Donna Knopp / photo by John Paul
Donna Knopp / photo by John Paul
Donna Knopp / photo by John Paul

Although Beaver County Sheriff George David recently oversaw a nearly $100,000 upgrade of the courthouse’s video surveillance system, dangerous blind spots still exist in some of the building’s most sensitive areas. After a gun belonging to an employee of the District Attorney’s Office temporarily went missing last week, it was revealed that gun storage lockers at both the front and rear doors of the courthouse are still completely blind to the cameras.

A retired Beaver County Sheriff’s Deputy, with over 25 years experience in the department, says those blind spots were well known within the Sheriff’s Office. She also says the Sheriff’s Department is being filled with unqualified and untrained individuals who are creating other security concerns as well.

“Sheriff David keeps the cameras pointed at the doors,” said retired Deputy Sgt. Donna Knopp. “You can see who is coming in and out of the building, but you can’t see the entire security checkpoint areas, you can’t see the gun lockers, you can’t see the places you should be watching the most.”

A nearly $100,000 upgrade to the building’s security cameras was supposed to remove blind spots in the courthouse, but those glaring security lapses still remain at the entrances.

“The Commissioners don’t need to sit behind a desk and listen to what George David tells them about this,” said Knopp. “They shouldn’t be listening to him, they should be going downstairs to the Sheriff’s Office to see for themselves on the monitors how the cameras are angled, what blind spots have been created, and find out why those blind spots are there. Then they can decide how they as Commissioners want to fix these problems. Go to each door and see where Sheriff David put these new cameras, then decide how to do it right.”

While the new video surveillance system was being designed and installed the Beaver Countian published several reports expressing concerns, raised by deputies and full-time clerks of the Sheriff’s Office, that George David had assigned a part-time secretary to oversee the security rollout. Karen Hopkins, a resident of Ohio, has been given broad authority over the Sheriff’s Office by David. She now oversees everything from the security cameras that monitor the building to purchasing and acquisitions. Hopkins regularly reviews surveillance video, interfaces with vendors for items ranging from uniforms to firearms, and holds meetings with senior courthouse officials including Court Administrator Rich DeFilippi.

Hopkins had worked as a secretary in a chiropractor’s office before coming to work for Sheriff David. According to staff in his office, the Sheriff had given broad responsibilities to Hopkins because she is related to several men from Aliquippa who are his longtime friends and hunting buddies. The Sheriff has openly been trying to find a way to bring Hopkins onto county payroll as a full-time employee. Hopkins has spoken out on Sheriff David’s behalf in television news interviews, testified for him at one of his bond revocation hearings, and created “not guilty” party signs she hung throughout the public office after his acquittal at trial.

Donna Knopp said Hopkins isn’t the only crony Sheriff David has been putting into positions they are grossly unqualified for. She said a string of deputies recently hired by David should have the entire county concerned.

“The hiring practices in the Sheriff’s Office right now are just ridiculous,” said Knopp. “You can’t run a department with people you owe favors to — he’s hiring people that have never even handled a gun. He’s just bringing these people in from the streets and handing them a weapon, they’re putting these guns in their holsters and that’s it,” said Knopp. “Then he just throws them to the wolves, sticking them on the front doors to secure the building.”

Under Pennsylvania law, deputies have one year to receive training and become certified after being hired. Knopp said the Sheriff’s Office has policies in place that should be providing some on the job training, and that deputies who aren’t yet certified shouldn’t be doing security work without certified deputies present with them. But Knopp said that Sheriff David has ignored many of those standards, as he has many of the other rules and regulations which govern his office.

“He’s hired people that aren’t even allowed to carry a gun outside of work because they’re not even 21 yet,” said Knopp. “All he wants are political hires for political reasons. He’s not hiring people with experience or even with training […] There are people who put themselves through school, spent their own money to get the necessary training like I did 25 years ago, but he wouldn’t even interview them because they can’t get him votes or do other favors for him. Now the taxpayers will be paying for these construction workers, and movie theater attendants, and waitresses to be put through 19 weeks of training with no guarantees they’ll ever be able to do the job. The only reason this is happening is because of who these unqualified, and in some cases very troubled, people happen to be related to. It’s wrong, he’s wrong, and it needs to stop.”

Donna Knopp abruptly retired from duty last year after she said Sheriff David tried to get her to lie about a secretary in his office. She was subsequently given a commendation for her service to the county by District Attorney Tony Berosh.

