Treasurer Connie T. Javens / campaign photo

Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens violated county purchasing policies when spending nearly $6,000 on envelopes from a local vendor, according to county officials.

County Purchasing Director Wayne Souffrant sent Treasurer Connie Javens a letter dated April 10th notifying her that the Treasurer’s Office had violated county purchasing policies when she ordered $5,973 worth of envelopes (used to mail out tax bills) from Henderson Printing in Rochester. The Beaver Countian obtained a copy of the letter in response to a Right-to-Know request filed this week.

“Because there were no quotes attached to this requisition, I returned this requisition to your department, because the County Purchasing policy states, Three price quotes, when possible, must be obtained for any items purchased above $750,” wrote Director Souffrant. “Furthermore, approved purchase orders are required to be in place prior to making a purchase. In this case, the products had been ordered and received by your office before the time requisition was made.”

Director Soufrrant told Treasurer Javens that since one of her Deputy Treasurers had already spoken to other county officials about the matter, he was making a one time exception to approve the order.

“After reviewing this matter, it has been decided that for this time only, this requisition will be approved, as well as the 2 requisitions that were voided from 2016, for the amounts of $907 and $977, also to Henderson Printing,” wrote Soufrrant. “From this point forward, ALL requests over the amount of $750 will be required, per the County Purchasing Policy, to have 3 quotes. Additionally, deliveries not agreeing to an approved purchase order will no longer be accepted at Central Services.”

The Treasurer’s Office has notified Commissioners that it will comply with county policies to seek bids on future orders. Commissioner Sandie Egley said informal research done by the Board had uncovered other vendors who could have provided the envelopes to the county for a “significantly lower” cost. The county has notified Henderson Printing not to accept any additional orders directly from Treasurer Connie Javens, and that only orders placed through the County Purchasing Department will be honored.

A search conducted by the Beaver Countian of campaign finance reports filed by Treasurer Connie Javens in the Bureau of Elections showed that Javens has regularly used Henderson Printing to produce literature for her political campaigns.

Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens has previously instructed the Beaver Countian not to contact her again seeking comment for articles.

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  1. Looks like some things never change. She’s been pulling that crap forever and she’ll continue until she’s gone.

  2. Funny part about everyone of these story’s ,like the DA the other day now this cheat. Y’all let these people in office. Then, when any of them,abuse they’re position or screw the same public who put them there, y’all bitch for few days then its swept under the rug till next time. I’d bet,they read these comments and laugh they’re ass off,all the while thinking , ok I’ll be more careful next time. Social media is a vehicle to use to come together and make changes,instead of a vent. None of the lies,abuse of privilege and position will stop till people do something instead of just complaining. Think about it !

  3. My own take on this “revelation” is that the Purchasing office has been less than diligent across the board and that while Connie violated “policy,” likely so have others. Don’t you get it yet? It’s not just her…it’s the way shit as been done for years. No one even looked at the PA Code – everything was done back back door. It’s the Hekawi at Camp Run-a-muck 24/7.

  4. Loser Lozier how many more times does this have to happen before as you state if ” a crime is committed ” . . Wonder if she kills some one if you would do anything no you wouldn’t . It’s very clear you have the Obama balls none that is. I will personally donate a large political contribution to get you the fuck out of there to your opponent next election. You are a disgrace to the taxpayers of beaver county and d.a.’s across the country. Oh bye the way nothing on the friendship ridge deal almost 2 years. Really you must be waiting for the 2 year statue of limitations to help her through this pathetic so, nothing happens to her. You sold us out! You screwed every person who voted you in your a joke. You kick the state police out of the investigation and cover her and don’t find shit.


  5. The commissioners should take a stand and not pay the printing company!! This is bullshit and Connie thinks rules are for everyone else!! Plus she used county stationary to write her letter to the Wv magistrate plus envelope and stamp She is out of control!! Reign her in commissioners! Now!

  6. It’s very apparent that the Treasurer’s Office has it’s own SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) where all is forgiven or over looked, and in this case “this time only.” Answers to no one, and does not appreciate any lowly taxpayer questioning her actions. As she has stated, we lowly taxpayers are “all jealous.”

