County Officials have opened an investigation into Sheriff George David’s handling of an incident yesterday involving a man with a gun at Friendship Ridge Nursing Home, the Beaver Countian has confirmed. Law enforcement sources say Sheriff David bypassed the county’s entire emergency response apparatus, and acted in a unilateral fashion when responding to the incident. Officials say they fear lives may have been placed at risk as a result.

The Incident

According to a report by the Sheriff’s Office, Deputies Sgt. Michael Tibolet and Cpl. John Joe Fratangeli were dispatched [by Sheriff David] to Friendship Ridge. On their arrival, they discovered Larry A. Hicks, 53 of Rochester, sitting on a bench outside of the facility’s front door. Upon searching Hicks, they reported discovering a “.22 cal. automatic pistol” in his front waistband, along with “a magazine with four live .22 cal. rounds” in his right pants pocket. Hicks was also allegedly carrying a “buck knife with a three and a half inch blade” in his left pants pocket.

The report states that a nurse told the Deputies she had been threatened by Hicks. “[…] she observed Hicks counting down the calendar days on the hallway calendar pointing at January 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, and stopping on the 17th. After Hicks counted the on the calendar [sic] multiple times Cathy asked Hicks what he was doing. Hicks then counted the days again and stopped on the 17th and said ‘This is the day I kill.’ Cathy asked him ‘What?’ and Hicks responded ‘This is the day I kill her.'”

Deputies charged Larry Hicks with two misdemeanor counts of defiant trespass and harassment. He was also charged with two felony counts of carrying a firearm without a license and terroristic threats. A preliminary hearing in the case has been scheduled for January 24th.

It wasn’t the first time such charges had been filed against Hicks. The man had previously been charged with terroristic threats, simple assault, and harassment stemming from an incident at Friendship Ridge back in November. Brighton Township Police said a man reported that Hicks threatened him with a gun outside of the facility. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of harassment in the case, with all other charges being dismissed because authorities were unable to locate a firearm at the time.

“Grave Concerns”

Sheriff George David has told several media outlets that he personally received the call about alleged threats by a potentially armed man being at Friendship Ridge. The Beaver Countian has been unable to ascertain why the Friendship Ridge staff member, described as being a “maintenance supervisor”, phoned David instead of calling 911. David responded by sending two of his deputies, Sgt. Michael Tibolet and Cpl. John Joe Fratangeli, to the scene.

Law enforcement sources say Sheriff David failed to contact the county’s 911 Emergency Services Dispatch Center to notify them that he received the call, or of the potential danger. But WPXI’s Amy Marcinkiewicz was contacted, and was present with a camera crew as the suspect was taken to jail by Deputies. David was seen gloating to news cameras that he had averted tragedy. “We stopped him, myself and my men stopped him, thank god,” he said.

The controversy comes just one day after Sheriff George David pleaded his Fifth Amendment Rights against self-incrimination during a court hearing held about private security services performed by his office.

Law enforcement sources tell the Beaver Countian that Sheriff David’s failure to properly report the incident meant that emergency procedures, which had been meticulously planned and thoroughly rehearsed, were never set in motion.

Chief among those “grave concerns” is that the nearby New Horizon School had not been placed on an immediate lockdown, and what could have happened if the allegedly armed suspect had fled as Deputies approached.

New Horizon, a special education facility overseen by the Beaver Valley Intermediate Unit, is located in close proximity to Friendship Ridge. Director Of Special Education Dr. Robert Italia said the school was never warned about the potential danger. “We were never notified about this incident by authorities […] but our facility’s supervisor took immediate action when she learned about what had happened,” said Italia. According to Dr. Italia, school officials learned about the incident only when concerned parents began calling the facility after seeing a news report about a man with a gun being discovered nearby. “I was briefed on the situation after that.”

Dr. Italia said the school’s supervisor contacted the Brighton Township Police as soon as she heard about the incident. “We have a Memorandum of Understanding with the Brighton Township Police Department, because the facility is located within their jurisdiction,” said Italia. Procedures dictate that Brighton Township Police notify the school of any potential threats in the area, and that the facility would subsequently go on lockdown.

