Representin’ Like A Representative: A Look At Jim Christiana’s Campaign Cash

Representin’ Like A Representative: A Look At Jim Christiana’s Campaign Cash

Jim Christiana with his wife in NyCity as posted to his Twitter feed.
Jim Christiana with his wife in New York City in front of a car fire, as posted to his official Twitter feed.

State Representative Jim Christiana (R-Beaver) received more political contributions last year than all of the other five state reps for Beaver County combined, an investigation by the Beaver Countian has revealed.

Campaign finance reports from 2012 show Christiana received nearly $310,000 in political donations. Democratic Representative Rob Maztie came in a distant second, bringing in just shy of $84,000. Representative Jim Marshall, the county’s other Republican representative, received only $52,675 in contributions.

In just one month, between March 6th and April 9th of last year, Christiana’s campaign saw donations to his campaign in excess of $88,000. He brought in half of that sum again between April 10th and May 14th, another $48,000. The months between May and October saw an additional $164,400 added to his coffers. Despite extensive spending by the candidate, Christiana’s campaign account had over a quarter of a million dollars sitting in it at one point during the last election cycle.

By comparison, Christiana’s rival in the last election, Democrat Bobby Williams, raised just over $20,000 during his entire campaign.

While Representative Christiana failed to respond to inquiries from the Beaver Countian made at the end of March, Beaver County Commissioners say they were stunned to learn just how much money has been flowing through his hands.

“I find it very surprising to hear that amount of cash would be available to a state level candidate like Jim Christiana,” said Beaver County Commissioner Dennis Nichols, a fellow Republican. “I can’t help but to wonder why people would be giving him that much money.”

“And he talks about us… I would like to know what on earth he spent all of that on,” added Democratic Commissioner Tony Amadio. Representative Christiana recently wrote a letter to the editor, in which he criticized the Beaver County Commissioners for what he asserted was a lack of transparency.

The Lavish Spending

Jim Christiana maintains a publicly funded district office on Brodhead Road in Center Township. That office, like similar ones run by all state reps, is paid for with tax dollars, and provides constituent services to the general public (It is interesting to note, the office is leased for $1,817 per month from Charles Betters, one of Christiana’s major campaign contributors). But Christiana is the only representative in Beaver County, and one of the few representatives in the state, to maintain a privately funded campaign office that runs year-round.

Located on Third Street in Beaver, the office is staffed by a full-time campaign worker, Jennifer Price, who he pays $51,000 a year to help manage his political activities and organize various fundraising efforts. Christiana spent an additional $7,500 to pay Joshua Konecheck, a staffer who worked for his campaign part-time last year. Thousands more were spent to lease the office situated above Mario’s Pizza, and to pay for other operating expenses associated with the location, including more than $3,800 to Verizon Wireless.

tinderboxOver $3,000 was spent by Christiana’s Campaign last year on cigars, bought from places like Tinderbox International located in Harrisburg, which specializes in selling “the world’s finest cigars.” Finance Reports also show Christiana spent thousands paying for meals during “meetings” at places including the Hershey Country Club, Laurel Valley Golf Club, Rivercrest Golf Club, the Club at Shadow Lakes, Heinz Field, PNC Park, the Capital Grille in Pittsburgh, and the swanky Cioppino Restaurant and Cigar Bar. Those meal expenses don’t include the thousands spent as part of fundraisers held by the candidate.

In December of last year, Christiana traveled to New York City to attend the annual “Pennsylvania Society Holiday Dinner“, an event the Philadelphia Enquirer has dubbed an opportunity for “wealthy special interests to mingle with the movers and shakers in state government.”

cioppinoChristiana’s campaign spent over $4,500 for him to attend the function, which included $114 at The Art Of Shaving on Madison Avenue, $184 spent on Cigars, hundreds spent on clothing at shops like Astor & Black and Johnston & Murphy, along with a $1,400 hotel bill from the Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue. The campaign also paid an additional $1,684 directly to Jim Christian as un-itemized “PA Society Expense Reimbursements.”

Also notable among Christiana’s expenses last year: $1,200 in dues to the Fort McIntosh Club in Beaver (a men’s club that “provides leaders with a unique opportunity for social interaction”), $1,895 paid to the US Postal Service in Beaver on October 26th to “overnight a package to Harrisburg” (Christiana didn’t respond to inquiries about the shipment), and $2,500 to reimburse a donation from Nick Trombetta (founder of the Pennsylvania Charter Cyber School, whose office was recently raided by the FBI).

Representative Christiana also gave a total of $85,000 to the House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC) last year in “donations” and “contributions.”

The Big Donors

The vast majority of Representative Jim Christiana’s campaign donations came from large Political Action Committees (PACs). The largest of those was the Students First PAC, a Pennsylvania group backed by large hedge fund managers and wealthy national school voucher advocates. On March 26th of last year, the group donated $25,000 to Christiana, followed by $10,000 on October 9th, $25,000 on October 12th, $25,000 on October 15th, $15,000 on October 16th, and another $25,000 on October 22nd. All said, Christiana raked in a staggering $125,000 last year from the organization.

The Fighting Chance PA PAC, another pro-voucher group (which shares the name of a purported grassroots campaign affiliated with the Pennsylvania Catholic Coalition), gave $25,000 to Christiana last May.

Last July, the Beaver Countian published an exhaustive investigative report which revealed ties between Students First, Fighting Chance, and yet another PAC, “Commonsense For The Commonwealth.” Students First and Fighting Chance had donated a combined $120,000 to Common Sense, but “accidentally” mailed those checks to Jim Christiana’s campaign office in Beaver. The Treasurer for Common Sense, which has a registered address in Harrisburg, turned out to be Scott Wolford, one of Christiana’s long time friends and political supporters who lives in Brighton Township.

Christiana also received $7,500 from a similarly named “Parents And Teachers for Putting Students First”, which lists itself as “an affiliate of Students First.” That organization’s website features a large photo of Christiana, declaring him to be one of their “Featured Endorsements.”

Other large donations included $10,000 from Michael Guerra (who owns a trucking company in Washington, PA), $5,000 each from Chuck Betters (local real estate tycoon) and Mark Betters, $5,000 from Walmart’s PAC, $5,000 from Anthony Alexander (CEO of First Energy) along with $2,600 from First Energy PAC, $5,000 from David Barensfeld (notable Republican campaign contributor and CEO of the Ellwood Group), $1,000 from Morry David (brother of Sheriff George David), and donations from an alphabet soup of other PACs including PA Life PAC, Highmark Health PAC, Markwest Liberty PAC, Hospitals Association of Pennsylvania PAC, Chesapeake Energy PAC, Alpha Natural Resources PAC, Comcast Corporation & NBC Universal PAC, Z PAC (Pennsylvania Society of Anesthesiologists), The Bank of New York Mellon Corp PAC, PECO Energy PAC, Bank Of America Corp PAC, Eckert Seamans PA PAC, Keystone Leadership PAC, PA Insurance PAC, PA Bar PAC, PA Medical PAC, Family PAC, PA Bankers PAC, among others.

The Legislation

Representative Christiana sponsored 165 House Bills in the last legislative session, 9 of which listed him as the primary sponsor.

Christiana’s House Bill 240 sought to establish an “open enrollment program” that would allow students to attend a public school district of their choosing. House Bill 1708 would provide public funds in the form tax credits and grants for students to attend private and parochial schools. House Bill 15 established PennWATCH, a public online database of all state government expenditures.

Other legislation proposed by Christiana included a mandate to sell the Governor’s Mansion, providing for certificates of death without a cause of death listed, along with designating January as “Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month,” and October 17 as “Interior Design Day.”

In-Depth: Searchable Expense And Contribution Reports

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Christiana’s Campaign Expenses In 2012

