Sheriff George David has filed a lawsuit against Controller David Rossi. The move is the latest in a string of attempts by the Sheriff to have the county pay for legal fees being incurred as a result of a lawsuit filed against him by Commissioners.

Attorney John Havey had previously filed a lawsuit against the Commissioners on David’s behalf, asking Senior Erie County Judge John Bozza to force the county to pay for his legal expenses. Judge Bozza denied that request, and subsequently denied a motion for reconsideration filed by Havey. Sheriff David submitted an invoice for $9,945 on behalf of Havey anyway, but Controller Rossi refused to pay it, citing the judge’s ruling. Sheriff David then orchestrated an effort to have his own Deputies pay for his legal expenses, but they declined to do so after a meeting of their union. That’s when David filed the lawsuit against Controller Rossi, asking a judge to order him to issue payment on Havey’s invoice.

“The controller has no legal authority to refuse to process the transmittal for payment properly executed and submitted by the Sheriff,” wrote Havey in the lawsuit. “The Controller, if he has discretion to act upon these types of requests, has abused his discretion and acted in an arbitrary, capricious and unconstitutional manner.”

Controller Rossi says Sheriff David is the one who has been acting improperly.

“The invoice submitted by the Sheriff for his attorney is incorrect on two fronts,” Controller Rossi told the Beaver Countian. “First, the Sheriff submitted the invoice to be paid from a part-time wage account. Mr. Havey is not a part-time employee of the county. Even more importantly, the invoice is for legal services on behalf of the Sheriff, and his budget for legal services was exhausted last year by payments made to his Solicitor, Myron Sainovich.”

County Commissioners have declined to increase Sheriff David’s budget for legal fees, and David has declined to replace Sheriff’s Solicitor Myron Sainovich, who recused himself from the lawsuit, with attorney John Havey.

Attorney Havey had previously approached the District Attorney’s Office suggesting criminal charges be filed against the Commissioners for refusing to pay for his fees — District Attorney Anthony Berosh deemed that request frivolous.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, the Beaver Countian has released a statement regarding an incident involving Sheriff George David and this reporter.


  1. Capricious and arbitrary ……. Wtf is Havey mimicking Jackie Childs off of Jerry Sienfeld ???? When he was serving his conviction as a Felon , he watch a few episodes…

    Yeah piss on a Judges ruling its just a ruling of Law…

    The more these jokers go on the worst they make for themselves, Havey and Georgie fail to realize its not the 70s shit is different , hell Myron for once is looking smart by staying away, he knows the writing on the wall

  2. What a joke, now the sheriff filed a law suit on David Rossi, it must be nice to sue people when you have free attorneys just like everything else they get free…………..Your barking up the wrong tree Rossi is too smart for you, and he has a brain and he uses it something you know nothing about. GO ROSSI

  3. Upon hearing the news that Sheriff David will represent himself in the lawsuit on Wednesday. My first thought was….. Roadtrip! The sheer entertainment factor of watching George try to explain his cause without getting angry and turning into the incredible Hulk Sheriff would be worth the price of gas.

    Does he have to check his gun if he’s not on his home turf?

    • I agree with you MVEE, I wouldn’t miss that for anything. Someone call Jerry Springer so he can come and do a live remote broadcast, this is going to be great.

  4. Do you ever wonder why Beaver County is so stagnant and unlike the Cranberry and Robinson area, totally devoid of any growth. Do you think execs of the cracker plant are observing what is going on in this “armpit” of PA. Wake the hell up, idiots!

  5. here we go again commissioners, this is all your fault give him everything he wants with our money you approve it all. let him pay for his own attorney just like everyone else who breaks the law, what haven’t you 3 given him that he asked for? what are you so afraid of? if you pay for his lawyer with our tax money people who pay there taxes should sue the commissioners and kiss your political careers GOOD BYE you will never get elected again.

  6. Georgie is like the Energizer Bunny: he just keeps going and going and going. When is this idiot going to understand he is just an ordinary guy with no special talents. It is time to quit Georgie.

  7. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Wait until Georgie confronts Judge Bozza. I also wish I could be present when Georgie lines the judge up. first he’ll turn very pale, start stuttering and the veins in his neck will be next to eruption. I wonder if this asshole thinks he’s going befor “Boss Hogg”. I hope that Judge Bozza remembers Stutterbugs statement that “NOBODY’S” goiong to tell him to run his office. Yep, curtains and contemp of court. Hopefully the slammer for this nut.

  8. Narcissist David likes to spend taxpayer money with no care of how much it is spent…he thinks he can do what ever he wants because he’s above the law….he’s dangerous because he knows he has more authority then any government agency…and a license to kill….I remember when he was elected yrs ago and spent thousands of tax payers money to show everyone he was sheriff by having his name painted on every county patrol car….now he wants the tax payer to flip the bill on attorney fees to sue the ppl he’s payed by..because he didn’t get his way…..his job isn’t to play security guard for private businesses but to do county …it’s not like he and his deputies aren’t payed very well by the taxpayers of this county…greed is David’s problem not protecting private business..greed is..time to elect a new sheriff ppl ….

  9. Hey Harvey your suing the wrong people… George David is the one who hired you, not the commissioner, not Rossi,…but Narcissist George David….sue him….good luck trying to get it…cause he only uses other peoples money to pay his bills….not his…..hahahahah



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