May 29, 2015

Marshall Confirms He’ll Submit Sheriff Legislation – Vogel’s Office Confirms He Won’t


State Representative Jim Marshall and a spokesman for State Senator Elder Vogel have confirmed there was a meeting between the local delegation to Harrisburg and Sheriff George David, as the Beaver Countian first reported earlier in the week. Marshall also confirmed he’ll be proposing legislation that would allow Sheriffs to legally perform private security services for corporations and other outside entities.

“The county delegation gets along pretty well, and we were contacted about having a meeting by Sheriff David. The meeting was billed as being about county code, and also school security in the wake of the tragedy in Connecticut,” said Joe Weidner, Senator Vogel’s Communications Director. “I think our office was asked to hold the meeting just because we had the biggest meeting room. We listened to the Sheriff, who talked about several things, one of which included his impending trial.”

But Weidner said that Senator Vogel has no plans to support proposals made by Sheriff David at the meeting. “I want to let the record be straight that Senator Vogel is not working on, and is not introducing, legislation to change the Pennsylvania County Code.”

At least one of the representatives who was at the meeting said he intends to do exactly that.

“Yes, I will be submitting legislation,” Representative Jim Marshall told the Beaver Countian. “But this isn’t specifically to let Sheriff David do something … I think the Sheriffs Departments state-wide should be able to contract out to help with security.”

Representative Marshall confirmed to the Beaver Countian that he met privately with Sheriff David before the meeting at Senator Vogel’s Office to discuss the possibility of legislation. “He said Sheriffs have been at school districts, in processions for fallen police officers, and similar events.” Marshall said his legislation will allow such activities to continue, “Commissioners would still have to sign off on the work, and there has to be compensation.” He added the legislation he intends to introduce may never find its way into law, “it’s hard to say if this bill will even get out of committee.”

A union representing Pennsylvania State Police Troopers have actively opposed similar legislation in the past.

“I am sure Sheriff David is glad that I support the Sheriff’s Association,” said Marshall. “But the world does not revolve around him.”

Joe Weidner emphasized that Vogel has had no private meetings with Sheriff David. “The only other time the two have spoken was probably just casually at community events, where you see all of the usual suspects,” Weidner laughed. Weidner also stressed that Senator Vogel would never agree to any “quid-pro-quo” in exchange for crafting legislation.

Representative Marshall stressed that he wouldn’t either.

Marshall said it is “absolutely a coincidence” that David hired Steven Montani, his brother-in-law, just days after he submitted a proposal to fellow lawmakers back in 2009 that would have given Sheriffs full law enforcement powers. “I had no ability to get Montani on in the department, nor would I.”

He also said it’s a coincidence that his brother, Robert Marshall, was elected Chairman of the Aliquippa Democratic Party earlier this month, just days after he told David he will submit legislation allowing Sheriffs to perform security services for corporations. “I was as shocked as anybody that he ran for this … I am not sure why he ran for it. We didn’t discuss it. I would have recommended that he didn’t spend his time doing that. But he’s going to do what he wants to do, regardless of how it impacts me. I am not my brother’s keeper.” Representative Marshall said he was surprised his brother won the election. “I am curious as to what Mayor Walker has done to lose so handily in his own municipality.” Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker was the only candidate for Chairman running against Steve Marshall, after several others who had expressed interest suddenly dropped out of the race.

Sources inside of the Democratic Party have told the Beaver Countian that Sheriff David and his allies worked behind the scenes to help elect Robert Marshall as Chairman.

Representative Marshall said he was also surprised to learn that county officials have said they felt pressured to drop their lawsuit against Sheriff David. “I feel that I have a very good working relationship with the commissioners, and am surprised they would feel any sort of pressure. I am not pressuring them to do or not do anything,” said Marshall. “We have not discussed [the lawsuit] at all, not specifically. Probably not at all. I was with them last night and we didn’t discuss it.” Marshall said he was unsure of the relationship other local lawmakers may have with the county.

County Officials have told the Beaver Countian they felt pressured to drop their lawsuit against Sheriff David after learning of the meeting between state representatives and Sheriff David.

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  1. SimonSez

    You did the right thing, Senator Vogel…Supporting this legislation, especially at the height of Sheriff David being under Grand Jury investigation is committing political suicide. You certainly don’t want to be scrutinized as “George David having a Senator in his back pocket”. This is legislation that has been on the books for years and years and changing it to benefit George David, at this point, would not be a smart thing to do! So kudos to you, Senator! Marshall, on the other hand, is not going to bode well come next election, so enjoy what time you have left in office Jim, as it will be just a “coincidence” that you get voted out of office!

  2. TiredOfStupidPeople

    This is the biggest bunch of hot garbage I’ve read in a long time. I’m sure it will be a “coincidence” when you get voted out.