Knopp said she fears for the safety of the people who work in the courthouse or have to visit the building for business, and has already announced she’s running against David next year for Sheriff.

“Sheriff David is not only putting law enforcement personnel in danger, he’s putting the public in danger,” said Knopp. “This is what the Sheriff’s Department has come to, it’s a political office now. He’s got policies in place for purely political reasons, he’s making hires for purely political reasons, it’s not about performing the duties of that office — it’s about giving himself more power and getting himself more votes […] The problems in that office all start at the top, you have a Sheriff who doesn’t know how to lead, who doesn’t know how to run a department, and who doesn’t even know what a real Sheriff is supposed to be doing.”


  1. So are commissioners going to wait until someone gets seriously hurt or something before they deal with this fucking sheriff or what?

    • Since you’re obviously too slow to comprehend WHY David is mentioned so much, let me break it down for you,

      1. David thinks that he is the Alpha and the Omega when it comes to the Sheriff’s office. He believes that he can make his own rules, and that county and state statutes and judges orders to not apply to him.

      2. He is so very mentally unstable. The more that this is kept in the public eye, instead of being swept under the rug, the better. If you forget what atrocities that he has committed while in that position of power, then you are more than likely to forget all of that shit at election time

      3. Courthouse security is his job, plain and simple. If he is not doing his job, then he deserves to be called out on the carpet for it, since obviously complaining to the commissioners and the district attorney produces any results.

      If you are too slow to understand that, well then, I have no other way to dumb it down for you. Sorry.

    • Same old same old, over and over and over and over and over. Enough of the vendettas already! Its worse than the Times with their 2 week old news.

    • I will never understand the attraction for bullsh*t gossip magnets like this one. A place for unhappy people to vent their anger at and dislike for others then to call it news. LOOK OUT if you fail to agree with everything they insist is the real story on someone or something–even though 99% of that is purely what someone “heard” or someone “said” or someone “thinks”–you seriously are supposed to adopt their accusations as fact. So, when you dont, they start hurling the F word at people, calling people vile and vicious names, making wild and incoherent statements that dont even make sense most of the time, they even throw in a few thinly veiled threats, which make them sound really strange. And rather than a news source this comes off like an 8th grade newsletter minus the profanity.

      • You can’t understand the attraction, yet you’ve made 7 comments on this article alone…….

        If you’re going to sit on your high horse, and look down your nose at us “unhappy people”, you should probably make sure that you’re not being a total hypocrite. I’m just sayin’

    • Seriously. Let the voters decide?

      In 2008 the voters of Beaver County gave the senile and pathetic John McCain–who chose a mental defect as his running mate–the nod 50 to 47% over Barack Obama. That was even though the obviously more capable and intelligent candidate Obama had all the brains and character that McCain, with his dubious political history and even more frightening decision making abilities had lacked for awhile. It also proved that the voters of Beaver County were willing to forego competence and integrity in choosing a candidate to allow a dangerous and bungling shrill like Sarah Palin access to our nuclear arsenal, to alienate the rest of the free world and to likely abandon Americans as she had already ditched Alaskans and had earned a track record for selling herself to the highest bidder. I guess the voters here truly believed that McCain wasnt in the throes of dementia and that the huckster “soccer mom” Palin really could see Russia from her porch. Or maybe they just couldnt fathom a black guy in the WhiteHouse…

      Nevertheless in 2010 these same voters once again supported more bumbling candidates when they helped seat the vote rigger Tom Corbett in Harrisburg and the do-nothing Pat Toomey in our nation’s Senate. And once again they certainly didnt go with the more qualified candidate Obama in 2012. Instead they heavily supported the tax evading, draft dodging, pathological liar Romney even though it was clear he wasn’t even remotely up to the task. All politicians with less than stellar performances and representative of today’s Political Disaster Squad, better known as the Republican party–chosen by the voters of Beaver County.

      So, these same voters who have been led by the nose by the RightWingNuts, aka TeaPartiers for the last six years are now rabid to unseat Democrats in Beaver County, be it in the Sheriff’s office or elsewhere.

      Run, Forrest, Run.

      • Nooooo doubt about it. You definitely have a mental disease and you are definitely a welfare poverty pimp. B-rack Insane Nobama?! HAHAHAHAHA… You are a joke.

