Beaver County Sheriff George David / file photo by John Paul
Beaver County Sheriff George David / file photo by John Paul
Beaver County Sheriff George David / file photo by John Paul

Beaver County Sheriff George David has tapped a controversial part-time secretary in his office to take over the administrative responsibilities of his suspended Deputy Lieutenant.

Sheriff David is moving to have secretary Karen Hopkins put into full-time status to assume the administrative responsibilities of Lieutenant Thomas Ochs, who was placed on unpaid suspension by the county after being arrested by the Pennsylvania State Police earlier this month.

Hopkins has no post-secondary degree or relevant training, has no prior law enforcement experience, and worked as a secretary in a chiropractor’s office before being hired by Sheriff David.

The move comes just a week and a half after Human Resources Director Rick Darbut determined Sheriff David had violated union contracts when he took duties away from full-time secretary Lucille Wytiaz and gave them to Hopkins.

Karen Hopkins, a resident of Ohio, has been given broad authority over the Sheriff’s Office by David and now oversees everything from the security cameras that monitor courtrooms to purchasing and acquisitions. Hopkins regularly reviews surveillance video, interfaces with vendors for items ranging from uniforms to firearms, and holds meetings with senior courthouse officials including Court Administrator Rich DeFilippi. She previously had control over a system that programs access cards to the courthouse and secured areas within the building, including the judges’ chambers.

Hopkins has spoken out in defense of Sheriff David in tv news interviews and testified on his behalf at a bond revocation hearing.

Sheriff David’s move to have Hopkins take on administrative responsibilities within the office likely violates provisions of at least three separate bargaining unit contracts negotiated with unions representing workers within his office. Her official title will remain “clerk.”

Courthouse sources tell the Beaver Countian that County Commissioners will likely be taking actions to prevent Karen Hopkins from assuming administrative duties or working full-time hours.

Sheriff David is currently under house arrest pending trial but maintains full authority over his office.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police. Lieutenant Deputy Thomas Ochs was present during the incident which led to Sheriff David’s arrest.


  1. What i don’t understand is why those crooked commissioners are letting this kind of occur in the first place seems to me they would at least want a better perception of county government than this continued embarassment

    • Commissioners haven’t said a WORD against this creep!  They either in bed with him or afraid of him which ever it is all three need voted out along with him!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The commissioners have NO control over this office as it is an elective office. They and the DA have said and done all they can to keep him under control. To remove him takes a legislative impeachment.

    • Union Rep?  You mean Deputy Clark aka the husband of one of the partners in Myron Sainovich’s law firm?  Ya RIGHT!

  2. I don’t understand why a man on house arrest gets to make any administrative decisions at all. Someone explain that one to me.

    • @SpeakTheTruthToo..even tho he’s on house arrest, obviously he hasn’t lost his power and authority of being the Sheriff and is able to make any and all decisions in that capacity, unfortunate as it is!! We all know that Karen is Georgie’s office SNITCH!!..need we say more??? 

      • Looks that way, Nikki!! I’m sure there are other Deputies that are qualified and/or have the seniority to be promoted to Lt. Ochs open position. This Karen chick gets away with toooo much shit!!! She needs to go!! His trial is coming up shortly…let’s hope justice is served and they lock him up and throw away the key!!! 

  3. IF he is doing anything wrong the county officials don’t say anything because their things would be exposed..state not stepping in because he is doing nothing wrong..unions have out lived their USEFULNESS ..they only protect the lazy..what’s the difference between union favoritism or political or any other group..I just wonder why the admin of this group has a hard on for Sheriff man in history has stocked a women this hard

    • This is not a “group”, it is a blog. It is run by one person. I’m to assume that your sentence “no man in history has stocked a women this hard” ACTUALLY MEANT “no man in history has STALKED a WOMAN this hard.” Also, if you had taken the minute or two to read the charges that were filed against your beloved Sheriff David, for a list of criminal acts against the owner of this site. He doesn’t have a “hard on” for him, he wants to show the residents of Beaver County what exactly it is that they have voted into office. There are MULTIPLE articles about other political peoples on this site, it’s not all just about David. Take a few minutes and educate yourself, if that is possible.

  4. Well this goes to show the mentality of this clown !Then he wonders why the sherrif’s dept. cant have full police powers. This asshole would put a secretary with NO experience in charge of the dept. Lieutenant Och’s must really feel good about this ! I guess Karen must be blond and good in bed !