1810 Tavern1971.6Fundraiser event1/10/2012234 Bridge ST.BridgewaterPA
1810 Tavern107.66Fundraiser Expense6/8/2012234 Bridge St.BeaverPA
1810 Tavern21.25Meeting Expense11/7/2012234 Bridge St.BeaverPA
1810 Tavern24.75Fund raiser event1/10/2012234 Bridge St.BridgewaterPA
Aliquippa Outlaws100Car Cruise Sponsorship10/12/20121669 Old Brodhead RdMonacaPA
Angelas Angels300sponsorship9/14/201299 Bridge Street st. 4BeaverPA
Angelas Angels234Donation/sponsorship9/27/201299 Bridge Street st. 4BeaverPA
Astor & Black115PA Society Expense12/3/20122010 NW 150th Ave. 2nd FlPemborke PinesFL
AVVA50Membership Fee7/31/2012P.O. Box 433Newtown SquarePA
Beaver Area QB Club300Donation6/5/2012PO Box 337BeaverPA
Beaver Borough39Water Bill for Campaign Office3/16/2012469 Third St.BeaverPA
Beaver Borough43.9Water Bill for Campaign Office12/31/2012469 Third StreetBeaverPA
Beaver Borough39Water Bill for Campaign Office9/19/2012469 third St.BeaverPA
Beaver Borough39Sewer/water6/27/2012469 Third St.BeaverPA
Beaver Chamber of Commerce150Sponsorship9/21/2012469 Third St.BeaverPA
Beaver County Chamber of Commerce210Yearly Dues11/12/2012798 Turnpike StreetBeaverPA
Beaver County Sports Hall of Fame100Advertisement for banquet4/5/20121065 Linden St.MonacaPA
Beaver County Sportsman20Gun Raffle Ticket9/26/2012P.O. Box 514DarlingtonPA
Big Brothers Big Sisters560Sponsorship-BBBS Turkey Trot11/28/20121475 Third AveNew BrightonPA
Bocktown216.98Dinner for supporters10/11/2012Beaver Valley MallMonacaPA
Bocktown Beer & Grill213.46Dinner for supporters9/19/2012Beaver Valley MallMonacaPA
Brighton TW Fire Department150Golf Outing sponsorship7/11/20121300 Brighton RdBeaverPA
Brighton TW Fire Department85Donation7/20/20121300 Brighton RdBeaverPA
Brookstone137.77office supplies1/3/2012King of Prussia MallKing of PrusiaPA
Bull & Bear21.6PA Society Expense12/10/2012301 Park AvenueNew YorkNY
C&S Sports176Campaign Shirts10/15/20123433 Brodhead RdMonacaPA
Cafe Fresco45.34Meal Expense12/24/2012215 North Second StreetHarrisburghPA
Capital Grille213.83Meal Expense5/15/2012301 fifth avepittsburghPA
CASA1000Golf Outing sponsorship6/6/2012250 Insurance St.BeaverPA
CaSA500Sponsorship for cheer event10/3/2012250 Insurance St.BeaverPA
Central Valley Education Foundation200Contribution12/24/2012160 Baker Road Ext.MonacaPA
Churchill Strategies2250New pictures and payment on website3/19/201223 N. Front St.HarrisburgPA
Churchill Strategies3000New website3/26/201223 N. Front St.HarrisburgPA
Churchill Strategies250Payment for mailers/services9/18/201223 North Front StreetHarrisburgPA
Cioppino147.48Meal Expense10/1/20122350 Railroad St.PittsburghPA
Cioppinos97.16Meal expense1/4/20122350 Railroad St.PittsburghPA
Cioppinos59.93Meal Expense11/1/20122350 Railroad St.PittsburghPA
Club at Shadow Lakes49.08Meal Expense5/17/20122000 Beaver Lakes BlvdAliquippaPA
COGOs49.5Gas expense7/23/20121907 Darlington RdBeaver FallsPA
COGOs38.99Gas expense10/22/20121907 Darlington RdBeaver FallsPA
Committee to elect John Maher2000Contribution10/10/2012P.O. Box 62203PittsburghPA
Costco259.8Candy for Light up night parade11/23/2012202 Costco DrivePittsburghPA
Costco52.5Gas expense11/23/2012202 Costco DrivePittsburghPA
Costco116.43Election Day Expense11/1/2012202 Costco DrivePittsburghPA
CSFCW12000Contribution10/4/2012500 N. Third St. 4th FloorHarrisburgPA
Davidoff of Geneva105.07Business Expense reimbursement5/7/20123377 Las Vegas Boulevard South Suite 2430Las VegasNV
Deli on Madison7.08Pa Society Meal12/12/2012420 Madison AveNew YorkNY
Deli on Madison21.67Pa Society Meal12/12/2012Madison AveNew YorkNY
Dicks Sporting Goods103.29Campaign shirts5/14/2012Rt. 18 Beaver Valley MallMonacaPA
Doug Dawson300BT Softball Sponsorship8/31/20124790 Dutch Ridge RoadBeaverPA
Duquense Light28.72Electric Bill for Campaign Office7/5/2012411PittsburghPA
Duquense Light39.59Electric Bill for Campaign Office5/14/2012Payment Processing CenterPittsburghPA
Duquense Light213.09Electric bill for Campaign Office12/12/2012Payment Processing CenterPittsburghPA
Duquense Light247.55Electric Bill for Campaign Office2/13/2012Payment Processing CenterPittsburghPA
Duquense Light259.45Electric Bill for Campaign Office1/4/2012Payment Processing CenterPittsburghPA
Duquense Light98.27Electric Bill for Campaign Office4/13/2012Payment Processing CenterPittsburghPA
Duquense Light179.18Electric Bill for Campaign Office3/12/2012Payment Processing CenterPittsburghPA
Duquense Light38.41Electric Bill for Campaign Office9/10/2012411 Seventh AvenuePittsburghPA
Duquense Light38.87Electric Bill for Campaign Office6/11/2012411 Seventh AvenuePittsburghPA
Duquense Light32.77Electric Bill for Campaign Office8/10/2012411 Seventh AvenuePittsburghPA
Eleven10.49Meal Expense10/31/20121150 Smallman StreetPittsburghPA
Elite Transportation63cab/transportation12/10/20121901 Walnut StreetPhiladelphiaPA
Fairy Godmothers Catering336Fundraiser Expense6/14/2012717 12th St.Beaver FallsPA
First national Bank of PA100petty cash withdrawal8/20/2012corporation StBEaverPA
First National Bank of PA2.5Bank Fee12/10/2012Corporation StBeaverPA
First national Bank of PA150Petty cash withdrawal7/18/2012747 Corporation StreetbeaverPA
First National Bank of PA200Petty cash withdrawal4/23/2012767 Corporation StBeaverPA
First National Bank of PA2.5bank fee12/7/2012Corporation StBeaverPA
FOAC30Tickets for event3/9/2012PO Box 14PrestoPA
FOAC30Tickets3/9/2012PO Box 14PrestoPA
Fort MAC Clube1200annual dues12/3/2012374 College AveBeaverPA
Friends of Elder Vogel5000Contribution10/4/201299 Bridge Street st.1BeaverPA
Friends of Elder Vogel500Contribution10/11/201299 Bridge Street st.1BeaverPA
Friends of Luke Ravenstahl1000Contribution12/21/2012707 Grant StreetPittsburghPA
Frontline125Tickets for fund raiser1/23/2012Third St.BeaverPA
Garrison Days50Vendor Expense4/23/2012PO box 147BeaverPA
Gary Lehocky2700Rent for April-December3/30/2012155 Lawnview Dr.FreedomPA
Gary Lehocky300March Rent4/10/2012155 Lawnview Dr.FreedomPA
Gary Lehocky300January Rent1/4/2012155 Lawnview Dr.FreedomPA
Gary Lehocky300Feb. Rent for Campaign office2/3/2012155 Lawnview Dr.FreedomPA
Get Go41.81Gas expense7/26/201220110 Rt. 19Cranberry TownshipPA
Giant Eagle53.34Bottled water to hand out at Garrison Days6/11/2012111 West Madison StRochesterPA
Giant Eagle43.34Bottled water to hand out at Garrison Days6/8/2012111 West Madison StRochesterPA
Gulf Oil55.03Gas expense4/23/2012Third streetBeaverPA
Harold's Inn36.69Meal Expense9/14/20122134 Brodhead RoadAliquippaPA
HDS Marketing373.42Shirts for golf outing2/1/2012112 Technology Dr.PittsburghPA
HDS Marketing47.89Golf OUting Shirt payment4/26/2012112 Technology Dr.PittsburghPA
HDS Marketing2758.85Golf OUting Shirt payment4/26/2012112 Technology Dr.PittsburghPA
Heinz Field136Food expense4/30/20123400 South Water StreetPittsburghPA
Heinz Field56.25Meal Expense11/19/2012100 Art Rooney DrivePittsburghPA
Heritage Foundation250Rental for fundraiser6/19/2012PO Box 147BeaverPA
Heritage Valley250Fundraiser dinner12/18/20121000 Dutch Ridge DriveBeaverPA
Hershey Country Club170Meeting expense2/27/20121000 Derry Rd.HersheyPA
Hershey Country Club120Meeting expense4/9/20121000 East Derry RoadhersheyPA
Hopewell Twp. Recreational Dept100Donation5/29/20121700 Clark BlvdAliquippaPA
