Warning – This article contains graphic images.

In a recorded phone conversation that took place shortly after the incident occurred, a Beaver County 911 dispatcher and a Beaver Borough patrolman can be heard laughing while discussing serious injuries sustained by a man bitten by the officer’s police K-9.

The Beaver Countian received a copy of the recording from a confidential source; county officials denied a Right-To-Know request for the file earlier this week.

The conversation between Beaver Borough Patrolman Jeffery Wijnen-riems and Beaver County 911 Dispatcher Jocelyn Sabol occurred at about 11:30pm on August 18th, as Wijnen-riems was preparing to go to the hospital to take photographs of bite wounds sustained by James Edward Cicco. The conversation took place on a line used by dispatchers that is recorded as standard practice — notification beeps can be heard in the background as Sabol and Wijnen-riems discuss the incident.

Listen To The Phone Call:

“Dude, you got dogs chewing people up and shit,” said Sabol.

“Yah, oh listen, it’s bad,” responded Wijnen-riems, before describing how Cicco had failed to yield to Beaver Patrolman Bo Blinn as the two officers were separately driving to a call in Industry Borough, and then failed to pull over when Wijnen-riems attempted to initiate a traffic stop.

“He turned in a driveway and tried to take off and run,” said Wijnen-riems.

A dash cam video played in open court during a preliminary hearing for Cicco did not depict Cicco running, but instead showed the officer engaging the man while he was still inside of his vehicle — Wijnen-riems has testified that Cicco briefly grabbed a hand-drill during the encounter. At one point Officer Wijnen-riems is seen returning to his patrol car, with Cicco then getting out of the vehicle parked in front of his house having both hands up and palms exposed.

Witnesses to the incident told the Beaver Countian that after Officer Wijnen-riems announced he was going to get his dog, Cicco was heard shouting, “I surrender sir, I surrender,” and then, “no, no, no,” as the officer returned to the man’s car, this time accompanied by his K-9 partner Czar. The dash cam recording played in court did not have audio. Cicco is seen retreating back into his vehicle and shutting the door as the dog approaches. Officer Wijnen-riems could be seen on the video opening the door again to allow Czar access to the man, whose face can then be seen contorting with pain while the dog chews at him as he goes down to the ground.

The animal can be seen attacking Cicco a second time as Officer Wijnen-riems is handcuffing him while he is laying on his stomach. Wijnen-riems testified the man kicked at the dog which he alleges provoked the second attack, actions not readily discernible on the video played in court. The dog continued biting at the man after he was secured in handcuffs — in both instances it appears the K-9 did not release Cicco from its jaws until Officer Wijnen-riems physically extracted it.

James Cicco was transported to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital where he was admitted for three days for treatment of his injuries.

Along with misdemeanor charges for possession of controlled substances without a prescription, driving under the influence, and fleeing, James Cicco is being prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office on a felony charge of “taunting a police animal.” Dozens of other charges filed by Officer Wijnen-riems against Cicco were previously dismissed by Magisterial District Judge Edward Howe during a preliminary hearing in September, including fifty felony counts of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and a felony charge of aggravated assault against a law enforcement officer.

James Cicco's chest after receiving treatment for bite wounds at the hospital / submitted photo
James Cicco’s chest after receiving treatment for bite wounds at the hospital / submitted photo

“It’s bad, it’s the worst one I’ve seen,” said Wijnen-riems on the recorded phone call, characterizing the way his K-9 tore flesh from Cicco’s body. “There’s a hole, like, you can see almost into his chest.”

“You better take him for a steak when you’re done, you hear me,” responds Sabol.

Officer Wijnen-riems continued describing the injuries to Cicco, “I knew it was bad when, I could see like, meat on the outside of his shirt.”

“He won’t run no more I bet,” continued Wijnen-riems after a period of laughter.

“No, he won’t be able to. Well, I guess he didn’t get his legs,” replied Sabol.

“No, no, he never gets legs,” said Officer Wijnen-riems.

“Oh goodness how funny,” responds Sabol.

Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier has denied a Right-To-Know request by the Beaver Countian for the dash cam video, even though the recording contains no audio and the video was previously marked as an exhibit in open court. This publication is in the process of appealing Lozier’s decision and if the video is not released then intends to file litigation seeking the public record and sanctions against the District Attorney’s Office.

Law enforcement sources tell the Beaver Countian an investigation conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police at the request of Beaver Police Chief Dan Madgar has been finalized, which concluded Officer Wijnen-Riems acted in accordance with acceptable use of force parameters as outlined by state law when he deployed his police K-9 on James Cicco. The State Police investigation similarly concluded there were no violations of criminal statutes by Beaver Patrolman Bo Blinn. As the Beaver Countian first reported on August 27th based on accounts by law enforcement sources, Officer Blinn forcibly placed James Cicco against the hood of a vehicle following the incident — actions which are depicted on the dash cam video but were not played in court by prosecutors.

The results of the State Police investigation have still not officially been made public. Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier and Beaver Police Chief Dan Madgar have both repeatedly refused comment or not responded to requests for comment about the incident.

Following the Beaver Countian’s initial report about the incident in August, a Facebook page for Jeffery Wijnen-riems went offline when criticisms arose about some of the images that had been posted to it. Among the images were an illustration of a wolf with blood on its mouth accompanied by a brief poem which included the line, “The have nots, cannots, and will nots are the sheep of our nation. They sleep without fear because I am the wolf that keeps the other wolves at bay,” an illustration of a dog with a caption which reads, “And when I get there, I will arrive violently,” and a picture of a lion with blood on its face and a caption reading, “everyone wants to be a beast until it’s time to do what real beasts do.”

The Ambridge law firm of Bowers & Fawcett has notified the Borough of Beaver they have been retained to represent James Edward Cicco and expect to file a civil lawsuit in the near future against Officer Wijnen-Riems and the Beaver Police Department. Cicco is being represented in his criminal case by defense attorney Gerald Benyo.

While this was not James Cicco’s first run-in with police, it was also not the first time the amount of force used by Officer Jeffery Wijnen-riems has come under scrutiny. In 2005, five residents of Beaver County sued Officer Jeff Wijnen-Riems and the Beaver Borough Police Department in federal court, alleging they were brutalized by the man and had their civil rights violated. Several of those complaints were later settled after the parties reached out-of-court agreements on financial compensation. The Beaver County Citizens’ Police Review Board has previously recommended criminal charges be filed against the officer for excessive force, although the District Attorney’s Office at the time chose not to follow through with prosecution.

Several individuals the Beaver Countian has spoken with over the past two months say they have in previous years been approached by agents of the FBI who were conducting investigations into the officer’s use of force, although no federal charges of wrongdoing were ever brought.

Items posted on a Facebook page for Officer Wijnen-riems before it was taken offline
Items posted on a Facebook page for Officer Wijnen-riems before it was taken offline
John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. “The security of the Nation is not at the ramparts alone. Security also lies in the value of our free institutions. A cantankerous press, an obstinate press, a ubiquitous press must be suffered by those in authority in order to preserve the even greater values of freedom of expression and the right of the people to know.”

    – US District Judge Murray Gurfein
    on The Pentagon Papers
    New York Times Co. v. United States

    “In the First Amendment the Founding Fathers gave the free press the protection it must have to fulfill its essential role in our democracy. The press was to serve the governed, not the governors. The Government’s power to censor the press was abolished so that the press would remain forever free to censure the Government. The press was protected so that it could bare the secrets of government and inform the people.”

    – US Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black
    on The Pentagon Papers
    New York Times Co. v. United States

  2. This is some pretty sick shit, but I don’t know why it wasn’t released before. How could this possibly interfere with the investigation of the suspect ? Unless of course the DA is investigating the officer. But that we know is not happening. Has the FBI been involved in this yet ? This incident should have attracted at least a Civil Rights review by them. This is just a downright Twisted recording of 2 public employees.

  3. JP us the BEST reporter I have read for some time. He fights for our Right to Know and continues to fight an extreamly corrupt County Government. Keep up the good work JP! Without you, we would have to rely on our elected “liars” to “inform” us on what they “choose” not what we “need” to know.