  5. What I don’t understand is how in the hell does a part time secretary, and one that doesn’t even live in this state, AND who has NO secondary education, get promoted from being a half-assed secretary to the vacant position left by Lt. Ochs? I’m sure there are others, both internally and externally that would be a better choice for Ochs’ vacated position. 
    Also, why the hell does someone on house arrest get to make decisions like this??
    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there is SO much more about this chick that hasn’t come to light yet. This WHOLE thing is shady as shit…

    • Nikki! Do you think she might be a cougar? ……RAWR:-) So many botox beauty centers all around the BEAVER County area….You may be on to sumthin:-)

  6. Man “she got it like dat ” she obviously possesses a skill set that makes them other gals pale in comparison! Hey if everyone else is going to sit back and wait for the wheels of “union cotract violations” to grind achingly slow, well then someones gotta do the job! Sarc/

  7. Let the nonsense continue. If he is removed from office, the politicos will hand pick his replacement to finish his term. That individual will then run as the incumbent for a full term (and win) assuring the corruption will continue. If he finishes his term, we pick his replacement. If we pick, we have SOME chance of change.

    • Do you really have confidence in the voters to elect  something better ? We voted for this corruption time and time again. Is there anything else but corruption in this society?

      • Jacks! Buck up little camper, there was an historical win against AIPAC, and illegal immigration recently with regard to Eric Cantors defeat in CONgress. Mungo feels certain the times they are a changin:-)

  8. Your story sites that “Hopkins has no secondary education or training”. Secondary education is high school, which means you are reporting that she has no high school diploma. Could you have meant post-secondary education or training? Despite all of thus foolishness, I’d find it really hard to believe that someone assuming any clerical responsibilities in this setting would have at least finished high school. Then again…

    • You are correct, that should have read post-secondary. I regret the error and have corrected the story.

      Thanks for pointing this out and for being a reader of the Beaver Countian!

  9. Why hire someone from Ohio when I’m sure there are plenty of qualified people right here in Beaver County.

  10. Quite!!! I am the great and powerful Beaver County Oz! SHERIFF DAVID, you again, I see. How dare you assign a full time job to your secretary, Karen Hopkins while you sit shackled in your home-land of the Quips. You, defective, demented, despicable, detestable, deviant, detached, directionless, dinky dictator. The Great and powerful Beaver County Oz is everywhere, but to the eyes of common mortals I am invisible. I will now seat myself upon my throne as I command you sheriff to write the following 1000 times; “I know the sheriff would not be just a nothin’ if my head wasn’t full of stuffin’ My heart all full of pain, I would Laugh and be merry, Life would be a dingle berry, If I only had a brain.” Once this command is finished the flying monkeys will find you and deliver it to me at my palace throne room in the merry merry land of Beaver County.

      • Why Nobama, aren’t you “QUITE” the nasty, negate, nondescript, nobody. Nevertheless, take your noxious, N.A.D.S. – Nasty-ass dangling sack and shovel sheriff shit, you nappy, nincompoop! – Sincerely,The Beaver County Oz

      • My, are we being a little truculent, you troglodyte. Nice little racist remark you made there too.

      • Nobama,”Quiet”!! A colored ball of light appeared in the merry merry land of Beaver County. Swarms of delighted Munchkins in search of lost genomes gather to finally find you, “Nobama, The Neanderthal man!” Why you were right here all along, on the Beaver Countian! Nobama, I’m sure you, Auntie Em, and the Quips, all agree, There’s no place like home!

  11. The state police wanted to get access to those guns but the judge allowed his attorney to take the guns instead. We will never send those stolen guns again.

  12. Can someone describe the Sheriff David — Karen Hopkins connection?  I feel that there must be an Aliquippa tie-in, and I don’t envision her as just showing up for a job one day at the Sheriff’s Office.

    • Raven, I’d be curious if this is the same Karen Hopkins that is married to Scott Hopkins, who was convicted of Catherine Walsh’s Murder?

      • It is not the same Karen Hopkins. The Karen married to Scott is local. This woman is from Ohio.

      • One 50-ish Karen E. Walsh lives in Rogers Ohio and has a former residence in Aliquippa. I don’t suggest a “manhunt”, but knowing the connections in that office is important to knowing “how things work” there. Those people are not strangers thrown together by the Fickle Finger of Fate.

  13. @ everybody…..idiots idiots idiots

    He can swear in anybody fir any position they have one year you fulfill act2 sheriff training

    What is sad you low hanging fruit of we change….

