Beaver County Republican Committee Chairman Chip Kohser has tendered his resignation effective immediately.

Kohser’s departure from party leadership follows an investigative report by on August 29 that first exposed a series of racially charged social media posts made by then-party secretary Carla Maloney.

Maloney’s Facebook rants referred to African American NFL athletes as “baboons,” suggested they should go back to Africa, and urged “white people” to “stop paying their salaries.”

Although Kohser originally denied having known about the posts, former party chairman Carla Yacoviello told she advised him of Maloney’s Facebook comments at the time they were made several months ago. Maloney resigned from the party’s executive committee on August 31, but Kohser remained.

Republican Commissioners Dan Camp and Sandie Egley then began publicly calling for Kohser’s resignation, but the Republican Executive Committee stalled in taking official action at an emergency meeting held on September 1. A second emergency meeting scheduled for the morning of September 8 was abruptly cancelled.

The Republican Committee now has a meeting scheduled for this Thursday to vote on new party leadership.

Chip Kohser’s resignation letter in full:

As I reflect on the events that led to my drafting this letter, I became overwhelmed with concern for my country. We have allowed hatred, anger, and fear of a few to divide the nation that is known as a melting pot and light of the world. I have faith that we as Americans are better than that. I honestly believe that we all have the same goals, “the opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” It is only natural that we have varied opinions on how best to achieve these goals, but perhaps we all need to reflect on the compromises that our forefathers made to make America “the City on the Hill.” With this in mind I am saddened at the lack of respect for human dignity exemplified in Mrs. Maloney’s ignorance and in the vile comments I received in response.

Two years ago I was entrusted with Chairmanship of the Republican Committee of Beaver County (RCBC). I took this position not out of ambition or self-importance, but with a servant’s heart. My hope was to lead my party in a direction that would help elect officials who would work with the same sense of service for the citizens of Beaver County.

In regards to Mrs. Maloney’s comments, I in no way sympathized with or found them acceptable in any way. I dealt with the situation within 24 hours and chose to do so privately. I accept responsibility for my silence when she was later elected Secretary of the RCBC, but I assure you it was not acceptance or an attempt to hide the facts in any way, but simply I forgot. As many know our two Republican commissioners have called for my resignation. My pride tells me to fight, but I recognize that forcing a vote regardless of the conclusion will only divide our party and our county more. After much prayer and reflection I am also conscious that the last two years have been a tremendous sacrifice on the time shared together between my wife and me.

With all of this in mind, I tender my resignation as Chairman of the RCBC, and I do so with confidence that our new leadership team will see our conservative values and goal of good government will make Beaver County reflective of the place that I have grown to love and call home.

In closing, I urge all local leaders to use this experience to come together and talk, and discuss with open dialogue to bring our community together, outside the political platform of Democrats and Republicans, but to the selfless concerns of the people. Abraham Lincoln said it well, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Chip Kohser

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. He doesn’t appear to admit that he did anything wrong; he just “forgot.” Does this mean that he stands by his actions up to this point? This is just more posturing by politics behaving badly.

    And now the Democrats have to explain the forged signatures of Aliquippa residents on Craig’s petitions.

    • As a republican, I tend to agree with you. They have zero value. In last years elections, they failed miserably to support their candidates both financially and logistically. They found excuse after excuse to not support their own candidates after the primary elections. There are currently democrats in office today because of their ineptness.

  2. Well good job and a prompt decision. So take the wife out for a movie and dinner, and tomorrow grab a couple six packs of beer and watch the big game. Mr Lincoln was also well known for saying ” Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow, the shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing”.

  3. All of this chatter meaningless.
    In the end , our cherished nation is headed so obviously to a civil war.

  4. It is incredibly disturbing that anyone would use such derogatory and ignorant words to describe another human being, for all the world to see. How did Mr. Kohser deal with it privately? He forgot because it must not have been too objectionable for him.

    • Obviously those ugly words didn’t faze him one bit, if they did he would have acted immediately. Raise your hand if you will today and always have stood during the national anthem in your homes, bars or wherever you go to watch the games. Raise your hand if you are not one of the thousands who have, in the past, laughed, talked, eaten and kept your hats on when attending the games. If only you could be honest with yourselves.


    • Marsha,Marsha,Marsha!
      I am a white male. I call my children “monkeys” all the time. I have referred to both black and white peoples as, “babbling baboons”.
      It’s really not that big a deal. This country has deteriorated into a mob state, where every comment is under the PC scrutiny.
      “white people” DO pay their salaries. Most NFL owners are white, as is 85% of this country. Simple math.
      As far as her “back to Africa” comment, I can understand being so upset with a group of people that you want them to simply go away. She’s allowed to feel that way and voice her frustration.
      We are walking on thin ice if we try to regulate thought.

