Beaver County Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against two men charged with the beating death of 82 year old Daniel Santia of Hopewell.

The Beaver Countian was the only news organization present in the courtroom today for the formal arraignment of 25-year-old Joseph Arlott on charges including criminal homicide. Another man, 22-year-old Beau Chermer, has also been charged with homicide in the case.

“Your honor, we have a notice of the Commonwealth’s intention to seek the death penalty in this case” announced Assistant District Attorney Frank Martocci, who will be prosecuting the case along with ADA Brittany Smith. “The two aggravating factors we intend to prove are that this offense was committed during the perpetration of another felony offense […] The second being that Mr. Santia was killed by means of torture.”

According to a police report, on April 29th at around 6pm Arlott and Chermer came to Mr. Santia’s front door and forced their way into his home. Police allege the pair then sprayed Mr. Santia in the eyes with a chemical substance, pushed him down a flight of stairs, then bound and beat him with a miniature bat. Police say the two also sliced and poked at Mr. Santia with a sharp object.

He was discovered by his caretaker at 11:30am the following day.

Mr. Santia told police the intruders were asking about money, and he believed they were referring to a suitcase (containing $13,000) his grandson had left at his house. Police say his attackers were unable to find the suitcase, but took gold jewelry and other money from the home.

He remained hospitalized following the incident until his death some three weeks later. Prosecutors contend he died as a direct result of the attack.

Joseph Arlott is being represented by Assistant Public Defenders Kevin Kindred and Thomas Phillis.

President Judge John D. McBride scheduled Arlott for trial on November 13th. Six members of Mr. Santia’s family were present for the proceedings. Seats behind the defendants’ table remained empty. Arlott was emotionless throughout the proceeding.

Beau Chermer saw his formal arraignment postponed today as Dennis DiMartini, his court appointed attorney, was occupied defending another homicide case in front of a jury. Chermer was brought into the courtroom briefly and told his proceeding had been rescheduled.

Prosecutors say they will formally announce their intention to seek the death penalty against Chermer during his rescheduled arraignment.

The District Attorney’s Office is asking Judge McBride to consolidate the cases against Arlott and Chermer, enabling them to prosecute the two defendants together at one trial. A decision on that motion is currently under advisement by the court, and a hearing in the matter will likely be scheduled.

“We feel it is justifiable to have a jury make a decision on the death penalty given the circumstances of this case” District Attorney Anthony Berosh told the Beaver Countian after the hearing.

“It’s a capital request” said defense attorney Thomas Phillis following the arraignment, “but by the elements of the crime it’s not even close to being a capital case.”

“I haven’t seen anything that even shows premeditated murder” added defense attorney Kevin Kindred.

Another defendant in the case, 19-year-old Samantha Greno, was charged with assault, conspiracy, robbery and other offenses, but is not being charged with homicide.

Joseph Arlott and Beau Chermer will remain confined to the Beaver County Jail without bail pending trial.


  1. Sometimes the death penalty makes the most sense. In some cases, like this seems to be, it makes the criminal better people than they would have been otherwise. And it surely stops them from any potential further harm to innocents. A win-win then.

  2. They should be executed in the same manner that they executed their victim. PA also needs an “express” lane for capital crimes, so they dont sit in prison for 50 years on my dime trying to appeal.

  3. Kill them! What they did was heinous and ppl that sick will never be fixed. HOWEVER, even if ppl like me win and they get it, theyre so young that theyll sit and watch better cable than me, lift weights, appeal, and prob outlive me. theyll cost more tax money hanging out then ill make in my lifetime.

  4. Killing criminals is too easy.. they should be locked in solitary forever..eating a tiny box of a cell… and only brought out to do work as the state needs it… hard labor..without pay of course..then back to their miserable little boxes.

  5. You can’t right a wrong with another wrong. All life is precious regardless of the circumstances. They should spend the rest of their natural lives in prison thinking about the monstrous act they committed. Death would be just an easy way out for them.

  6. Hey, Dee, no disrespect. I am not looking for more bloodshed, but ask the boys overseas what they think. Where the taxpayers dollars should be. Just enlighten me and give it a second thought. Armor and munitions for our defenders! Or a place where those have no care for existence other than their own to be housed because they are criminals.

