Robert "Bobby" Williams
Robert "Bobby" Williams
Robert “Bobby” Williams

Sheriff George David raised concerns of county workers once again today, allowing a man currently awaiting trial to bypass the Courthouse’s security protocols while entering the building.

Robert “Bobby” Williams, a long-time friend and political ally of the Sheriff, met with David in his office sometime around 1:30pm today.

Williams is currently awaiting trial on charges of perjury under the Pennsylvania Election Code, and is expected to accept a plea bargain from prosecutors in the case. The man stands accused of lying on an official nominating petition to appear on the May 21st Democratic primary ballot as a candidate for Aliquippa City Council.

Sources inside of the Sheriff’s Office say Sheriff David’s phone rang at 1:25pm today, before he got up and unlocked a secure door leading to the building’s sally port. David then reportedly opened the sally port gate, allowing Williams into the courthouse without being screened at one of two public entrances to the building.

Protocols established by County Commissioners and court administrators require all courthouse visitors to walk through metal detectors and have their bags passed through x-ray machines before entering the building.

Several residents of Aliquippa had accused Williams of flashing a gun and using racial slurs earlier this year while visiting their home to collect signatures for his petition. Williams was not charged as a result of those allegations, although the incident did lead to a meeting between the NAACP, law enforcement officials, and the District Attorney’s Office.

The controversy surrounding Bobby Williams arose after a series of investigative reports by the Beaver Countian raised serious questions about his residency and eligibility to run for office in Aliquippa. Following those reports, a group of residents from Aliquippa filed a lawsuit against Williams seeking to keep his name off of the ballot. Williams withdrew his candidacy one day later, and he was subsequently charged with perjury following an investigation by Beaver County Detectives.

Perjury under the election code is a first degree misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not more than $10,000, imprisonment not exceeding five years, or both. Williams has a pre-trial conference scheduled in his case for December 19th.

Robert Williams has previously instructed this publication never to contact him again for comment, telling this reporter to “go fuck yourself.”

Sheriff David raised similar security concerns earlier this year when Ohioville Police Chief Ronald Lutton, who is facing 64 felony charges, was ushered unrestrained in and out of a courtroom through restricted entrances and secured hallways to avoid members of the press.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  1. Ok, now, one has to ask, is there not repercussions for wantonly flaunting the security protocols at the courthouse?
    They are there for a reason, for the safety of the judges, courthouse staff, and the public. What would have happened had this man been carrying a loaded, concealed weapon, and chose to use it that day? He’s already shown that he has a volatile temperament, so why do this, and put yourself under MORE SCRUTINY than what you are already under?
    David KNOWS that his every move is being watched, from the moment he walks into the courthouse, to his bathroom breaks, to him picking his nose, so why on earth would he do something so stupid, as to bring more unwanted attention to himself?
    I truly believe his mental state is not well, and he shouldn’t be in the position he is in.

    • I am not sure if it is his mental state that is worrisome, or if he just thinks he is Teflon because no matter what shit gets thrown at him it keeps bouncing off.

    • Why don’t the judges react to this transgression? Certainly in today’s age of judicial activism, they could put the sheriff’s office under supervision and outside receivership. This was done with the LAPD for years when it was alleged that they weren’t acting properly. Seems like the most important duty of sheriff is courthouse or building security and if he violates standing procedures, this is cause for outside intervention.

  2. He does it because he can, NO ONE does any thing to him, the circus clowns and his pal mouth piece. SECURITY MY ASS, after all the threats and accusations nothing has changed..Sad Sorry men they call them selves they won’t do anything because they are all afraid of him and that’s the bottom line. Real stand up men that let him abuse woman and don’t do a thing. I feel sorry for the people who work there and the people who visit the courthouse. SHAME ON YOU keep turning your heads, DO SOMETHING MR DA. Isn’t it YOUR job to keep that place SAFE……

  3. This guy is a total douchebag jackass. Just this morning I read how he wants to hire more full time deputies because of security concerns. I say NO MORE FULL TIME hires. Mr. Jay Alstadt. When you cut the part time deputies down because of your fellow democrat in the white house, then simply hire additional part time people to fill the gap. Do you honestly think we are all stupid out here? you Mr. Chief are just as stupid as your boss. Get off your kness and stand up to your boss.

  4. Give me a break, this is what is reported! The commissioners and most of the district attorneys office, all the judges and almost every elected row officer enters the courthouse unchecked. Think about that and all the corruption we have going on and those people all needed checked so we know they are doing the business of we the people. Where’s the whole story
    JP? Tell everyone about who enters and exits the building and never needs to be checked, now that would be a true story. I’m not a fan of the sheriff but if your going to continue to put fluff articles because it been several days without a story, you should have added all the facts on who comes and goes without being checked. If any of your stories have shown us anything is every elected official needs to pass through security.

    • The problem is that this guy is no elected official or judge. This guy is a freaking nobody! He needs to go through security like everyone else.

  5. the problem is…..

    it’s over rated and blown out of proportion if your a county employee who care where out how you get in, it’s about the non employees the people attending hearings ect,

    get real what a joke

    two sometimes three deputies at front and back door some make over 60k lol that’s a joke

    have one deputy and get a retired guy ti be screener save hundred of thousands…

    it’s a waste, also why is there a full time fucking sesecurity gaurd getting health care as night gaurd with no gun or arresting powers patrolling building, before they check any thing check that fuck that should be s grievance with union that’s talking s job from someone oppppppps it’s sheriff best buddie and former campaign chairman…. and that was okay then commissioners where good with sheriff then and helping him create this mess well now look at what it caused, ohhh can’t file a grievance caus.
    he stripped there union rights

    but nobody sensors him cause guys got no balls and let him go but cry wolf that they should have patrol powers hmmmm not doing much about the criminal or criminals in your own office ehhhh boys


  6. Folks the man violated his bond by that action

    non employee beach of his own policy, court administrators, not to mention it’s a man currently facing felony charges that you let in the building and done by a man that should not be allowed in building let alone carry a weapon

    the only reason sheriff is allowed cause the bafffoooooonnnnnn Otis the town drunk magistrate is so far up certain asses..

    Now to my friend the district ATTORNEY this is on his lap he could step in numerous times and take care of this which would of prevented numerous problems that has occurred, reason no idea this has gone to far for to long. To the point corruption looks to be going on in other areas in that building, knowingly seeing and being made of crimes and not charging them makes it worst than initial crime

    to chief Jay you started about seven years ago that you where burned out as a police officer and not affective as you once where, but ran for sheriff lost then took position as yes man causethat troll thought you had votes, let me guess your burned out again????

    because you haven’t been a man that protects and serves the innocent and the public is more like shadowing give what ever excuse you want, failure you could and should of cuffed him numerous times and same with the rest of those security guard taxi drivers

    • This is just one time in a very long list of instances that he has violated his bond. He’s had at least one bond violation hearing. If this was you, or I, or anyone else, and we had violated bond as often as he has, there would be no slap on the wrist, no….we would be arrested and taken to jail, until they got around to having a violation hearing. And more than likely, we wouldn’t be offered bond again, no, bond would be revoked, and the BCJ would be our “home away from home” until our hearings. But no, not the “Teflon Sheriff”.

  7. Why is anyone surprised by Georgie letting his buddies into side door? I can remember him letting his buddies visit him at the jail, and I remember him telling me that he thought that a person with the initials H.C. was a nice guy, The guy was a convicted drug dealer and georgie took care of him while he was at the jail. Harry is dead now, but I bet georgie just misses the money now.



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