  7. Are you kidding?? Does one call this investigating reporting?? Waste. Investigate the federal funds that are granted to the county and allocated according to the whim of three corrupt politicians….or any other “creative” CDBG grant funding disbursements…or how the whole County Planning dept is “owned” by the one notorious beaver county developer..seriously…who cares about $6k in envelopes when multi-millions are at stake.

  8. Did I miss something? I thought the elections were next month. I say vote her in again so everyone can keep on bitching. I am sure the county will never use envelopes,even if she might have got a big discount for buying in volume.

  9. So what kind of sweetheart deal did she get from Henderson Printing on her campaign purchases? Did she pay fair value on for her campaign supplies or did Henderson Printing cut her a break on this material and jack up the price for the county printing? I wouldn’t put anything past her at this point. Is it possible to get a detailed listing of what she bought from them for her campaign? I’d be willing to bet it was very competitive pricing…

  10. Sorry but this story is bull shit! The county has used Henderson Printing for years and the owner, Donenic Leone, was on Controller Rossi’s election committee! So what! This is much ado about nothing!

  11. Six grand for envelopes. Beaver County is one of the most impoverished counties in Pa. Real nice so much integrity in that courthouse.

  12. Maybe someone on hear will quit complaining, and stop talking about how to get rid of certain people.. keep them there. Make them face the music. Sue them on the federal level. The case is there. Its already be stated that wrong doing occured. Let the federal courts or the attorney general sort this out. Perhaps people will be jailed, or made to pay back the taxpayers.

  13. Looks like Connie’s big master plan suing JP’s commenters ended up backfiring on her huh?
    Connie lost the lawsuit and won JP’s undivided attention.
    Looks like there’s lots for him to find!

  14. Let me say this. And it is not a huge deal. But I got a new puppy and applied for a Dog license. .. when I got it 12 weeks later. .. I had 5 other in the same envelope as my dogs. I sent the other 5 out myself. Connie Javens… you are welcome.

  15. Why do we keep just telling stories on this crooked no good piece of garbage and keep her in office. Let’s do something about it people! We need to be picketing the courthouse about this. Does she not get placed on a ballot for re-election?! Do not reelect her?

  16. If you think she’s crooked you should investigate tony guys past. He’s as crooked as they come. Burn in hell tony! Satan!!

  17. I am sick of reading about her if this was me I would have been put away and paying for it but not her she just keeps doing more wrong ! What the hell is wrong with this picture! does any one have a set of balls to get rid of her?

  18. I will vote for almost anyone that is not already in office. Mostly Republican! Enough of this Beaver County in most DEMOCRAT! So if anyone needs a job, registered to go up against Connie, even if you are a nobody, you will win. Anyone can do better then her. Someone said leave her in office so she can face charges, it won’t happen! It’s been years, she is protected! And those that say, just fire her! She was elected into office. You can’t just fire her. VOTE HER OUT! And because a lot don’t even see this news, tell every one! I just did two people from my back. They only read the BCT, they are clueless.

      • Although I’m sure to a suggestive, immediate, and creative answer, I’m curious as to why Amanda posted a comment on April 20, 2017 at 3:52 am

        Al Goehring replied Apr 20, 2017 at 4:18 am

        Amanda replied to Al Apr 20, 2017 at 4:19 am

        Al Goehring looks like static…. seems to have anticipated this exchange by leaving a comment almost 3 hours before it happened.

      • This is a recurring technical problem with the site that has been a source of on-and-off frustration.

        Comments posted directly on the site use the native timezone for Beaver County. Comments from Facebook are coming in on different zones (I don’t recall how their timestamps are generated because I haven’t looked into it in a while) and are not always being translated over properly to the local timezone.

        I had it working properly for a while there but something must have changed in the codebase. I’ll spend some time on it again later today.

      • Amanda you should ignore Al Goehring he’s a brain dead old troll from WBVP AM radio.

