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A number of social media sites inspired by the movie “The Purge” were started up in Beaver County tonight, posting explicit images of local high school students in another troubling example of the revenge porn phenomena.

Revenge porn is the term used to describe the dissemination of nude or sexual images shared without permission of the person pictured.

The sites coincided with last week’s release of “The Purge: Anarchy,” a sequel to last year’s hit movie “The Purge.” The movies’ premise is that for one night each year all crime is legal.

The pages were established on the popular mobile photo sharing app Instagram. Some of the sites, such as one for Blackhawk, posted clothed photos of high school students with taunting messages like “Who is this faggot?” But others, including one for Hopewell, featured explicit imagery of teenage girls purportedly from the area. Several of the images showed topless girls with their heads cropped out of the photographs, providing hints to their identities like “sophomore,” encouraging followers to guess at who they were. Other images were full bodied nudes that included faces.

Most of the pages asked their followers to forward along additional images of girls from the area for them to post.

In total the sites racked up hundreds of followers, many of whom appeared to be other local high school students. The sites were reported to Instagram by multiple individuals and the service appears to have removed most of them as of the time of this report, although other similar pages appear to be starting up on the app in their place.

The Beaver Countian first learned about the sites after receiving a tip that a new version of the now infamous “Beaver County Hoez” was taunting local teenage girls. But some of the pages proved to be far more than just taunts — this publication reported the imagery as being suspected child pornography as soon as it was discovered.

In February 2011, a Facebook page dubbed “Beaver County Hoez” published images of mostly underage high school girls from Beaver County and invited people to post sexually explicit comments about them. That page had nearly 3,000 fans before being deleted. In February of this year, a Twitter account called “BeavCoBlast” invited people to send them nude photographs of their ex-girlfriends which were then sent out anonymously to followers on Twitter.

Reports of similar “Purge” sites are popping up in other places around the country — what is proving to be a disturbing online trend of viral victimization.

Images of child pornography are not protected by the First Amendment and are illegal contraband under federal laws in the United States. A first time offender convicted of distributing child pornography faces a statutory minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 20 years in federal prison.

Pennsylvania passed legislation on July 9th of this year outlawing so called “revenge porn” regardless of the age of the person depicted, becoming one of 13 states in the nation to adopt a “non-consensual porn” law.


  1. Ok, the simplest way to end this, is for high school students, and anyone for that matter, TO GROW A BRAIN AND NOT TAKE A PHOTO that you have no idea where it’s gonna end up.

    One piece of advice that was given to me was “Don’t say anything or show anything that you wouldn’t want your hometown, your family, or your friends to hear/say”
    And of course, the parents of these kids are going to place the blame everywhere EXCEPT where it lies: with the clueless idiot children and their equally clueless idiot parents.

  2. So glad you are keeping on top of this and keeping us informed. I never heard of this before. So glad it is a crime and hopefully will be a deterrent to these sites! Time will tell!

  3. They need to have a class in school focused on social media and the dangers of anything you put out there, that includes texting…i mean they hear it, but maybe need to feel the effects of it. Sadly this a real problem most of us older people dont have experience in and dont realize how technology can be dangerous to our kids.

  4. Why are people blaming the kids who sent the pictures? Yes that was very stupid of them to send nude photos but everybody makes mistakes! There kids! The parents should be monitoring there children’s phones more often! No matter what NOBODY has the right to violate and humiliate people like this. People are COMMITING SUICIDE over this. It’s sick and it’s illegal. I hope these people go to prison. They will answer to God one day and I’m glad I am not in there shoes.

