An Ohioville Policeman has filed a lawsuit against the town and several of its officials, after the officer said he was retaliated against for sparking a public corruption investigation into his department’s chief.

Officer Nevin Beatty alleges that after going to the Pennsylvania State Police with evidence Chief Ronald Lutton had been bilking taxpayers by falsifying time sheets and hearing notices, officials in the town began retaliating against him. The lawsuit names Ohioville Borough, Ohioville Police Department, Chief Ronald Lutton, Assistant Chief Mark Smilek, and Mayor John Szatkiewicz as defendants, both in their official capacities and as individuals.

The complaint alleges that Officer Beatty was admonished by Borough Solicitor Paul Steff for initiating an investigation by State Troopers, “[Officer Beatty] and Solicitor Steff communicated by telephone regarding [Beatty’s] complaints to the Pennsylvania State Police. Solicitor Steff expressed his displeasure and anger with [Officer Beatty’s] decision to contact the Pennsylvania State Police … Withing one week of [Officer Beatty’s] telephone conference with Solicitor Steff, [Chief] Lutton contacted the Ohioville Borough Police Department and sought to amend his prior payroll submissions.”

Officer Beatty said as a result of his report to the State Police, he had his hours and shifts reduced, was denied a promotion, was threatened with termination and suspension, was improperly suspended without pay, was impaired and prohibited from performing his job as a policeman, and was subjected to harassment. The officer alleges that retaliatory actions were meant to intimidate and tamper with his role as a witness in the investigation against Chief Lutton, and were a result of his “refusal to make unsworn falsifications to the Pennsylvania State Police in order to exculpate [Chief] Lutton.

Beatty is seeking reinstatement to his position as an officer in the Ohioville Police Department, payment of back wages and benefit, along with punitive damages and attorney’s fees. Officer Beatty is being represented by the Pittsburgh lawfirm of Wayman Irvin & McAuley, and the law office of Joel Sansone.

The Beaver Countian has published a series of investigative reports into the alleged actions of Ohioville Borough Officials:

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    • PA whistleblower has a 180 day statute of limitations. It appears he waited quite a while and ate alot of shit before he did anything.

  1. I just hope that justice prevails in this case. Everything starts with a step. If officer Beatty is correct everyone should be excited that good people can still make a difference in the minority. If he is not we should be happy that good won. I think that everyone should put their bias (whether for or against the chief) aside. It never matters how long you’ve known someone or what they’ve done for you. The truth should matter. The truth can easily surprise.

  2. WOW imagine that; An officer that did his duty was admonished by most of the Ohioville Borough Council that’s responsible for that Dept. Never thought that would happen! Keep your head up Officer Beaty, it’s nice to know that someone can keep the integrity and principles for the police Dept. of Ohioville, it’s obvious that the mayor can’t and the chief is under INVESTIGATION by the PSP. (That’s the Pennsylvania State Police for all the special people out there! MAYOR!)
    John Paul thanks for your reporting, You might want to consider using using smaller words (exculpate) in your articles so the mayor and his cult might have a better understanding what’s really is going on around them.
    Officer Beatty thanks for doing your job! As ugly as this mess is and the people you have do deal with I’m glad that you still want to work for this Borough, I can’t wait when the Council get’s their head’s out of their ass’s and get’s you back on the schedule.

  3. Doesn’t anyone remember the Assistant Chief? I made a comment on another thread here a few days ago…something like “who is the Acting Chief?”

    I can’t spoon feed this to you JP and I don’t want to give you my real name or email- just use google.

  4. Why would Beatty want reinstated back in ohioville after he made so many enemies? He seems to be power hungry, cocky, trouble maker and a liar. Ohioville doesnt need beatty nor do we want him here. Move on buddy im sure there’s another low paying spot for ya on another force!

    • Speak for yourself Tyrone……..You don’t want him because he won’t let you out of any ticket. Don’t break the law. It’s refreshing to have a police officer that doesn’t care who he upsets, but only cares about doing his job. Like him or not, he enforces the rules, no matter who you are. As for the scum named in the law suit…….burn them all. Hopefully residents will finally wake up.