Hopewell Youth Football100Donation6/7/2012PO Box 1305aliquippaPA
Horizon Hospice LLC500Refund9/27/2012PO Box 477CarrolltownPA
HRCC50000Contribution10/16/2012500 N. Third St. 4th FloorHarrisburgPA
HRCC10000Contribution10/29/2012500 N. Third St. 4th FloorHarrisburgPA
HRCC25000Donation6/13/2012500 N. Third St. 4th FloorHarrisburgPA
Jennifer Price4166.66December Pay11/21/2012476 4TH STBeaverPA
Jennifer Price4166.66July Paycheck7/3/2012476 4TH STBeaverPA
Jennifer Price1000Bonus12/11/2012476 4th STBeaverPA
Jennifer Price323Reimbursement for expense6/22/2012476 4TH STBeaverPA
Jennifer Price4166.66June Paycheck6/5/2012476 4TH STBeaverPA
Jennifer Price4166.66Sept. Paycheck9/5/2012476 4th StreetBeaverPA
Jennifer Price4166.67Feb. Paycheck2/3/2012476 4TH STBeaverPA
Jennifer Price59.85Shirt Reimbursement9/5/2012476 4TH STBeaverPA
Jennifer Price4166.66AUG. PAYCHECK8/3/2012476 4TH STBeaverPA
Jennifer Price4166.66May Paycheck4/30/2012476 4TH STBeaverPA
Jennifer Price4166.67April Paycheck3/31/2012476 4th STBeaverPA
Jennifer Price861.25Reimbursement for expense4/13/2012476 4TH STBeaverPA
Jennifer Price450Reimbursement for expense11/14/2012476 4TH STBeaverPA
Jennifer Price4166.66November PAy11/1/2012476 4TH STBeaverPA
Jennifer Price4166.66Oct. Paycheck10/3/2012476 4TH STBeaverPA
Jennifer Price57.7Reimbursement for expense12/24/2012476 4th STBEaverPA
Jennifer Price4166.66January Paycheck1/9/2012476 4TH STBeaverPA
Jennifer Price4166.67March paycheck3/9/2012476 4th STBeaverPA
Jennifer Price356Reimbursement for supplies7/20/2012476 4TH STbeaverPA
Jet Rock Bar and Grill23.86meal Expense12/12/2012Philadelphia Intl AirportPhiladelphiaPA
JHZ Consulting1741Printing for invitation1/4/2012401 N. 2nd ST.HarrisburgPA
Jim Christiana200Reimbursement for expense7/25/2012420 Turnpike StreetBeaverPA
Jim Christiana219.83Pa Society Expense12/11/2012420 Turnpike StreetBeaverPA
Jim Christiana80.01Meal Reimburment12/31/2012420 Turnpike StreetBeaverPA
Jim Christiana105Reimbursement for expense5/31/2012420 Turnpike StreetbeaverPA
Jim Christiana60Reimbursement for team Sponsorship for 10k6/1/2012420 Turnpike StreetBeaverPA
Jim Christiana1465PA Society Expense Reimbursement11/2/2012420 Turnpike St.BeaverPA
Johnston & Murphy179.65PA Society Expense12/7/2012520 Madison AveNew York CityNY
Josh Konecheck441January Paycheck1/9/20121058 Rose Ave.CoralpolisPA
Josh Konecheck766.5Paycheck2/3/20121058 Rose Ave.CoralpolisPA
Josh Konecheck89102/4-2/17 paycheck2/17/20121058 Rose Ave.CoralpolisPA
Josh Konecheck735Paycheck 3/4-3/173/16/20121058 Rose Ave.CoralpolisPA
Josh Konecheck6792/17-3/1 Paycheck3/9/20121058 Rose Ave.CoralpolisPA
Josh Konecheck647.51/9-1/20 Paycheck1/24/20121058 Rose Ave.CoralpolisPA
Joshua Konecheck1116.78Paycheck 3/18-3/314/10/20121058 Rose Ave.CoralpolisPA
Joshua Konecheck1043Paycheck& Gas4/30/20121058 Rose Ave.coralpolisPA
Joshua Konecheck128.31Expense reimbursment6/11/20121058 Rose Ave.CoralpolisPA
Joshua Konecheck126.56Expenses4/30/20121058 Rose Ave.CoralpolisPA
Joshua Konecheck989.93Paycheck& Gas4/16/20121058 Rose Ave.CoralpolisPA
Juniper Grille36.74Meal expense1/11/20124000 Washington Rd.McMurrayPA
Keystone Signs765.32Tee Signs/Door Decal10/2/2012699 Pennsylvania Ave.MonacaPA
KFC9.08Food Expense6/7/201216537 Lincoln HighwayBreezewoodPA
King Beaver Cigars277.72Fundraiser Expense5/29/2012Pennsylvania AveMonacaPA
Laurel valley Golf Club185Meeting Expense7/13/2012175 Palmer DrLigonierPA
Lowe's124.66Purchased poles for yard signs10/9/2012115 Wagner RdMonacaPA
Lutheran Senior Life120Donation5/2/20121323 Freedom RoadCranberry TownshipPA
Mario's Woodfired Pizza21.23Meal expense3/16/2012594 Third St.BeaverPA
Mario's woodfired Pizza22.55Meal expense4/23/2012594 Third St.beaverPA
Mario's Woodfired Pizza40.08Lunch Meeting4/20/2012594 Third St.BeaverPA
Mario's Woodfired Pizza41.72Meal expense1/31/2012594 Third St.BeaverPA
Mario's Woodfired Pizza39.28Meal expense2/10/2012594 Third St.BeaverPA
Mario's Woodfired Pizza20.9Meal Expense7/30/2012406 Third streetBEaverPA
Mario's Woodfired Pizza22.55Meal expense2/1/2012594 Third St.BeaverPA
McDonalds21.06Meal Expense10/11/20121 Rt. 18MonacaPA
McGraths Pub61Meal expense1/18/2012202 Locust St.HarrisburgPA
Midtown 101562Pa Society Meal12/9/20121015 2nd AveNew YorkNY
miyako16.67Meal expense2/22/2012530 N. Second St.HarrisburgPA
Monica Fiorenzo40Reimbursement for Senior Day at the Mall8/15/2012520 Brandywine DriveCranberry TownshipPA
Monica Fiorenzo25Reimbursement for Senior Day at the Mall9/5/2012520 Brandywine DriveCranberry TownshipPA
Nick Trombetta2500Refund10/19/2012922 RhovianionEast LiverpoolOH
NRA150Tickets for fund raiser1/10/20121808 W 11th st.Beaver FallsPA
NYC Taxi Med7.5Cab/transportation12/10/2012New York CityNew YorkNY
Ohio River Trail Council25Race Sponsorship10/19/20121100 Pennsylvania AveMonacaPA
Ohio River Trail Council100Race Sponsorship10/4/20121100 Pennsylvania AveMonacaPA
Panera Bread24.27Senior Day At the Mall Expense11/16/2012Rt. 18MonacaPA
Paradies Shops9.7Meal Expense12/12/2012Philadelphia Intl AirportPhiladelphiaPA
PHilly Originals77.2Sandwich rings for PennDot as a Thank you9/28/2012478 Third StreetBeaverPA
Philly Originals11.76Meal Expense11/1/2012400 Third StreetBeaverPA
Philly Originals19.06Meal Expense12/3/2012400 Third StreetBeaverPA
Pilot13.11PA Society Expense12/10/20125868 Nittany Valley DriveMill HillPA
Pilot47.54PA Society Expense12/10/20125868 Nittany Valley DriveMill HillPA
Pittsburgh Field Club55Meal Expense5/29/2012121 Field Club RoadBlawnoxPA
Pittsburgh Grille and Sports Bar11.94meal Expense11/20/2012381 North Shore DrivePittsburghPA
Pittsburgh Intl. Airport32Parking12/12/20121000 Airport DrivecoralpolisPA
Pittsburgh Magazine1500Magazine Advertisement/40 under 4011/12/2012600 Waterfront DrivePittsburghPA
Pizza Joes57.2Pizza for petition party1/30/2012606 Third St.BeaverPA
PNC Park78.91Meal Expense7/5/2012115 Federal StreetpittsburghPA
Pollock's108.8Office supplies4/30/2012620 Third StreetBeaverPA
Pollocks28.21Office supplies5/21/2012620 Third StreetBeaverPA
Puff n Stuff93.36Meeting Expense10/30/2012125 West Station Square DrivePittsburghPA
Push Beaver County440Golf Outing sponsorship7/25/201299 Bridge Street st. 4BeaverPA
RCBC34Tickets for RCBC picnic8/9/2012426 Adams St.RochesterPA
RCBC25Door Knocking Material9/10/2012426 Adams St.RochesterPA
RCBC195Ticket for Lincoln Day Dinner4/26/2012PO Box 356beaverPA
Red Maverick15000Payment for mailers/services10/5/2012401 N. 2nd ST.HarrisburgPA
Red Maverick15000Consulting Fee10/31/2012401 N. 2nd ST.HarrisburgPA
Red Maverick1391.28Palm Cards3/30/2012401 N. 2nd ST.HarrisburgPA
Red Maverick15000Payment for mailers/services9/26/2012401 N. 2nd ST.HarrisburgPA
Rivercrest Golf Club163Food Expense5/4/2012100 Golf Club DrivePheonixvillePA
Roberts Roadside100Team Sponsorship7/11/20121020 Sharon Rd.BeaverPA
Rolling Acres CC1649Meal Expense7/16/2012350 Achortown RdBeaver FallsPA
RWCORR280Tickets and Advertisement2/24/2012652 Bank St.BeaverPA
Saint Peter and Paul265donation5/15/2012200 Third St.beaverPA
Seven Oaks7936Golf Outing Balance11/7/2012132 Lisbon DriveBeaverPA
Seven Oaks Country Club2000Golf Outing Downpayment7/9/2012132 Lisbon DriveBeaverPA