    • I am happy with the company I work for currently. Plus, they treat their employees very well regardless of their hair color! Not to mention I get to work from home full time, I have no commute, I make more than minimum wage, I can work as much overtime as I want, full benefits and weekends off! I have it pretty well, I wouldn’t want to work for you anyway. 😀

  19. Connie Javens continues to display a disregard of the LIMITS and DUTIES of her position. When her transgressions are exposed in these articles it means nothing to her (and you KNOW she is reading them, as is everyone in the County Cesspool).

    She can NOT be “fired”. She is an elected official. Other than waiting for the next election there are few avenues to remove her from office (rumor has it she isn’t seeking re-election), such as censure and/or investigation of the Friendship Ridge fiasco, the Unis tax problem, the use of the weatherization program, misuse of postal regulations and several other infractions. BUT THAT WOULD PUBLICIZE THE WHOLE SORDID AFFAIR, WOULDN’T IT?

    I’ve come to the realization that NOTHING will be done now or in the future. Next election she will slither away and all will be forgotten and/or buried under the rug. After all this time I hold Dave Lozier and the three County Commissioners responsible for this breach of the public trust.

    These articles about Javens are beginning to give me heartburn, so forgive my frustrated language as I ask them, WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? CAN’T YOU AT LEAST PUBLICLY CENSURE HER? WHAT DOES SHE HOLD OVER YOU? SAY SOMETHING SANDIE!

    Why don’t I go to a Commissioner’s meeting and express my anger? Are you kidding me? I’m NOT “hiding” behind behind my pseudonym. I don’t need to be looking over my shoulder.


    • You should hold the voters of Beaver County responsible. They voted her back in for another term. You and everyone else who comments on how the commissioners should do something should read up on row offices and how they work.

      • Yes, I agree with you. The voters are INITIALLY responsible for her being in office, and shame on them for constantly re-electing her.

        However, I am sure if I “read up on row offices and how they work”, I would NOT find anything that condones HER behavior. Although row officials are specific elected positions, that does NOT mean they should exist as “kingdoms”, unanswerable to anyone.

        Connie Javens is an elected official answerable to the public for operating the Treasurer’s Office. The County Commissioners are answerable to the public for overseeing ALL operations of the County government. At this point in time, they SHOULD speak out publicly about her insane charade.

        The silence from the Commissioner’s Office is deafening.

  20. Every story I read with the name Javens makes me sick to my stomach. I sure would like to see that Weatherization Program thing investigated. If that is true, that could turn into a federal offense.

  21. I called the tax office yesterday since my tax check hasn’t been cashed yet (it was due march 23). The guy said oh we are understaffed and more bs. I thought do they know how much interest the county is missing by not processing people’s payments in a timely fashion?

    • Next election they will all be out. The people are sick and tired of all this corruption and tricks. Anyone who adopts a campaign platform of ending nepotism and cronyism will win on that issue alone.

  22. I have to laugh at the worryworts here who comment about sending in dog license fees on time. Or, at all, for that matter. Really, people, this woman repeatedly makes loose with thousands of dollars of YOUR money. Let her pay for the damn things herself. Get a collar identification tag at the vet next rabies shot visit, and make a $10 donation to the Humane Society. You’d be surprised at how good that can feel. I promise you that they won’t send Psycho Cop and his dog to collect. Then, read Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience.” This woman isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but maybe she’ll see that we aren’t either.

  23. “Civil Disobedience.” What is it, exactly? Well, you can Google a summary of Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience.” It’s easy. Even a morbidly repressed taxpayer of Beaver County corruption can do it. Generally, though, it’s not an insurrection, not treason or an attempt to overthrow the government. No, it’s an inconvenient action to piss someone off to effect governmental change.

    What would happen if no dog license fees could be collected? If all tax payments were sent in on the last day? If the public had a representative to bitch about the Treasurer at each Commissioner’s budget meeting? A Beaver Countian article would come out EVERY DAY as an update?

