A clerk in the Sheriff’s Office responsible for processing concealed carry permit applications filed a grievance against Sheriff George David today.

Stephanie Guidice filed an Unjust Discipline complaint against David through the union, after she said he threatened her job and had her reassigned without any explanation.

“They told her she can either move, resign, or be fired,” SEIU 668 Representative Al Smith told the Beaver Countian. “Now what kind of choices are that?” Smith said Guidice was told the actions being taken against her were due to the Hicks case, but that she was provided no specifics. “[Sheriff David] didn’t even talk to her himself. He had a Deputy stand over her while she packed up her stuff.”

Smith said that Guidice agreed to move to another position within the office so she wouldn’t be fired. “Stephanie has been in the Sheriff’s Office for 17 years without any write-ups,” said Al Smith. “She’s a good employee. There’s got to be something else to this, there has to be some sort of ulterior motive.”

Smith said the union is prepared to fight for Guidice, and for any other clerks in the office who have a grievance they would like to file.

“I’ve heard a lot of stories about how the women have been treated down there,” said Smith. “I know there are other clerks in his office who have felt harassed, but figured if they just towed the line they’d be ok. Well here we are. The Sheriff is dragging her into this.”

Multiple courthouse sources have repeatedly told the Beaver Countian they have witnessed clerks leaving the Sheriff’s Office in tears over the past several months, and sources within the Sheriff’s Department alleged that David has even had his clerks monitored using the courthouse’s surveillance system. “David thinks some of his office staff were leaking information, so he wanted to know who they were talking to in the building,” said one source.

Al Smith plans to meet with Sheriff David on Friday to discuss Guidice’s grievance. “When we requested a meeting with the Sheriff, he responded to us by saying, What’s HER problem?” said Smith. “Now what kind of attitude is that? That’s no way to talk to people.”

Under the SEIU’s contract with the county, Smith said David is required to meet with the union now that an official grievance has been filed against him. “He doesn’t have a choice but to meet with us. He can tell us to go jump off a bridge when we meet, but he’s got to meet. And if he tells us to take a bridge, we’ll go up to the next level with this.”

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, the Beaver Countian has released a statement regarding an incident involving Sheriff George David and this reporter.


  1. all the girls in that office should all walk out together and have a picnik in the hallways they dont have to tolerate being treated like dogs by that man let him try to fire them all and watch what happens the whole department will leave with them :yell:

  2. What a shame, the sheriff should be ashamed of himself. Why don’t the sheriff quit picking on and abusing WOMEN? She did permits for 17 years all of a sudden he told her to hit the pike…. Stephanie Guidice and the rest of the girls in the office need to SUE his nasty ass. If he’s not picking on women he’s picking on little helpless boys who wouldn’t hurt a flea. After reading what money you make it’s not worth it, stick together girls DON’T BE AFRAID……If you think he’s watching you, GUESS WHO’S WATCHING HIM?

  3. This office’s series of situations, taken as a whole, seems to be nearing a dangerous critical mass. Given the history of it, I think there is sufficient reason to fear a very negative ending. I hope no one gets hurt beyond the emotional duress, although it must seem to be a living hell to some.

  4. What a JOKE people…really. Im sure Sheriff david tried coaching Mrs Guidice and with her stellar record and reputation she did what she always did..HER JOB…no matter what. Once again this guy tries making everyone else the scape goat. When is the AGs office going to come in and Clean house. This guy thinks he is in Aliquippa in 1960 where you can do what you want with no repercusions . That was the day and age but its 2013..WE NEED SAM PICCINNI..The Commissioners or DA’s office need to summon the Govoners office and get rid of that JOKE and his ranking staff..Hey Sheriff, leave the honest hard working people alone and stop blaming them for your mess. The News interview you did on the Friendship ridge incident should have been put on Americas funniest videos. No one believd that happened after you opened your mouth..

  5. He is so use to beating on the opposite sex like his wife NO women is off limits. He’s never had anyone go against him except jp if you ladies stick together he’ll crap his pants cause deep down he is nothing but a coward.

  6. Courthouse sources tell us Fratangeli and Tibolet are in charge of water boarding the secretaries the cameras just aren’t working

  7. Oh the Sheriff had one of his nasty old do nothing, big money deputies do his dirty work. Big tough guy needs professional help, I’m sure she’ll be watching him pack up his stuff very very soon . The last laugh is yours Stephanie. Don’t take it, Walk out all of you and every one will be with you. Every woman in that courthouse should be PISSED OFF. I’m sure your not the only one getting picked on in that office, no one should have to work under those conditions, we’ve come a long way, be one strong WOMAN.