    • Jessica, I think people are blaming the young girls for letting people take nude pictures of them because that is where the blame lies. If they had moral values they wouldn’t be permitting this in the first place. If a 10 year old boy is tried as an adult for killing his fathers girl friend a 15 year old girl is responsible for what she does the same as he is These girls are being violated and humiliated because their behavior put them in a position for this to happen and have no one to blame but themselves. Are you saying the people that print the pictures will answer to God but the girls that permit it will not? No one can be a victim without their own active participation. Spike

      • “No one can be a victim without their own active participation.” Wow. Possibly the most stupidest quote I’ve seen in a while…. I get it. These girls made a stupid choice in sending someone who is obviously not trustworthy these photos (and taking the photos to begin with in some people’s opinions), but the victim-blaming in your comment is over the top. So what you are saying is… no one can be a victim of assault, rape, and now child pornography… without being an active participant? There are plenty of H.S. girls with boyfriends. Plenty of teenagers (boys and girls) having sex. With the rise of technology, there are plenty of kids sending each other nudies as a result. Technology is a normal part of their lives so it doesn’t surprise me that these intimate details end up being sent on the internet. Does that mean these young women deserve to have them sent out to the world for everyone to see, when they meant them for one person? It is not a crime for a teenager to have sex with someone their own age, or share intimate things with someone their own age. It IS a crime for their bodies and images to be exploited without consent. It is not up to you to decide whether or not someone is a victim based on your own morals.

    • The argument that kids make mistakes doesn’t sit with me. There are so many examples of kids who’s lives have been “ruined” by taking naked pictures and then having them show up on the internet. Every kid should know that it can and probably will happen to them if they take naked pictures of themselves or allow someone else to do so. Parents, get involved, hug your kids, tell them you love them, and know what is going on so that they don’t have to seek that type of attention from someone else.

      • I believe kids do make mistakes, but in this instance, it doesn’t fit. We’ve seen all too often this type of thing over and over and over. If this was something new, then ya, I’d probably say “kids fuck up”, but this is not one of those situations. We’ve seen it so much that kids (and parents) should know better by now.

        That, and everyone wants to think “Oh, not MY kid”, or “Oh, my gf/bf would never do that to ME, they love me, etc etc” until the day that it does happen. Parents need to get their heads out of the sand, and be active in their lives! Only way things will change.

    • I could not agree more with you!!!! It is BULLYING and harassment. Incidents like these are the reasons why the suicide is the second leading cause of death in kids between the ages of 10 and 24. Each day in our nation there are an average of over 5,400 attempts by young people grades 7-12 to commit suicide. That’s insane.

    • Because these “Kids” are sending nude pics to each other and filming each having sex . Im not saying anyone has a right to humiliate people by posting this stuff but those “kids” willing filmed themselves and took those pictures to please their boyfriends/girlfriends .

    • Ms.Basile, you are blind. Finally reading a non-Georgie story? Where have you been? The Beaver Countian has had many non-Georgie stories. Maybe you are finally getting all the Rico feces out of your eyes to notice the obvious.

    • There have been plenty of non-George stories on this site. But when you have a major screw up and black eye to the county like Georgie boy, you end up with a lot of stories about his screw ups.

  5. JP Blacks Law Dictionary describes a child as a person boy or girl from birth until “puberty” and it seems “puberty” is occurring in America at a younger and younger age in recent times. Not my definition but the one that counts for legal purposes. Revenge porn could never be stopped as a person can just release the pictures Anonymously. Spike

    • Section 2256 of Title 18, United States Code, defines child pornography as any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor (someone under 18 years of age).

      • I understand that JP but it wouldn’t cover this situation of a nude picture.
        According to 2256 it it covers; sexual intercourse, including genital-genital, oral-genital, anal-genital, or oral-anal, whether between persons of the same or opposite sex; According to Blacks Minor An infant or person who is under the age of legal competence. it gives no age on this. So i doubt that is even a hard fast rule as you can join the military at 17 and some people are held legally competent at as young as 9 years old. You must read the entire law. This situation is not illegal. Spike

      • (iii) graphic or simulated lascivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area

        “Notably, the legal definition of sexually explicit conduct does not require that an image depict a child engaging in sexual activity. A picture of a naked child may constitute illegal child pornography if it is sufficiently sexually suggestive. Additionally, the age of consent for sexual activity in a given state is irrelevant; any depiction of a minor under 18 years of age engaging in sexually explicit conduct is illegal.”