  2. Donna I worked with you for sometime and although I agree with on most of your points I have real concern on the fact that your saying these people are not trained.

    I know that the last 4-5 people hired have absolutely no training. 1 has two D.U.I charges one got brushed under the rug one that left and came back and she’s a degenerate that’s at the bars in beaver falls constantly! There have been at least 3-4 people who left that office due to harassment from management!

    But my beef with you is as follows you wanna become sheriff and allowe the 3 idiots dictate how a sheriffs office is run? Guys who once were allies to the sheriff! Guys with absolutely zero training zero experience! That’s scary the commissioners have no right to dictate how where or when the sheriffs office operates!

    And further more who would you bring in? Would it be prior employees? Your family that is in law enforcement? Raven from the jail who’s back you threw all of this? So who would you allow to stay? I know at one time you had to be ACT 120 trained to be hired there what happen to that? Where did that go?

    So Sgt. Knopp what exactly are your real goals for the sheriffs office? Instead of bashing the sheriff (whom is doing a pretty good job looking stupid himself) why don’t you come on here and state your goals for the office cause I think you would get a real following if you are going to stay honest and true to what your saying!

    I haven’t heard anything come from you as to how “you” miss. Civil writ is going to do anything better then the sheriff! And wasn’t it you who called northeastern to order lieutenant badges collar brass and uniforms premature? And when you found out that lien lieutenant Tom Ochs got it you decided to push your retirement? And wasn’t it you who tried to burn two deputies because they were not doing civil writs the way you wanted them to be done which was wrong…


    • She has given an interview and laid out what she would like to do to fix some of the most important issues that are in the sheriffs office. I am also pretty sure that it was posted here on the BeaverCountian. I’m sure there is a link somewhere, but I don’t have the time to go and dig it up for you.

      Perhaps JP could find that link, and post??

    • Wow, who is the moron in this post. First and foremost, I hope that Sgt. Knopp gets rid of at the very least the top five people currently in charge. There are people out in the county that are qualified to run the damn Sheriff’s Office. It was never required to have ACT 120 to get a job in the sheriff’s office. Granted some past sheriffs preferred it, but never required. In fact, the raving idiot you had as the past assistant chief (Before he got caught parking) did not have act 120 training. As for the county commissioners not having any business running the sheriff’s office; the same can be said about township supervisors and borough councils running police departments. What can Sgt Knopp do better that George. Well Sgt Knopp just waking up in the morning is a better start that George David. Cool your heels Randy you look like a fool

    • She has morals and ethics. That is what she does better than this CUNT in office now. Yes George David, you are a gaping smelly CuNT. Come down to Quip at night and we will show you. How about you AND the fat ass Quip mayor … We can do a two fer

  3. Listen up idiots!!! The sheriff is a joke,this is important news which needs to be reported so shut the f$&@ up!! I’m tired of people supporting this guy.

      • I’m not some “Republican malcontent”, as you put it, but my “filthy mouth” could make a sailor blush. I find no problem with his. Pick and choose your fights, Mrs. Bartoletta.

        Oh yeah, almost forgot; fuckfuckfuckityfuckfuck…..filthy enough for you? LMFAO

  4. Yes I am talking about you Valerie, Susan and bill . You guys need to wake up and get you’re heads out of you’re asses!!

    • Look everybody! It’s another asshole from Aliquippa! You ghetto trash have spread your filth into the rest of the county long enough. NO MORE!

  5. Look at all these rednecks mad that john paul is taking on their precious george david. David is very old, and it won’t be long before he dies of old age. God will cast David directly into hell, and I will picket his funeral.

  6. Tyler, unfortunately, he’s not as old as he looks. Proud of you though, I think that’s the first post you’ve made that you didn’t erroneously label Georgie as an Italian or slam Italians in general

  7. The person who prints this site has a ****on for Sheriff David. I can pick apart the whole article. We do not live in a bubble, no matter how much security is done, evil will prevail. The retired deputy got a commendation just like people received watches for retiring, it the political correct thing to do. Plus wonder how many times she puckered up to the D.A.? And since she has announced her campaign to run, believe its the ethical thing to do and print equal positive things about Sheriff David. Or did you forget that was thought in journalism class, if you took one?

