Commissioners Vote To Dump Engineering Firm As Spanik Returns Donation

Commissioners Vote To Dump Engineering Firm As Spanik Returns Donation


County Commissioners have unanimously voted to terminate a contract with an engineering firm that they had unanimously voted to hire just two months ago.

The engineering firm of Remington Vernick & Beach was hired to perform work at Friendship Ridge last December. A subsequent search of campaign finance records by the Beaver Countian revealed Commissioner Joe Spanik received a $1,200 donation from New Jersey resident Craig Remington (a principal of the company) back in June, around the same time period Commissioner Tony Amadio said the firm first made their presentation to the County.

Following the Beaver Countian’s report, Commissioner Spanik announced he would be returning part of that donation he received from Remington.

Commissioner Dennis Nichols motioned to terminate the contract with Remington Vernick & Beach at their public meeting held today. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Joe Spanik, with Commissioner Tony Amadio also voting to terminate the agreement.

The firm is a Philadelphia subsidiary of the New Jersey based Remington Vernick Engineers, a company that first started raising eyebrows in political circles way back in 1997, when they were convicted in New Jersey of evading campaign finance laws. A judge ruled the firm established shell corporations for the sole purpose of bypassing campaign finance limits, and that the group had occasionally forged signatures on checks. Since then, the firm has regularly been the subject of media reports and editorials accusing them of doing “favors” for politicians, or being involved in various “pay for play” controversies.

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  1. Profile photo of accordingtome

    The elected officials in Beaver County must really hate when the truth gets reported; it forces them to pretend that they have morals. Imagine how much could be accomplished if the time spent undoing things that shouldn’t have been done in the first place was spent doing something productive to begin with.

    The public needs to wake up and stop electing the same people who squander our tax dollars.

  2. Taxpaye2r

    I think the campaign contributor list of ALL office holders should be made public so that we can ask. “Now why the hell would this company or person give money to that politician”. Come on Beaver County voters, get your head out of the sand!

  3. Taxpaye2r

    By the way, have you ever seen “the invisible commissioner” Mr. Amedeo trying so hard to save his own ass and abandon the other Democrat in that office and his OWN party. No political contribution is a secret in the court house, so don’t play stupid, guys. We aren’t that naive.


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