Seven Oaks Country Club2000Deposit for golf outing Fundraiser3/21/2012Lisbon Rd.BeaverPA
Seven Oaks Country Club2150.66Golf Outing Downpayment7/9/2012132 Lisbon DriveBeaverPA
Shell Service Station14Parade Expenses11/23/2012Old Brodhead RdMonacaPA
Signs made Fast506.68Sign for district office1/10/2012699 Pennsylvania Ave.MonacaPA
Southwest Airline423.2Travel Expense12/6/20122702 Love Field DriveDallasTX
Sports Factory80Shirt Printing8/6/2012917 3rd AvNew BrightonPA
Sports Factory35Printing/marketing5/18/2012917 Third AvenueNew BrightonPA
Sports Factory220BBBS Golf Outing Sponsorship8/6/2012917 3rd AvNew BrightonPA
Sports Factory2100Printing sweatshirts for election day10/23/2012917 Third AvenueNew BrightonPA
Sports Factory275Printing/marketing7/23/2012917 3rd AvNew BrightonPA
Staples Inc50.31Office supplies5/17/20121 rt. 18MonacaPA
Staples Inc18.1Office supplies1/4/2012Walmart PlazaMonacaPA
Staples Inc77.67Office supplies9/11/20121 Rt. 18MonacaPA
Staples Inc60.39Office supplies5/18/20121 Rt. 18MonacaPA
Staples Inc71Office supplies8/31/20121 rt. 18MonacaPA
Staples Inc14.29Office supplies11/15/2012Rt. 18 Beaver Valley MallMonacaPA
Sunoco63Gas expense2/28/2012Third St.BeaverPA
Sunoco52.43Gas expense7/13/20121199 Third StreetBeaverPA
Sunoco57.5PA Society Expense12/10/20122227 Golden Key RoadKutztownPA
Sunoco60.3Gas expense11/20/2012Old Brodhead RdMonacaPA
Sunoco51.32gas expense8/24/20121199 Third StreetBeaverPA
Sunoco57Gas expense7/27/201210 East Greene StreetWaynesburgPA
Sunoco9.53Pa Society Expense12/6/20122227 Golden Key RoadKutztownPA
Taxi32.55Pa Society Expense-Cabs/transportation12/12/2012PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPA
The Art of Shaving113.6PA Society Expense12/7/2012520 Madison AveNew YorkNY
The Golf Shop1536.32Prizes for Golf Outing6/11/20126530 Steubenville PikePittsburghPA
The Golf Shop255.67Prizes for golf outing8/30/20126530 Steubenville PikePittsburghPA
The Mens Wearhouse21.39PA Society Expense11/28/20126521 Robinson Center DrivePittsburghPA
The W Hotel204Pa Society Expense-Cabs/transportation12/7/2012541 Lexington AvenueNew York CityNY
Tinderbox39.22Meeting expense12/12/2012219 N. 2nd St.HarrisburgPA
Tinderbox220.43Meeting expense5/3/2012219 N. 2nd St.HarrisburgPA
Tinderbox24.38Meeting expense1/20/2012219 N. 2nd St.HarrisburgPA
Tinderbox127.2PA Society Expense12/6/2012219 N. 2nd St.HarrisburgPA
Tinderbox806.71Remaining balance for cigar even3/14/2012219 N. Second St.HarrisburgPA
Tinderbox604.24Cigars for Cigar Fundraiser6/7/2012219 N. 2nd St.HarrisburgPA
Tinderbox650Cigars for Cigar Fundraiser3/13/2012219 N. 2nd St.HarrisburgPA
TInderbox56.98PA Society Expense12/6/2012219 N. 2nd St.HarrisburgPA
Townsquare Restaurant24.12Meal Expense7/30/2012518 Third StreetBeaverPA
UPS Store350Printing9/12/2012204 Golfview Dr.MonacaPA
UPS Store82.68Printing Expense11/1/2012204 Golfview DriveMonacaPA
UPS Store530Printing2/6/2012204 Golfview Dr.MonacaPA
UPS Store318Golf Outing Save the Dates4/24/2012204 Golfview Dr.MonacaPA
US AIrways15Flight adjustment12/11/20124000 E. Sky Harbor BlvdPhoenixAZ
US AIrways757.6Travel Expense for meeting in Philly12/11/20124000 E. Sky Harbor BlvdPhoenixAZ
USPS90Postage12/18/2012Corporation StBeaverPA
USPS1895Overnight pkg to Harrisburg10/26/2012Corporation StBeaverPA
USPS45Stamps7/31/2012Corporation StBeaverPA
USPS45Stamps5/21/2012Corporation StBeaverPA
USPS90stamps1/31/2012Corporation St.BeaverPA
USPS44stamps1/5/2012Corporation ST.BeaverPA
USPS45stamps9/14/2012Corporation StBeaverPA
USPS45Postage2/6/2012Corporation St.BeaverPA
USPS32Stamps10/15/2012corporation StBeaverPA
USPS135Stamps5/18/2012Third AvenueNew BrightonPA
Verizon Wireless551.27internet and cell phone payment and hardware for district office2/13/2012www.verizonwireless.comonlinePA
Verizon Wireless227.18phone/internet9/4/2012Beaver Valley MallMonacaPA
Verizon Wireless196.24Campaign phone bill4/24/2012PO box 4002AcworthGA
Verizon wireless200.35Campaign phone bill12/3/2012Beaver Valley MallMonacaPA
Verizon Wireless474.59Phone/internet8/2/2012Beaver Valley MallMonacaPA
Verizon wireless902.13Phone/internet/Equipment11/29/2012Beaver Valley MallMonacaPA
Verizon Wireless226.61phone/internet10/2/2012Beaver Valley MallMonacaPA
Verizon wireless200.25phone/internet11/2/2012Beaver Valley MallMonacaPA
Verizon Wireless573.4Phone/internet6/20/2012Beaver Valley MallMonacaPA
Verizon Wireless281District office phones3/20/2012www.verizonwireless.comonlinePA
VFW Post 4653500Election Day Party/expense11/7/2012301 6th StreetMonacaPA
Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 862100Advertisement for brochure2/6/2012179 Virginia Ave.RochesterPA
VVA 862460Golf Outing sponsorship9/4/2012P.O. Box 433Newtown SquarePA
Waldorf Astoria1367.62PA Society Expense12/11/2012301 Park Avenuenew YorkNY
women's Center of Beaver County60Sponsorship8/17/2012190 3rd StreetBeaverPA
Women's Center of Beaver County20Sponsorship8/17/2012190 Third StreetBeaverPA
Women's Shelter 10K60Sponsorship8/29/2012190 3rd StreetBeaverPA
Zookys84.95Meal Expense9/28/2012450 Constitution BlvdNew BrightonPA
Zookys Sports Tavern70.51Meal Expense10/25/2012Route 51FallstonPA
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Christiana’s Campaign Donations In 2012
Students First PAC250003/26/2012PO Box 416WynnewoodPA19096
Fighting Chance PA PAC250005/11/20122701 Renaissance Boulevard 4th FloorKind of PrussiaPA19406
Students First PAC2500010/15/2012PO Box 416WynnewoodPA19098
Students First PAC2500010/22/2012PO Box 416WynnewoodPA19096
Students First PAC2500010/12/2012PO Box 416WynnEWOODPA19096
Students First PAC1500010/16/2012PO Bos 412wynnewoodPA19096
Michael Guerra100005/23/2012407 Lynn Portal RoadWashingtonPA15301
Students First PAC1000010/9/2012PO BOX 416WYNNEWOODPA190960000
Parents And Teachers for Putting Students First750010/22/2012PO Box 153HarrisburgPA17108
David Barensfeld50004/9/2012Box 889Ellwood CityPA16117
Kurt Freidhoff50009/6/2012148 Freidhoff LaneJohnstownPA15902
Mark Betters50004/7/2012425 Temple Rd.MonacaPA15061
Chuck Betters50004/7/20123468 Brodhead Rd.MonacaPA15061
Anthony Alexander500010/19/201276 S. Main StreetAkronOH44308
Hospitals Association of Pennsylvania PAC2786.654/25/20124750 Lindle Rd. PO Box 2335HarrisburgPA17105
Wal-PAC25004/13/2012702 SW 8th St.BentonvilleAR72716
Kenneth Ramsey25007/27/2012408 Rappan DriveImperialPA15126
Wal-PAC25004/14/2012702 SW 8th St.BentovilleAZ72716
Nick Trombetta25005/23/2012922 Rhovanion DriveEast LiverpoolPA43920
Friends of John Pippy25003/14/2012PO BoxMoon twoPA15108
Don Graham20004/7/2012800 Cranberry Woods Dr. Suite 100Cranberry TwpPA16066
Jonathan Stefanik20004/7/2012117 Christy Dr.MonacaPA15061
Charles Mertz20004/7/2012356 West College St. Suite 100CanonsburgPA15317
Don Linzer20004/26/2012301 Grant St. Suite 14PittsburghPA15219
David Dushac20004/7/2012117 Dushac LaneAliquippaPA15001
Tony Digeronimo20004/7/20126410 Brecksville Rd.IndependenceOH44131
Committee to Elect Brian Ellis19803/27/2012103 Deer Run dr.ButlerPA16001
Ralph Stockhausen14004/23/2012108 Garvinhurst Dr.BeaverPA15009
First Energy PAC13008/8/201276 S. Main StreetAkronOH44308
Kenneth Ramsey12004/7/2012408 Pappan Dr.ImperialPA15126
John Trant10004/26/20121027 Laclair StreetPittsburghPA15218