    • That’s the problem…security IS NOT being done correctly, therefore putting people in the courthouse in danger. Maybe, just maybe, if the sheriff were to do his job correctly, a little less evil would prevail.

      Also, I’m sure John Paul would print a positive story about sheriff David, but there isn’t any to be had, unless of course you’re talking about the time he singlehandedly “saved” Friendship ridge residents and employees from being massacred, or how he keeps the patrons of the movie theater safe by sitting in a squad car all night in Center Twp, or how about how his mere presence at high school football games stops crime dead in it’s tracks.

      Oh, please explain why you think John Paul HAS TO print a positive story about the current sheriff, just because Mrs. Knopp has announced that she will be running for sheriff. That one is just confusing….

  8. Quick question… I’ve read numerous times on this site that the SO are overrated security guards, they have no police power. Now the majority of the SO are POLICE OFFICERS with tenure. Is Donna? I don’t believe so. 25 years with no police experience. I bring this up because at some point the SO will fight and win this argument. And if and when that happens and they are granted police powers….. Then what!….. (And I am not insulting Mrs. Knopp by Any means)

  9. “They shouldn’t be listening to him, they should be going downstairs to the Sheriff’s Office to see for themselves on the monitors how the cameras are angled, what blind spots have been created, and find out why those blind spots are there.

    This speaks volumes because there is a reason those blind spots are there.

  10. I am a person who worked on the inside and I am currently serving in the law enforcement community, Donna Knopp is 100% correct in her assessment. The security at the courthouse has been and will continue to be a major concern. As has been pointed out in the past,
    1. Security after 5:00PM is non existent. especially in the summer months. The cleaning crews often prop doors open allowing unencumbered access.
    2. Security cameras are always pointed in the wrong direction. Knopp is correct. Sit in the monitor room and watch. Its very easy to go undetected in the courthouse. This problem is very easily detected.
    3. A multitude of deputies go without proper training. Most of these deputies have no idea what authority they have.

    I hope that Donna wins the election, she knows what she is talking about here. She also knows who needs to stay and who needs to go. Donna if you are reading this, the top five people in that office MUST be given their walking papers.

    Cars 101, 102, 103, 104, 105. Assign new people to those designations.

    Good Luck!!!!!!

  11. Donna, instead of David bashing, why not run on you agenda on how you will fix the issues inside the Sheriff’s Office and address security concerns within the court house.

    My agenda if i was running would be as follows.

    1) get ride of rank, not personnel. Too much rank, all you need i 1 captain, 1 LT 4 Sergeants.

    2) Make sure the people I have are properly trained (Firearms, class room, etc)

    3) develop a relationship with the Commissioners that is for the greater good.

    4) develop relationship with media and make sure there reporting is fair……and if it is not fair then end the relationship.

    5) Establish a web page that the public can voice concerns and ask questions.

    6) Clean up the outstanding warrants using local police, state police, probation and parole, LCB, and any other agency that could help.

    7) have businesses within Beaver County to donate money, merchandise, and event tickets as incentive to have people call in locations of wanted fugitives.

    maybe a few other ideals too but that’s the gist…..

    Happy Sunday and God Bless

    • To much rank and way to much personnel
      using local police, state police, probation and parole, LCB, and any other agency that could help. (Means dump on everyone else)

  12. TRUTH
    he quality or state of being true.
    “he had to accept the truth of her accusation”
    that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.

  13. The sheriff’s Office needs to layoff people and return the office back to their basic statutory function. They DO NOT NEED 24 hour patrols, K-9 units. Why does Beaver County insist on having to much of everything.

    Firearms Permits
    Civil writ service
    PFA service
    Courthouse security
    Prisoner transports

    That’s the functions Counties around us do not have this over kill of personal

    If you get back to the basic function, you could cut the office in half tomorrow

  14. If your going to start bashing Donna,don’t hide behind some screen name,own up to your remarks like a real Man/Women,put your name out there.

  15. I do not know ms knopp but I would have grave concerns about voting for her ,look u might yip about your superiors on the job to friends,family or co workers but I consider it really bad form to do it in public .What happened to loyal??? Also it appears that the only cred she has is riding around in a sheriff car in her blue suit for 25 yrs and maybe typing a few forms out ,it appears there are a lot of sour grapes on her side of any issues in the SO. Now who would I vote for well I think Mr Di Beneditto would be a fine choice ,he was a fair police officer and a good justice of the peace and seems to have a good outlook on getting things done

    • @liljoemama: The last thing needed with these candidates is a self-imposed gag order about the issues. Let them kick up some dust, so that we can see what is really going on.