      • Yea John is right in the situation of pornography age of consent doesn’t matter under the law they have to be 18 .

  6. Are the pics still up? Have they been reported? I can never find those instagram pages through google, but someone should notify the Blackhawk school district with a link.?Good opportunity to see if the new Superintendent will actually do something about bullying.

    • I have a hard time with you calling that bullying when no one held a gun to these kids’ heads and forced them to strip down naked for a picture. Actions have consequences. Guess a few Beaver County girls are learning that this weekend.

      • From the article: Some of the sites, such as one for Blackhawk, posted clothed photos of high school students with taunting messages like “Who is this faggot?”

        I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of cyber-bullying.

      • Actually, the definition of bullying is a course of conduct over time. If this is the 1st time these kids pictures have shown up with taunting messages like “Who is this faggot?” no, it doesn’t meet the criteria of cyber-bullying. If it continues to happen, then yes, it is cyber-bullying. Once again, I’m sure I’ll get flamed for this statement but it needs to be said….bullying is a term that is thrown around a lot but not really understood.

      • Depending on your source, bullying can be one time or repeated. I don’t really care if stupid Olweus says it’s bullying or not. Blackhawk has a bullying problem. This is just one example of it.

  7. I understand JP, but now the question becomes what is sexually suggestive? I would bet the farm that a nude picture would not be sexually suggestive in and of it self as Playboy pictures from a decision many years ago were not pornographic for that very reason. They were not sexually suggestive. And pictures in nudist publications (I understand) are not pornographic as they are not sexually suggestive. I agree to determine this would have to be on an individual basis of each picture but I doubt any of the descriptions I have heard would qualify. I think generally they would not be illegal pictures. Spike

    • Thanks for sharing this Nikki. I almost forgot I was the only one in the history of the county that ever beat the Sheriff in court after you assured everyone I would lose. Maybe, I almost forgot because my arm was so tired from patting myself on the back I had to stop to rest. Sometimes I am so wonderful I have thought about turning myself in to the authorities as there has to be a law against anyone being that wonderful. But, alas my luck is not the issue as JP cited the law I used. If you disagree with the law JP cited I’m sure he didn’t write it either. Is every case I ever won for myself or others running Friends of Victims over the past 45 years luck too? Spike

      • I see your time away has done nothing but make you an even bigger asshole. Like I said, you didn’t have to say a word in court, the judge had no choice. But, as your attitude and grandiose persona on here have shown over and over, you don’t deserve that carry permit. I hope you get it yanked again.

  8. @ Vicki basile your correct it’s a good story and it doesn’t involve the famous friend of yours but coincidentally, it’s similar minors and sexual content lets see….who was charged in early seventies with bastardly fornification for having sex with a 15 year old and knocking her up at the ripe age of 25 , but then married her and waited tillage appropriate time and divorced her to avoid being convicted???? BINGO

    • Good one, Just Saying! And there are people out there who remember including the son of that relationship. So much was done and has been swept under a rug the size of Beaver County. Keep digging, J.P. so much more needs to be uncovered.

  9. You can blame the girls for taking the pics but they didn’t have to be posted. The kids who chose to post these pics took it to a whole new level and that is criminal. The pics shouldn’t have been taken but what is being done with them now is horrific. Those girls lives are ruined! Stop passing the blame game and get all the kids in this some help before there is more tragedy!

    • Nicole, No one is passing any blame the blame like water seeks its own level. Here is some help for these girls. Start to respect yourself and others will respect you. If you act cheap and sleezy you will be treated like you are cheap and sleezy.For all the boys that see these pictures when you are looking for a wife that can respect you because she respects herself remember the pictures. Nicole, If you think think this is criminal please refer to my interaction with JP above.he has yet to respond to. If it is criminal what about these girls exposing themselves? When men do this look what happens to them? Wanting something to be criminal does not make it criminal. That’s the best I can do. Spike

