your professional opinion. Please tell us of your accomplishments there WTF Do you have a name? Spike

      • WTF, Nuts is a slang word for insane I’m sure you know. You need to check the dictionary for the word “insane”. Schizophrenia it would be. WTF you are amazing as you can diagnose Schizophrenia based on what someone writes? Have you told the medical community you can do this as they have this whole long process including blood tests to diagnose this illness? Did you tell the VA because they don’t know I have this illness after 40 years and you never laid eyes on me but you know this? I wonder how I got a security clearance with this? What a talent you are WTF. You speak this way about the mentally disabled? Do you push people in wheel chairs over cliffs? Spike

  23. That is what I said. If their is a stipulation in the bond that says a charge revokes your bond but I also said that is unlikely as a charge is not a conviction. We are innocent until proven guilty and generally a person cannot sustain a penalty until proven guilty. Bonds are different so you would have to see the bond to be sure. Spike

    • In dealing with bail bondsmen as long as I have, there are stipulations. He has a $50, 000 dollar unsecured bond, which was paid. He’s also had two different revocation/modification hearings due to his not listening to the non-monetary conditions of his bond (making himself seldom seen at the courthouse, etc etc)
      Basically, they’ve given him a slap on the wrist, for not following the conditions set forth.
      Special treatment, it’s all about who you know, and what you know about them.

    • In dealings with bail pieces at the county level, and also dealing with bail bondsmen at the state level with felony charges, I will say this:
      You CANNOT catch another charge, nor can you be brought up for criminal proceedings as the defendant on any NEW charges that the bondsmen didn’t know about, or you recieved AFTER your bond was paid WITHOUT your bond being revoked and you being held on a detainer when you are arrested.
      In order to get your bond reinstated, you have to have a hearing, and the bondsmen (if you have one, and didn’t pay straight cash) MUST agree to guarantee your bond, or they can ask the court to be released from your bond. Depending on the nature of your original charges, the new charges, and your criminal history, they (the court) may recommend that your bond NOT be reinstated. Then you’re out all that money that the bondsmen were guaranteeing.
      I’ve dealt with this more times than I care to recall at both the county and state levels. It’s a nightmare.

  24. Same with the ethic’s committee they cannot remove him until he has been convicted as we have the premise innocent until proven guilty. If he is convicted in his upcoming trial the ethics committee can then act. Remember the case of Jane Orie Melvin? Souke

  25. Unless we can see the bond we will not know what it stipulates until and if the Sheriff is charged for his newest criminal act of extorting the public’s money or if the court revokes his bond. Excuse me for being selfish but I have a horse in this race and don’t want his case against me dismissed as I want to cross examine him in court. And if I prevail I can bring suit against him. That has been my plan all along. Or, if he is in jail hopefully the court will let him out for my case. Only time will tell. Spike

  26. SD From all I read the crime families actually have some moral values and there are things they just won’t do. But the Sheriff will do anything to anyone and has zero moral values. Maybe we could put him up for adoption with the Gambino family to raise his moral status?? I do not disagree with anyone that wants something done now with the Sheriff but I look at things from a legal and not an emotional perspective and under stand we can’t do anything yet. Spike

  27. No problem SD I’m not the spelling police. If I didn’t have spell check you couldn’t tell my letters were even written in English. Spike

  28. John Paul, You said the goings on between myself and Nikki were asinine and you blocked our speech. We never did anything as bad as demeaning peoples mothers and you didn’t block that speech? That is not asinine? This is the kinds of problems you have when someone decides which speech is proper and what speech is not. You did like everyone that blocks speech does you come up with a reason, asinine. Gobbel’s reason was we don’t want the public to turn against us. There is never a reason to block speech and of all people to do it a reporter. Do you have any idea how many people have died for what you call asinine? Spike

  29. I do not understand why JP does not get the rat in quipp who has stolen thousands off of tax payers there, him and his buddy fixen all kinds of shit !

  30. Whoever recorded that broke federal and state law. Illegal wiretap law. They should be arrested. You want to catch him stealing audit who got permits and do the math . Do it legally



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