Representative Jim Christiana
Representative Jim Christiana
Representative Jim Christiana

The race for State Representative of the 15th legislative district has already started to heat up even before nominating petitions have begun to be circulated by the candidates. This will be the first election since redistricting saw Representative Christiana’s district dip far down into Washington County.

The 15th district is now comprised of 15 municipalities in Washington County and 9 municipalities in Beaver County including: Hanover Township, Independence Township, Center Township, Potter Township, Raccoon Township, Brighton Township, Vanport Township, Beaver Borough, and Frankfort Springs Borough.

John Bruner, a police officer from Washington County, announced his candidacy for the seat yesterday and will be running in the Democratic primary for a chance at Christiana.

“I think it’s important that people have an option in a campaign,” Representative Jim Christiana told the Beaver Countian shortly after Bruner made his announcement. “I am by no means entitled to this office, and I think it’s important for incumbents to be challenged on their record. I look forward to answering those challenges over the next 10 months […] I think this election will be focused on whether or not I’ve done an adequate job representing the people of Beaver County.”

Bruner used his campaign announcement to highlight some of his differences with the current Republican administration, including his belief that Pennsylvania should explore imposing a severance tax on natural gas extraction to help fund school districts, infrastructure needs, and distressed municipalities.

“From day one of his campaign his policies are misguided,” said Christiana. “I don’t think we should be doing anything to impact job creation […] It’s a shame that he’s already advocating for a job crushing severance tax which could jeopardize the proposed cracker plant that would be built right here in the 15th district.”

Another point of contention in the campaign will likely be the public funding of charter schools, a cause Christiana has championed and an issue Bruner says needs serious reexamination.

Representative Christiana has previously promised to self-impose a term limit of 10 years in office, a pledge he once again renewed. “I am still 100% committed to that plan. I made that commitment when I was first elected at 24 years old, and I still feel that’s the best plan for me, that’s the right thing to do. But voters always still have the power to impose a 1 term limit […] I’ve asked for a 2 year extension on my contract before, and I’m asking for it again.”

State Representative Jim Christiana is running for his fourth 2-year term in office.


  1. Lol that’s the same rhetoric he spewed last time he ran.

    So 4 more years and the little fucker is done?

    This k kid doesn’t have those democrats supporting him last few years and luckily for him his opponents where terrible and under funded, like the Hart,drobac days.

    If a decent republican ran they would bounce his little tattooed ass in the primary.

  2. SILENCE CHRISTIANA, SILENCE!!  Your previous job was a used car salesman.  I am not of your party, and I don’t like Republicans because they think they are higher and mightier than thou.  You “boy wonder” – I do like your style on some issues and although you are a politician (all politicians are not to be trusted and are 2 faced), I realize you had to change your “make change in Harrisburg style” going in to the arena in Harrisburg to “play the political game of negotiation” for the betterment of the 15th district.  I like how you battle hard for stuff to come to our district…even if you lose your fight.  I like that in you – car salesman.  Anyone who has ever battled a car salesman at the dealership now knows You are perfect in playing the game in Harrisburg.  YOU HAVE MY VOTE until you forget where you came from.  Also, help the unemployed.  You may be there some day.  Don’t be a Republican hard liner, be caring CHRISTIANA with your vote in Harrisburg for the people who need help – and you will have my vote every time.  YOUR WELCOME!!!

  3. The impression I have of this politician is that he represents the special interests that feed him money and those interests only.

    • You mean like every politician?!  But not the ones YOU vote for, RIGHT?!  Like your hero J.D. Prose would say-JAGOFF!

  4. I know this fellow and I have mixed feelings about him (probably because he went to Beaver High with my kids).  He’s no Rothfus, BUT he’s definitely not for the middle class either (in my opinion).He’s made some (meager) attempts by holding town-hall meetings, worked to make government more transparent, newsletters, senior citizens, being available, etc., to show his concern.However, his MAJOR actions prove to me that he’s only in it for what he can get out of it.ONE: He’s so close to Corbett that if Tom stops, he’ll be up his ass.TWO: He sold his soul to the fracking industry.THREE:  He’s pushing the charter school agenda every chance he gets.For these three strikes, he’s OUT in my book.Sorry Jimmy, either you change or NO vote for you.

  5. I don’t understand why Corbett, Christiana and the other Republicans keep saying that a severance tax on natural gas will destroy jobs. The drillers pay a severance tax in Texas and almost every other state that they drill in. They keep saying that the drillers will go somewhere else to drill. DUH, there has to be a supply of natural gas for drilling to be profitable. The gas is here and we are going to suffer possible contamination of ground water, road damage due to heavy trucks, and many more expenses caused by drilling. The drilling companies should pay a severance tax to help pay for these damages.



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