  10. What’s this, no one wants to take responsibility for these boys not being taught that female bodies aren’t public property, let alone PA child/non-consensual pornography laws? Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

    • If these young women choose to make their bodies public property no one can stop them. They are not children if they have past puberty. Black’s Law Dictionary defines a child as boy or girl birth to puberty. I thought these were High School girls? I am unaware of the Pa child/non-consensual pornography Laws please cite the statute on this. What pornography is has been determined by the Supreme Court more than 50 years so the 6th Amendment governs this for all the states. Spike

      • The legal definition of a minor child is as such: minor n. someone under legal age, which is generally 18, except for certain purposes such as drinking alcoholic beverages

        legal definition of legal age is as such: legal age n. the age in which a person is responsible for his/her own actions (including the capacity to enter into a contract which is enforceable by the other party), for damages for negligence or intentional wrongs without a parent being liable, and for punishment as an adult for a crime. In almost all states the basic legal age is 18, which is the universal American voting age under the 26th Amendment to the Constitution, ratified in 1971. States’ laws vary as to legal age for drinking or buying alcoholic beverages (sometimes with differences between beer and hard liquor), marriage with or without parental consent, driving, prosecution for crimes, the right to choose an abortion, and liability for damages.

        These definitions have been brought to you by the legal dictionary @

  11. :)))) Great thinking there Dean but its obvious you don’t remember what the Supreme Court said years ago about looking at pornography. “They had to look at it to see if it was pornographic or not”. As per the discussion. If the girls were past puberty and the pictures were not ‘sexually suggestive” JP did nothing wrong. But like the Supreme Court how would one determine if something was “sexually suggestive” if you didn’t look at it? :))) Spike

  12. Funny! Nobody suggesting that we start at the root, and tell these barely post-pubescent boys to stop pressuring girls into being sexual before they’re ready because it’s the only way they’ll receive “positive” attention from the opposite sex (but hey, boys will be boys, am I right?) Girls don’t decide to send these kinds of photos out of nowhere. Name the problem.

    • Someone determines if you send them naked pictures and you have no say? I sure missed the boat on that one. Men have been lying to get sex since the beginning of time but I never knew about that. What a country!!!!! Spike

    • “Name the problem”? Sure. TV, Movies, music, magazine ads. They are all to blame. We as a society teach are young women that sex sells and that to get a boys attention you need to be sexy or sexual. Is it wrong? Hell yeah it’s wrong. But don’t blame the boys or the girls for doing what is being shoved in their face by the media. Bad parenting has a lot to do with it as well. I’m sick and tired of men being made to all sound like assholes when us good guys have to sit back and take it. If we say “not all guys…” we get shit for it! It’s insane. I make sure that my 3yr old son knows that a.) women deserve to be treated with respect b.) you are to NEVER hit a women c.) be a gentalmen to women at all times. These are values we should teach our kids. And same for girls. I have a daughter too and when she’s older I’ll have a talk with her on how to be respectful to boys (don’t play with their hearts to get something, wear clothes that aren’t revealing, etc…).

  13. Girls can be pressured yes I agree but I will never believe anything less than the fact that if you raise your daughter to be strong and confident in herself to the point she doesnt feel she has to send nude pics for attention and was taught to respect herself she wont fall victim to this. Just sayin

  14. HUH That quote is not mine it was made by a noted behaviorist. And it was not made relevant to crime it was made regarding social behavior and this is not a crime so it is social and I believe it applies. No one is responsible for crimes committed against them. These are not children and the pictures are not pornography so only social values apply. Social values are determined by each individual. And, it is an opinion we all have a right too. Anyone can view what these girls did as we see fit but we cannot impose our personal values on anyone. The argument “everyone is doing it” has been used since humanity first walked the face of this planet but it has no merit as popularity never means anything other than popularity. And is never a basis of truth. If you asked people in Europe in 1490 if the world was flat or round 99% would have said flat. My personal view is this was a very irresponsible thing to do but it will be judged by the men they end up with and not any of us. However, my life experience tells me it won’t go well for them. But that’s just my opinion and not what the discussion was about. It was about the law. Spike

  15. Ah Nikkki, So now are rights are based on what we deserve not what the law says? If you believe that the weather in Cuba is great.


