Beaver County Sheriff George David has withdrawn all of the appeals he filed in his various legal battles with County Commissioners.

After an investigative report by the Beaver Countian last August, County Commissioners filed a lawsuit against Sheriff David attempting to stop him from contracting out his Deputies to perform private security services for various corporations.

The Beaver County Deputy Sheriff’s Association sided with Sheriff David, and joined in defending against the lawsuit. Deputies had been making tens of thousands of dollars in overtime each year working outside security details. An audit by Beaver County Controller David Rossi subsequently showed that David had been undercharging corporations for the services, leaving taxpayers to subsidize security for companies including Walmart, Boscovs, Toys R Us, Target, and Cinemark.

Senior Erie County Judge John A. Bozza determined the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office had been violating a state law explicitly forbidding the work, and issued a preliminary injunction against Sheriff David.

Attorney John Havey, who represented Sheriff David, appealed Judge Bozza’s preliminary injunction shortly after it was issued. The Deputy Sheriff’s Association joined in that appeal.

Sheriff David’s latest filing effectively ends his participation in the appeal, although the Beaver County Deputy Sheriff’s Association remains as a party in the lawsuit. But sources within the Sheriff’s Office say the association’s financial reserves have been significantly depleted over the past several months, as the organization has been paying legal fees defending against the civil suit, including payments they made to Sheriff David’s attorney. The association has also been paying defense attorneys for several deputies who have been facing possible criminal prosecution in various unrelated cases.

Sheriff David has also dropped his appeal in a lawsuit he filed against the Commissioners, which unsuccessfully attempted to force county taxpayers to cover his legal expenses in the case.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  1. You may recall in at least one of my comments on a previous story about the Sheriff that my fear was that if action wasn’t taken against him that he’d start to lay low before the next election and many people would forget about much of his BS. I’m guessing this is the start of it. He knows that these appeals will drag on in court, costing tons of money that he doesn’t really have and the longer it goes on, the fresher everything will be in the voter’s minds come election time. If you think for even a second that the withdrawal of these appeals was because George decided to do the “right thing”, I’m going to disagree. Also, this is far from the end of the Sheriff wasting the taxpayer’s money. I’d bet on it.

    I am sure that this is purely a political move so that he can start gradually removing himself from the negative limelight that he has been under for some time now. Give it a few months, maybe a year, and all of a sudden we will are start hearing about the great things George is doing. It’s all part of the game. I just hope that the county voters are wise enough to see through it. It will probably be mostly small stuff that results in a handful of individuals or small groups offering up their praises of the Sheriff and describing him as a “hero” of some sorts. I even bet that closer in to election time, all of a sudden a ton of long lost fugitives will have warrants served and be apprehended.

    Now, you two or three George David supporters who troll these comments can go ahead and give the negative vote as you always do for any comments that are not favorable of the sheriff. For everybody else, I’m interested to see reply comments as to whether or not you agree or disagree with my thoughts on this story and the sheriff’s real motivation behind withdrawing the appeals.

  2. yay,,,,about time! This county cant afford to keep spending for David’s poor financial management…and the ongoing legal expenses have cost us enough…

  3. Whiteguy: Very well stated. My only addition would be to maintain that the man is mentally ill and doesn’t have the rational reality testing or adaptive skills some people give him credit for. He’s neurotic, and that complicates understanding his behavior. Eventually, he will completely self-destruct.

    • Raven, you hit on an important point that I had not thought to include. The man does exhibit many traits of a mentally ill person and as such his behavior is beyond understanding. After reading your comment, I can’t help but consider who pulled old George back from the edge of self destruction this time. May some of his bigger supporters are starting to pull in the reins on George as they begin to realize that George’s not so pleasant image could very well be projected upon them. If that’s the case, do you think that big bad George realizes he’s just a puppet for his big money backers or do you think he really believes he’s running the show?

    • He will self-destruct…We should pray that no one is seriously injured or worse when he finally snaps. Not only are the girls in his office working in a hostile work environment, any one who enters the courthouse for any reason in stepping into a hostile environment.