    State representative Marshall introduced legislation to give the idiot more power, and fellow republican state representative Jim Christina went along and is tied to cousins Chuck betters rents home, office and gives knee service

    County is fucked

    • @ PSU4life – Seems low hanging fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Beaver Countian printed, 2/26/2013 State Representatives working behind the scenes for Sheriff David. Notice the word representatives is plural. You’re the idiot insinuating this is all about republicans doings. According to John Paul, “Representative Rob Matzie’s ties to David are similar to those of Marshall’s. Representative Matzie’s brother, Mike Matzie, has been a part-time Deputy Sheriff in Beaver County for over a decade. County Officials approved a promotion today for Deputy Matzie to full-time status, filling a position in the Sheriff’s Office which had been left vacant for over two years. Sources say personnel documents approving the promotion began circulating just days after Representative Matzie’s meeting with Sheriff David and other local lawmakers.” May-be fair to say, they’re all been in bed with George. Also fair to say, Uncle Chuck’s bed big enough for everybody. The change – democrats at the foot of Chuckey’s bed. Republicans, They be loving Uncle Chuck’s attention all rolled up in that one 4-letter word. Cash

  14. @ psu 4 life

    Your correct and sadly our state law makers REPUBLICAN representative MARSHALL and CHRISTIANA, have done nothing to help remove him from office

    They being in the majority would have the power, but they waste time looking into tax claim and calling out an investigation. Which won’t go anywhere with the state simply campaign fodder to feel good and ramp up for elections…

    But to concur if SHERIFF George David would swear in Karen Hopkins as a deputy their isn’t a damn thing that can prevent it, providing a position exists and at that point she would have a year to get her act2, which is about a notch above act235 security guard.

    • Pa Law states that the person must be a resident of Commonwealth of Pa to be appointed to a position of Deputy Sheriff or higher

    • @ ACT111- How long were Democrats the majority in the state? 99 years? Republicans voted in Vogel, Marshall, Christiana, after bonusgate – Veon crimes & BIG investigation. Get use to it, these guys ain’t leaving. Actions of Sheriff and others @ courthouse, isn’t fault of Republicans, why should they take hit and rid BC sheriff? Even with bad baggage, people like this guy and he’ll be re-elected.

    • @ACT111, give it up! You know these guys all scratch each others balls. Lol, you think Marshall or Matzie should take sheriff out after he just gave precious gifts of brothers getting jobs? You ain’t from the county then.

  15. Another shout out for the Beaver County Times today. One of the Times courthouse trio, David Taube or Kristen Doerschner or JD Prose — “From Staff Reports” (I love that safe-news anonymity!) — has tiptoed around the Hero Program investigation and not given John Paul the credit for uncovering the money diversion and tax evasion, and WHO did it. As in the Dwan Walker article, it’s what is LEFT OUT that is really important. Who are you protecting, BCT? And why? 


    DEMOCRATS ONLY HAD MAJORITY IN HARRISBURG for one term. And couldn’t even agree on democrat to be speaker, they picked a republican, AND before that it was PERZEL THAT WAS SPEAKER. YOU want to get in pit , be prepared, and current majority
    Speaker for the house is sam Smith, I’m just giving you facts,

    And I’m a REPUBLICAN on national level but vote mostly democrat locally, because I dint want to hear cut this and that, we live in old region need funding and grants to survive. These right wing loons that are in control now care about there home area, beaver county has no leadership in Harrisburg. The only that’s delivering and not looking to promote his future after politics is the farmer and he will get my vote.

    The rest have failed, Marshall is a scared democrat that used title of republican to beat a thief, if the GOP put someone against him he would be gone, same with the other little kid that’s never paid taxes in his life yet on property… You think someone ran against him in his party he would win? Lol they wouldn’t , the older ring bearing wasp would drop that voul carrying kid, and
    If the Christian voters knew of life style and tattoo, pictures ect they would picket his office.

    Democrats put these republicans in office because of VEON , AND CRIED OVER TO VOTE THEN IN that’s REALITY, if they relied on party they would only have a minority commissioner they know it in Harrisburg that’s why they cut district up to make it hard so certain democrats can’t challenge them.

    If DEMOCRATS came out to vote they would mop it up.

    County election the GOP will waste time, money and energy. To lose ….only chance may get a judge elected. AND new minority commissioner.

    Have a great day

    • @ Act 111, Did my research, The Democratic party held the governorship from 2003 to 2011 with the election of Ed Rendell in 2002 and his re-election in 2006. On the state legislative level, the party won a “majority” in the State House in 2006 and again in 2008. 