  17. SILENCE Dennass. SILENCE!!! Don’t argue with Knicky. Knicky is always looking for a fight on here. The girls who pose for these types of pictures shows what kind of girls they really are…sluts, tramps, and whatever else you want to call them. They have no respect for themselves or their families reputation by embarrassing the family name – otherwise they wouldn’t do stupid shit like that. They need slapped in the face by their mother repeatedly until they cry. YOU’RE WELCOME!!!

  18. One of the biggest problems with this is, this is the outcome when you, as parents, leave the raising of your children to social media and the shit that passes for tv shows (ie: Real Housewives, Jersey Shore, etc etc). Wanna blame someone, go look at your DVR, and tell me what is on there. Better yet, go look in the mirror.

    (note: when I say “you”, I’m not blaming a SPECIFIC person, just humanity in general. If I wanted to blame someone specific, I’d name them)

  19. Obviously these girls had guns to their heads when they agreed to take pictures of themselves /sarcasm.

    Give me a break, have a backbone and say no. If your no isn’t being respected then maybe one shoild reevaluate the types of boys they are seeking attention from.

    • I do agree and disagree with parts of your statement. It’s basic and makes the most sense, but peer pressure is sooooo big of a problem. Teenagers are the most vicious humans on the planet. I’ll give an example:

      Boy asks girl for pic. Girl doesn’t really want to, but knows that if she tells him no, he’ll dump her. So, she compromises her integrity for the “love” of this boy. A month or so later, boy and girl break up. He gets mad, decides to share the pic with everyone, cause he’s feeling vindictive. 30 seconds later, girl is now the biggest outcast in her school, and will have to deal with that for the rest of her school career.
      (obviously, you can switch around the girl/boy situations)

      It would be awesome if every teen had the strongest backbone, and always did what is right, but we don’t live in a perfect world. I would LOVE to protect my daughter from the evils of the world, but I know I can’t. All I can do is try to prepare her for what is out there, and how I would hope she would respond.

  20. Nikki, I see why you say some of the silly things you say after reading your legal advise. When you don’t even know basic things like you don’t need a license to practice law. And the beyond belief statement ” The judge only ruled in my favor because he followed the law” It becomes evident why you have never filed a case let alone won one. I don’t have enough time to correct everything but,first off, don’t you think if you are going to advise people in PA that you should use Pennsylvania law? Secondly, I gave the definition of a “child” in Blacks. You gave the definition of “minor child”and failed to deliniate the difference from a legal perspective. As well, not a single mention of “P and S ” (tell us what that means) regarding overlaping state and federal statutes because you don’t know what that is. Copying something off the internet doesn’t show what you know it shows what someone else knows. You had best stick to things like the trials and tribulations of “Ink” or swearing and respectability in today’s world. Since you don’t want top take an IQ test against me sample BAR exams are available. You could not beat an average legal secratery. One thing about you is you never try to hide what you don’t know. Why don’t you tell us why JP can still win his case? Spike

    • Really? You just can’t let that go, can you? Such a bitter old man.

      I didn’t quote any laws, I only copy/pasted the legal definitions of minor child, and legal age, since you have such a hard time with that.

      You keep quoting Black’s, but I think I would take PA case law and Supreme Court case laws over that. Just because a girl or boy has reached puberty, that DOES NOT make them an adult, and able to enter into legal and binding contracts. Can a 15 year old girl get married without parental consent, just because she got her period? NO.

      Ever hear of an actress by the name of Traci Lords? Yeah, most of her porn was created while she was under age, and one of the biggest cases ever brought, and the results helped shape the child porn laws that we have today.

      Just shut the fuck up before someone else makes you look like a bitter, old fool. You can’t admit when you’re wrong, you use quotes, and ONLY then do you disavow yourself of them when someone doesn’t like the quote.
      Oh, you still have yet to answer my questions….hows those cases of yours going?