Law enforcement sources tell the Beaver Countian that Brighton Township Police never contacted the school, because they hadn’t been notified about the threat either. Authorities say it is just one in a series of failures that occurred because the Sheriff’s Office neglected to follow proper protocol and notify county dispatch as required.

“The county is investigating how the incident yesterday at Friendship Ridge was handled,” County Commissioner Tony Amadio told the Beaver Countian. “I have directed Friendship Ridge to review its policies and procedures, and [Beaver County Emergency Services Director] Wes Hill is investigating why the county’s Emergency Dispatch Center wasn’t notified about what was going on […] We will be meeting next week to discuss the situation.”

County Emergency Services Director Wes Hill told the Beaver Countian he has serious concerns about how the situation was handled. “What I am concerned about most is making sure things like this don’t happen again” said Hill. “I will do everything that I can do to make sure all emergency calls come through the 911 center as they are suppose to.” Hill added that the incident was a “criminal matter being handled by investigators,” and that he can’t comment more specifically until that investigation has been completed.

“Friendship Ridge is always reviewing its policies on a regular basis to ensure the safety of its residents and staff,” said Charles Rhoads, the facility’s administrator. “I am unable to comment further due to the sensitive security issues involved.”

A Problematic Prosecution

Along with expressing concerns about how Larry Hicks was apprehended, some officials say there could also be complications with his future prosecution.

Beaver County Detectives, who normally investigate incidents that take place at Friendship Ridge, say they didn’t learn about the situation until after it appeared on the news. The fact that Deputies conducted an investigation, and subsequently filed charges based on information they received from witnesses, could become problematic.

Under Pennsylvania State Law, Sheriff’s Deputies generally do not have the legal authority to investigate crimes, and doubts are being raised as to whether some of the charges filed by Cpl. John Joe Fratangeli were done so lawfully.

District Attorney Anthony Berosh declined to comment specifically, but said his office is looking into the matter and will follow the law. “Charges will be prosecuted consistent with existing case law as to who can file the particular charges in question,” he said.

Law enforcement sources say discussions are taking place to determine if some of the charges filed by the Sheriff’s Office against Hicks need to be dropped, and then re-investigated by an agency with full police powers such as Brighton Township Police, County Detectives, or the State Police.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, the Beaver Countian has released a statement regarding an incident involving Sheriff George David and this reporter.


  1. You know I thought the same thing when I saw this on the news. I wondered why Brighton Township, a full service (and awesome) Police Dept did not respond. I did not even know there was a school up there.

    Do you think George even knows what the emergency response procedures are?

    There is a lesson to be learned here. If you are a Sheriff serve some warrants and stroll around the courthouse and don’t try to be cops. I’m sure the Sheriff wanted to help (and save the day) but does it not makes sense to call for assistance for a real man with a gun call at a nursing home? Cops are cops and Sheriff’s do other less important stuff.

    Oh, and I guess not pulling guns on reporters might be a good idea.

  2. why wouldn’t they dial 911 emergency services? what gives the sheriff the right to go alone with two deputies? Doesn’t he know any better? A man with a gun a school near by you can’t be that dumb. He put every person in and around that place in danger. He needs to retire, get the hell out before some one gets hurt.

  3. Maybe dig a little deeper in to this–after the previous day’s events, what is the possibility that the sheriff set this whole thing up with Hicks & contacted Amy for the coverage to try & restore his disparaged reputation? Why would Friendship Ridge contact the Sheriff & not call 911? I think something is definitely dented in Rottenmark here.

  4. ding ding ding we have a winner again in the who needs to prove George David shouldn’t be the Sheriff contest.

    And the winner once again is ………drum roll please……. George David himself…lol hold on lol ahhh lol.

    Yeah fuck the kids in the school or Easter seals children or Francis farmer elderly.

    Yep undisputed champion once again good OLD sheriff showed why he shouldn’t be the sheriff.

    Clap clap great job George you thought arresting fishermen and a bus was your down fall last time.

    Hell you made most forget about that your a

    Great job your a determined window licker.

  5. Why would a maintenance Supervisor call the sheriff not 911 ? Then you have an armed gunman making terroristic threats and a sheriff thinks its ok to send up 2 deputies … RRREEEAAAAAALLLLYYYY???? ANYONE AT ALL THINKING HERE??????