  17. @where’s my money

    Your correct in governor seat but that want the subject it was leadership and majority, obvious I’m over your head

    But that being said going by your account which is wrong that’s still only four years in last 10 which is still wrong….. please don’t embarrass yourself…. then you will have to drum up another blog name to agree with yourself

    • @Act111- embarrass myself? Hardly! You must be the one using several blog names to agree with Act111 i.e., PSU4life etc.,! Not going to debate facts with you or go another round with your tit for tat comments. FACTS>FROM Internet Reference- Ballotpedia, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives: From 1992-2013, the Democratic Party “was the majority” in the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives for “seven years” while the Republicans were the majority for 15 years.It’s obvious you’re over anyone’s head, cause, you make up your own facts. In your own head! So better get PSU4life, Paranoid- Schizotypal-United 4 life, to post a comment defending the voices in your head.

      • @Act111 & PSU4life (Twins at birth in another life). 
        Both of your posted comments trying to convince readers county is corrupted from republicans in bed with a developer. Also blamed Marshall for law keeping sheriff in place. Blame Christiana for charter/cyber education funding.
        Truth vs fiction, Democrats have been running the county for last 25-30 years. Leadership in HARRISBURG has been aiding Democratic county leadership longer than anyone cares to remember.
        Speaking of charter school in Midland. Who brought that charter school to Beaver County? Democrats or Republicans? Who in HARRISBURG got funding for millions of dollars for king pin Nicky T? Who’s family members of COUNTY got gifts of cushion jobs at Lincoln Park?
        Only R who reaped job rewards was commissioner Camp’s wife. Rest was D county leadership family. Plus, no newsflash, Camp wasn’t no republican.
        Don’t be crying babies about republican corruption and all this majority crap out of Harrisburg. You insult peoples intelligence. Beaver County had two of most powerful players in the state, Mike Veon 1985 – 2006 Minority Whip & Senator Lavalle,1990-2008 Democratic chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. These 2 guys pretty much ran the capitol & still have juice among some.  
        Your team of crying babies, ain’t nobody feeling bad. The big county developer, how long was good friend to state and county democrat shakers? Mikey was his boy. Then you had democrat dictator of Rickey T all in the mix as chair of Democratic party and county controller, seeing over all those big vendors, who paid handsomely to keep democrats in power.Want to go any deeper about $$$$$$ to who?
        Didn’t think ya did!!

  18. I love it

    CHUCK BETTERS and Veon where boys for years, then actually CJ wanted more than he should and Veon traded his ass in and Boom came Patsy Nardelli..

    Democrats ruled the roost at PA CYBER AND LINCOLN PARK, and Veon, Donatella, Rendell made that happen which was a wonderful thing, just needs tweaked with how they get funded and levels of funding.

    But THE TRUTH OF TRUTH, after those leaders went off to jail ect, New fresh blood came in Chuck Betters owns Christina beyond CHRISTINA is the wannabe Mike Veon , Marshall is a mere pawn in the

    The demise of Trombetta was his greedy cash grab forming of other companies to suck money from the tax payer funded entities, the democrats got the political jobs 40 to 100. The true circle got the big money
    And it was and and currently was able to happen longer under Republican leadership, Trombetta went before grand jury with Attorney General and current Governor TOM CORBETT and came away with nothing, the focus of that was simple politicians are easy didn’t matter they all have a price D or R. People talked about Veon lol that’s nothing with B.I.G money, those companies that got formed from CYBER MONEY snookered 5 to 15 million a year. The FBI broke this little puppy up and low hanging democrats around here ate sweating bullets and Big time players in Harrisburg of recent that have REPUBLICAN TITLE are in suicide watch. Check out the enrollment of some and who they are it’s a deeper different game, and and at federal level I think some big time DEMOCRATS had hand on trigger the last 5years, this isn’t over and going to be spread wide.

    It didn’t matter then or now both sides of aisle corruption runs rampant, and Big money players change politicians and party loyalty like the bed sheets, money is the messiah.

    • @lol – You’re right on the money! Your comment full of  knowledgeable truth be known!! Peeps trying to paint ugly picture of republicans now is comical. Dems hands dirty, Reps hands dirty, clearly shows it always was and always will be about good ol cash baby cash!!

    • More  people are commenting here, and much of it is very good and helpful. My only request is a little punctuation to make it more readable. Perhaps just a few periods. 

      • So now we need to be concerned about the punctuation police? Here for Christs sakes. . , , . Knock yourself out.



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