  4. Is this what “Serve and Protect” has come to? This Police Officer and Dispatcher both should immediately be told to get the fuck out and don’t ever come back! To hear that conversation is an outrage. These people have no business in any kind of public service. These are people that are suppose to be helping and protecting the citizens that are paying them. Forget all that….what kind of people laugh at such horrible injuries inflicted on an animal let alone another human being?

  5. We waited for that? If it would have just been released it wouldn’t have made it look like they’re hiding something. Wasn’t as bad as I though.

  6. He shouldn’t have any charges that’s a bunch of bullshit he gives up and scared shitless of the dog of the officer would of just put the dog back in the car none of that wouldn’t of happened I would sue the fuck out the department and I would personally sue the officer

  7. Clean out all the dirty bastards. Arent the people of Beaver County tired of being victimized. This and worse can very easily happen to you or someone you love.

  8. This acorn shaped penis prick needs to go.I don’t know much about the politics in Beaver but I can’t believe that the powers that be would want someone like him representing their town. I get that it’s a stressful job and I can see where a good cop might snap or lose his cool. I get all that. From what I’ve read about this guy and really even the picture for this article tells me that he needs to prove to everyone that he’s in charge. A guy that likes to hurt and harm people to feed his his ego. Why does Beaver need a psycho like this working for them? Does he have something on someone? Do they get off on owning a bully? Or are they afraid of him?

    • if this had happened in the Hood, Quippa,or B-falls, there would have been riots, national TV coverage, and maybe, just maybe, a cop no longer on the force.

      • &Sezme. Noooo, he would get off because people would say its the hood. I hate that stigma that put on areas because I’m very college educated and work for the federal government. Sooo, stereotyping people because of where they reside is being very prejudice in thought.

      • SLG…i stand by what i said…if mr cicco had been black, this would have been all over the news, bad cop or not. and the cop would now be on “leave.”
        do you ever hear of a white cop shooting an Un-armed white kid? no, cause it ain’t newsworthy. watch the news for a change..

  9. Jeff this isn’t a surprise and his meat head dude aww man shit is par for the course.

    That’s BEAVER and problem if they feel it’s ok and state not charging and insurance going through the roof for this guys never ending lawsuits so be it.

    But this deer in the headlight dispatcher, are you kidding me they should of never say back at a desk and fielded calls as a county employee. ” did you hear me giggle” buy him a steak….

    Then will hear STRESS, OTHERS LIVES IN THEY’RE HANDS… REHASHING and holster sniffing your call in county line, who was manning your zone? While you played. And other ass hats talking about car parts ,discounts and overtime. Ridiculous

  10. In My Opinion:


    Obvious sociopathy.

    Mister, you need some heavy duty psychiatric therapy. Inpatient. Long term.

    Or, you could just wait until the next time, when someone gets killed, and do the time in the Big House.

    Either way, just get off the streets.

  11. The whole incident was done unprofessional. Both the cop and the 911 employee need to be fired. Thank you JP for digging up all the crap. Continue doing the great job.

  12. Little boy Jeffery was undoubtedly on the receiving end of some serious bullying/abuse as a child! In Mungo’s humble opinion little boy Jeffery is now bully boy Jeffery the grown up……yes grown up, but certainly not a MAN! Probably drives a big truck POV.. and in possession of an itty bitty pee pee! Probably crushes a 16 oz beer while deriding all pot smokers as losers and scum. If the tables were turned little boy Jeffery would scream like a little girl when he saw the K9 coming at him. And the kiss ass jerk dispatcher probably only kisses so much cop ass because he believes it will be his get out of jail free card if ever needed. Well karma is a bitch and Mungo certainly hopes no ill toward no man, but this type of action taken by people in trusted positions is so very unacceptable!

  13. Under the state Open Records Act, 911 recordings are public records but their release is initially left to the discretion of the Board of Commissioners.

    “I haven’t even heard the tape nor do I want to,” said Amadio. “I’m not a micromanager, that’s for the department heads to decide whether or not something should be released — based on their opinions is how I make my decisions as a Board member, to imply anything else is just ludicrous.”

    Micromanager? Really … sounds like you should be involved for the welfare of public! There is a cop in Beaver that appears to be a bit irresponsible with his authority … or are you maybe just too busy planning your next tailgate with your ole buddy Spanik.