Vogel for Senate10002/13/2012489 Glen Eden Rd.RochesterPA15074
Chesapeake Energy PAC10007/6/2012PO Box 18576Oklahoma CityPA73154
First Energy PAC10004/5/201276 S. Main St.AkronOH44308
Friends of Frank Farry10004/7/2012PO Box 231LanghornPA19047
Friends of Jim Marshall10004/20/20121220 Shenango Rd.DarlingtonPA16115
ANR PAC10006/8/2012999 Corporate Blvd.Linthicum HeightsMD21090
Gary Guy10007/10/2012123 Big Knob RoadRochesterPA15074
Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce PAC10005/23/2012425 Sixth Ave. Suite 1100PittsburghPA15219
Comcast Corporation & NBC Universal PAC-USA100011/8/2012One Comcast Center 1701 JFK BlvdPHiladelphiaPA19103
Jeffrey Romhoff10005/8/20123208 Foxrun RdAllison ParkPA15101
John Modany10005/23/2012PO Box 227AmbridgePA15003
UPAC10003/14/2012211 N. Gulph Suite 200King of PrussiaPA19406
John Rezk10001/10/2012PO Box 520CarrolltownPA15722
PSCOA PAC10005/30/20122421 North Front StreetHarrisburgPA17110
John Rezk10004/26/2012PO Box 520CarrolltownPA15722
Z PAC10003/23/2012PO Box 823HarrisburgPA17108
PMA PAC10007/19/2012225 State StHarrisburgPA17101
Carolyn Renninger10004/13/2012108 Duncan CircleBeaverPA15009
Consol Energy PAC100010/15/20121000 Consol Energy DriveCanonsburgPA15317
Keystone Leaders PAC10004/20/2012PO Box 506HarrisburgPA17108
Keystone Leaders PAC10004/20/2012PO Box 506HarrisburgPA17108
Steve Neeley10004/26/2012113 Woodlawn Rd.BeaverPA15009
Consol Energy PAC10004/27/20121000 Consol Energy DriveCanonsburgPA15317
Mark McClymonds10004/7/2012PO Box 296PortersvillePA16051
Michael Baker Corp. PAC10004/19/2012100 Airside Dr.Moon TwpPA15108
Patrick Gallagher10004/7/2012One Pgt WayMonacaPA15061
Michael Falcone10005/23/2012481 Virginia AvenueRochesterPA15074
David Atcheson10004/26/2012280 May RdBeaverPA15009
Donald McGowan10005/23/2012842 Boulder DriveBethel ParkPA15102
Morry David10004/7/2012142 Everygreen Dr.AliquippaPA15001
Dr. Ayodeji Bakare10003/14/20123971 Linglestown Rd.HarrisburgPA17110
Norman Mitry10005/8/2012158 Radcliff Dr.AliquippaPA15001
Patrick Gallagher7508/8/2012One PGT WayMonacaPA15061
PPL People for Good Govt State PAC70012/18/2012Two North Ninth St.AllentownPA18101
Andy Monte6009/6/2012694 4th StreetBeaverPA15009
Michael Baker Corp. PAC6007/27/2012100 Airside Dr.Moon TownshipPA15108
Gregory Miocic5756/8/2012113 Highlandwoods Dr.BeaverPA15009
NFG PA PAC50011/8/20121100 State StreetEriePA16501
PA Committee for Affordable Housing50010/30/2012600 North 12th StreetLemoynePA17043
PA Committee for Affordable Housing50010/30/2012600 North 12th StreetLemoynePA17043
Vince Diogardi5008/8/2012115 Duncan CircleBeaverPA15009
The Bank of New York Mellon Corp.Bipartisan PAC50011/20/2012BNY Mellon Center Room 3225PittsburghPA15258
PA Medical PAC5005/11/2012PO Box 8820HarrisburgPA17105
PA Bankers PAC50010/22/20123897 North Front StreetHarrisburgPA17110
Mark McClymonds5001/10/2012PO Box 296PortersvillePA16051
Dennis Nichols5003/30/20121430 Dutch Ridge RdBeaverPA15009
PECO PAC5009/6/20122301 Market St.PhiladelphiaPA19103
Enterprise Holdings INC PAC5002/8/2012600 Corporate Park Dr.Saint LouisMO63105
Enterprise Holdings INC PAC5004/16/2012600 Corporate Park Dr.St. LouisMO63105
Norm Mitry5009/12/2012158 Radcliff Dr.AliquippaPA15001
PAA PAC5007/19/20121925 N. Front St. Box 2955HarrisburgPA17105
Enterprise Holdings INC PAC5004/16/2012600 Corporate Park Dr.St. louisMO63105
PA MEDICAL PAC (PAM PAC)50010/12/2012P.O. BOX 8820HARRISBURGPA171050000
Family PAC5004/7/20121001 Liberty Ave. Suite 850PittsburghPA15222
Richard Shaw5006/5/2012360 Lincoln Ave.BeaverPA15009
Richard Blackwood5004/9/2012466 Blackhawk Rd.Beaver FallsPA15010
Z PAC Pennsylvania Society of Anesthesiologist50010/9/201250 S. Providence RdMediaPA19063
Gregory Miocic5009/6/2012113 highlandwoods Dr.beaverPA15009
Highmark Health PAC5004/5/20121800 Center St.Camp HillPA17089
Highmark Health PAC5003/26/20121800 Center St.Camp HillPA17089
JamesTatum5009/6/20122299 Brodhead Rd.AliquippaPA15001
John Rezk5009/12/2012PO Box 520CarrolltownPA15722
PSCOA PAC50010/9/20122421 North Front StreetHarrisburgPA17110
John Rezk5009/6/2012PO Box 520CarrolltownPA15722
DkW Law Group LLC PAC4004/27/2012600 Grant St. 58th Floor US Steel TowersPittsburghPA15219
David O'Leary4004/9/2012360 River Rd.BeaverPA15009
Susan Cutri4008/8/20121016 4th St.BeaverPA15009
Joseph Dentici4004/16/20121720 Starbridge Dr.SewickleyPA15143
Joseph Nardone4004/23/2012630 Dutch Ridge Rd.BeaverPA15009
Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 47 PAC4004/7/2012186 Wagner Rd.MonacaPA15061
Patrick Dinuzzo3501/10/20121501 Third St.BeaverPA15009
Maryann Cook3501/10/2012115 Eric DriveBeaverPA15009
Fred Clerici3501/10/2012230 Beacom Dr.BeaverPA15009
Deena Felice3501/10/201285 Park St.BeaverPA15009
John Misorski3501/13/2012108 Eric Dr.BeaverPA15009
Geoggrey Taylor3501/10/20121645 2nd St.BeaverPA15009
Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce PAC3501/10/2012425 6th Ave. Suite 111PittsburghPA15219
Kris Sestito3501/10/2012107 Lawerence Dr.BeaverPA15009
Amy Wolford3003/14/2012120 Ridgeview Dr.BeaverPA15009
GGR Inc PAC3003/16/2012212 Locust St.HarrisburgPA17101
B and B PAC3003/30/20122033 Linglestown Rd.HarrisburgPA17110
PA Horsemen's Benevolent & Protective Association PAC3003/14/2012PO Box 88GrantvillePA17028
Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PAC3004/5/2012301 Grant St. 20th Floor One Oxford CenterPittsburghPA15219
PA Chamber PAC3003/14/2012417 Walnut St.HarrisburgPA17101
First PAC3003/14/2012PO Box 5319HarrisburgPA17110
Pennsylvania Coal PaC3003/20/2012212 N. Third St.HarrisburgPA17101
PMA PAC3002/13/2012225 State St.harrisburgPA17101
PA Insurance PAC3002/29/20121600 Market St. Suite 1720PhiladelphiaPA19103
PA Bar PAC3003/5/2012100 South St. PO Box 186HarrisburgPA17108
PREA ACRE PAC3002/24/2012PO Box 1266HarrisburgPA17108
PA Bankers PAC3003/20/2012PO Box 345HarrisburgPA17108
PA Academy of Audiology PAC3003/16/2012200 N. Third St.HarrisburgPA17101
Markwest Liberty PAC3004/14/20121515 Arapahoe Street Tower 2 Suite 700DenverCO80202
John Malady3004/23/2012604 North Third St.HarrisburgPA17101
SRW A PAC3004/7/2012200 S. Broad St. Suite 850PHiladelphiaPA19102
ANR PAC3003/16/2012999 Corporate Blvd.Linthicum HeightsMD21090
Markwest Liberty PAC3004/13/20121515 Arapahoe Street Tower 2 Suite 700DenverCO80202
Eckert Seamans PA PAC3002/24/2012600 Grant St. 44th FloorPittsburghPA15219
Norman Mitry3006/8/2012158 Radcliff DriveAliquippaPA15001
PAA PAC3002/17/20121925 N. Front St. Box 2955HarrisburgPA17105
Farm PAC3002/13/2012508 N. Third St.HarrisburgPA17101
Housing Industry for Responsible Government30010/30/20122041 Blvd. of the AlliesPittsburghPA15219
Markwest Liberty PAC3004/13/20121515 Arapahoe Street Tower 2 Suite 700DenverCO80202
Highmark Health PAC3002/24/20121800 Center St.Camp HillPA17089
Matt Brouillette3002/17/2012225 State StHarrisburgPA17101
PA Life PAC3009/6/2012159 Hornaday Rd.PittsburghPA15210
Greenlee Partners PAC3003/14/2012PO Box 11972HarrisburgPA17108
First Energy PAC3002/24/201276 S. Main St.AkronOH44308
PA Opthalmology PAC3003/14/2012200 N. Third St.HarrisburgPA17101
People for Good Govt. PAC3002/29/20122 N. 9th St.AllentownPA18101
Kathleen Coder2759/12/201225N. Bryant AvenuePittsburghPA15202
