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Logo © Shell Chemical

Shell Chemical has gotten an extension on its option to acquire land for a new petrochemical plant in Beaver County, according to an announcement today by Horsehead Corporation. Horsehead extended its December 31st deadline by six months, which gives Shell an option to buy the land it currently occupies in Potter and Center. The Horsehead property will become defunct in 2014, after the company moves its Zinc operations to a facility in North Carolina.

Shell Chemical is expected to use the next several months to continue its due diligence, before making a final decision about whether it will move forward with a proposed multi-billion-dollar ethane processing plant, commonly known as a “cracker.”

Commissioner Dennis Nichols told the Beaver Countian the delay didn’t come as a surprise. “Some had thought that Shell was going to make a final decision at the end of this year, but we were expecting an extension” he said. “They are continuing to go through their normal procedures while looking at the property. They’re determining what type of remediation may be required due to potential pollution, examining how they will secure certain parts of the property the way they want, things of that nature.”

Commissioner Nichols said other deals, which he wasn’t yet at liberty to discuss in detail, have added to his positive feelings about Shell moving forward. “Our communications with Shell remain good, things seem to be moving in the right direction from our perspective […] Everything continues to be favorable for us, we’ve heard nothing negative from them.”

Officials have told the Beaver Countian that a final decision by Shell may come as early as March.


  1. Billion dollar tax cut given to a corporation with profits in the billions from Corbett and the republicans. The elderly at Friendship Ridge getting kicked out into the street by Corbett and the republicans.

  2. Hey, what ever happened to all the revenue from the casino’s in PA? Weren’t they supposed to go to help cover the health care costs for seniors?

  3. The plant is anticipated to employee 1000 people. Cut the political crap Jackson, this is a good win for Beaver County if it happens. Stop complaining and if you really care about the elderly how about getting off your duff and campaign Shell and local officals to accomedate the elderly at possible new facility. You Democrats do nothing but complain, not give solutions, and want everyone else to do the work. Keep whining and maybe Shell will go to Ohio or WV taking its 1000 jobs with them.

  4. [Start Sarcasm]

    How dare a business plan to locate in Beaver County?! Worse yet, it will be a chemical processing facility and lord knows that they are dangerous and pose risk, which we cannot have. No risk is acceptable; we need to dream up doomsday scenarios of possible disasters that ethane cracker plants can create and make sure that the public can recite these scenarios as if they are daily events. This is the only way to keep things like this out of our area.

    Just to add insult, Shell has the audacity to negotiate tax incentives to maximize their potential success. No other location was going to do that, so why should Pennsylvania do this on the behalf of Beaver County. Unacceptable. Those money-grubbing one-percenters. We’ll show them.

    Then, those fools in Harrisburg wasted time and effort to get the thing here. Unbelievable. Don’t they realize that we would be much better off with nothing and they should be fighting for another location? Besides, their tax incentlives will throw our grandmothers out in the streets. The links between ethane cracking and assisted living facilities is undenable. If it weren’t for this facility, our grandmothers would all be safe.

    For everyone’s benefit, they should be re-directing their search to Rutherford County, NC. Lords knows they are all a bunch of suckers that would actually allow a business to locate there!

    The nerve of some people.

    [End Sarcasm]

  5. @Jackson4570 Even with the tax breaks granted, it remains millions in additional taxes. Do you believe BC would be an option without tax breaks?
    More taxes means more money for the county wich has the potential to save FR. We both know it won’t, but in a perfect world it may.

    • Mr Wilson, I mean you no disrespect, however the county commissioners spokesperson consistently says he wants to privatize that facility. It was part of his agenda before taking office.. He has no intention of saving Friendship Ridge… Time and time again he states”HE” doesn’t believe the county doesn’t belong in healthcare, “HE” believes it should be privatized.. By all the articles “HE” is in , makes you wonder what happened with the other two commissioners.

  6. Wondering if maybe, just perhaps, the possibility exists, that if a business of this magnitude locates to this area, that maybe tax revenue for the county would increase and they could afford the Friendship Ridge facility.
    And gee, Jackson, laying it on pretty thick there, aren’t you? Who wants to kick elderly onto the street? Seems the commissioners want to sell the facility so it can STAY OPEN to keep the elderly off the streets when the county can no longer pay for the facility.
    And just to educate you, corporations are in business to make profit (even BILLIONS!), which they use to pay taxes (never enough for you, I know) and hire employees who pay taxes (again, never enough) and spend their wages in local business who pay taxes (again!) Yes, if we could just get back to the our glory days when we were one of the country’s leaders in industrial production… oh wait, maybe that will happen.

