Beaver County Prothonotary Nancy Werme / Beaver Countian file photo
Beaver County Prothonotary Nancy Werme / Beaver Countian file photo
Beaver County Prothonotary Nancy Werme / Beaver Countian file photo

Beaver County Prothonotary Nancy Werme has hired the wife of her office’s solicitor.

Werme hired Marcia Cashdollar as a clerk in her office at the end of last month. Marcia is the wife of Lauson Cashdollar, who has been the solicitor for Prothonotary Werme’s Office since 2007.

Lauson Cashdollar is also a Councilman for Beaver Borough and maintains a private law practice in the town.


    • Someone had proposed that once, and I believe it may have been Raven (I could be mistaken) tried playing “link the cronies at the courthouse” and said something to the effect that it is mind boggling, just following the links from here. I believe it!

      • Yes, I started a “family tree” for the courthouse and surrounding communities. It’s in the works. But “relationships” are NOT necessarily “bad connections”. I would not put the Cashdollars or Nancy Werme on a branch of the tree, unless it were a proven impropriety that smacked of true cronyism, favoritism, influence peddling or arm twisting. I see NO evidence of that here. Actually, Lauson Cashdollar is a principled, highly intelligent, very well educated person who has worked very hard for the Beaver County courts and the Borough of Beaver. This article is interesting, though, because it shows that John Paul states the facts, in this case hiring of a relative, without biased commentary and regardless of the sources. 

  1. I thought the county was hurting for money? Did they not have cut backs in all these depts. within the last year or so? 

  2. Good I’m glad they hire people with legal experience that field to work in the office that deals with legal filings ect. Clerk job basically she coming to work for benefits.

    • @ not sure…Yes, it does look like that and it is a good picture of Nancy! 🙂 She has a great office and a very competent staff and I’m sure she wouldn’t hire someone who would be detrimental to her office! 

  3. Is she old? You can’t hire a councilman’s old relative to work for a couple of years and retire on the county’s dime. Also, if she does any work for her husband while working at the courthouse, she should be fired, immediately. Gotta say, I’ve lost all respect for Nancy and won’t vote for her again.

  4. First of all Marcia is not related to Nancy. Icanread, you are probebly not even registered to vote. Obviously
    You do not know what a great person
    Nancy is, and what a great family she comes from. Your going to loose respect for her and not vote for her again. Over someone she gave a job to. Not saying much for yourself. I am sure Lauson has a staff to do his own work. These are intelligent people. I dout very much she will b doing work for her husband



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