Rep Marshall Circulating Co-Sponsorship Memo To Give Sheriffs Additional Authority

Rep Marshall Circulating Co-Sponsorship Memo To Give Sheriffs Additional Authority

GOP Representative Jim Marshall (left) with Sheriff George David (right) / Beaver Countian file photo

State Representative Jim Marshall is now circulating a co-sponsorship memorandum in Harrisburg, seeking support for legislation he intends to introduce that would expand the authorities of Sheriffs and Deputies. Marshall wants the state to allow Sheriffs to contract out their official duties to corporations.

The move follows a private meeting held back in February between Beaver County Sheriff George David and a delegation of state representatives.

Marshall’s brother, Robert Marshall, was elected as the Chairman of the Aliquippa Democratic Committee just day after that meeting, as Representative Robert Matzie’s brother was promoted to the position of full-time Beaver County Sheriff’s Deputy. In 2009, Sheriff David hired Representative Marshall’s brother-in-law just days after Marshall submitted a proposal to fellow lawmakers that would have given Sheriffs full law enforcement powers.

Representative Marshall has previously told the Beaver Countian that those occurrences are “absolutely a coincidence.”

The Beaver County Board of Commissioners is currently engaged in a lawsuit against Sheriff David, in an attempt to stop him from violating Pennsylvania County Code by having his office perform official duties for private corporations. Sheriff David pleaded his Fifth Amendment Rights against self-incrimination during a hearing held as part of those proceedings.

An audit released by Controller David Rossi last year revealed that Sheriff David had been undercharging for his department’s services, leaving taxpayers to subsidize security for private corporations including Walmart, Boscovs, Toys R Us, Target, and Cinemark.

The full content of Marshall’s memorandum reads as follows:

To All House members
From Representative Jim Marshall

Contracts for Official Services or Duties of the Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff

In the near future, I plan to introduce legislation to better protect citizens of this Commonwealth by authorizing a county sheriff to contract with a person, association, corporation or political subdivision to obtain the official services or duties of the sheriff or deputy sheriff. This legislation is about the safety of individuals, not corporations.

The person, association, corporation or political subdivision must reimburse the county for the total amount of salary, benefits and any other costs associated with employment of the sheriff or deputy sheriff during the period covered by the contract. If the sheriff or deputy sheriff receives any compensation for the period covered by the contract, they shall be paid only from county funds in the amount and in the manner prescribed by law, and may not directly or indirectly receive any other compensation, gifts or gratuities.

Under current law, a county sheriff or deputy sheriff is not precluded from outside employment, including security work, but is precluded from performing any official services or official duties for any person, association or corporation. This legislation will authorize the performing of official services or duties by the sheriff or deputy sheriff but require the county to be reimbursed for the employment costs, and will authorize the provision of security services in those instances where additional public safety is a concern, particularly at public events in a municipality that has no police department.

Thank you and I hope you will consider joining me in support of this legislation.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, the Beaver Countian has released a statement regarding an incident involving Sheriff George David and this reporter.

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John Paul

John Paul is a Beaver County native and the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. tellzitlikeitiz

    guy on left looks like someone that likes little boy pingo…. (thats not an accusation, just saying he has ‘that look’.) Guy on right looks like dementia if dementia had human form. Hmmmmm, just who da hellz r these guys ayway? Don’t know, but they make such a cute smiley couple! :-)

  2. whiteguy

    In Pennsylvania, Sheriff’s (other than Allegheny County) do no have police power. In other words, other than a few specific exceptions, they have about the same authority to make an arrest as an ordinary citizen. So either the memo above is lacking some detail about the bill that would also expand the Sheriff’s powers to act as police, or the whole damn thing is pointless and the Sheriff’s office needs to stay out of private security work.

    If the sheriff’s are so interested in the extra work, why don’t they simply start a private firm and take contracts for private security work? Under current law, a person who is ACT 501 (private police act) has more power than the Sheriff on private property.

    Now I’ll answer that question: They have no interest in the up front investment. Uniforms, cars, equipment, private legal council, etc… It is impossible to determine how much wear and tear on a county owned Sheriff’s car is attributed to the security work, so how will that cost be reimbursed? The same applies to any other equipment used both in official duties and private work. Bottom line, it’s a bad deal for taxpayers to have public officials using public property to preform private work.

  3. spikeonline1

    looks like all we did is trade a corrupt Democrat (Veon) for a corrupt Republican (Marshall) A Republican supported by Midland Democrats that hires the Sheriffs relatives ??? What does that tell you? Lost my vote as well as everyone I have told. Dennis McKee

  4. blindd

    Yeah Marshall started out doing nothing now you got in bed wih this Nut who’s under investigation just for a job for your brother-in-law. They’ll be calling you two term Marshall. What a numbnutz. What a fool. I’m sure FOP is goin luv you for this

  5. VOTE NO

    What are you trying to do Marshall, put all the policeman out of work? Do you really think your doing a good thing here? Leave the police work to the police, they don’t make any money as it is. What do you care about the sheriff’s department for? Sleeping with the devil? Something got a fire burning under your ass, WONDER WHAT, People replace him next election . Do something for your own district for a change.

  6. jackson4570

    It would be nice if Marshall would introduce legislation to help fund Friendship Ridge but he won’t .Neither will Vogel or Christiana. Matzie’s so worthless he won’t even grandstand over it to try to make it an issue. It looks like it will just wither and die on the vine. I guess the Sheriff’s dept is more important.

  7. ding dong

    Marshall is a joke period.

    He came into office by beating Jeff Harris by just a few votes and half of Harris hometown wasn’t in the voting district, so to put it in perspective if all if new sewixkley was ,Jeff Harris would be your state rep. Crazy jay Paisley beat up on veon during pay hike scandal most democrats voted for Marshall because they didn’t want mike any longer.

    If a republican ran against him he would lose very big, he votes with union and 90% democrat.

    Same goes for boy wonder if a republican in beaver or Brighton township ran Christiana would lose, he is in bed with the money players that where in bed with veon.

    Marshall is a simple Ass and no connection with his brother word had it that they are not even tight, and only reason he got chairmen is because nobody wanted it but the mayor and they didn’t want him.

  8. sd

    It wwas simply “Absolutely a coinsedensce”. Bullshit. Bullshit, Bullshit. Who the hell do they think we are. I personnaly supported Marshall But that was yesterday,Bob, you just hung yourself. Maybe Sheriff wll promote you to depuety while in prison. Remember, you are what you sow. Nevermore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. sd

    One more thing Bob. You’re pissing off the State Police, and the municipal police. Do you expect any support from these organizations? What’s sheriff (Soon not to be) really going to do for you ? CORRUPTION-YOU JUST JOINED THE PARTY> Remember “Nevermore” !

  10. Robert Jasper

    It never ceases to amaze me how arrogant these politicians are. Marshall was as quiet as a church mouse for his first term but all of a sudden he is acting like Joe Politician. He is so deep in Corbetts pocket and does whatever he is told to do. I never thought I would live to see the day where Beaver County legislature is run by republicans. I would never vote republican. They care oly about the well to do!

  11. arealregularguy

    Sheriff led out of courthouse in handcuffs!! Sheriff is personal friend and political ally!!! This bill is going nowhere when word of all this hits Harrisburg!

  12. jemma

    I wouldn’t admit to to many people that he is personal friend if I were you. Your going to look as crazy as he is.

    1. arealregularguy

      You misunderstood or I didn’t make myself clear….He is no personal friend of mine, I mean’t he’s a personal friend of Marshall’s. I’ve never voted for him and could never bring myself to even consider it!!!


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