  6. Did people forget “no judge, no lawyer,no commissioner” going to tell me what to do.

    You think he cares what Brighton township police think, emergency services director, school superintendent , or district attorney.. He is George David and Myron Sainofabitch, and Johnnie im free again havey are his lawyers.

    He has manipulated the president judge into letting him still carry a weapon after people got threaten with it, hell they just let him keep it on while testifying I mean pleading the fifth in uniform at his own hearing. And he obviously intimidates the district attorney cause he won’t sniff his way just runs a toss sweep, on everything to attorney general our state police to free up efforts to bust a dime bag salesmen or solve concession stand scandal or supervise the thousands plea bargins and ooh yeah solve cold cases

    • I agree. The DA is worthless. He must toss the DA’s salad ceasar style for him to run away and make these weak ass no comment comments regarding CRIMINAL matters involving him. I’m not sure what kind of lube is involved but it must stay slick for decades. I lost all respect for his entire office when he tried to string up John Noble.

      Let’s analyze this.
      I checked Google Maps. It’s 1.8 miles from the courthouse to friendship ridge. A 5 minute ride. I’ll cut that down to 4 minutes travel time. I assume that the deputies were at the courthouse.
      Sheriff’s way:
      1. Take the call 1 min
      2. Analyze the situation. Contact deputies to respond. 1 min.
      3. Get to car. 1 minute.
      4. Drive to friendship ridge. 4 minutes.
      7 minutes total for 2 deputies to arrive with no backup to a large facility with hundreds of rooms to search for a man with a gun.

      The right way:
      1. Sheriff takes call. 1 minute.
      2. Calls 911. 1 minute.
      3. Brighton Twp responds. It’s likely that there might be an officer 1 minute away. But we will use 3 minutes to be fair.
      That’s 5 minutes for an initial 1 man response time. But you also have the benefit of having the other Brighton officer to respond. And the Chief if it’s during the day. The real benefit is communication. That’s the local police agency response. But Beaver, Rochester, New Brighton and the State Police could respond as well. You could have had 10 people there in 10 minutes.

      Now what would have happened if this guy started shooting? And shot a deputy? And he did not have a .22 but a whole trunk full of weapons. And only then would 911 know about the situation. And only then would the other CORRECT agencies know about the situation.

      I would expect more out of a guy with years of Police experience.

      It’s my opinion that the Sheriff’s actions put hundreds of people in harms way, I’m sure that will be the opinion of others as well. This is really ridiculous. I would encourage everyone to go talk to the Sheriff, but not about this. Go get your LTCF and get a gun so the next time some pompous ass Sheriff is trying to play hero and get on TV while putting lives at risk – at least you have some protection in hand.

  7. Id’ like to know why and who called the sheriff and not the police, how did they get the sheriff’s number? was it a friend? this does not make any sence, the news reported sure knew before any one else HOW? If a man was there with a gun or threatening some one why would you take the time to look for the sheriff’s number? some thing stinks here. Is this a scene from the three stooges? BOY DO I FEEL SAFE.

  8. This makes absolutley NO SENSE. Beaver County AS WELL AS OTHER PA COUNTY SHERIFF DEPUTIES DO NOT HAVE THE SAME AUTHORITY AS REAL POLICE! That’s it folks. Besides that PSP Beaver and the Brighton Twp police dept are about 2 min away…and there were probably real cops at the magistrates office NEXT DOOR! Why did no one dial 911? Who the F calls the Beaver County Clowns?

    There is a set up here. Pa state police or the AGs office needs to investigate this NOW- before someone is hurt.


  10. I’m fairly new to this area, but all I’ve heard and read about this man, is that he must have some serious baggage on some other elected officials. How else could he stay in office for so long with all the wrong he’s done. I agree with a few others, that this whole thing was a set up. My gut tells me if someone finally gets into a real investigation, and not just “lip service”, more heads will be rolling.

  11. My Thoughts…..there is no way this was set up by Sheriff David. Sometimes in emergency situations people react differently. In this case, David reacted in a manner to keep this low key, and apprehend the suspect with minimal disruption. Should he have called 911, probably, but look at the result. Nobody was hurt and a tragedy was avoided. Maybe the suspect was listening to a police scanner, and if he heard the calls to dispatch to Friendship Ridge, maybe that would have set him off. Who Knows??? Again take a look at the results!!