  21. Nikki no problem I believe you don’t know the difference between “child and minor child’ as you are not just stupid you are a buffoon. I would think that anyone that would make the statement you only won because the judges hands were tied by the law or you must be an attorney to practice law would not know the difference? But now you have out done yourself again by questioning Blacks Law Dictionary. But because of your obvious high intelligence I would expect that. This may come as a surprise to you but I didn’t write Blacks so if you have problems with their terms perhaps you should contact them? I can’t imagine an intellect at your level that knows more than the premiere law dictionary on the planet won’t take an IQ test against little old me with a 50 point spot. With that spot a chimp should be able to beat me. I think I can’t wait for you to after study you tell us the flaws in what was done to JP so he could go on appeal? As easy as that is to see you should have done it long ago. I sure hope you are pretty as you sure aren’t smart. Why don’t you put your skills together and instead of questioning Blacks you could help us with the Constitution? You gotta have a tramp stamp, do you? If not, I’m dying to know what your ink says?

  22. Nikki I know you didn’t write the Bible but you quoted it so I want to argue with you about what it says. :))))) LOL Isn’t a village looking for you? Spike

    • Where did I quote the bible? Why the fuck would I even quote a book full of fairy tales, you dumb fuck?

      I like when you have no argument, because then you fall back to your usual and tired rhetoric of “IQ tests, I’ll spot points, you have ink, you swear, bullshit upon bullshit upon bullshit”

      My ink is NONE OF YOUR FUCKING CONCERN. I love the whole “you’re not smart” too. Bitch, I could run circles around you, but the only area that I’m not very smart in, is replying to you. So, since I’m gonna learn a little bit, I won’t be replying to you again.

      The ONLY thing that I will reply to, is the answers to the questions I’ve asked MULTIPLE TIMES. You seem to be dodging that subject quite a bit. Buh-bye now!

  23. The Bible comment was euphemistic showing how silly what you said was about me being responsible for what Blacks says. You couldn’t even figure that out? Fairy tales?. Making light of believers saying they believe Fairy Tales? Isn’t that respectful? Tell us more. If you can run rings around me why don’t you back it up and make some money instead of talking? You could get more ” ink”. If you think its BS when do you want to do it? You don’t even know there is a difference between “child” and “minor child” I didn’t call you a B-h, I like dogs and only children call people names. I’ll tell you about my cases if you tell me about yours. Come on, tell us what your tramp stamp says??? Its not eat at Joe’s, is it? LOL Here is another chance to be stupid for you. I believe JP should tape record all of his interactions with the Sheriff and others he is exposing. Had he done that they could not have denied him victory. What do you think Nikki? This should be good. Spike

    • Child: noun, plural chil·dren.
      1. a person between birth and full growth; a boy or girl: books for children.

      2. a son or daughter: All my children are married.

      3. a baby or infant.

      4. a human fetus.

      5. a childish person: He’s such a child about money.

      minor child: n. someone under legal age, which is generally 18, except for certain purposes such as drinking alcoholic beverages.

      definitions provided by

      Yes, the bible is a book of fucking fairy tales, and I have forgotten more about it than what you would ever know, even if you spent the rest of your miserable, goddamned life studying it, from front to back, every day.
      Go. Fuck. Off.

      • O Niikki, You mean you don’t know that oft times a legal or medical definition is different than a social one. With all your legal knowledge you don’t even know that? You are giving people legal advise? What is the legal/medical l definition of an idiot and what is the socially excepted definition? WOW!!! You don’t have any ink on your head that went to deep have you? LOL Spike

    • @Spike-I believe you are NOT allowed to voice record ANYBODY without their permission, that is a violation of the Federal Wire Tapping Laws, a felony if I remember right. And just WTF is your problem with Nikki?! There are some things that she and I do not agree on, but I still respect her input. You sir, are nothing more than a annoying asshole. Please do everyone a favor on here, stick to the subject matter or STFU.