    So basically Tony lets someone below him provide his opinion and doesn’t want involved, to the point he won’t even listen to the recording. Way to be a leader Tony! Standing TALL as always.

    Although, “Commissioner Amadio said he read remarks written by commenters on the Beaver Countian suggesting he may be helping to hide something, an assertion he assured the public was not the case.”
    Of course … he can’t be accused of hiding something if he doesn’t know anything about it. Thanks for getting involved Tony, good job schmuck.


  14. Police have taken a lot of crap lately, and I feel for them. I know they aren’t all bad people, but some are and those ones need weeded out like this one..

    • Christopher, I don’t agree at all with the above manner at all, but yes, I do believe the entire area should be bashed for not holding those two sorry excuses of wasted breath accountable. They are outrageous and disgusting, and obviously this was not his first rodeo. He’s a liability, a disgrace, and dangerous. And it may be your child or family member next with him. Sabol is both incapable and incompetent of her position, let alone being called human. People should be up in arms about this, loudly protesting until they are removed. It’s not okay because it happens elsewhere. That sir is a very dangerous way of thinking and will only perpetuate and give credence to this. This is absolutely disgusting.

    • 2 working class individuals acted poorly that doesn’t mean you condemn the whole area

      And yes bad things happen everywhere…. So we should protest 2 people for their actions, actions that hurt no one, done in poor taste yes

      The information listed below, that warrants protest:

      So far this year, 30 officers in the United States have been killed during violent acts while on duty, according the Officer Down Memorial Page.

      24 by gunfire
      3 by assault
      3 by vehicular assault
      83 total deaths, including other non-violent manners of death
      3 police K-9 dogs by gunfire

    • We recently had 2 officers ambushed by a white criminal who then killed his girlfriend and himself…. But is that entire area being condemned?…. Is the area you reside so sqeaky clean that you can pass judgment on others?… I highly doubt that

    • No, I live in Ft. Lauderdale which has remarkably more crime than Beaver County (where I grew up btw). But I try not to be complacent about wrongdoing, no matter which side of the line it’s on. I’m not bashing the area for the actions of these two putzes, but I am bashing it for the lack of public outcry demanding to get rid of them. The article states that man had his hands up when the dog was released to attack. Is that not assault? A crime? And laughing about it is not just bad taste, it’s morally reprehensible. As Martin Luther King stated:
      Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
      The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people, but the silence over that by the good people.

      This man appears to be a loaded cannon. Believe me, he isn’t finished yet. He’s a liability.

  15. You mean this cop is black? Where’s all the protesters screaming about the cop unnecessarily abusing his power against a white person and being a racist? When and where do the riots start? Oh that’s right, no riots because white people are civilized.

      • Yeah. I saw the picture, and he sure looks black to me. If you think he’s white, from what I see he’s not ALL white. At the very least, there’s someone in the woodpile in his family………………………

  16. When I first commented on this I said the reason for the cover up was to withhold vital information on this sociopathic disgrace to the police force and that there was a lack of professionalism on the EMD Dispatcher also. After the auto parts crap with the Sheriff’s Office and another dumb ass at the EMS Dispatch Desk, I believe it is time for good ole boy Wes Hill to hit the f-cking road too. Top dog is supposed to be responsible for ensuring that their subordinates are professional and trained. Two that we know of are obviously not.

    WES, YOU are responsible.

    I bet you didn’t learn leadership like that at the 171st. You have added your name to the list of idiots running this county and taking taxpayers dollars under false pretenses. Asleep at the wheel and still eating up taxpayer dollars. RESIGN NOW! Also, we all knew that the tape would reveal what a sick bastard this guy is. He is a perfect example of what a police officer should be.

    I commented before that it is up to the honest professional police to help police their ranks to protect and serve. Not just when you feel like it or to cover a disgraceful, despicable sorry excuse for a human being. No matter what the guy assaulted by the dog did, it is all a moot point now. This man sicked a dog on a suspect after he is yelling I give up. That’s right out of the Nazi playbook for a sadist who not only wants an arrest but some amusement too.