  12. Some people are so stupid they can’t get out of their own way. What will it take to get David out of office? Oh that’s right, it’s Beaver County. The cops are untouchable. And I agree 100%, Jay Alstadt for Sheriff. He is definitely one of the good guys.

  13. @secret agent…..

    Its called tactical freq, and 21 codes, to communicate and you practice and practice these situations, yes nobody hurt but the risk and professionalism was not used, communication
    Communication saves lives, what if we don’t live in until its to late

    2 deputies when in route knowing what was there step out of vehicle with out ever notifying a a soul, don’t what if the scenario it put themselves st risk and sites proper training hadn’t taken place, it put elderly at risk, workers, cystitis, school children, and law enforcement that Matt had to respond to the scene,

  14. As stated above, georgie will do things his way and NOBODY will tell him how to run his dept. What the fuck does it take to get rid of this asshole? He stated to Amy Marcinkiewicz that he is here to protect the kids at football games. Yeah right, it looked like he was concerned about the school children. The parents should linch this idiot. He also stated to channel 11 news that “Me and my men averted a tragedy. he wasn’t even there. Does anyone notice that Amy is always on the scene? The D.A.’s office is a disgrace. How could Berosh face the public. What’s next georgie?

  15. The Maintenance Supervisor should be held accountable in this matter also. Its not like he called the Sheriff’s office to report a parking issue, I mean this is the same people who call 911 to snow remove from the parking lot. and How many time did he call the Sheriff before he got ahold of him, The Sheriff is a busy man, someone must have pulled his blonde pets away him to answer the phone.
    Yes WPXI was there but also KDKA was there too, where are they now to get the real story not just the sheriff story. This whole matter is very upsetting and I have a family member there, isn’t this a crime in itself what he did, he could have cause a catastrophe.

  16. Love all the pictures of Clinton and George behind him. What are the 4 stars for on his uniform? Is he a 4 star sheriff or general? Who supervises this guy?

  17. Look we all know the Sheriffs don’t have arrest powers but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the majority of our deputies are highly trained veteran police officers with years of experience…. The situation, i am confident, was under control and well handled…. The guy was sitting outside when the deputies arrived…. Now had 911 been called there would have been mass confusion and panic…. BT, Midland, Beaver police… The sheriffs….WTAE news vans and helos…. I’m sure there are quite a few daily occurrences were the police are called for a domestic and or situations were there is a gun involved were two or three police officers respond…and if the situation escalates to the point were back up is needed they call it in…. Everyone is acting like two dud ump dud ump cartoon sheriffs pull up tripping over themselves like its an episode of dukes of hazard…. These two sheriffs deputies are trained professionals that I’m confident assessed the situation upon arriving…. I’m sure there were a series of questions Chief David asked prior to dispatching these officers…. Contrary to what you may think of Sheriff David he is not going to send his men out like lambs to slaughter and these highly trained deputies are smart enough that if they thought the situation was that dangerous they would have addressed it directly with Sheriff David outlining their concerns…not blindly walking in to a foreseeable massacre… Sheriff David has been in this line of duty as long if not longer than most people posting have been alive…. In my book the only thing he’s guilty of is being Old School… And fortunately Old School works… Whatever people’s opinions are I respect because its your right. That’s the beauty of America… But Sheriff David has respectfully served this county for many years and is appreciated and respected by many…. People make decisions all the time….politician…elected officials…law enforcement…. And although these decisions may not be popular…circumstance dictates…. Right or wrong I believe that these decisions…most of the time…are made in what these individuals believe are appropriate based on the circumstances…. And what you believe is right may not necessarily be his way of thinking and this person would have handled it differently than that person…. But just because you don’t agree with someone’s decision doesn’t make him a crook….a cheat… Or a criminal as some are suggesting…. sheriff David is far from that…He has been Sheriff for a long time… And a Chief prior…. Beaver county is surrounded with in my opinion the finest police force in western pa…. Chief Blinn BT….Chief Davis aliquippa… Chief Lutton…..Chief Block….Kramer…Jones… Ungarean…. I could go on…. I have lived many states in my 10 years in the Coast Guard but I chose to move home because this is where I feel safe raising my children…. God Bless every police office…firefighter…EMT…and public official….there are a few bad apples but not enough to spoil the bunch…. I wish people would have more respect….