  8. I hope everyone will show some respect for the ladies in the Civil Office, they don’t deserve to be dragged into this “debacle” the Sheriff has created. These gals work hard and are very well respected by the majority of the deputies, Attorneys, law enforcement, etc. There are a lot of others in the Sheriffs Office being watched, and you know who you are! We see you every day!

  9. Well well that other shoe that fell I can see is still levitating before landing and kicking a few more in the ASS. Before it finally drops.

    Yes just another incident to pile up for the Sheriff again feel sorry for the legit brothers that have gotten embarrassed by this neapolitan complexed prick.

    What we got here official oppression? Witness intimidation? Just to name a few that going to cost a penny, then when the others join whewww hewww, and if few deputies grow a pair they can join in too with it and union busting trade that took place,

    Hey Georgie you still think your not getting charged? Let me guess going to run a ticket right? Open check book, word has it your going to take over Dem party and chuckie got Christiana and Marshall on board? How has breakfast been? Good job now they are being investigated lol, any one else you want to lay down some crumbs for? Any bookies,cocaine.dealers, illegal firearms sales people? Cocaine/jewelry dealers, money launderers? Tax invasions specialist?
    Its getting deep. “these four walls getting closer everyday and i’m dying inside and nobody knows it but me” sing it Bitch

  10. commissionaires, judges, row officers, the blind dog in the courthouse please somebody grow a set. Do your jobs we elected you to do, take a stand now or you all will be standing on the outside looking in after next election.

  11. It would seem that George’s world is crumbling (due to his own actions of course) so he decides to be assertive in order to feel as if he is in control. Since he can’t arrest somebody (no real police powers), and can’t go sign a contract to do security work in order to piss off the commissioners (the injunction that he claimed he would ignore) he instead picks on a long time female employee with no known history of performance problems. Do you feel like a man now Georgie?

    This man would seem to be teetering on the breaking point…lets just hope that when he goes off of the deep end and starts firing his weapon that he shoots himself to end his misery instead of innocent people. I’m guessing that he probably reads this website….his curiosity just can’t be overcome… if you are reading this George, face facts…you are a nobody and you are far more impressed with your “power” than anyone else….everyone else knows that you don’t have any.

  12. The county should just start handing out blank checks to all these people that are going to sue them when does it stop!!!

  13. SHERIFF..SHERIFF..TELL US THIS ISN’T SO? Here you have good loyal ladies working in your office, Ms Guidice is very good at her job and full of knowledge I’ve been there many of times with friends and she always welcomes the public and will help them out. Is this another ploy to work the blondes in? oops, sssshhhh Good JOB, for standing up for yourself Stephanie Maybe next we’ll see you Run for Sheriff!!!!

    • This may not be a bad idea let her run for SHERIff she had the guts to stand up to that asshole cant get no worse. It seems like she took a lot of pride in her job maybe that sheriff should try to learn what that means. The people should have respect for the sheriff deputies but they seem like they are as ruthless as the man they follow.

  14. @act111 welcome back you and 76wita95 called this like Jimmy the Greek, and yes to the song quote old school Tony rich project,lol ,lol.

    @right on track 23 wtf , you went there many times with friends? Is that a hangout? You actually got friends?

    Anyways what happens is sheriff decides to go work details anyways? And if guys just get paid time and half to do so?

    This guy is done, who else and how many more will follow?

  15. Here he goes again. I’ll bet he’s stuttering and the veins in his neck are about to burst. George your really losing it. I can’t wait for the meeting with Al Smith. Be sure to have Fratangeli and Tibolet along with you. Also make sure that you have your little 38 with you and threaten Mr. Smith like you have done in the past. By By George!

  16. I went back and read the story when Stephanie testified at Mr Hicks hearing, nothing really important except she sent the letter for him to turn in his gun permit. So what, Didn’t she testify the way the sheriff wanted her to or what? This does not make any sense, if this has to do with the Hicks case some one needs to step up and find out whats going on, she is a witness, Is this intimidation or what? More Drama in the Sheriffs office. COME ON D A.

  17. @GET REAL: So… Is he punishing her for Hicks not getting the letter? For not lying in his favor? I don’t understand.