      • Not saying issues should be swept under the carpet but there are ways to do things and ways not to do things and I think that some of her so called friends are doing her a great disservice .

    • Ive never heard of this woman or ever have seen her but according to alot of frenzied people on here I should vote for her for Sheriff? Seriously? This explains why our country is in the mess it is in with people voting for a Congress that isnt worth the salaries we pay them, and for governors being indicted and for ex-presidents and vp’s being declared war criminals, because people dont think, they just vote for who someone else told them to…

      • Gee, Nina Bartoletta, where else have you been commenting? Disqus, Google+,,,,,,…and more. And now you come to the Beaver Countian as a startled reader of comments by frenzied people? Hypocritical maybe? Say it ain’t so.

  16. Gee whizzes, Raven, you really must be all riled up to take the time to stalk me on the internet. You do know that you just proudly admitted to cyberstalking me and that is actually a felony? Not only that, the SPLC likes to keep tabs on folks–especially lurking angry rightwing teabaggers–when they do dumb things (because they really think they are sly and cool) like hunting someone down online who doesn’t ascribe to their twisted rightie ideology.

    And for your information: No, I dont think I am hypocritical, I make no pretense of how I came about tuning in to your hot bed of teabagging iniquity. You see, Virginia, I dont live in Beaver County, in fact I live far far away. Yet I am very familiar with the place and the people there. Nothing about it ever changes. One can be gone for decades and return to find the same crumbling infrastructure and the same archaic attitudes. If folks there would devote just a fraction of the energy they use to envy and hate others into revitalizing their communities it might be a nicer place to live.

    • Gee, Nina. Try a simple Google search of your screen name. There it is, for all to see. All of your responses in various websites, listed on the first page.

    • I’m bowing out, Nina, because you are a waste of my time. Keep it up though, and you just might win the prize for being one of the stupidest people to comment here in a long time. You seem to have come here to cure a case of the grumps, and it’s not working.

      • I don’t know, Raven, you think maybe she could beat out a certain banned idiot for that prize and title? Time will tell, I guess….

  17. Oh, and also, if they would try prying their pointy little heads out of their cavernous rectums when they go to vote, the world would be a much better place. Just a little fyi.

  18. Miss Nikki: apparently you crave alot of attention, at least you seem determined to be the F word champ of the thread and thats real ladylike of you, spoken like a true Republican gal. What your point is, I havent a clue, but I am sure its not worth wondering about so I will leave you to scream your foul onscenities at someone who cares.

  19. Look people I am all for free speech and really do not care what u believe and will defend your right to say it no matter what ,but there is a matter of good taste and being able to express your self in a way which does not completely offend the others on this site ,Nikki I can handle your thing but what I am referring to is someone who posts as Name .I suggest your go home and try that kind of speech in your mothers house ,you sir or madame are an embarrassment to this county

  20. Miss Nikki: well, arent we clever, all you have to do is google my name? Yes, thats usually the first thing any half-intelligent earthling does when he/she begins to cyberstalk someone. Question is, what do you plan to do with all that information that you have dug up on me? Oh, I know, you just wanted to see who I am. Thats why you also paged furiously through Facebook as well, right? Any luck? 🙂

    liljoemama: Its pretty much a given that anyone who freely talks so filthy in public talks even filthier at home. Chances are good that ol’ Mom passed on to Name and Miss Nikki and the rest of the garbage mouths their lowlevel style of communicating. And apparently its tolerated and approved of by the page administrator. Such crude behavior is representative of today’s Republicans/Teabaggers because those folks are undoubtedly the vilest for talking foul on any public forum. But Im not thinskinned and I can take it. It wont run me off.

    • Alright little bitch, now you’re getting on my nerves. If you’re going to accuse someone of cyberstalking, I have 2 suggestions for you: 1. ACCUSE THE CORRECT PERSON, YOU ILLITERATE FUCK WAD. I didn’t take the time google your name, because I had ZERO desire to. 2. LEARN WHAT THE FUCKING DEFINITION OF “CYBERSTALKING” IS. Simply googleing your name is in no way, shape, or form cyberstalking. By commenting on any forum on any page on the internet, what you have typed, and the information that you gave, now has become part of the public domain. Don’t like it, try taking it up with the “internet police” (tee hee).