  7. I believe in corporal punishment, our laws let repeat offenders have a chance. If you steal take a hand, if you molest/rape take what was used…….. If you kill, you should be given the same death you gave in public!!! I feel no sympathy for someone who has no regard for another/life. We pay for these worthless people in society every year. I would give my tax dollars to something that matters, not for a cell and three hots and a cot to sleep on! Anybody who wants to argue with that….. I feel sorry for you!

  8. Good idea, but can anyone in this DA’s office actually competently prosecute it?! They’re stats indicate otherwise

  9. what’s funny is I’m sure none of you know about the situation… you only know what you see on tv. I’m not saying what they did was right… what if that was your son… or your brother… sometimes people get caught up in some shitty situations and you have no choice but to lead with your impulse.

  10. Kelc I happen to know one of the defendants personally and he deserves whatever sentence he gets. He was a bastard when I first met him and he only got worse as the years went on. And I’m pretty sure of who you are and I understand why you wrote the comment that you did, but you’re not using your brain. I don’t care what kind of “shitty situations” anyone is involved in, you don’t break into an innocent person’s house and torture them to death. This man was 82 years old and defenseless and did nothing to deserve what they did to him. You say what if the defendant was our son or brother…? Well what if the murdered old man was your father or grandfather? Think before you blindly defend someone.

  11. Rel shyt. Tv just makes every1s heads big n hearts bleed quicker. What happened was a shame. No doubt in anyone’s mind. But to kill someone because of a mistake made whether it be wrong place wrong time or just negligence under narcotic use is just apauling.. The old mans grandson is a drug dealer n obviously the kids knew eachother well enuff or an inside scoop to be there in the 1st place for some ohh $$$ 13,000… He had prior medical problems and what happened is absolutely disgusting.. No doubt period. I personally know both of em and for starters I can tell u off the bat that 1 is responsible and the other easily influenced probably panicked n was in too deep by the time the other acted in such manner that he was already guilty by association. Remember “step brothers”. Now look at the influence. Look at the influence the media has on you ppl. God don’t like ugly. I got dis kel c. Eye for an eye makes the world blind. Go hit an old man wit ur cars by honest mistake n lemme hear if ur screaming that torture shit at ur own court case.

    • These two morons new wat they were doing from the beginning and deserve what they get. The death sentence hurts family more than it will hurt the people being sentenced, as for rotting in jail the rest of your life would hurt the person rotting more. But truthfully they don’t deserve to breathe the same air as us humans who live the good life. Nothing better in this world than earth. That guy didn’t deserve what he got and these two morons deserve to get the death sentence.

  12. There’s grown ass men who have raped little girls and got out on good behavior and they ‘re now livIng in my neighborhood…. but you’re going to give my brother the death penalty even though you can’t prove whether it was him or Joe who actually physically beat the man. But that’s ok just kill them both right? You people disgust me. Another funny thing is I don’t even know what exactly happened and I spoke directly to detectives, my brother, and other people who think they “know” what happened. It’s a different story from every person. So unless you are my brother or Joe you really don’t know what happened. And who even knows if either of them are telling the truth in court. So my point is, I don’t give a fuck what they deserve or what you people think they deserve, that’s not how our justice system works… so for them to go to the extent of the death penalty I think they need a little better evidence than what they have now. It wasn’t both of them who beat the old man…. You cant just put two people to death because it seems like the right thing to do.

    • You obviously feel very passionately about this. Maybe some of that energy could have been used to teach both suspects not to break into peoples homes and cause their death. Maybe you share some of the blame for not being a better brother.

  13. creep arlott was from over my way many years ago. He always was a punk. I cant wait to find out his doc # .. Him and his brother. father is also a waste of life..

  14. None of you no what really happened that day I no both of them they were really close to me at one point and Joe would never do something like that yes he was in the wrong but his plans weren’t to go kill some 83yr old man what if that was your brother you would not be saying kill them two bastards now would you think of it from his family’s point of view Joe has kids so does beau I believe they should be punished but not killed they didn’t mean for the old man to die !!!

    • get outa town you creep lover.. Those punks have been nothing but trouble all their lives.. That joe arrlot was only 13yrs old, when he smashed a car window to get a women purse. the women had a newborn baby.. I was there, I seen him do it.

      you said the same thing his scum father said. My son wouldnt do that.. Im glad hes going to prison for life. a waste of life and oxygen the entire family ..



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