    Marshall said it is “absolutely a coincidence” that David hired Steven Montani, his brother-in-law, just days after he submitted a proposal to fellow lawmakers back in 2009 that would have given Sheriffs full law enforcement powers. “I had no ability to get Montani on in the department, nor would I.”

    He also said it’s a coincidence that his brother, Robert Marshall, was elected Chairman of the Aliquippa Democratic Party earlier this month, just days after he told David he will submit legislation allowing Sheriffs to perform security services for corporations.

  3. Profile photo of mvee

    I knew I could count on Elder to do the right thing.

    But next time Elder, no more meetings with the Sheriff. It just looks bad.

    Jim Marshall, enjoy your last term in office. It’s funny you replaced Veon and then started ripping pages from his playbook??? Good thing the BC is here to keep you on your toes.

  4. TiredOfStupidPeople

    Allegheny County representatives, the counties surrounding Philadelphia respresentatives, and the State Police Union will all laugh this Beaver County driven legislation away. Maybe someone should email these articles to their representatives so they can get the jist of why this legislation is even coming up in committee?

  5. Profile photo of jackson4570

    What about doing something for Friendship Ridge. Where’s all that good old pro life republican family values at? Don’t you guys value life at it’s last stages? It appears to me only at election time for the unborn , the best vote getter.You know the private homes take little or no medicaid . What are we going to do with all of those needing long term care? Veon , Ross , Laughlin, Lavelle , Alberts would be fighting for it. More Marshall, Vogel, Christriana, Nichols do-nothing republicanism. If there is not a campain contribution , a subsidy for themselves or cronnies they’re not interested.

  6. thevoice

    Marshall how much legislation have you proposed since you’ve been in office? Now you want us to believe this is being done because you believe sheriffs should be allowed to do outside security. Why do you think this has never passed look no further than Beaver and Allegheny cty. What does the FOP think of this. You have never stuck your neck out for anyone and now this is something you deeply believe in. SMELLS FISHY!!!

  7. eyeswideshut

    Dewann how’s it feel to be stung by George David. Don’t feel bad half of of Aliq. has been burned by him. You can’t taste the pepper without the salt. Word is this is a stepping stone for Robert Marshall to become mayor. After all George David made you the mayor….so he says

  8. FedUp

    Marshall must think Beaver Countians drank the “kool-aid” to believe his story of “coincidence”. You know the old saying..”it’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know”. The Sheriff’s office, heck the whole Courthouse has somebody’s mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, wife, get the drift, working there. No nepotism here, nope, none what-so-ever!!! :dizzy:

  9. OhBrother

    Well Rubric, what say you now?!
    Georgie is the J. Eger Hoover of Beaver County, he has dirt on everyone who is someone. He didn’t get where he’s at on his looks alone. Alighetto corruption at it’s best!
    So, DEEwaan, you still going to create that new Public Safty Director position for Georgie now?

  10. ROCHY

    Rep Marshall stay out of this craziness. Each town has there own police department, let them take care of there own town, some policeman have to work two jobs just to get by they should be working the games, schools, stores, or movie theater in the first place, if they need assistance they know to call, keep it up Marshall the next thing will be the sheriff’s dept will be running the whole county, with no police departments at all.

  11. baloney

    What the hell–first chrisiana says the meeting was about the county code then Marshall says its about legislation for the sheriff.Shouldn’t liars get there lies straight. Even a fool is counted as wise until he opens his MOUTH.

  12. Mechelle Poling

    This is how I see things after reading this article. First a “Thank-you to John Paul who seems to all over things seeking truths and answers behind the iron curtain of government.” There is nothing wrong with a meeting among legislators about introducing a bill that would permit a sheriff department from being hired for outside contracts. What reeks ethics violations is the family members of Marshall and Matzie that got jobs, promotions, and political favors in the town of Aliquippa. Need we remind legislators…”It doesn’t matter how many terms you’ve served you are not above the laws – even if you’re lawmakers you’re not above it”! This looks like history in the making of repeating itself. It wasn’t so long ago that the golden powers of Harrisburg were shaken out of their tree of prosperity. Bonusgate and the Beaver County crooked politicians. Mike Veon at one time was a incredible legislator who did great things. What went wrong? power, greed, and most of all arrogance in believing he and his caucus buddies were all above the law. Beaver County will never again be lead with a ring in our nose. We watched as the wicked ways of power and greed was indeed the same people that we entrusted and believed in and voted for thinking our best interest was in good hands. I’m convinced, what this story opens up is the fact that some people need to go in our County’s state caucus elections next year.

  13. Pengaroo

    Nepotism at its best. I still find this peculiar. What was said about his trial? Are these meetings recorded and open to the public?


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