  18. “Harper out as chief”, today’s P-G headline. Read the paper’s coverage and notice the parallels. The courts might not be the only answer to the local debacle. They might get a little help from the IRS and the FBI. Hang on to your files and hard drives. That little USB flash drive might become your best friend.

  19. I hope this woman has the courage to stick to her guns. ( pun intended) She will need them. The sheriff seems to be able to fall in a bucket of ____ and come out smelling like a rose.

  20. In a former job at an institution, I had secretaries and research assistants come to me, crying, anxious and deeply depressed, because of the demands of a tyrannical boss. I could do nothing because of client confidentiality and the fact that he/she was the spouse of the CEO. Some went for counseling; some just vented in private. Others bit the bullet. But none quit. Eventually, the CEO had a stroke and died, and his/her spouse was left powerless. They did what I did — saved every scrap of fabricated phony data and rewritten reports in his/her own handwriting and gave them to the new incoming administration. That ended it. He/she moved to Florida, stays there, living in infamy, and is now hated by those he/she hurt, and, by the institution. Grant money from the research was returned to the state. Sometimes justice takes time, but DON’T QUIT.

  21. @ RUBIC I don’t know either why she is being punished, I don’t see anything in her testimony that only took a minute, but then again you never know what’s in the mind of a madman. I believe they are tring to take it off of them and putting the blme on her.

  22. All of you girls need to stick by Stephanie Guidice, first it’s her, then it will be one of you, don’t for a minute fool yourselves one of you are next. I’m not talking about the two blond ass kissers tattle-tales that are always with him at political functions. Don’t back down, tell the truth and you will be Ok. If it doesn’t stop get a good lawyer and you will own them BELIEVE ME. YOU HAVE MORE POWER THAN YOU KNOW. also keep track of every thing.

  23. Gloria Allred. Not that I particularly care for her, but she does seem to have a knack for sticking it to men who stick it to women. *Shrug*

    Won’t be surprised if he’s sued for harassment now.

  24. Gloria Allred. Not that I particularly care for her, but she does seem to have a knack for sticking it to men who stick it to women. *Shrug* Won’t be surprised if he’s sued for harassment now.

  25. It’s not bad enough you destroyed the loyal deputies now you are working on destroying the ladies in your office, What are you going to do plea the fifth with the union you are just a coward behind that badge.

  26. These people who like this are seriously fucking assholes who clearly dont have a life , or dont give a shit about thier kids or thier kids safety. All he did was put sheriffs at movie theaters , at football games and the old folks home for security TO PROTECT !!! These assholes are crying about it cost tax payers money..are you kidding me ??? with all the crooked shit that goes on in beaver county , you are going to complain about one man who CARED ENOUGH about OUR CHILDREN AND HELPLESS ELDERLY to put SAFETY where IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALL ALONG !!!!! DO NOT CRY IF YOUR KID gets stabbed or shot in any of these places now that he wont have his boys there to protect ! YOU WONT HAVE THE RIGHT TO COMPLAIN !!! Fucking idiots …

    • You mean crooked shit like his family doing illegal gambling, drug dealing, and who knows what else? (He knows what else) IF he cared enough about your kids, he would have arrested his whole family to protect your kids! Give me a break, this clown is a CRIMINAL in his own right! His “boys” are not law enforcement. Period! Either you are a family member, or a Deputy who owes him something, (which are plenty), or a complete moron! If you feel your kids are not safe, keep them home! PUTZ!!!

    • Assholes, you’re the asshole.
      George David has a son who he refuses to acknowlege. Does he really care for children?
      Your language shows your mentality !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. @ act 111… Sing it man you know the game and the law, I been reading your stuff for awhile you been on target.. Where is 76wita95 the guy know his stuff too

    @oh brother ..glad someone told the truth and called it out, illegal arrest, stolen firearms, involved in murder cover UPS, illegal gambling, loan sharking, drug dealing, all with in his front 40 and its been decades going on. The criminals are the ones that let him do it for years, safety for kids my ass,, the deputy that works the event maybe cared he didn’t perception was what he wanted.

    @anonymous.. What’s wrong kool aid to tart, or you don’t want hubby home all the time, or you afraid he might go play

  28. He’s worried the drug trade will be affected…he should not be the sheriff he is as corrupt as they come… Remember his brother the bookie…

  29. Anonymous your a dog pecker flea. , you still pumping your neighbors dog…sounds like you already owe David your asshole , to probably like being his bitch not butch..



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