PA Recreational Vehicle PAC2501/26/20124000 Trindle Rd.Camp HillPA17011
David Cutich2502/8/20121311 Third St.BeaverPA15009
ANR PAC2501/10/2012999 Corporate Blvd.Linthicum HeightsMD21090
PA Association of Deer Farmers PAC2503/14/2012200 N. Third St.HarrisburgPA17101
Duane Morris LLP Government Committee State & Local Fund2506/26/201230 South 17th St.PhiladelphiaPA19103
Todd Hockenberry2504/13/20129726 Camberley CircleOrlandoFL32836
Energy Transfer Partners PAC25010/19/2012711 Louisiana St. Ste 900HoustonTX77002
George Steigerwalt2504/27/20122624 Woodmont LaneWexfordPA15090
Richard Harper2503/27/2012112 Market Street Suite 714HarrisburgPA17101
Michael McCarl2259/6/20121253 Freedom RoadCranberry TwpPA16066
David Yakish2004/9/20122011 Kentucky LaneRochesterPA15074
Gene Pash2001/10/20122301 Duss AveAmbridgePA15003
Gary Lehocky2004/7/2012155 Lawnview Dr.FreedomPA15042
George Medich2004/7/20123007 Woodfield Dr.AliquippaPA15001
Louis Astorino2001/10/2012227 Fort Pitt BlvPittsburghPA15222
Michelle Fisher Reyes2004/26/2012629 Kenilworth Dr.PittsburghPA15228
William Slemenda2004/20/2012183 Taylor AvenueBeaverPA15009
Phyllis Oshaughnessy2001/13/2012615 Dutch Ridge Rd.BeaverPA15009
Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 47 PAC2006/5/2012186 Wagner Rd.MonacaPA15061
Melissa Hart2001/10/2012118 Boothbay HarborBradford WoodsPA15015
Bill Cutri2002/29/20121016 4th St.BeaverPA15009
NFIB PAC2003/16/20121201 F. St. NW Suite 200WashingtonDC20004
Jack Manning2005/8/20123350 37th Street ExtensionBeaver FallsPA15010
James Mermigas2004/26/20122525 Riva Ridge Ct.WexfordPA15090
James Roddey2004/26/20121413 Oak StreetOakmontPA15139
James Tatum2001/10/20122299 Brodhead Rd.AliquippaPA15001
Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 47 PAC2007/27/2012186 Wagner Rd.MonacaPA15061
James Tatum2004/7/20122299 Brodhead Rd.AliquippaPA15001
William Sullivan20010/30/201229 College DriveMonacaPA15061
CF Bowers2004/19/2012506 Beaver RdEdgeworthPA15143
Novartis PAC2006/5/2012701 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Sutie 725WASHINGTONDC20004
Diane Holder2005/23/20124760 Bayard StreetPittsburghPA15213
Dennis Nichols2001/10/20121430 Dutch Ridge Rd.BeaverPA15009
NRA Political Victory Fund2009/6/201211250 Waples Mill RoadFairfaxVA22030
Keith Rothfus2004/20/2012309 Quaker Rd.SewickleyPA15143
Christine Toretti2004/9/20122428 Oak Dr.IndianaPA15701
Claudio Loffreda-Mancinelli2005/8/20124685 Dutch Ridge Rd.BeaverPA15009
David Yakish2004/9/20122011 Kentucky LaneRochesterPA15074
George Brett2004/7/2012701 5th St.BeaverPA15009
Randy Eckelberger2009/12/2012200 Stephenson StreetMonacaPA15061
cohen & Grigsby PAC2005/30/2012625 Liberty AvePittsburghPA15222
David Fenoglietto2004/12/2012125 Brookhaven Blvd.MarsPA16046
Alan Wojdyla2004/26/2012141 Crossing Ridge TrailCranberry TownshipPA16066
Comcast Corporation PAC2008/8/20121701 JFK Blvd.PhiladelphiaPA19103
John Wright2004/7/20122580 Chapel Rd.BeaverPA15009
Dale Cottrill2004/23/2012181 Dravo Av.BeaverPA15009
Tod Arbutina1504/13/2012230 Meadowbrook Dr.Cranberry TownshipPA16066
Deborah James1503/16/2012400 4th Ave. Patts. HgtsBeaver FallsPA15010
David Atcheson1507/27/2012255 Third StreetBeaverPA15009
Gina Rendar1506/26/20123445 Tuscarawas Rd.BeaverPA15009
Richard Heeter1503/16/2012112 Kim Acres Dr.MechanicsburgPA17055
Alan Wojdyla1259/12/2012141 Crossing Ridge TrailCranberry TownshipPA16066
Mark McClymonds1255/31/2012PO Box 296PortersvillePA16051
Vince Diogardi1258/8/2012115 Duncan CircleBeaverPA15009
Deborah James1255/31/2012400 Fourth Ave. Patt. HgtsBeaver FallsPA15010
John Misorski1255/31/2012108 Eric DriveBeaverPA15009
Mark Ondrusek1255/23/2012165 Lindy StreetBeaver FallsPA15010
Carolyn Renninger1255/31/2012108 Duncan CircleBeaver FallsPA15009
Renee Shiraishi1253/20/2012134 Lockheed Dr.Moon TwpPA15108
Scott Wolford1259/12/2012120 Ridgeview Dr.BeaverPA15009
Mark Villella1259/12/2012109 Autumn Hill Dr.Cranberry TownshipPA16066
Alan wojdyla1256/8/2012141 Crossing Ridge TrailCranberry TownshipPA16066
Patrick DiNuzzo1255/31/20121501 Third St.BeaverPA15009
Albert Ragazzini1255/23/20121380 River RoadBeaverPA15009
Luke Berardelli12510/1/2012155 S. Llincoln AveBeaverPA15009
David Lozier1256/26/2012115 Mervis DriveBeaver FallsPA15010
Robert Cook1256/8/2012115 Eric DriveBeaverPA15009
James Butler1004/19/201229 Bellview Dr.McKees RocksPA15136
James Amato1003/30/2012601 Broad St. Box 353SewickleyPA15143
David Fenoglietto1004/12/2012125 Brookhaven Blvd.MarsPA16046
Lance Williams1005/8/20128013 Falcon Ct.GibsoniaPA15044
David Edelstein1004/7/2012780 2nd St.BeaverPA15009
Rothfus for Congress1002/8/2012309 Quaker Rd.SewickleyPA15143
Ghulam Abbas1005/8/201212 Lakeland Dr.MarsPA16046
Joseph Romano1005/8/20122029 Condor Ln.GibsoniaPA15044
Linda Forster1001/13/2012480 Sebring Rd.BeaverPA15009
The PA Insurance PAC1008/8/20121600 Market Street Set 1720PhiladelphiaPA19103
Dan Murphy1005/8/2012223 Lytton RoadMoon TwpPA15108
John Guzzetti1004/12/2012170 Insurance St.BeaverPA15009
George Daniels10010/19/2012169 Eric DriveBeavaerPA15009
Reno Dioguardi10010/19/201212945 Vanderbilt Rd Apt 503NaplesFL34110
Mark Ondrusek1007/19/2012648 Third StreetBeaverPA15009
Tom Helbling1007/19/2012119 Highlandwoods DriveBeaverPA15009
Louis Astorino1009/6/2012227 Fort Pitt BlvPittsburghPA15222
Gene Pash1007/19/20122301 Duss AveAmbridgePA15003
Doug Cotton1004/12/2012102 Woodhaven Ct.AliquippaPA15001
SD Yakish1005/8/20122011 Kentucky LaneRochesterPA15074
Sherry Lorenz1006/8/2012129 Kaye CircleBeaverPA15009
Kerien Fitzpatrick10010/30/2012149 Windy Ghoul DriveBeaverPA15009
Highmark Health PAC1008/8/20121800 Center St.Camp HillPA17089
William Graffius1003/14/2012931 N. Front St. Apt 507HarrisburgPA17102
Megan Carpenter1004/19/2012117 Wishart Dr.BeaverPA15009
Certified Public Accountants PAC1009/6/2012500 N. 3rd Street Suite 600AHarrisburgPA17101
Richard McLellon10010/19/2012131 Turkmar DriveAliquippaPA15001
Dennis Nichols1003/30/20121430 Dutch Ridge RdBeaverPA15009
Carolyn Renninger1009/6/2012108 Duncan CircleBeaverPA15009
C.F Bowers1009/12/2012820 Kennedy Dr. PO Box 280AmbridgePA15003
Michael Ward1006/8/2012912 N. 6th Street Fl 2 RearPatt. HgtsPA17102
John Wright1009/6/20122580 Chapel RoadBeaverPA15009
Deborah James1004/7/2012400 4th Ave.Beaver FallsPA15010
James Tatum1006/5/20122299 Brodhead Rd.AliquippaPA15001
Robert Carpenter1007/19/2012117 Wishart Dr.BeaverPA15009
Arthur Cornell1001/10/2012777 2nd St.BeaverPA15009
Arthur Cornell1004/9/2012777 2nd St.BeaverPA15009
Deborah Buffalini10010/19/2012125 Skyview DriveAliquippaPA15001
Kenneth Wagner1005/8/20121298 9th st. ExtFreedomPA15042
Judith Madder1005/8/20123 Bonnieview DrBeaver FallsPA15010
Dale Cottrill756/5/2012181 Dravo AvenueBeaverPA15009
Rothfus for Congress756/8/2012309 Quaker Rd.SewickleyPA15143
Douglas Bruno504/26/2012109 McCracken DriveMonacaPA15061
J. Daniel Maxwell5010/9/2012449 Tuscarawas RdBeaverPA15009
John Guzzetti505/23/2012170 Insurance St.BeaverPA15009
John Petrush504/20/2012331 Wilson AveBeaverPA15009
Pamela Flara509/12/2012145 lake Dr.BeaverPA15009
Grant Miller355/31/2012434 East End AvenueBeaverPA15009
William Sassaman255/30/2012238 Taylor StreetBeaverPA15009
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John Paul

