Several candidates for the Democratic Committee of Aliquippa will not be appearing on the ballot in May, after a Beaver County Judge ruled their nominating petitions were invalid.

Judge Gus Kwidis heard arguments on Friday from a group of Aliquippa residents who challenged the validity of petitions for four Democratic Committee candidates.

Democratic Committee people serve 4 year terms to elect the party’s Chairman and endorse candidates. To appear on the ballot, each candidate must submit a nominating petition signed by at least 10 registered Democratic voters who live in their precinct. The challenges alleged that signatures appearing on the petitions of four candidates did not come from the correct precinct or were not from registered voters.

Bill Battisti challenged the validity of Joe West’s petition (Battisti is running against West for a seat on the Democratic Committee), Lisa Walker challenged Torri Durham-Flannigan’s petition (Walker, who works as County Commissioner Joe Spanik’s secretary, is running against Flannigan), John Fratangeli challenged Mark Delon’s petition (Delon is running against Arthur Piroli, John Fratangeli’s wife Vicki is an Aliquippa Councilwoman), and Diana Abramovich submitted a challenge to Aileen Gilbert’s petition (Ambrovich is running against Gilbert).

Judge Gus Kwidis ruled that petitions for Torri Durham-Flannigan, Mark Delon, and Aileen Gilbert did not contain enough valid signatures and were invalid. As a result, their names will not appear on the ballot as candidates for Democratic Committee person. Judge Kwidis ruled that Joe West’s nominating petition was valid and his name will appear on the ballot.

Democratic Party insiders tell the Beaver Countian that the effort was spearheaded by Aliquippa Councilman Robert Rager, who himself is embroiled in the middle of a lawsuit filed by District Attorney Anthony Berosh challenging the legality of his position on City Council.


  1. TEN signatures, and they were either too lazy, incompetent, or stupid to meet that requirement.  They should have been able to walk down the street and doubled that in an hour.  Not only should the petitions be invalidated, but these nincompoops should never again be allowed to run for any office.  TEN valid signatures, TEN.

  2. Just showsHOW stupid the current political machine is there ! Salt wannabeees, never happen .GUYS YOU ARE TO DUMB ,  Looks like a easy run for Vicki to finally BE the FIRST WOMAN MAYOR IN QUIP

    • @ Hopewell
      Your ability to compose a literate paragraph is staggering! Please give up the name Hopewell because you seriously give it no credibility. :{(

    • Yep, just what that town needs. ANOTHER CORRUPT politician! Follow the dots on THAT family name in Beaver County politics. What the hell is WRONG with people!

      • Why don’t you and the rest of them stop complaining and just be happy there are places like Aliquippa to contain the riffraff otherwise they might all be moving into your neighborhood.

  3. Wow Mungo Jerry, what does my lliteracy have to do with the story ? I am not one of three who could not get the 10 valid democratic voters who live in there precinct to sign there petition. You must have a nickel in it , thank god i dont ! Must have hit a sore spot !

    • i think the point is if you’re going to say people are to dumb, you should probably use the correct spelling/word which would be “too”

      as noted there is a place and their shows possession

  4. The saga continues, Aileen Gilbert, Tori Durham-Flannigan are questioning the legality of the method of payment to the Prothonotary office to obtain the petitions and become Objectors. Did this money come out of the Democratic Committee Fund, or was it paid for by the objectors?



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