      • Truthful – maloney was not calling HER KIDS monkeys. I would like to take you(Truthful) to places where you would never call an African American a babbling baboon. She chose social media to rant. It was a racist attack, and this behavior must change. There will always be people like yourself, and that’s a shame.

      • @TRUTHFUL
        Regulate thought? You are so out of touch on this entire matter. Look things up, GOOGLE, learn. This issue is not about what someone thinks. Don’t fight to always be right.

    • Hit enter too soon. Should have added..”talked, eaten, worn hats” during the national anthem at the games.

      • You know veterans and those in active service who are not in uniform are permitted to keep their hats on and salute during the national anthem. Don’t judge everybody who doesn’t remove their hat.

    • It is happening all across the US-local Republican leaders/council members are getting thrown out or brought to light in recent months. The dumbass in the White House is amping up the dumb among us—“THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE” so please Christian “conservatives” tell us liberals the how special yinz are-just your true selves that’s all and then finally some normalcy will come this November.
      “If hypocrisy could run the red states we wouldn’t need coal” Bill Maher great quote Abe Lincoln quotes are too sane for this gop generation

  5. “I dealt with the situation within 24 hours and chose to do so privately.” YET, no retraction, no apology … nor an explanation from Maloney. It was something that was dealt with privately. This matter never crossed Kohsers mind when Maloney was elected Secretary of the RCBC, because he forgot. Chip Kohser you made the right choice to resign.

  6. Mr Kohser if you had any pride and decency you would have condemned Maloneys racist comments when you first learned of them.

  7. We didn’t exactly lose a giant here.

    As for the remarks, figure it out America. You cannot refer to blacks with monkey and ape references. You can’t go to the “Go Back to Africa!” calls. How come you never hear anybody talk about ‘Go back to Ireland!” Or Italy. Or Greece. Or Germany. Or Serbia. Or Croatia…… Not like they never bitch about the government or the schools, or society or work, or… Why do blacks need to get out if they don’t like it? Is there a suggestion in that which they don’t really belong here or that we Whites “allow” them to be here?

    She said it and you hear a lot of “Was it THAT bad?” comments around here.

    • Whoa there!

      Growing up, I was often called a , “kraut” or a “nazi”. I am of German descent. I heard lots of slurs against Irish, Italians, etc. You must just be too young to remember.

      Let’s LOSE the hyphenations first. NO African-American, nor German-American, or Irish-American.
      It divides us.

      We are all AMERICANS.

      And Wind, I have many black, Asian, Hispanic, and French friends that are actually FROM the old country. No racist here. How many Asian friends do you have??

      • I knew that “I have black friends” comment would show up eventually. Truthful, you don’t even have a clue as to whether I am Asian or not, do you? So where did that question come from and why? You’re just digging yourself in deeper.

      • Because you were called Kraut or Nazi, do you now call your many Asian friends racial slurs? You don’t get it …you ask, ” How many Asian friends do you have??” NONE …just friends, how hard is it to not label friends and keep a tally?

  8. Chip you are a douce, you know it, we’re know it, hell your wife knows it.

    Go sell some bird feed and fertilizer.

    Maloney is a former Democrat tossed from ambridge, that was procreated from old school Dem.

    The party is in shambles has been for years, few seats won in a perfect storm night. when dissenting Democrats crossed for change do to the ways of there own leadership.

    Sadly maybe only one Republican truly gets it that if it wasn’t for Democrats they wouldn’t have nothing but a minority commissioner seat.

    I hope miss maloney spills the beans and takes a few down, air out the little circle of elected adulterers. Who been with who. I bet some asses will be sweating, who was banging who, who liked to get head outside of little bar in Rochester after executive meeting.

  9. A special message to Lozier, Camp, Amadio, Javens and Guy….. Here you go, folks. Chip made a nice little letter template for each of you to use to resign from your elected positions.

    It has that really flowery kum ba yah language in it that makes everybody just want to give a total stranger a hug. Chip wrote this for you in a way where you don’t have to admit to being incompetent, ignorant or simply not qualified to do a real job somewhere else. Instead, you just have to copy it, sign your name to it and then go the fuck away for good.

    Thanks, Chip, for doing your part to help make BC great again by writing this lovely little ditty that the others can use for their resignations.

  10. We can continue to embrace our diversity as we have always done in this county. Race and ethnicity is a cultural treasure. Look at all the festivals that we attend that celebrate food and customs. We’re all Americans and we are staying here, so let’s just clean up our act and treat each other with respect.

    I hope the county Republican committee can reorganize and give us some candidates that have integrity. (I’ve no hope for the Democrats at this point.)

    I always stand for the national anthem as a sign of respect for my country. Refusing to stand disrespects the person beside you as well as everyone else who is in attendance. Think about the men and women who serve(d) in the armed forces. Stand up to honor them and deal with your personal grievances in a more appropriate and useful manner.



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