      My mother taught me to respect those who respect you and/or others. Since you have shown NONE of that to ANY poster here, then that means all gloves are off, and you will receive NO RESPECT from me, whatsoever, you fucking twat.

      You wanna talk about my “low level style of communicating”…bitch please. I could write and speak circles around you, any fucking given day.

      You see, you DO NOT want me to start googling you, because what I can do, would make your head spin. I just have no desire to add to my already lengthy criminal record. And again, I’m not a part of the Republican party, Tea party, or Democratic party, so stop trying to lump me in with them. I have a brain, and think for myself.

      Oh yeah, I almost forgot: FUCK OFF!

    • Piss Nikki off, Nina, and you are likely pissing me off, too. And get off the language kick. Most commenters here can switch gears according to the need or desire. There is no edit button, but I would surely cut-and-paste you into some other comment section, like the BCT, where you would find your peers and sufficient expurgated fluff, but we can surely show you the door out. Obviously, you are baiting people here, and we have grown very tired of that tactic, so please leave and don’t come back. Google “political hack” and see what the phrase means.

  21. Raven: you always misunderstand, I am not here to cure “grumps” whatever that is???? No, you should probably think of me as a saving missionary for lost political souls (thats assuming you have souls… I already have my doubts there.) 🙂

    • Oh, how cute. You attempted an insult……that’s almost adorable.

      I will state I do have a soul. Many, in fact. I keep them in a tiny drawer in my nightstand so that I may be able to ransom my way out of hell.

    • Sooooo…..Where’s YOUR soul as you berate people and approve of the killing of unborn babies? Liberalism is a MENTAL DISEASE! You are the typical Libturd, “Do as I say-Not as I do.” It’s going to be fun watching Nikki and Raven pick your comments apart.

  22. It’s the same kind of baiting as from the Banned One, Nikki. And the paranoia is there too. If she challenges any of us to an intelligence test, and spots us 50 points, though, she will tie for 1st place in the delusion sweepstakes. I wasted far too much time on the Banned One, and I’m not going to do it again with this runner-up. We have a ringer here, and I feel that she is just making her weekly stop at a different website with unsuspecting people. Hang in there!

    • Agreed, avi. Nina is a “professional” blogger, and this just happens to be her favorite web site of the week. It took awhile to recognize it, but she is all over the place on the internet blog sites. Why she posts under her real name (if that is her name) is a mystery, though, for it invites questions about where the heck she is “coming from” in her comments. She claims violations of privacy, yet she is one of the most “public” commenting people who post here. I’m sorry I got sucked into it, but she had to be called on it sometime.

      • @raven she’s actually been commenting here, on the beavercountian for some time, at least two years. For someone who doesn’t live here, that’s strange. I got bored last night, and Google was my friend…..gotta love it!

  23. Why are you folks feeding this troll? This piece of work doesn’t have a stake in the game, it lives no where around here. I’m sure the Ethiopian paradise where it lives is problem free allowing it to stick it’s nose into other areas affairs. Why don’t you slither back to what ever shit hole you came from you low information poverty princess and mind your own business.

  24. Aug 17, 6:58 pm NINA: “Sorry Miss Nikki, that last comment should have read Raven, it was directed at Ms/Mr Raven and NOT Miss Nikki”

    Aug 17, 7:10 pm NIKKI: “Alright little bitch, now you’re getting on my nerves. If you’re going to accuse someone of cyberstalking, I have 2 suggestions for you: 1. ACCUSE THE CORRECT PERSON, YOU ILLITERATE FUCK WAD.”
    Actually I did accuse the correct person/Raven and if you were not so busy foaming at your foul mouth to insult me you might have noticed that. Never mind, I couldn’t care less what any of you think or what names any of you call me. Really I dont.

    But I will tell you this: you dont decide who comments on this page. You dont decide where or how I comment. And if you think I’ll go away because you “want me to” you are very sadly mistaken. Actually I haven’t yet begun to comment, really I haven’t. Finally, you should know I have chewed up and spat out much bigger bottom feeders than what Ive read on here. Better get yourselves “edgy-katid” because you are going to lose.