John Paul is a Beaver County native and the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Cheap Fuk


  2. sheldon

    And you wonder why most people say they hate politics, and politicians. Here we are trying to just make ends meet. All i ever hear is all the raises people in politics give themselves and secretaries, but always forget about the little people who are the ones who put them there to begin with

  3. buzzkill

    Nothing I read in this article seems to be illegal. If people want to donate their money to this guy they are free to do so. If they don’t like how he spends it, they can stop giving it to him.

  4. sd1120

    Christiana is a tea party weasel constantly preaching about the evils of government spending. He got his, screw the rest of us. Personally I think he’s an arrogant little p****.

  5. lol

    Its all apart if the game right jim.. He loves the game hell you should see what he doesn’t claim the golf trips,, retreats, envelopes, mysterious things that stay to long in tanning booth hmmm wink wink,

    Yeah prayer breakfast, then shake down give the young man credit he plays all angles then uses tax payer money to honor veterans then gives little pins that are made in Korea. Mean while clearly can see he doesn’t care about taxpayers to school districts that are crippling homeowners, why he is in bed with voucher players that are out to bankrupt homeowners, what had he done to help? Nothing? His soul is lost to the dark side they give out the marching orders

  6. jackson4570

    Pieces of shit like him in Harrisburgh are holding the purse strings that are strangling Frienship Ridge while they all fill their pockets at everyone elses expence.

  7. blindd

    Following in Veon’s footsteps…acts just like him arrogant, corrupt and thinking he’s unbeatable. They all fall eventually.

  8. whiteguy

    Personally, I’m more concerned with how he spends taxpayer money than I am with how he spends campaign donations. I don’t really see anything in the story that indicates improper use of tax money. With that said, I don’t think I’ll be in any hurry to make a campaign donation to him considering how he chooses to spend those funds. I imagine that if any of his previous donors take issue with the expenses charged to his campaign account(s), they will also choose to refrain from donating.

  9. My opinion is

    I want a bill sponsored by Christiania that get all hard working Pennsylvanians reimbursed for their hair cuts, cigars and for their clothes they purchase or are required to purchase for work. I not talking a tax break I’m talking getting reimbursed for them. And here is also another good idea, if we don’t have those kinds of high end salons, cigar shops and clothing stores in pennsylvania you work on getting them to come here. Beaver county is and has never been the high end type. Most of us grew up on chipped ham and bologna sandwich’s. rep Christiania how about spending that kind of money here in this area I bet just to throw it out there but King Beaver Cigar shop in Monaca would love to sell you some cigars and any independent salon or barber shop would give you an awesome haircut for much less and you could tip them the gap and make their day! Just saying!!

  10. weredareres

    Finally a news source for Beaver County that investigates anyone who is crooked. J.P., you are great! Please continue to write about the people who screw over the little guy. This is what investigative reporting is all about.

  11. lol

    @Karen Cleary get off your knees a puddle is forming around them i’m concerned if you drowned in what you can’t swallow

  12. DMX


  13. AreYouKiddingMe

    Well, let’s see. I don’t know what this kid has done for this county, I cetainly am not aware of anything. Hey, you have corporations bending over backwards to fund his campaign, so now they want something in return. That’s how these folks buy politicians, However, when you drive around in a fancy car, spend $100 on a HAIRCUT, smoke expensive cigars and stay in a world class hotel in New York City, there is a problem. I’m a democrat and I helped back Bobby Williams, not that Bobby Williams from Aliquippa, and he didn’t have a chance to go up against the kid because of the funding. I would have been pissed if he would have used the donations for haircuts and the such. You’re right, “blindd” He’s like another Veon, except Veon did things for this county, what has this kid done? I was at a place where I said hello to him and he and never gave this writer a node. Spend your donations how you want kid, but it will catch up to you and your Republican buddies will turn their backs also. Well, maybe not, at least the rich ones won’t because their going to the same place to have their haircut and buying expensive cigars like you.

  14. hopewell02

    That just goes to show that these slime ball crumbs are in it for themselves, there living the life, big shots, they would die if they had to do a honest days work, what a scam no qualifacations just smooth talk the voters, they make fools out of HONEST TAXPAYERS, i always thought that money had to be used for flyers, signs, NEWSPAPER ADS ETC, NO WONDER SOME OF THESE FOOLS WANT TO HOLD A POLITICAL OFFICE…..WHAT A JOKE FROM MAYORS TO THE GOVS SIT RIDICULOUS…

  15. HOPEWELL02


  16. medinfo2000

    Even though his Expense Account (Lavish Spending) is questionable, some of these are required expenditures. He has to pay rent to someone. $51,000 a year to a full-time employee and $7500 to a part-timer may seem a little high for office work, but that’s his decision. As far as cigars, dinners etc., he may be living high, and some may say immorally so, while everyone else is barely squeaking by, but it’s not illegal.

    My question is with his (Big Donors) “additional” income. Therein lies the problem with modern-day government top to bottom. There is NO way thousand of dollars in contributions don’t sway the final outcome. This is the way things are now done locally, on a state and the federal level as well.

    I’ll give you one example. I am against fracking for environmental reasons (please don’t argue, I’m just proving a point). Do you think Jim Christiana really cares what I think when he receives thousands in donations from Chesapeake Energy PAC? He should, but he doesn’t.
    He’ll come up with all kinds of reasons why it’s good (but no mention of the thousands in donations) and that have nothing to do with why I think it’s bad (no mention of the fact that I didn’t donate anything).

    I am 68 and have seen things slowly change over the past 50 years. No where is it more noticeable than in the discreet erosion of the freedom of the press, our so-called First Amendment Right. I read somewhere that all the major publications and newspapers are now controlled by a small number of people/corporations. You only read what they want you to read, or they slant it. Kudos to JP and others like him who keep investigative journalism alive. Someone has to get the complete truth out into the light of the day.

    Jim Christiana may seem small potatoes now, but Corbett was a nobody once upon a time also. I remember what my dad said many years ago, and it’s more true today as far as politics is concerned: Money talks. Bullshit walks.

  17. fedup

    It doesn’t matter if it’s legal or not. This kind of spending reeks of everything that is bad about politics. A bought and paid for politician is not doing the business of his constituents. I would think donors would be upset to think that this was how their money was being spent. Unless, you are paying him off for something in return, which is what this appears to be. And what on earth could cost $1800+ to mail?!

  18. Angelette Molon Labe Holtman

    @Dan- does it qualify for journalism if one is not a journalist per se? How about sensationalism, or maybe tabloid? Side note: THIS is a system of political corruption/lobbying/payoffs that is rampant on both sides of the aisle. I’ll hold my breath for the fair and balanced reporting…

    1. fedup

      John Paul is as much a journalist as someone with a byline in a newspaper. Have you never heard of the Huffington Post? Read the definition in a dictionary. We need more reporters like this instead of the so-called journalists of today who are owned by corporations.

      1. sitlisten

        And we also need more representatives that are not owned by corporations.

        Great job JP!

  19. Typical politician

    We need term limits for these jackoffs.A bunch of bought off, overpaid, under worked BUMS.

  20. act111

    WELL what laws broken? Campaign finance law? yes the department of state should be contacted, the cigars alone seem to be out of wack, the little friend from brighton twp that just happens to be on a PAC that gets 100k, and lies on addresses and location something fishy going on!

  21. same story

    It’s all political. Christiana was critical of the BC Commissioners ( 3 stooges) and rents from Betters. The Beaver Countian is as biased as the Times.

  22. blindd

    Shouldn’t campaign funds be used for campaigns. They made such a big deal because Charlie Camp used some of his for an education. There are campaign laws BUT not for everyone.

