Beaver County Sheriff George David
Sheriff George David / photo by John Paul
Beaver County Sheriff George David
Beaver County Sheriff George David / photo by John Paul

Beaver County Sheriff George David is now acting as his own defense attorney in a Contempt of Court petition filed against him by the Board of Commissioners.

Sheriff David filed his “Pro Se” (the legal term for self-represented) response to the county’s motion with the court today, ahead of a hearing scheduled for Monday before Senior Erie County Judge John Bozza. David had previously been represented by Attorney John Havey, who withdrew from the case last month. Sheriff’s Solicitor Myron Sainovich is precluded from representing David in the case due to a conflict of interest.

Judge Bozza issued a preliminary injunction against Sheriff David and his Deputies in February of 2013, directing them to cease and desist from performing private security services for outside organizations. The County alleges that Sheriff David continued to order his Deputies to conduct prohibited patrols and services, and is seeking to have the Sheriff and his Deputies found in contempt of court.

After County Commissioners first filed for the injunction in 2012, Sheriff David made public statements that he would not be stopped from performing private security services, reportedly telling the Beaver County Times’ Jenny Wagner that “no commissioner, no judge, no one’s going to tell me that I can’t do it.”

Sheriff David’s response today is nearly verbatim to the one filed on Wednesday by Pittsburgh Attorney Eric Stoltenberg on behalf of the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association. David’s document appears to be almost entirely a copy/past of Stoltenberg’s answer to the contempt petition, with “Deputies” simply being replaced by “Sheriff.”

The Sheriff denies that his Deputies have been conducting patrols of various municipalities including Aliquippa, and also denies they are patrolling corporate properties owned by local real estate tycoon CJ Betters. The County insists that Sheriff David is hiding the truth, with the law department describing responses by David and his Deputies as “a creative manipulation of reality.”

“The Sheriff has now filed a pleading in which he has included a signed verification,” said Assistant Beaver County Solicitor Bernie Rabik. “By doing so, he has effectively waived any and all rights to invoke the 5th Amendment as he has done in the past in this case. Subject to an order by the judge, the County intends to depose Sheriff David as to all of the statements and claims he has made, under oath, in his Pro Se answer. Which, I might add, he very clearly did not write himself.”

A contempt hearing has been scheduled for Monday, at which time the County is expected to ask for a continuance to allow them time to take depositions and subpoena documents from the Sheriff’s Office.

“The County is prepared to depose 100 people if we have to,” concluded Assistant Solicitor Rabik. “We’re going to depose the Sheriff, his Deputies, CJ Betters, police officers… anyone we need to in order to get the truth out to the public.”

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  1. Ok let’s start getting all the bad county employees and no one would be around to work . This man is a good guy and he is being singled out by people who don’t like him

    • Really? You believe he’s a good guy? So, do the rest of us a favor and list all the good things he has done for this county….please.

    • Well, Robb, perhaps you have a poor memory of the bikers and the Commissioners’ meeting fiasco in September 2012. Go ahead, disrupt the courtroom on Monday, get Myron Sainovich to coach you on what to say, attack the reporters, do Harley-Davidson and the military proud and turn out in droves to support the Sheriff. Have someone give the press the finger again in a photo op. But you will go to jail this time. Be sure to organize a poker run to raise bail money.  In case your memory is lacking, here’s the Commissioners’ public meeting link: Some of us don’t forget this stuff, and you shouldn’t either.

  2. “A once good man has lost his damn mind”.  Are you for real?  The man was always a crook and will always be a crook. A little mind in a little body with a tiny brain.  This guy is like the Energizer Bunny he just keeps on going… But unlike the Energizer Bunny he is not cuddly or nice.  He is a rude stupid man who needs to quit being the sheriff. He needs to be gone.

  3. I LOVE this line: ”  “By doing so, he has effectively waived any and all rights to invoke the 5th Amendment as he has done in the past in this case.”So basically, he’s just screwed himself royally. Since he can’t plead the 5th, he has only two options, tell the truth, or lie under oath. I think we need a betting pool on which one he does….(I’m guessing there’s gonna be some serious lying going on…..)

  4. Jaret Gibbons, who represents Beaver County, is one of four sponsors for the recall legislation bill, HB 1602 — two Democrats, two Republicans. The bill has been sent to the State Government Committee, which meets on Tuesday. His phone numbers are below. The other links are in the Discussion section.9:00 AM STATE GOVERNMENT Voting meeting on HB 1602, HB 1873, HB 1944, HB 1945, and any other business that may come before the Committee. Room G50 Irvis OfficeDistrictHon. Jaret Gibbons309 Fifth StreetEllwood City, PA 16117 (724) 752-1133 Fax: (724) 752-3784Hon. Jaret Gibbons306 East Water StreetSlippery Rock, PA 16057 (724) 794-1215 Hon. Jaret Gibbons233 Miller RoadRochester, PA 15074 (724) 773-7499 CapitolHon. Jaret Gibbons302 Main Capitol BuildingPO Box 202010Harrisburg, PA 17120-2010(717) 705-2060 Fax: (717) 780-4766

    • Judge Bozza’s order is for 1/13/14 at 9:30 A.M. in Courtroom #1.  The judge notes that he will be presiding by phone, so while the time will likely remain the same, I believe the Courtroom number may change.  The Court Administrator’s Office on the second floor of the courthouse will be able to direct any interested members of the public to the proper location on Monday morning.

  5.  The county needs to sign a contract with cable and make this fucker a reality show, it could generate major revenue. But if this man represents himself in court the district attorney next cold case will be investigating saint Titus and aliquippa  schools,  after getting him public speaking  it will be a mystery how  he got promoted  through the system.

  6. This tells how stupid this asshole really is. He must think that he’s more intellegent than a judge. Sorry Georgie, not happening. However, it’s an intertesting move on your part  . I know you’re not going to be able to contain your madness and your veins in  your neck will want to explode because this time you must answer questions under oath. Remember George, the next time you’re befor GOD in St. Titus church, he’s watching !!!!!!!!

  7. Georgie may end up in jail on Monday….Given his temper and his lack of control…He may say some things that a judge will not take kindly to! He may end up in jail on a contempt charge at his contempt hearing.

  8. Solicitor Rabik: *Sheriff David, did you order the Code Red?* Sheriff Daviid: I’ll answer the question! [to Rabik] Sheriff David: You want answers? Rabik I think I’m entitled to. Sheriff David: *You want answers?* Rabik: *I want the truth!* Sheriff David: *You can’t handle the truth!*



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