Sheriff George David // Beaver Countian File Photo
Sheriff George David // Beaver Countian File Photo
Sheriff George David // Beaver Countian File Photo

Beaver County Sheriff George David has asked the county’s Public Works Department to construct a wall to further insulate him from his own secretaries, according to multiple courthouse sources. The bizarre move by David comes as the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office has filed another motion asking a judge to revoke his bond.

Sources tell the Beaver Countian that employees for the county’s Public Works Department were seen taking measurements in preparation for the construction of the wall. Those sources say First Deputy Jay Alstadt told the Sheriff’s Office clerks that David “knew” they were the ones who kept informing the Pennsylvania State Police about his actions.

The wall would be built in a middle of a hallway leading to Sheriff David’s personal office, and would prevent the secretaries and others in his department from seeing him sneaking individuals into the building through the sally port, bypassing courthouse security procedures. The wall would also prevent them from seeing David entering the criminal division of the Sheriff’s Office, which a judge has ordered him to stay out of as a provision of his bond.

A bond revocation hearing has been set by Mercer County Senior Judge Francis J. Fornelli for April 14th at 10:30am.

A group of 5 secretaries who work in the Sheriff’s Office have previously filed formal written complaints with the county about their alleged mistreatment by Sheriff David, including allegations that he unjustly disciplined them, failed to discipline others who have mistreated them, screamed at them in fits of rage, falsely accused them of committing crimes, and referred to them as “cunts.”

In other news: The Beaver County Human Resources office has arranged for a Bullying Prevention Specialist to conduct a series of lectures on April 8th at the courthouse for all interested county employees.


Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  1. There is so much wrong here that it’s become unbelievable. They’re not going to revoke his bond, the fact that he’s trying to stop people from seeing what he’s doing is absurd, and his paranoia is off the charts….why is he still allowed to serve in any capacity as sheriff? If a regular cop off the street was accused of half of what David is, he would be on administrative leave.

    • Nikki, I couldn’t agree more with your post! But my question is..Did the Commissioners give George permission to request DPW to build this wall and if they didn’t, which I personally don’t 

      • which I personally don’t think they did, how is it that he is able to make these kind of decisions without the Commissioners approval? David is OUT OF CONTROL!!! We, the taxpayers are paying his salary while he continues to create havoc in the Sheriff’s office. I’m sure his Deputies are in total disgust with him and Chief Alstadt sure does have his hand full with putting out all of Georges fires, and yet still trying to keep some semblance in the office. I’m sure having to deal with his boss on a daily basis is gut wrenching!!  Yes, David has definitely brought shame to the Sheriffs Office, an office that was once a good and functional office with some hard working Deputies that have to deal with Davids wrath!!! And what the hell is “Doc” Sisk, the Democratic Chairman doing to get the Sheriff under control?? Absolutely nothing!! It’s time the Elected Officials got together with Sisk to try and come to some resolve to remove this useless Sheriff! 

  2. In the private sector in a commercial building, I believe this type of construction would require a building permit… But since no one is actually in charge of government at the County level, I reckon no one even cares about the safety issues this could create.

  3. What’s it going to take to remove this crackpot ? Somebody best do something soon or we may have a real catastrophy at the court house !This man is “TOTALLY INSANE” !

  4. How is this thug still Sheriff? Only in Beaver County, with it’s crooked politics, nepotism, and old school mind set. Time to get with the program. It’s the 21st century, people.

    • Because, unfortunately, he was re-elected in 2012 and PA has nothing on the books regarding a recall. The only thing that can removed David from office is impeachment by the State Government and it doesn’t seem like they care too much judging by the lack of input any of our reps and/or senators have had in this matter…

  5. hey retard if you dont do anything wrong you dont have to worry about your secretaries telling people what youve been doing!

  6. Even convicts are bad mouthing him on this article’s comment section! Lol, so much for honor amongst thieves. You know your screwed then!

  7. Has any of the gutless “law Enforcement officers” (Deputies) thought about a 302 warrant for this nutball? If you or I acting in such an irrational way, they would be committing us for a mental health evaluation. Jay Alstadt do something you have never done in your life; GROW A SET OF BALLS

  8. What about a Fire Safety Issue? It says it is going to block off part of a hallway. Is that safe and or legal to do so? I didn’t realize you could randomly block exit options. Once again he makes his own rules……..

  9. This is really bad news — but perhaps another layer of bizarre, defensive behavior that could help force a reaction. First, neurotic paranoia, then paranoid psychosis, and maybe even eventual paranoid schizophrenia. Get out now, people. This guy’s gonna blow. At that time, attention will shift to those who could have prevented it, a current, repeating ritual of our society at large.

  10. A “Bullying Prevention Specialist”? A series of lectures? And then what? Taking this action by the Human Resources Office at face value, I have to laugh.What, in the name of all the birds that fly and the fish that swim, do you think the Courthouse people do not know about being abused and the reasons for it? And, what do they not know about the measures that are needed to stop it? Give the lectures to the judges, who are aiding and abetting the bullying through diversion and inaction. Save your money and resources, because they won’t work. Surely, you are not that naive.   

  11. THIS IS NOT BULLYING, Human Resources Department. It is a CRISIS, and the problems demand CRISIS MANAGEMENT. Some of the people are in fear of their jobs and personal mental and physical lives, and that is not the result of “bullying”. It is the result of intentional, purposeful, directed, personal abuse by neurotics that is life threatening. If you don’t accept it for what it is and approach it on the same level, you will never be taken seriously. They will sit in your lectures, listen patiently, show faked interest, and give lip service in their comments, and they will leave with even greater disillusionment and scoff at the promise of better days to come through their newly acquired knowledge — not because they think don’t bullying is bad, but because they CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT THE ABUSE THAT THEY ARE PRISONERS OF. They are stuck. This move has all the trappings of a grant application to serve personal interests. And while I am being presumptuous, who is the “specialist” and whom does he/she have ties to? That will become yet another adventurous folly of family ties to be reported in the Beaver Countian.

  12. I feel so sad for Beaver County. A man that Gives a finger to the law. Threatens and bullies his subordinates. The chrony ism. Its just sad I pray for my county. Please vote them out.

  13. It’s okay myron told he can do right?

    Jay will go wink wink straighten everything out?

    Bond violation ohhh come on that’s just politics right?

    People going to be in trouble when he runs a county ticket against people, he will show them, he ran ticket and win in aliquippa, georgie boy dont play games, people’s in trouble for messing with cuz…

  14. Clap clap

    Captain crunch is at it again, regulators mount up….. pssssst that’s you John Joe, Jay,mcgeehan, Randy, tibs, and other circle jerks your the posse don’t lay down.

    Jay you can’t play both sides….pick damn it, tibs you sold your soul you stay put on that team.

    You got no choice if he goes you nnnnnnuuuuuutttttttttttsssssss on the chin posssssssseeeeeeeee …. going next to remember no union…. that’s okay CSI needs security guards georgie will help you out.



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