      • Frist – I am not professing to know the law but I can do some basic research and in 5 minutes I found this:

        For all the legal eagles out there arguing whether or not this would be full-blown child porn or what the legally defined age of a child is. A simple google search and some basic search and reading skills will reveal that….in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania……

        a) The legally defined age of a minor IS anyone under the age of 18. There are also some statutes and revisions that specifically delineate an offense as one that occurs to a “minor who is 12 years or older”.

        b) If you look up PA Statute 18 (Crimes and Offenses) Chapter 63 (Minors) there is a section dealing with this specific type of problem and if ANY CHARGES were to be brought, this is most likely where they would start.

        Section 6321: Transmission of sexually explicit images of a minor.

        a) Summary offense – involves knowingly transmitting, possessing or publishing images of him/herself OR views image of a minor 12 years or older.
        b) Misdemeanor 3rd degree: involves knowingly transmitting, possessing or publishing images of a minor 12 years or older
        c) Misdemeanor 2nd degree: involves knowingly attempting to coerce, intimidate, harass or cause emotional distress by 1) making an image in a state of nudity without knowledge or consent OR 2) transmitting, possessing or publishing images of a minor in a state of nudity without knowledge and consent.

        It is further defined that section 6321 shall NOT apply if the images are either a) of a sexually explicit nature involving intercourse, deviant sexual intercourse or penetration of the genitals OR b) if the images were to be used for commercial gain.

        SO….all of that being said….. a) YES, the girls could be charged with a summary offense under section 6321 for taking and distributing the pictures of themselves. And the girls/boys who posted them..if truly for revenge’s sake could probably get a 2nd degree misdemeanor under section 6321.

        I am not trying to debate the moral implications of this issue, who’s at fault and who should be held responsible. I am simply trying to correct some misinformation regarding minors and what is considered porn or sexual abuse.

  24. This is on the money and it mirrors the law JP cited.The criteria is “sexually explicit” and I mentioned the girls could be charged. The Supreme Court determined what “sexually explicit” was and it is not nude Playboy publishes. And as Blacks says child and minor child are different. For legal purposes a child is birth to puberty and a minor child is after puberty until 18. Just what I said. The problem came when Nikki did not know a legal definition is different than a social definition. Not unusual for her. She went on for many letters after I produced the law that shows you don’t have to be an attorney to practice law.Spike

  25. The main danger — for a person lacking a formal, four-year-plus education leading to a degree and proving a proficiency in a profession — to come online and purport to be an expert in a professional field is that the result is punditry, superficial learning, shallow thinking and even shallower misleading and even wrong conclusions about a topic. Add to that the lack of personal experience in the given field over a period of time, and the result is PURE QUACKERY.

    To propose that the practice of law can be relegated to the study of professional reference books — Black’s or any other, alone or in combination — is foolhardy and even dangerous. And, there is a reason why Abraham Lincoln said, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”

    If such bookish methods were effective, we would have no need for professional people to interfere in our self-help. Consider forgoing professionals in the area of medicine and using The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy for self-treatment of cancer. The Physicians’ Desk Reference® for prescribing and monitoring oneself for drugs. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association to cure one’s own mental illness. A Chilton Auto Repair Manual to fix one’s own car engine. A Harley Davidson Service Manual to fix one’s own cycle. The Holy Bible, the Hebrew Bible or the Qur’an for all of one’s moral guidance and teaching. Having The Electrical Engineering Laboratory manual and the Periodic Table in hand to get a job at the Shippingport Power Plant. Applying for a computer job with manuals for C++ and Java in your knapsack.

    It would not work, and it does not work. Why? Because these manuals lack a CONTEXT — a context of information used within behavioral experience over time. Only then can the multitude of alternatives for consideration be known, be chosen from and be applied with some degree of comfort of a positive outcome.

    The next time your lawyer or some wannabe charlatan brings Black’s into the courtroom and reads from it to save your soul from life in prison, or when a surgeon puts the Merck Manual on your chest before an operation, RUN.



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