    I am sure that people could imagine even more perverse ways to “disobey.” It wouldn’t even have to be in the category of Shit or Go Blind. Maybe just enough to make a few hairs fall out.

  24. Just another prime example of the abuse of power in Beaver County. Look at me I work for the Courthouse or I work for the police station, I can get away with murder because my neighbors, family, friends first cousin all have my back. Its a popularity contest… who can buy the most drinks at the next social event the tax payers pay for. Ill scratch your back you scratch mine. Small town mentality. Reality check here… we taxpayers commit the slightest crime we pay… Why is it that our “Judicial System” lets there own get away with this crap? Is there no reprimand? No Pink Slip? .No written warning? 3 strikes your out??? No one should be above the law no matter what position in life they have… Where is the Justice??? This is a joke… I have no respect for Lozier. At this point he is a disappointment… Vote wisely my friends… Don’t listen to the rumors and hearsay of the Beaver County “elite” that will stab you in the back in a heartbeat… Do your research Vote wisely… Popularity contests dont serve Justice. That is a proven fact here in Beaver County…Mud slinging back stabbing gossiping rumor spreading low lifes who have no clue WTF they are doing or WTF they are talking about…Dumb asses…

  25. Hey Stonewall read this you idiot. Queen Connie is certainly guilty of this section of the county code.
    Section 805.  Misapplication of Funds Collected for Specific Purposes.–Whenever any moneys are collected by law in any county for any special purpose, and paid into the hands of the treasurer of such county, it shall be unlawful for such treasurer to apply such moneys, or any part thereof, to any other purpose than that for which such moneys were collected. Every such misapplication shall be a misdemeanor, upon conviction thereof such treasurer shall be punished by a fine of not less than the amount so misapplied, or by imprisonment for not less than three months nor more than one year, or both.

    • equalizer13- What’s it say about a District Attorney failing or refusing to prosecute a crime that’s right under his nose? Ignoring the upholding of the law and giving special considerations to certain government officials?

  26. For those that keep suggesting ways to remove the Queen, here are the ONLY possibilities and they are slim and none. It would require a dip shit governor to recall a fellow democrat or the ;legislature to get off their ass and Jimmy owes her.
    Section 450.  Removal of County Officers and Appointees.–(a)  The county commissioners, the sheriffs, coroners, Add to dictionary, registers of wills, recorders of deeds,TREASURERS, auditors or controllers, clerks of the courts, district attorneys and any other officers of the several counties, whether elected or duly appointed to fill a vacancy, shall be removable from office only by impeachment, or by the Governor for reasonable cause after due notice and full hearing on the advice of two-thirds of the Senate, or upon conviction of misbehavior in office, or of any infamous crime in accordance with the Constitution of this Commonwealth, but their title to office may be tried by proceedings of quo warranto as provided by law. ((a) amended Nov. 26, 1968, P.L.1099, No.341)

  27. Don’t even think about ol Stonewall convicting Queen Connie of anything. Thus we are stuck with her until the next election or her dementia causes her to do something even more stupid or dangerous. Eerily similar to the Nazi cop with his wild dog. Taxpayers will pay up in the end. As usual. The best thing to do is to picket the courthouse during working hours one day and embarrass the hell out of her. The commissioners can do NOTHING to her as she is elected. Even a petition wouldn’t work because there is NO RECALL procedures in PA!

  28. Looking for input or backup up from Raven John & Mungo. Any other possibilities? Get Clinton’s team of goons to make her disappear or worse?

    • The last hope for recall legislation was from Jaret Gibbons. Aaron Bernstine defeated incumbent Jaret Gibbons in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives District 10 general election. So, the recall bill died there, still in committee. When these local people are elected to offices, they are golden. Deal with the corruption, ignorance and plain stupidity of the people who vote them in. That is the real problem. That is “democracy.” Being elected is the one way to beat criminal raps for criminal behavior. Some states have recall, we do not. Occasionally, the State Police get to haul someone out in handcuffs, but that is rare.