    • Little big mouth, you have NO IDEA what you’re talking about. I’m not a dog, so I don’t foam at the mouth, but had you not been in such a blind hurry to get in that little statement about cyberstalking, you may have actually addressed the right person the first time. And for someone who “couldn’t care less”, you obviously care enough to keep coming back, to check to see if anyone has spoken about or to you. That, to me, indicates that you care quite a bit. Need your ego fed?

      “Bottom feeders”. Yup. I’ve read quite a bit of the stuff that you’ve written on the various sites that Google kicked back when I Googled your name, and all you’ve done is make one blanket statement, with no kind of intelligence in said statement, and copy/pasted it wherever you thought you could get some attention. And, as I read, you received NO ATTENTION for the things you have said. You’ve moved no mountains with your words, and affected no change with anything you’ve said.

      You CAN be made to go away, the simplest way would be to not feed your trollish self, which I, after this comment, will commence to doing. If you have no audience, then your ego doesn’t get fed, and you have no reason to be here. You should do your homework, Mrs. Barletta, because you have NO IDEA what you’re up against. Go get your own “edumacation”, you’ll need it. Enjoy your last meal from me. Bye bye now…..

  25. So, what does it take to get a ban on this site? ANY OF THIS CRAP??? didn’t others get banned for always running off topic? IS THIS FAIR??

  26. Hitler’s propaganda ministers regularly banned anyone who wrote something they didnt like or who in any way seemingly threatened the Nazi ideology. Of course they would make excuses for doing so, and Im sure “off topic” was one of those lame reasons.

    • You’ve just invoked Godwin’s Law, and now anything and everything you’ve said has lost any credibility it may have had. Bye now!

      • @Nikki: Yes! Yes! Yes! The old Reductio ad Hitlerum . This woman has used up far too much response time here, but the basic problems with her commentary are acutely exemplified in her “HItler propaganda” comment. That one comment wipes any credibility from her whatsoever. For an internet troll, she has no understanding of some of the basic “rules”, and this is one of the worst infractions.

  27. Goodness, such partisan vitriole.

    “Internet troll” is also another name given when commenters just dont get the response they are looking for. I dont consider any of you to be a troll because you insist on defining yourselves as woefully ignorant. Here you are, after at least 10 calls to ignore me and promises you are “done” with me but you keep coming back at me, munching on my comments. Your replies are disjointed and cheesy. However, like all Republicans you blame the other guy. Ah, well, if it makes you feel better..

    Oh, and where is this list of basic rules you speak of, or do you make these up as you go along, too?

    • “However, like all Republicans you blame the other guy. Ah, well, if it makes you feel better” Is that not like the Demon-rats blaming Bush for all their ills after SIX YEARS of running the country into the ground?! Now, because of Nobama and his FAILED promises, Foley got beheaded. I’m sure they will find a way to blame Bush or Cheney for this tragedy also. But I do love that “Love and compassion you have for your fellow man”. You are an IDIOT! Now go kill a baby in the name of Liberalism. You are nothing more than a domestic terrorist.

      • The Democrats are completely correct and justified in blaming Bush and the irresponsible Republicans for the domestic and foreign policy millstones left squeezing America’s neck for years still to come. When he took office your mentally retarded Texan embarrassment GW Bush inherited a tremendous surplus which he promptly squandered on his fraudulent war, then, like the rat he is, he scurried off, leaving behind a trillion dollar deficit for Obama to deal with. And, lets not forget that over half million lives were lost in that obscene fiasco, as well–though that’s likely unimportant to you. Nevertheless, here we are today, President Obama is still working to clean up that imbecile’s destructive social, economic and foreign policy messes and to deal with what apparently everyone but you comprehends is a consequence of Bush and Cheney’s all-around incompetence and lack of ability to lead. Foley was beheaded as a consequence of your warmongering GW and Cheney’s mideast policies that will brew instability in that region for untold years to come. In the future we will have even more people killed over there thanks to that idiot you think was better than sliced bread. Just more proof that you dont know diddly squat. In fact you are about as ignorant as old GW.

  28. Also, Godwin’s Law and the concept of “The old Reductio ad Hitlerum” are nothing more than some rightwinger tool’s pathetic theories but certainly neither are factual evidence of anything. If you were a good googler you would know this.

    But Nazi propagandists DID ban all spoken and written material that did not agree with their party ideology. There is documented evidence of this, not just some half baked theory about it on wiki.




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