President Judge John McBride’s law clerk has been hired as an Assistant Public Defender for the county, and will also be joining a new law practice being founded by two former employees of the department.

Robert Dappenbrook has been working as law clerk since April 18, 2011. Dappenbrook will be filling a part-time vacancy in the Public Defender’s Office being left by attorney Ronald Rojas, who resigned this month to start a new practice with former Assistant Public Defender John Havey. Rojas has been an employee of the county since 2003.

Dappenbrook will also be working part-time for Havey and Rojas’ practice.

John Havey, a convicted felon, was hired by the Beaver County Commissioners to serve in the Public Defender’s Office after being released from federal prison. He resigned the position in August of 2012 after County Commissioners declined his request to create a new “Chief Trial Counsel” position and appoint him to it as a promotion.

After leaving the Public Defender’s Office, Havey concentrated on his private practice in Aliquippa where he shares an office building with attorney Myron Sainovich. Sainovich is the former Beaver County Solicitor who was fired after Commissioners alleged he was double billing taxpayers. Sainovich currently serves as Solicitor for the City of Aliquippa.

Judge McBride has not yet hired a replacement for Dappenbrook.


  1. Wait what?????

    President judge actually let this young man go to new firm with John Havey…..

    And above all shares space with myron sainovich are you kidding me, I wouldn’t want my name associated with that malfeasance of history. HAVEY still hasn’t figured out when he gets fucked usually Myron is the one that does it to him and brother for decades lol. Birds of a feather but wow maybe mcbride doesn’t like the kid cause a credible PJ would forbid that move.

    Would love to see that client list buahha

  2. Why would 2 cake eaters want to go south in county to practice law? Didn’t anyone tell them wtf…. Or is something missing here are they castoffs going where they belong?

    But really hell off a landing leave being clerk for president judge and get public defender job working for a fizzled out felon that struggles to get work and paid, and irrelevant lawyer that has practice for twenty years with really nothing to show for great decision see you where looked after well.



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