    The dispatcher enjoyed every minute of it. What a joyous occasion! Wonder how any of you would feel in that situation? Maybe the guy does have a drug problem but that is no excuse to be arrested, tried, found guilty and sentenced to a good mauling by one persons sick twisted idea of justice. Anyone of us could be next. How many dollars do the taxpayers have to keep providing before someone does the right thing and fire his ass. Tony Guy will welcome him with open arms.

    Hell, make him the DARE Officer for the County. Kids will die from dog bites and mauling’s faster than heroin. Any of you officers out their with any balls should band together and go to the county and demand he be fired by Beaver immediately before he does anything more violent. Otherwise I have no respect for you. Would you really rather protect an animal like Jeff than the public who pay your salaries?

    The Commissioners need to fire Wes Hill immediately and have the feds step in and take this over. The county WILL be a party to this lawsuit also. More wasted taxpayers dollars by inept and corrupt politicians. Sandie, take the bull by the horns and get the feds in here once and for all. Last comment, ‘THE COVERUP IS ALWAYS WORSE THAN THE CRIME”. Beaver and Beaver County, break out the checkbooks for this one. It’s gonna be a whopper of a settlement. More than Rodney King!

    • Fact is that Wes needed to go 5 years ago. Word is he’s retiring in January but no one believes it. He single handed tore that department down over the last 5 years. He probably be bought back like the rest of the out dated retires for double the salary. Time to go Wes and hang out at the vets club.,,,, oh wait u already our.

  17. JP, could you gather the information on how much money in lawsuits this sick bastard has cause the Boro of Beaver and/or the county? Money will get the attention of the taxpayers and they’ll get off their asses and get involved.

  18. Daun Wells? All I can say about you is wow. No corruption in Philly right? Give me some of whatever your smoking. Or let me borrow your rose colored glasses.

  19. Sounds to me like a dumbass got what he deservedI wish I’d been there and I’ve been pointing at them and laughing at him also you do with the cop says you don’t get hurt you idiots need to learn that

    • @Herman……Yeah that’s right you tell em! And if you just happen to be listening to your favorite music with some beats or ear pods and don’t hear him, and he sicks his dog on you that’s ok too? And when he takes you back to the station and strip searches you and possibly sodomizes you with a flashlight while performing the search that’s ok too? Just grin and bear it Herman! It’s for God and Country! Right? Maybe you’re guilty or maybe you’re not! Who cares at least you complied right?

    • Herman Moreno, president of the Blackhawk Little Cougars- http://www.blcf.org/Default.aspx?tabid=676279
      Herman Moreno, who thinks racist and misogynist posts are funny enough to share on his facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/herman.moreno1
      Herman Moreno- who calls people “idiots” in the same nonsensical run-on sentence that says “do with the cops says”.

      That Mr Moreno is involved with our local youth in such a manner is terrifying, but unfortunately not surprising.

    • And finally Herman Moreno- these are the words you wrote on your own page FB- “Today more than ever, I want the healing of addiction!! There’s a personal reason for asking everyone to put this message in their status for at least 1 hour. I know who’ll do it! Think of someone you love who has had an addiction, loss the battle to addiction or who is trying to fight this evil today. I hope to see this on the status of all my friends. Don’t share, but copy and paste. Prayers for anyone battling addiction, the ones in recovery & prayers for their families.”

      So which is it, prayers for the addicts, or let em “get what they deserve”? Or, like most people with your serious character issues, do you only apply sympathy and empathy to those who you feel deserve it?

  20. Listen up LEO’s and dispatchers in Beaver County. Didn’t your police academy/training programs teach you not to put stuff like this out over the airwaves? You deserve to lose your job for being dumber than a brick. Darwin at its finest right here.

  21. Learn how to formulate sentences Herman Moreno you do not want to appear uneducated. I am sure you solve many issues by “pointing and laughing”. I did that when I was 12 years old too!

  22. The release of the dash cam video, and the playing of it here (when JP acquires it), combined with the audio, will be quite an event.

    But I have to ask.

    WHO will arrest this cop, or even just take him off the streets, have a successful civil rights lawsuit, or then maybe charge him and maybe take him to a hearing or trial?