    • Buddy, He completely went against policy and put lives at risk. There was a report of a mentally unstable man with a gun at a nursing home and next to a SCHOOL and he decides to play fast and loose. Mass confusion to have more officers respond? That’s stupid. Georgies way was a slower response time and was not handled correctly to get a bit of glory. Then he called the news. Good thing nobody got shot or injured. The lawsuits that the county would be liable for for have been in the tens of millions.

      You’re right. The deputies are trained professionals. Now repeat after me….. keys and cellphones in the basket …. Leave the police work to the real cops.

  18. Hey Quippian have u ever heard of protocol.if those deputies and the Sheriff were trained instead of worrying about George David’s BIG FAT ego…the training would have kicked in and 911 would have been called. Really, served this county well have you not read all the articles about YOUR Sheriff. Sounds like they’re still serving the kool-aid in Quiptown!

  19. What’s in the water in Aliquippa? Quippian haven’t you been reading? Your sheriff F’D up this county, breaking state laws by the dozen. Respect is something you earn, you don’t get it just because your a cop, and where are all the retired police offficers that work in the sheriff dept? are they invisable? stay away from the water man your halucinating.


    heard a lot of stuff came up and out st grand jury, involving not just the current stuff but the past also,

    And some in sheriff circle getting investigated also and to be charged

    So deep on sheriff they have continued that jury well into new year, not cause they don’t have stuff they got deeper than ever thought.

    Remember when Act111 said this is going to get deeper and wider also that it would get extended to February ….that was in October well well its almost here

  21. The order in which things occur are very important. Think twice – those who support the sheriff. Maybe next time he will show up and arrest you with his minions and maybe he will forget the part about probable cause and your Miranda rights.

    That’s why there are rules. That’s why there are protocols. Laugh now, but this Hicks character will probably walk because of the Friendship Ridge’s employee calling the sheriff first. Both should be fired. The protocol at nursing facilities is to call 911. Won’t it be fun when he walks back in and carries out his mission?

  22. Lol…I just started reading this website which is in fact anti police…. John Paul has done nothing more than give anyone who has received a citation or has grievance with a police officer a voice… Here’s a fun fact there are a 170,000 people in beaver county give or take….and while its the same people on every article only about 20 people post comments on this website…truth of the matter is the majority of the county favors chief David…how do I know HE’S STILL THE SHERIFF…and runs unapposed… Noone can seem to beat him in the primaries…. but wait “ITS FIXED” right……Now how about this…instead of waiting your time posting nonsense…go make the.changes that you so brazinly bitch about….

  23. He will never win another election. The little edge of support he had last time would be eroded. If 3 commissioners and everyone else pulled for a different candidate. All it would take is 1 mailer to knock off 3 – 5 points. His entire life would be on this website by the next election. Good Luck.

    Grand Jury – Indicted (At least 1 count is all it takes). Jack Erath moves in and cleans house.

  24. Even more so- all the family’s of residents at Friendship Ridge should file complaint against the sheriff for endangering the welfare of the residents by not following protocol.

  25. @ quippian your always writing about police officers, you act like there above the law they are humans just like every one else, there’s good and bad every where, yes they risk there life every day and there are a lot of good ones, but so do alot of other people have tough jobs, so STOP making them all gods because there not…… you have issues, maybe you should write to dear abby or something, you sound awfully bitter. always lecturing someone when they don’t agree with you, and i don’t. why don’t you go out and run for office if your soooooo smart?

  26. Wow there sure arena lot of people on here with extensive knowledge of police protocol…lol so many expert opinions… Well let me ask this, had “PROTOCOL” been followed and three police departments …S.W.A.T…. the Sheriffs office arrived and this goon panicked and started killing people, what would everyone be posting I wonder…well somehow Georgie would have been blamed for that… I Know that’s hypothetical right….I guarantee that anyone of you speak to a police officer or someone in that field and everyone of them would agree with his call….in stead of dwelling on what COULD have happened let’s examine the facts….Georgie David made a decision that resulted in the peaceful apprehension of an armed nutcase… No one got hurt…. There wasn’t an unnecessary use of police resources….it was quite….@mvee leave the police work to the real cops….dude the majority if not all the deputies are police officers working as deputies as a part time job awaiting a full time position. Lol you all want to crucify the sheriff for peacefully deescalating a situation using the minimum amount of force and resources possible .. Good luck with that….oh and WTF…..Officer Naim was and unfortunate tragedy…. He was walking the beat which had been walked for years and years by many officers…. I don’t care what people think Georgie has done and whether its true…. That is a senseless comment and ridiculous suggestion….Listen this mess is snowballing and IF Sheriff David Is guilty of anything than then its going to get figured out…. Friendship ridge was handled correctly and successfully… Bottom line……