  5. This Officer issue needs to be over the boro is going to be broke. I pay enough in taxes. We don’t need an officer like Mr Beatty in our boro he needs to be working for a big city not a small town with his attitude and i am sure that any one that had any interaction with him they would agree.

  6. Bsmith If im breaking the law then i should be pulled over. Its the law abiding citizens that he pulls over for some made up reason just to see if they are up to no good. I dont have time to be pulled over early in the am on my way to work for nothing. Nobody likes a cocky person anyways. He makes people feel inferior to him. He abuses his power as a police officer. Beatty needs to move on to another station period. Harass citizens in some other borough ohioville has had enough!

  7. @ Bsmith: you see a guy named tyrone and u automatically think im breaking the law! Can u say racist! Your probably Beatty behind the screen name Bsmith.

    • LOL……I didn’t think that at all. Never even crossed my mind. Honestly, people with names like William Pittser come to mind……saying how he doesn’t like Beatty, but rather have local cops that he knows because that has kept him out of handcuffs a number of times (or whatever his actually quote was). People who constantly break the law (and I’m not saying you’re one of them), rather have more lenient policemen rather than someone like Beatty.

  8. All of this leads back to the question as to why this region has so many of these tiny boroughs, each with their little Fiorello LaGuardia wanna be politicians and nepotism filled departments. They are just corruption waiting to happen. These little towns-as well as the little school districts-need to be consolidated for efficiency and oversight.

    • Having lived somewhere they have county school systems and county police, believe me it is NOT what you want. There is way more wasteful spending because county systems mean bigger government. Please do not be ignorant enough to think that there is no nepotism or corruption in county systems. If anything, it is worse.

  9. Re: Ivan E. Rexion, first off, love the screen name! Secondly, totally agree with your post. But you have to remember, this is Beaver County and how could we consolidate school districts and towns?!? That would mean so many cousins, uncles, aunts, brothers-in-law, etc. would be out of jobs! GASP! So rather than consolidate, they will just raise taxes on the general population to cover the paychecks of all their family members! Now, these folks would probably be able to find jobs elsewhere, which means leaving the confines of Beaver County for work….which I don’t think is possible. I mean, some people don’t go past Midland or Center Twp. (ever) for goodness sakes! Also, I don’t think corruption is waiting to happen…I think it’s been here for a long time.

  10. One more thing: Before anyone gets bent out of shape by my jobs comment (And I’m sure someone will); Please think of it this way: How many County and school district jobs are “created” (ie a total BS position) just so a member of the family could have a job? Those are the jobs I’m refering to. Not the jobs of those that are QUALIFIED, honest, hardworking people.

  11. Do you think that Steff will represent himself and the dumbass mayor and council in this matter? Might as well put Pittser in there too, his head is up the mayors ass so far he can grade his colonscopy first hand! or is it the other way around?
    Will somebody on council at least google whistlblower so you have a clue when smoke is blown up your ass! You deserve everything comming your way for your ignorance and bias.

  12. It’s sort of sad. If only Beatty hadn’t told them every criminal and civil law they were violating, several times. If only Beatty hadn’t told them to just leave him alone. When you back a guy into a corner, you can’t expect anything less than that guy coming out swinging. They bit off more than they can chew on this deal.

  13. A mayor is strictly ceremonial and can induce scheduling that’s it, council hires and controls purse strings, a mayor is equivalent to a greeter at Walmart

    Should of been handled in house and never gone this far but it did to late to pay back cash

  14. People need too look at the entire picture here. Officer Beatty did this not too better the community or save money for the tax payers. This is the only way he felt he could get a full time job in law enforcement. Chief Lutton seems to have hand fed him too keep his child in formula & dipers, so lets “bite” the hand that fed your child. Officer Beatty wanted nothing more than to hurt the “Good ole boys” in Ohioville all along. He waited until his civil lawsuit was settled by Mr. Candido that cost Ohioville $118,000 until he sprung this on everyone. He forgets it was the testimony of both Chief Lutton & Mayor Szatkiewicz that helped to save him. Now that they covered him in the best interest of the Ohioville residents he takes the food from there mouths. Hope everyone wakes up & see’s this as what it is. Please whatever is wrong in Ohioville let it get straightened out. But lets not forget the harm Officer Beatty has done to the boroughs good people & name.