      • Consider that this woman has been totally invalidated as an elected official. Beyond her personal friends, political associates, family and hangers-on, she has few supporters. She has not been recalled, but in the eyes of the community she might as well have. I cannot see how she can even be considered a viable candidate any more. Daily, there are fewer opportunities to screw up as before, because every move comes under scrutiny. So, she is in, but her legacy will live long after the title of Treasurer applies. This is something that George David has to live with. Is it worth it?

    • How about this Josh Shapiro? He seems like he is going after every little thing as PA Attorney General. Maybe we should start sending these investigative reports to him for review.

  29. Well, pretend we have real management in Beaver. Who placed the order? Who approved it? Who paid the bill? Connie, Connie and Connie? And in the end, they make an exception THIS ONE TIME ONLY!!! (yeah, sure) so that Connie gets her way. So , who ELSE is at fault here aside from Connie?

    People only get away with what you let them get away with.

    • In my opinion, an audit, after her reign, will show more transactions, perhaps even a regular practice, of doing business like this. And the Friendship Ridge transactions are likely extensions of that, like Trump’s North Korean ghost armada being just one more lie. Perhaps one reason why she is circling the wagons and holding on for so long.

      • She’s been there how long now, a lifetime??? Do an audit. We have a 9 person audit staff, go down to the department and do an audit. What do they do down there all day? Set the parameters, request the records and go over the books. Rossi has been in there for several years now, he should have the ability to conduct this. Or, do we have to bring in outside auditor’s to perform an internal audit for our Auditor?

        You know, you cannot tell the auditors to “Come back later, I’m busy! ”

        Once again, with feeling….
        People only get away with what you let them get away with.

  30. Sent taxes in over a month ago with a self addressed stamped envelope for a receipt as in past years. Check has been cashed but no receipt yet. In an 8 hour so day there is only so much time for on line shopping, personal email, facebook, Twitter etc. Understaffed my dupah.

  31. What do you expect from a career politician? Seriously? Every office should have a term limit and once you serve the maximum number of terms for that office you cannot run for another office for at lesat one election cycle. Bam.. Done…

  32. Didn’t that Eagly woman remodel her office, raise our taxes 17+%, and take away all the funding to the BCHS when she specifically said she would not? And that one commissioner looked me straight in the eye at the election polls and said no taxes would be raised. I can’t wait to vote them all out. They are all disingenuous on all levels.

  33. Ohh wow…what a story! 6 grand on envelopes! How on earth did you find this out!? Such a great article This piece of journalism should land you the Worth Bingham prize! Lmaoo

  34. Aren’t there some other stories about other happenings in beaver county??? Seems like she is the only topic lately! Isn’t there an upcoming election that might have some merit for a more interesting story???

  35. Hello this is a VERY CONCERNED TAX PAYER CALLING and I would like my 0.67 cents in taxes that you took out of my check to buy envelopes refunded! That or 3 postage stamps…which ever can come faster!

  36. Someone is really getting their exercise hitting all the Thumb’s Down option in every comment. I wonder who she is.

    • I sent in two different tax bills with SASE the first week of March on the same day. Got one back two weeks ago, haven’t got the other one. I called a week ago and was told they are short staffed and that they are all sitting on a table with the SASE’s paper clipped to them waiting for someone to send them out. That’s ridiculous!

  37. wow, if I had swindled even 1/10 of that , I’d be locked away and the key be thrown away. must be nice to be corrupt and powerful (not), think i’ll stick to being honest. couldn’t bring myself to steal from anyone even if they told me to. honesty is the best way to go

  38. There is so much corruption in the Beaver Courthouse, alot bigger than this, and you people are worried about silly envelopes? Who TF cares about envelopes and FYI she didn’t steal them, they are for County office use, you people are a bunch of miserable asses with nothing better to do than be up her ass!!!!

    • Ever heard of payola Danette? It’s not just about goofy envelopes. Who does she owe that she felt it was ok to purchase envelopes from the highest bidder? Or not from the lowest bidder with OUR tax dollars? That’s the perception when you do stupid stuff like this. Maybe she’s saving for a NECK job?



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