  27. No one said call out SWAT and 3 departments immediately. But they had no idea what was going on and neither did 911. 911 was not notified. The school was not notified. BTPD was not notified. The County Detectives, who investigate these matters – not notified. If this whole thing went bad add 10 minutes to the response time for anyone else.

    An unnecessary use of Police resources? There were no Police resources used at all. Just 2 Sheriff’s – Who are not police, can’t investigate crimes and don’t have any business responding to this call as they are NOT POLICE.

    I’ll say this, if I was Hicks, I would get a half assed attorney and get off on this charge. From the sound of things they might have to refile the charges anyways. That should be an interesting case, who is the dept that is going to file them?

    The sheriff’s don’t have the power to investigate crimes that are not committed in their presence. hence, there was no probable cause to detain or search if Mr. Hicks was seated on a bench and observed doing no crime. The Deputies had no reason to engage him. What they actually did was violate his rights. What does Kopko say about this? Oh wait, The Commonwealth Court is not going to tell Georgie how to run his office….. blah blah blah…. I hope that he walks. Perhaps that will teach everyone what a danger our own Sheriff is to his own community!

    Yes, Naim was a Tragedy. Let’s rehash it:

    ” William Alston, who retired as Aliquippa’s police chief just before Naim’s murder in 2001 and now is a city councilman, said such supposition is laughable.

    “I can assure you the police had nothing to do with Jimmy’s murder,” Alston said. “I am certain Jamie Brown was the shooter.”

    Brown’s lead defense lawyer, Erika Kreisman, said after the trial that Naim had gone to relatives in February 2001 with fears that he would be “ambushed,” perhaps by a co-worker. If he died violently, he said, he wanted them to make sure that Aliquippa police were investigated.

    Naim was shot dead about a month later, on March 15, 2001, as he walked his beat at Linmar Terrace, a public housing complex.

    Naim, 32, had been on the Aliquippa police force only 14 months when he died, but he had portrayed himself to family members as a whistleblower. For instance, he said, he knew that cash confiscated by police in a drug raid had disappeared.

    His claims of corruption in Aliquippa were contained in a state police report that Kreisman obtained while preparing Brown’s defense. Kreisman’s attempts to introduce it as evidence were rejected by the judge. He ruled that it was hearsay.”

    Post gazette 5/28/02


    • Ok, Let’s do that. I put my money on big plea down as the best end result.

      So if I walked up to a guy based on a phone call, searched him and put him under arrest would the charges stick? Tell me what the difference is?

  29. And if your actually going to quote the Pittsburgh post gazette or the times….shame on you for being a moron….

    • The Times sure, a worthless rag. The P-G? They actually do have real reporters.

      Sorry, The Washington Post does not have a beat reporter here. Is the quote inaccurate?

    • I’m not the one using him as a pawn. It is what it is and I did not create it. Check the word on the street. The Grand Jury is not spending all this time talking about the appetizer specials at Applebee’s.

      So what are they doing???

  30. Ok the two deputies that responded to friendship ridge are certified police officers….and according to the majority of the posts regarding this article ….it was mishandled….including the beavercountian…what I find funny is that one of the deputies that responded to frienship ridge is the very deputy that witnessed what happened between John Paul and Sheriff David….. Who by the way Exonerating him from any wrong doing…which had he pulled a ” GUN” on three people…he would be in jail….JP plead the 5th while the investigation was “ongoing”….so in my opinion….this is an agenda and its bullshit…. Don’t get sucked in people… Nothing worse than a pissed off individual that knows how to use a computer

