Beaver County President Judge John McBride is preparing to hire Judge Harry Knafelc’s son, the Beaver Countian has learned.

Judge McBride is set to hire Edward Knafelc to replace his former law clerk who resigned earlier this month to take another position within the county.

Edward Knafelc previously worked for State Representative Robert Matzie, who was listed as one of Knafelc’s employment references.


  1. I didn’t see that job posted on BC’s website.  I wonder how many other candidates he interviewed.  <—sarcasm for the intellectually impaired.

  2. So what? Judge McBride has also  hired law clerks that were not related to or connected to anyone in office. Who got you people your jobs? Worked at one of the utility companies? US Air or any where else at a decent wage rate over the years you were connected. Even when the mills were here those with the best connections were first hired .If you’re not connected you’re working in the low wage shit holes or unemployed. None of you were just picked out of the crowd for anything that was worthwhile.

    • Jackson I agree, I got a job in the steel mill in the 70’s because of family. But back then you towed the line worked hard and kept out of trouble BECAUSE you actually worried that it would reflect on your family reputation. But today I think many people feel its an entitlement.

  3. Ed is a good person aho held down a full time job while attending law school.  Perhaps a few of the morons commenting on this site would have been considered, except for the fact they’re uneducated and unqualified. 

  4. Every person that works in the county court house or works for the county got that job because they know someone. They most certainly didn’t apply for the job and get it because of their skills or experience!

  5. Mcbride has been a disappointment as president judge……. but hiring knafelc kids I got no problem who cares, he earned it and is willing to pay dues clerking I’m sure if real favors where called in he could have 75k and hand out appointments and working private practice.

    Dont really know him but his dad is good guy and he worked for rob Matzie who is great guy.. good for him

    Still can’t figure out how mcbride lets his clerk go to a felon law practice but whatever.. tic tic his legacy sucks as judge get mancini in that seat let Italian have the hammer



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