    1. Not Really

      ive seen this page write about things going on with both parties i dont always agree with things said but i dont think its a partisan hatchet job

  23. Bctaxpayer2

    This is somewhat amusing.. Lets see , didn’t Mr CJ Betters also give Mr Nichols 1000$ for campaign funds ? Plus many of the county staff that gave him funds received substantial raises this year ( county solicitors, secretaries, etc ).. Ironic I say .. Oh ,and I believe the. raise in waste management had that good ‘ol friends and family plan attached too….
    There are no politicians without ties that bind them.. One should never speak of ill of another.


    What a shame, there are people in this county who are not working, there kids go without and this creep is living a life style. How much for cigars? Hair cuts and meals? Go out and find some business to create jobs, so people can work, what the f—k is this crazy or what? If people vote for him again they deserve what they get….Why didn’t you raise some money to keep friendship ridge open? SHAME ON YOU…..

  25. lol

    But oh my friends he just may have , take note and read the campaign finance election law, also some may be surprised of who all kept some wedding gifts ehhh.

    Also what was shipped over night that cost 1800 bucks. Hmmmmm

    1. buzzkill

      Regardless of anything else he does, you are exactly right on that one. Christiana has been working on bringing gas jobs here. New, good paying gas industry jobs are exactly what Beaver County needs. The Democrats in BC ( Jesse White is a good example) have been working to kill the gas industry while its still in its infancy. The only thing they know how to do is regulate and create government jobs which are really just a drain on society.

      1. Jesse White

        I would object to the characterization of my approach to the natural gas industry. I am in no way trying to kill gas industry jobs; I have pushed the gas industry to hire MORE local people based on what I’ve seen in Washington County. I have also held irresponsible companies accountable, which I do not apologize for. You’ll see what I mean after certain companies have been in Beaver County for a few years.

  26. tony2

    Christiana working on gas jobs lol, you fools think he is only one?

    he gave away the farm to them, those boys sprinkled little dust from Texas and Jimmy was in lala land.

    Gas jobs and industry will be boost to area and its here because are area has it in the ground we got a cracker plant on because we have good location.

    We almost lost it because Jimmy wanted it to be in Aliquippa for chuckie betters,

    The other state reps worked just as hard but looked out more for area and environment ,Jimmy boy didn’t care he doesn’t pay property taxes he gets tattoo and plays wanna be boxer and looks for free dinners and golf, such a car salesman he is little mike veon lifestyle but mike fought for the working class the under 100k crowd

  27. DrBZ

    I agree that politicians need to be kept honest, but isn’t the fact that he has raised the most money a good thing?! It seems that he raises money to support certain organizations over and over again. Perhaps it is because he actually beleives in these organizations and they in turn support him to fight for their cause. His finances are public and if they don’t beleive he’s doing the right thing, they can choose not to give him money. The real problem is that companies spend such a high dollar amount on politics instead of giving back to their employees, not that one politican spends campaign funds on cigars while raising campaign funds.

  28. Judy Pamer

    a couple of the expenditures are a little questionable but as a democrat I have no problem with any of this. It is campaign money and if the people who donated it to him are not upset I certainly am not.

  29. lol

    @Judy and Ron , I agree to a point

    But what has he done he preaches transparency and wasteful spending claimed the democrat he replaced wasn’t doing his due dillegence what had he done, and please don’t day Marcellus gas, we almost lost cracker plane because of his pushing for betters

    Would I do an eye roll and occasional Bitch about 100 hair cut if he was out in front save us homeowners taxdollars or preventing increase yes would I defend him yes, sadly I voted and supported this kid who has grown to a young man with kid mentality , I can nit no more he became worst than what was elected, how???? Like I said what had he done for beaver county nothing actually became a hypocrite with a smoke screen and fit in bed with the dame things and people that manipulated the democrats, , look st where money comes from, where he lives hire much he pays, where his office is located, who both landlords are,? Its veon with a cuter smile.

    call the rep ask him what he did when pulled over by state police doing a 100 on 376, he is a punk, and I am glad there is video because its un disputable

  30. Ron Embaugh

    I usually like what JP has to write, but this is a bit lame. Is what he spends on questionable….maybe so, but unless he is breaking a law somewhere it is not tax dollars. We have a president who is using tax dollars to send his young daughters on spring break vacation, to host parties and play 118 rounds of golf in a little over 4 years and nobody complains about that. I think the kid is doing a decent job and is certainly no worse than the rest of the hacks in government.

    1. Bill Lewis

      Now this is what is called one asshole politician protecting another,, They both do very questionable things but hide behind the bible to cover up there lies and cheating ways. Only small minded brainwashed people follow these 2 asshole and believe anything they say..

  31. Tom44D

    The only people who should be surprised or concerned by this “investigative” piece is Mr. C’s campaign contributors. It is too easy to imply that ‘taxpayer’ dollars were wasted, they weren’t. He seems to be just misspending campaign money. Given his big dollar friends, it doesn’t seem to be an issue except for the local BC people who think giving him $50, $100, $1,000 is a good idea.

  32. J.M. Gishbaugher

    It’s always wise to follow the money. It’s an established news tenet, and we’re glad you’re providing information. Just remember to balance. I agree with Karen; there are many good stories in Beaver County.

  33. hopewell02

    Well, i know for a fact the democrat before him did make large donations to Hopewell and CenterTwp Parks, ballfield and playground renovations, spend it where the people that voted in in will see it, not at the cigar shops, high priced haircuts and expensive cloths for you and the mrs., wise up voters these young kid politicians are a joke . ie. LUKE, this kid, comon wise the hell up…..keep spending kid, it will run out soon , WALMARTS HIRING

  34. Thomas Plevel

    This article should begin with a large disclaimer. “We’re talking about campaign dollars, not taxpayer dollars.” It’s too easy for people to get confused.

  35. Ram Dynasty

    Jimmy is just another dirty politician. So sad someone so young could be bought so easily. Jokes on us, we elected him. Jimmy can I get a cigar overnighted from Cuba? I will pay u? And vote for u.

  36. Jondavid R. Longo

    Agreed. Whatever Jim decides to do with money that was donated to HIM has nothing to do with my tax dollars. I didn’t donate any money to his campaign so I’m not upset about the way he spends his donations. As far as I am concerned, Jim can do whatever he wants to with the money that was, quite literally, handed to him to do with what he wishes. I have never been Jim’s biggest fan but did everyone who donated to him honestly think it was all going to go to legitimate political cause?

  37. Roped

    This isn’t about what he spent it’s about the money donated that makes you corrupt. The larger the donation the more obliated you become to their wishes, wants and needs. The noose is tightening. Many of you are missing the purpose of the article..

  38. Ray Kanapesky

    I say good for him…. If he is talented enough for people to award him with that kind of money then I certainly say… Enjoy it. What we think about this is irrelevant because it was never our money to begin with.

  39. spikeonline1

    I think we must be careful not to confuse taxpayer money and political contributions. Certainally there are things in this report reasonable people would consider excessive but you can’t tell someone what they can do with their own money. The people that gave him money for his campagin should be the ones complaining as it is their money they gave to him. If it doesn’t bother them that would be called freedom to do what one wants with their own money. And, all the money in the world will not trump an informed public and that is up to us. None the less he is a public figure and it is appropriate to print this as long as it is true and can be supported by evidence. Dennis McKee

  40. Ram Dynasty

    There was a local politician who took a similar path that Jimmy will soon be roomies with, his name is Mike Veon. Thought he was untouchable. Karma gets you sooner rather than later. 😥

  41. law4all

    Politicians are supposed to be motivated by the greater good. The reason they get involved in the first place is because they want to serve the community and the people. I understand that this is not taxpayer money, but how Mr. Jim spends this money say a lot about the kind of person he is and what his motivations are. A man with convictions and a soul would not allow himself to live a more lavish lifestyle just because he was elected to political office. A person who truly is in it for the right reasons would life live pretty much as he always has and use most of the extra money for community purposes. I do understand the need for travel and meals, but is it really necessary to always have the most expensive accommodation? Do we really need multiple offices just miles apart? Politicians should not be a privileged class akin to royalty, that’s not what our forefathers had in mind.

    1. Ray Kanapesky

      Sorry to hear that but you are mistaking me for my father. When or if Jimmy starts spending tax dollars like that then this could mean something… but until then all this article does is stir the pot. Let the people who gave the money worry about what he does with it. JP usually writes some good stuff. Very informative without a doubt but all this does is spark poor emotions in people.

  42. enlighteningone

    I thought Republicans didn’t like spending? Oh, that’s right, unless it’s somebody else’s money. He’s a jagoff, period. Oh yeah, he’s also a big fat hypocrite. Boy, these “save, save, save” politicians are sure getting expensive!

  43. Snlver

    Young and dumb, keep on voting for him, because I did NOT. Shame on him. People in his district struggling to make ends meet. What has he done for this district??? What about saving the jobs that are on their way out??? J.P. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  44. 76wita95

    @Plevel and kanaskepy think what is at issue is what and how the money is used and derived.

    Some need to realize yes this not tax dollars but need to remember your only allowed to use it in certain manner, they have laws and ethics and some have been fined and convicted some currently serving time for these violations, Christiana looks likehe has some grey areas to explain and better have proof of expenditures.


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