  31. H2O…have another drink my man….I have no issues…that’s why I defend our police force….my father was a police officer and the majority of my friends and family serve this country and this i did my country….But guess what…I promise that you won’t have to be worried about getting shot every time you go to work….potentially every time you step out of your vehicle to do your job….no one ever said their above the law ….but………………YOU HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT THESE MEN AND WOMEN DEALWITH EVERY DAY….LEAVING THEIR WIVES…THEIR CHILDREN…MOTHERS AND FATHERS KNOWING THEIR KIDS ARE OUT THERE…hoping some asshole criminal from another state…trying to run from the law…is not the one their talking about that killed a cop on 376 during a routine traffic stop….. So guess what asshole… I hold these men and women at highest regard…..and that’s coming straight from Dear Abby….

  32. I agree Charles…. Beaver County is a wonderful place….but according to everyone on here including JP….the whole county is corrupt….THE ENTIRE COUNTY….from the state police to the county officials….why do I say this…because the supposed crimes that the sheriff has committed…and read the articles and posts…no one can seem to successfully charge him or remove him…. He is even pulling guns on people and still getting away with it….so I ask you…is he UNTOUCHABLE or is a lot of this shit blown out of proportion…I was introduced to this site 2weeks….it’s called the BEAVERCOUNTIAN….but the only shit written on this sight is about the Sheriff… So either change the name to the Georgie Davian or quite the court house creepin and report real news about beaver county….I come on here expecting something different because it COULD be a hell of a site….but it’s this cop did this and that cop did that and the sheriff did this and this chief did that…. Are there no new businesses opening…how about some high school sports… Are there any charities that need plugged… Someone has a major agenda here

    • If you want that kind of trivial news, that is what the rag known as The Beaver County Times is for. J.D.Prose has yet to report ANY of this stuff, so, you and the BCT should get along just fine. Bye.

  33. The reason John Paul writes about Georgie David so much is because idiot Georgie keeps breaking the LAW. The guy thinks he is God, when he is just a drunk Barney Fife. The guy is not very bright, can’t use a computer and is as crooked as the day is long. He put a school full of children im jeopardy just so he could have good press coverage.

  34. No children were in harms way…..what the F is wrong with everyone….and if he’s breaking or has broken the law he would be in jail or fired but that’s not the case. This website is not based off of investigative journalism but opinionated journalism otherwise we would see other articles not including the names George David, police, sheriffs office or deputies. The author has an agenda…this isn’t journalism, he provokes people to illicit a response so he has drama to write about completely ignoring all the good things this county has going on. And JP, Your smart enough to hack into secured computers what’s a lie detector. Remember this people….IT’S NOT WHAT YOU KNOW OR THINK YOU KNOW, IT’S WHAT YOU CAN PROVE….and do date no one has proven shit. And the word of 2 known antagonists against the sheriffs and two well respected deputies… Well need I say more…..and I could careless who gets pissed at this post. Everybody seems to KNOW he’s a crook, KNOW he breaks the law, All these lawyers and judges on here get together make a case and make it happen. A little bit of advice for the “journalists” and its free…..If you come upon a wounded dog you don’t kick it….you leave it a alone.

    • Really? It seems to me like they were in danger. That school could have been locked down in 2 minutes. Real police could have been there faster. It looks like it was a good photo op for a guy that pleaded the fifth the day before. Glad it all worked out.

      If you don’t want your life under a microscope, don’t piss off a reporter. And definitely don’t pull a gun on one. Just sayin’

  35. Leave the sheriff alone …great job I think..he got a call or what ever the matter and sent his men to handle the problem and they did no one was hurt…so what’s the witch hunts for???they are all police ..and they so more then just take care of the court house and warrants..

  36. The corruption in this County is absolutely unbelievable. Voters need to wake up and clean house. From the three – one of which is completely unnecessary – commissioners down through all the elected officials, the arrogance of these so-called “public servants” is disgusting. Nepotism and kickbacks, favoritism and vendettas. YOUR tax dollars are buying you less and less public services. The latest brainstorm to privatize Friendship Ridge is a perfect example. I hate to be the one to break it to you Beaver County taxpayers but once this inbred group of politicians and all their relatives fall off of you like overfed ticks, you will be left elderly, BROKE, and needing care that will NOT be provided to you.

