Former Beaver County Solicitor Myron Sainovich has just been ordered to repay $44,000 plus interest and costs to local taxpayers, after a judge ruled he improperly billed the county for work during his time in the law department. The judgement comes as a result of a lawsuit filed against Sainovich by Controller David Rossi and the Board of Commissioners.

Below is a complete copy of the judge’s opinion and order:

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  1. WELL he cant say politics excuse this time down at the county sourthouse…


    what i wonder is how long before some of these towns dump him how can you trust his legal advice….

  2. Let’s see how long it takes Myron to appeal this decision on the basis of simply not liking the outcome.

    A lawyer is supposed to know the law; Myron billed in a manner that was illegal….so should we take this mean that Myron doesn’t know the law (in which case his current clients should probably find other representation) or should we take it to mean that he knew that he was billing on an illegal basis and did it anyway (in which case his buddy, George, should be finding him a nice cellie in the county lockup).

    Just my opinion……

    Now if we could get Georgie to pay the county back all of the money that he’s wasted we might be one of the wealthiest counties in the commonwealth.

    • He knew the law, he just didn’t give two shits.
      And if this man has any other clients besides Georgie, I’d keel over from shock!

      • Yes, Nikki, and this is vintage Myron Sainovich. It’s time for a history lesson (any takers?) about Myron for those who think this is just a snafu. Nothing new here. Actually, compared to some of his other former dealings, it is just chump change. And, he does have his fingers in quite a few other client’s pockets.

  3. Oh no, did Sainovich pick the wrong side in the pissing match between the Commissioners and the Sheriff?

    But wait a second, aren’t the commissioners still feeding the Sheriff’s department with money and vehicles? You don’t suppose that all of this is just to put on a good show do you?

    Na, these people are all professional, respectable leaders of our community. Right?

    I’m sure it’s just Myron’s turn to be the fall guy this time, but I won’t be surprised if the same people who went after him for this $44,000 are helping to line him up with the next scandal that will bring much more to his pocketbook. They’re probably just trading dollars back and forth that represent a small piece of the whole corrupt pie.

    Nevertheless, the county sure could use that money back at the moment, so I guess we take what we can get. Until election time. Then we need to get what we want and what we pay for.



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