    • Does years of service or the fact that he helped Beatty out give Lutton the right to allegedly steal tens of thousands of dollars from the tax payers? Many people are missing the point here.

    • I don’t know how your borough is, but mine is bonded (as I’m sure most are). It didn’t cost Ohioville anything, and Beatty’s lawsuit won’t cost Ohioville anything……except maybe some egg on the face of the mayor, chief, asst chief, and council.

  15. Wow, this officer cost 2 police Chiefs their jobs. One lawsuit against him, One lawsuit by his against the borough. It cost him a promotion? Who the hell would promote him. Where was it advertised of an opening so you can get promoted, did not see that in th newspaper. Stupid mohawk haircut, shaggy beard. Looks like hell smoking cigarettes and cigars during stops and other encounters with people.


      • Why is it that people feel the need to blame people rather than taking responsibility for their own actions? Lutton is the crook here (allegedly), not Beatty.

  16. If the tables were turned and Beatty had stolen money, the white knight Lutton would’ve gotten a medal for doing his job.

  17. Yeah maybe you guys are right, Rook, BS Smith, and Truth. But what about the lawsuit against Beatty,, ah paid out. There were numerous complaints those Chiefs covered up, or were unfounded. Even heard he got paid for court appearances he did not attend. Sources said the docket sheets were marked defendants were not guilty, officer did not appear in court, and there were courts slips turned in. Isn’t that the same thing Lutton is accused of ? If you live in glass houses you should not throw stones. If Lutton is charged and did wrong, then he will be charged, but if your doing the same thing, do not bite the hand that feeds you. Just saying maybe the whistle blower should have blown it on himself also ?

  18. Officer Beatty;

    Oh Lord, while I’m on my beat
    May I know that you’re with me,
    And protect me as I go to guard
    Other’s lives and property.
    Help me ignore those who scorn
    And show me no respect,
    But be mindful of all citizens
    I’ve sworn to protect.
    Be with my fellow officers
    And guard their safety too.
    May I always put duty first
    In the work that I must do.
    May I not disgrace the uniform
    But bring pride to the badge I wear.
    That I’d be a good policeman, Lord
    Would be my only prayer.
    Officer Beatty, I am sure some days are depressing and really hard. But as you can see from the comments it appears you are getting more and more support, and the ones at the beginning had either changed their minds or have just stopped comments. For your sake, and everyone else involved, the Chief, Asst Chief, Mayor and Ohioville’s attorney, I hope this is all over soon. Those of you that are innocent. Hold your head up high and I am sure the residence will want you back on the force. For those of you that has not been honest, you need to hang your head, because there was a lot of people in Ohioville that trusted you for years, many that had and still have faith in you. These are going to be the one at gets hurt and will feel betrayed. You know if you are guilty, for your supporters just come out with it. I am sure some in our small town in time will learn to forgive, when it is over everyone needs to remember there is not one of us without sin.

  19. All you each and everyone one of you. All pretentiously cackle like hens in a house with fox outside. You all would have huddled into a fetal position and whimpered if put in the same set of circumstances. Do you honestly feel that this so called Loki of Ohioville really wanted this. I have no doubt that he is a flesh eating soul sucking individual. This is why he made a choice to seek a alternative route to process these allegations. Cause a person who bodes ill for others just brings all the darkness to light for the fellow occupants ands tax payers can see justice for alleged misappropriated funds. All you hide here behind quaint screen names. As it is your nature to vicariously cast stones. Let he without sin cast the first stone. Be sure of your judgement, I work hard and have gained much through my tribulations. I will damned if I some police chief of a less that respectful borough steals money for his personal gain. Good for Beatty pariah of Ohioville. Joke. You see the real famine of this Greek tragedy is every council member, assistant chief ( lack there of) and active member of the borough payroll. How could this go on so long while these so called representatives see or realize nothing. All them are snake oil salesmen. What concerns me more that fact that it has not been taken care of. Like wound left open to let the all the bacteria and disease bleed out. The parasites are about slated my friends. It takes a person to experience total darkness, to understand true light. Stay thirsty leeches of beavercounty as you are not alone and because some one moved the rock your scared of the light…



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