  7. You men bring back the poor house? The reason we can’t fund medicaid and other needs is because of the massive tax give aways over the last 30yrs. Too bad PA is the only state that doesn’t have an extraction tax on gas. Is it because our Governor is in the pocket of the gas interests? Less revenue for whats needed as a result . Now we have the same old promises give more tax breaks and it’s going to bring us jobs and more revenue. Please !!!! . Just like the ones that came when we built a new airport for US Air ? Or will it be like the ones that came from the Bush tax cuts? Will the Reagan tide of tricle down economics finaly start raising all ships? These handouts here and around the rest of the country aren’t doing anything more than causing more budget problems . This corporation like any other that is making billions can afford to build their own plant and pay taxes like the rest of us.

  8. @jackson – At least we agree on one thing. Gov’t giveaways are a bad idea. We just disagree about which ones are the bad ones. I happen to think that they are all bad in their own way. Tax incentives – give aways – are necessary because of the absolute tax levels that are often driven by the other give aways – entitlements. Get rid of both of them because one won’t go away without the other.

    And I have some skin in my grandma comments – my grandfather was a simple coal miner and my grandmother ran a woman’s clothing shop specializing in wedding dresses. Neither of them were making much but guess what? They didn’t live their lives looking for give aways because they understood one basic fact – if you rely on future promises from the gov’t, you will almost certainly be let down.

    My grandfather passed 9 years ago and my grandmother descended into dementia about 4 years ago and had to be put into an assisted living facility. Her initial facility cost about $4,500 per month. This past October, she had to be moved to a more restrictive facility because her condition worsened. This new place costs about $6,000 a month. Here’s the kicker – all of her living expenses are paid from the money saved by her and my grandfather over the decades. They didn’t assume handouts and lived below their means to ensure their future. In addition, should her money run out (which it probably won’t), her children and grandchildren will be picking up the tab, not taxpayers.

    Back to the main point – giveaways – I was not raised looking for the gov’t to be the answer to all of my problems. This means that I can watch the gov’t screw up entitlements like medicade, medicare and social security and grumble that I am paying into systems with no paybackfor me and chuckle at folk that don’t save and assume the gov’t will take care of them in the future. If you live your life assuming the gov’t will take care of you, you will almost certainly be disappointed. If you live your life with the attitude that you will take care of yourself and your own family, you simply become a spectator to the debacle of gov’t handout failures. My grandparents both had 8th grade educations and they understood this simple reality.

    Thank God I start back to work today. Now I won’t have time to write these rants.

  9. Please spare me the lecture . You talk about people taking care of their own needs but I’ve read your BS before. You have complained when people make a living wage and take care of themselves you complained when they work for what you think they should and can’t pay their entire way. You call meeting human needs handouts but have no problems as you said with giveaways for the business class. Maybe that benefits your portfolio. Poor grama and grandpa never made much? Please!!!! After four years at $4500.00 per mo. that’s well over $200,000.00. If what’s you’re saying is true then grandma must be sitting on alot bigger pile of cash that you can’t get you’re hands on and aren’t willing for medicaid to get ahold of. I knew quite a few people in that delema . They weren’t able to hide the assets before their parents got sick so they put them in a nursing home paying the bill month to month hoping they’d die before the money was gone. Some died others kept on living and ran out of doe. Then those rugged individualists like yourself then loaded them up and took them to Friendship Ridge and got the “handouts” as you said. I think you’re just like they are.

  10. Hey DD – do the math, 700 unemployed workers from the ridge and let’s say 200? from horsehead, add in delivery jobs, etc. doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out _ sweet deal for shell, loss of jobs for beaver county, so tax base is lessened.

    • Jobs at Shell will pay significantly higher that at the ridge, as people are making more, they will pay more in taxes. Also, there is no comparison on the profit Shell will bring in vs. the Ridge. Anyway, my arguement wasn’t to get rid of the Ridge for good but to work towards finding another spot and/or asking Shell to help pay for it as goodwill and commitment to the community. Blasting a company for wanting to do business in Beaver isn’t going to help Shell or people in the county. We must all work towards common ground where the elderly will be served, new jobs are created, and businesses are welcomed to the county. Otherwise we will end up like Detriot.



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