  4. You’re right white guy but he’s not going to stop, crazy people can’t, he just flips. There running out of money and he sure isn’t going to dip into his pockets, he’s too cheap to even buy a cup of coffee. Shame he spent all the deputies money… thing you can believe he’s not done yet……………

  5. Whiteguy: It is my opinion that his defenses are gradually giving way and that spontaneous, stopgap thinking and behavior have largely replaced forethought, reasoning and subsequent deliberate action. It is regressive and impulsive. As is often said in intervention counseling, “Things always get worse before they get better”, a reference to the breaking down of maladaptive habits, exposing raw causes and emotions, and allowing adaptive behavior to replace it. In the interim, there is a period of extreme vulnerability; if not directed or compensated for, it could allow a breakdown of the integrity of the personality system — decompensation. I don’t see any professional assistance or support in the offing here, but rather the opposite, and a not so optimistic prognosis. This man is on the brink of complete invalidation of his posturing and delusional thinking, and it worries me. Things could get ugly. To minimize the potential fallout it should be stopped now. The warning signs have been and are abundant; I hope people don’t have to eventually ask, “Why didn’t we do more when we could have?” That would be a shared guilt communal trip.

    • You mentioned intervention counseling…..Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall during a counseling session with Georgie???

  6. One thing that caught my attention is that the Union backed him at the same time it was working to get the desk clerk back to her position. Im not gonna look back through the articles to find it, but correct me if Im wrong.
    In this particular article it becomes obvious that the Union is only out for money. Why would they come out and say that they defended David because the Deputies received “tens of thousands of dollars” in O.T. So the Unions first focus is on MONEY?!!!!!?? Not the quality or safety of the work environment for the employees. Defend this man over the rest of the department. Brotherhood my butt. Moneyhood is more like it.

    • Union No!…Yes, you ARE wrong. Maybe you should try to see beyond the word UNION.

      Your complaint involves TWO separate incidents, and TWO separate UNIONs.

      One: It is The Beaver County Deputy Sheriff’s Association that sided with Sheriff David. This UNION is “the sole and exclusive bargaining representative for all full-time and regular part-time security guards, including but not limited to deputy sheriffs…”. And the name says Beaver County. Sounds like a “good ole boy” network?

      Two: It is the SEIU (Local 668) representing the clerk in the sheriff’s office, Stephanie Guidice. This UNION (SEIU stands for Service Employees International Union) is a labor union representing 1.9 million workers in over 100 occupations in the U.S.

      Stephanie’s experience is a perfect example of why unions are needed. An SEUI rep said “the union is prepared to fight for Guidice, and for any other clerks in the office who have a grievance they would like to file.” The Beaver Countian continues “Multiple courthouse sources have repeatedly told the Beaver Countian they have witnessed clerks leaving the Sheriff’s Office in tears over the past several months”

      I”m not about to get into a McKee-type rant defending unions except to say, no one should have to work under those conditions. Unfortunately, many more are every day, because of a lack of union protection. Public sector unions are about all that’s left, because of the anti-union sentiments being preached, along with ridiculous statements like “it becomes obvious that the Union is only out for money” and “Brotherhood my butt”.

      • medinfo2000.. Thanks for clearing that up. My issue is that we now have two worker organizations dumping money into a pit. Please don’t take me wrong, these women should not be in this situation! Ive never implied otherwise. However, The Beaver County Sheriffs Assoc. (which is the same as a Union) sided with a person (David) who has a lot of allegations against him right now. They did it in the name of money. Money comes to the forefront. They seem to have forgot the desk clerk. Its all a load of bull.
        Another thing is that I am part of a Union. Steelworkers. I know the crap they pump. It is a very oppressive organization. If you don’t agree with the Unions stance on an issue then you are shunned. It’s not funny, because many members are trying to pull the Union into the 21st century. They have no accountability, and only defend the people who are true screwups. The more dues I pay the more infuriated I become. My dues went to get a drug addicts job back not once or twice, but three times. That was one person. The others were sexual predators and chronic alcoholics who had been given a chance and pee’d on it. Its all corrupt.

  7. I realize this is off topic and I said I wouldn’t get involved in a pro-longed discussion,
    but REALLY?? You thank me for “clearing that up”, brush me off, and continue with “They seem
    to have forgot the desk clerk.” HELLO??? Is anyone home??

    Either you didn’t read what I typed and didnt understand it (or chose to ignore it), and made the blanket statement “They have no accountability, and only defend the people who are true screwups.” That pretty much sums up perfectly what I said about union perception.



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