  37. @ MEVEE you absolutely know what your talking about, your RIGHT ON, it’s not only the people blogging on this web site, people are talking about it ALL OVER THE COUNTY………..good john paul, keep us informed, you see I pay my taxes and I , am glad things are not being covered up any more. WHO tell me WHO in there right mind points a gun at some ones head and goes crazy for no reason? flipping crazy on alot of other people too. Every one is not LYING, too many people are saying he did the same thing to them……….AND THE LIAR IS SHERIFF DAVID……..

  38. I see that the fact was not mentioned that there are two schools in the Friendship Ridge area. Lifesteps daycare and adult MR programs are located in the building right beside New Horizon..feet away. I work for Lifesteps, and although the building has a security system. there are often children and clients coming and going in the parking lot.

    • NOT school property. Just because he was ‘in the area’ of a school, doesn’t mean he was illegally carrying (had he known his concealed carry permit was revoked). Know the laws in your state!

  39. I read the article, read the comments on the link, and forgot what it’s like up in good ol’ Beav CO. I haven’t lived in the area since ’94. Down here, the Sheriff does EVERYTHING. So his actions wouldn’t have been out of the ordinary. Some doucher with four .22 rounds doesn’t warrant a SWAT team. Nobody got hurt, get off his back.

  40. We only know he had a .22 with limited rounds after the fact. We do know that the schools were there, the protocol for the nursing home is to call 911 and that the news was called and that those people and their safety weren’t considered a priority.

    Press op for the Sheriff. No doubt. It’s ok. Let him keep going. The bigger he thinks he is, the harder he will fall.

  41. The maint. supervisor followed PROTOCOL. All “County” owned properties/operations are directed to call the SHERIFF’s OFFICE in case of emergency. They call the 10 digit number for the office. George followed HIS protocol and sent two guys to check it out. The protocol needs to be changed to call 9-1-1 for all emergencies on county property. The dispatchers already have PROTOCOLs in place to contact the on-duty DEPUTIES of any and all incidents that, are phoned into the 911 Center, occurring on county property. I doubt putting the call out over the police radio would have caused this guy to panic. He would have had to have a portable police scanner to know that – which he did not.

    • Really? Because that’s not what the people in charge of this stuff are saying.

      What happens when you call the Sheriff’s office at 5:30 AM Sunday morning? Does somebody answer?

  42. John Paul, keep it going. If it weren’t for you and we depended on the “Times” we wouldn’t know shit. Great job and after reading all the above, 95% of your readers agree.

  43. Since when is protocol in any establish to call the Sheriff on his personal line or the office? Maybe in the time before 911- but not now.

  44. Oh and where in protocol does it say to call a local news station reporter to show up at the same time? I’m curious.

  45. Just a couple of minor observations.

    I’m surprised to see a police officer refer to a semi-automatic as an “automatic” pistol in a police report. I’m used to the media not knowing the difference, but it’s a pretty big mistake for someone who has to know better.

    A police officer or any public official having to plead the 5th under oath is troubling to me.

    Mr Hicks has twice that I know of had issues with guns at Friendship Ridge. He is more that some harmless guy just doing his laundry there.

  46. Tis difficult for a David to do anything right in Beaver county,, i wonder just where exactly the line betwixt “Protocol” and “Highest Ranking law enforcement offical” meet… thanks warren i think you motivated me enough to post a few comments on The Beavercountian myself 😉

  47. I would like to know the people’s motivation for going on the show because like many comments have pointed out, why reveal your secrets? I figured the guy with the Behemoth is looking to start a business building them for preppers.

  48. No one knew if this guy had 1gun or 5 guns. What if he had not just. Been out front sitting BUT in the building . Yes there is Lifesters and a school not even 100yards away . Not to mention the school just down the road . Now call sheriff numb nuts or 911. Mmmmmmmmm. Everyone involved should be FIRED OH. I work there. Never head to call sheriff before Brighton twp police. Maint super not sure he know how to use a phone . And as for someone’s comment about all the jobs for friends . A hel of a lot of people up there got jobs doing little to nothing along with good pay got jobs because of who they know .

  49. WHAT IF…WHAT IF…WHAT IF…WHAT IF WORMS HAD GUNS, BIRDS WOULDN’T EAT THEM..everyone is safe..that’s really the important thing..



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