    The DA, Mr. Stonewall? Nope.

    The detectives or Assistant DA’s? Nope, too many drug and murder trials.

    Chief of Police Madgar, who has permitted it for 10 years? Nope.

    The State Police, who say the tape is all hunky-dory? Nope.

    The chickenshit Commissioner, who doesn’t like to hear nasty stuff? Nope.

    The Feds, who need local anti-drug task force manpower on the streets? Nope.

    Fellow officers, who are tired of it all? Nope.

    Beaver Town Council, who in all their wisdom, and sycophantish handjobbing, appointed Madgar into two jobs? Nope.

    Nope. Nope. Nope.

    At this time, they are probably having cold ones at Zooky’s, having a good laugh, and joking about where Czar’s next meal will come from.

    This guy is apparently a Golden Boy who has apparently been given license to do anything to get the druggies off the streets, short of killing them outright. So far. (Kidding.)

    No, it will be the commenters here, with pitchforks and torches who make the noise.

    The problem is ENDEMIC to the area. They are all connected, every damn one of them. And this guy is likely feeling Tony out for a position in the Sheriff’s office, just in case the public sees through it all and finally gets its way.

    Am I pessimistic, maybe downright cynical? You are goddam right. But I come by it honestly. This shit just goes on and on, and the perps will never be held accountable to the point that it will be reversed. It is what Beaver County is.

    • The problem is that JP uncovers and reports the corruption, we the people comment and it leads him to uncover more corruption and mismanagement, but nobody in authority will do anything about it. The corruption is reported, we raise hell and they just keep on truckin operating with impunity. The best we ever got was some resigned and walked away with their pension. They are now sitting at home in their Lazy-Boy laughing at us, waiting for their check. We have all lame ducks being paid to do NOTHING!

      • Sorry, but I don’t think anonymous comments on a website count as raising hell. Whenever the people of BeCo are actually ready to stand up and put a stop to this, it will stop. In the meantime, they comment from the comfort of their home and the safety of anonymity and wait for someone else to stand up for them. Hardly “we raise hell”.

    • Raven – I think you may be wrong about the Feds. The Civil Rights Division is now one of the largest. They employ over 400 attorneys nationwide. More than double what they had 10 years ago. They have been cracking down on police brutality.

      • Maybe. But they aren’t lining up to get this guy, are they? Ten plus years of it. Add the “protection” of Madgar and the inaction of an enabling borough council, and he’s safe until…?

  23. Moral of the story here is don’t make fun of dumb criminals on a recorded line!! Maybe had he stopped he wouldn’t have that nasty bite!! just saying folks!! When a cop tells you to stop regardless of what your doing, you stop!! You remain alive, free of bullet holes and dog bites!!! common sense here peeps!!

  24. I think it is time to air the mushrooms that have the ultimate responsibility for hiring borough staff in Beaver. They will probably shrivel, because they don’t like publicity that makes them think responsibly in the light. Do they know about this Wijnen-Riems matter? Do snakes live under rocks? Got a tree limb that is less than 8 feet off the ground? Your ass is theirs. Have a rogue cop? What’s a rogue cop, they say?

    They are:

    Council and Mayor

    Beaver is governed by a nine-person council, three representing each of the three wards in the Borough. Council members are uncompensated and serve four-year staggered terms. The Mayor, also elected to a four-year term of office, is the head of the Police Department and may attend and participate in all council meetings but only votes in case of a tie. Council is vested with legislative powers including establishing municipality policy, enacting local ordinances, adopting the annual budget, establishing the tax rate, hiring staff, appointing Borough officials and setting water and sewerage rates. A portion of each monthly council meeting affords the citizens the opportunity to address council with any questions, concerns or suggestions they may have. Beaver Council meets in the vintage Beaver Municipal Building, located at 469 3rd Street on Beaver’s main street. This historic brick structure also houses the Police Department, the Mayor, Borough staff and Beaver Area Chamber of Commerce. Council meets each second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

    Beaver Borough Council Members, Mayor, Solicitor & Engineer’s
    Alexander Andres – Ward 2
    Daniel Deceder – Ward 3
    Michael Deelo – Ward 3
    Ronald Embaugh – Ward 3
    Walt McDermott – Ward 1
    James Perini – Ward 1
    Alex Sebastian – Ward 2
    Patrick Sims – Ward 1
    Sean Snowden – Ward 2
    Mayor Thomas Hamilton 724-773-6700
    Borough Manager Dan Madgar 724-773-6700
    Solicitor John Petrush 724-775-8600
    Borough Engineer & Water/Sewer Engineer Dan Martone 724-773-6700

    • Raven You seem to know quite a bit about Beaver Borough. I know this is all information that can be found on the website. Whatever happened to Cashdollar?

      • I think he did not run for office again. Too bad. He was the voice of reason. I also doubt that this cop would have lasted this long with him in there. Or Madgar, for that matter. The current crop are back-stabbing, infighting, nepotistic amateurs. Hence, Madgar. They even hired two problematic ex-Sheriff deputies. It is an effete Ship of Fools. I don’t live there, nor would I, but their antics are well known.

  25. Come on. Please review this officers record, not his first rodeo when it comes to being charged with abuse of position. I blame beaver, no other entity as they keep him in the role.

  26. i find this scenario disturbing on so many levels. disgusted and completely outraged.

    if indeed wholly accurate witness accounts, once indication of surrender was made, the cop’s release of the dog much less opening of the car door to allow it to attack and then again during the handcuff process. this turns the perp into a victim.

    if this is all true, i hope if a criminal suit doesn’t (which apparently will not, with errr “impartial” review boards) a civil suit fries the officer, which john q will unfortunately pay for. which would provoke me if i were a resident into fast action.

    the untouchable, god like syndrome many enforcer abusers feel sickens me to the core of my being.

    the call should be enough due cause to fire both their unprofessional asses, especially given blue’s history and record. that in and of itself, aside from the scene alleged misconduct, and with no union reinstatement. no more “enforcement” and “policing” or “public service” or “civil duty” for you “officer”

    what is second worst? people above who think the gravity of being dumb enough to get caught on the phone is the problem here you morons.

    if i were the residents, i would be hammering my elected officials daily

  27. Dan still trying to find who the leak is that gave the audio to JP. Keep following these types of non issues. It just reaffirms your playing politics when you should be governing .


    1. Notice the TAZER, bizarre place to place but neverless. He is wearing it, equipped for duty with all the other overboard toys TO PATROL THE MEAN GHETTO OF BEAVER.

    2. On that fine summer day responding to a call in industry, when this officer found this vehicle along the way ( which fully should have been pulled over for erratic driving) officer wangn Treason , did what he should of done to pull him over and should of been concern, called for back up ect. The cat and mouse driving of the creep in the warranted the level of concern.

    3… My problem is , IF THIS GUY WAS TRULY Non COMPLIANT OR COMBATIVE TO THE POINT OFFICER TENNIS BALL HAD TO BACK TO GET HIS ( should not be used in beaver) K9 out of his unit…. WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T YOU TASER THE CREEP? Why cause this numb nut Fuck forgot it.

    Tools to keep you safe and others safe and alive and from being sued.

    He failed to bring a tool and used another that wasn’t needed now you have a victim that’s going to get paid, and another fucking incident by this guy mean while insurance going through the roof I wouldn’t be surprised they are not dropped after this.

    When Mr. Cicco receives his settlement, it should not fall back on the taxpayers of Beaver. Officer Wijnen-riems, should be dismissed of his duties until a full investigation is concluded. Due to his history, a mandated mental health evaluation should be part of this investigation. If and when a financial( inevitable )settlement is ordered it should be paid by Officer Wijnen-riems and those who kept him in service to the public …. Mayor Hamilton, Police Chief Madgar, and any one commissioner who attempted to hush the public’s right to know.

  30. It’s one thing to talk and hear about what happened. But a video would bring home the horror of the incident. LIke this one. The similarities are evident in this YouTube video. Until the video comes out of the current mauling, this is pretty close. The cop talking about the event gets a prize for poor recall and imaginative description to cover his butt. One difference — he doesn’t laugh about it afterwards. But he does praise the dog for “saving daddy.”




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