Mayor John Szatkiewicz (right) with his defense attorney Myron Sainovich
Mayor John Szatkiewicz (right) with his defense attorney Myron Sainovich
Mayor John Szatkiewicz (right) with defense attorney Myron Sainovich

An Ohioville Police Officer has filed a federal lawsuit against the Borough this week, alleging his Constitutional Rights were violated after he exposed public corruption by the town’s Chief of Police.

Officer Nevin Beatty alleges he was denied a promotion to Assistant Chief, unjustly suspended from duty, and had his hours significantly cut after going to the Pennsylvania State Police about alleged fraud being perpetrated by Chief Ronald Lutton.

Ron Lutton, who retired as Chief at the end of last year while on unpaid suspension, is currently facing 64 felony counts filed against him by the Pennsylvania State Police. Prosecutors allege Lutton forged and altered hundreds of court documents to augment hours on his timesheets and bilk taxpayers out of tens of thousands of dollars.

Officer Beatty is seeking back pay, punitive damages, and attorneys’ fees in the case. The lawsuit also names Assistant Chief Mark Smilek and former Mayor John Szatkiewicz as defendants.

Nevin Beatty has a separate lawsuit pending in Pennsylvania Common Pleas Court alleging violations of Pennsylvania’s Whistleblower Law.

Beatty is being represented by the Law Offices of Joel Sansone, Wayman, Irvin & Mcauley, and attorney Jonathan Gesk.


  1. It looks like he was punished for exposing corruption in the township where he was employed. Shortly after he reported what he thought was amiss, they cut his hours and suspended him. I wonder what the reasoning was that was given for his suspension?
    Considering the Lutton WAS stealing money from the township, I would say that Beatty should have been protected under the Whistleblower law.

    I’ll be interested in seeing how this one plays out. There are a lot of personal feelings about this one officer. I’ve seen a bit of support, and I’ve also seen a lot of negativity. I, personally, haven’t had to deal with him, since I no longer live in Ohioville, so I don’t have a personal opinion one way or the other.
    But, like I said, should be interesting, to say the least.

  2. There is a slight issue with Beatty’s version of the truth. Why would he receive a promotion. The borough only has two full time officers. Smilek is the Ass Chief, if someone was to get promoted why would it be Beatty. He is not the most senior part timer. Edgell is and everyone knows he wants out of Aliquippa, next is Certasso (probably spelled wrong but dont give a fuck), and after that is Shilenberg. Beatty snap out of dude, there is a reason you’ve been part time for 7 FUCKING YEARS. and Nikki it aint a township it is a borough, and don’t waste your time correcting my grammer this aint fucking english class and you dont grade shit.

    • I wouldn’t waste my time correcting your GRAMMAR, and township, borough, same thing. Podunk shit ass town, that don’t give two fucks about it’s residents or anything else.

    • And also, I didn’t say ONE THING about Beatty NOT being promoted. I was only wondering what the “official reason” his hours were cut, and then he was suspended. I couldn’t care less who is the chief in that backasswards borough, seeing as I spend as little time as possible there.
      And Edgell as chief? PLEEEZE. There ain’t enough bars and drunk people for him to beat the shit out of unprovoked. He’d never survive it. I can understand why he wants the fuck out of Quip tho, I probably would too, if I was walking around with a target on my back….

  3. Got to love they got two full timers one chief one asst chief , wonder why these Podunk towns need to merge.

    Hey make a part-time guy captain next just for title you dint want him to leave

    Hey make doug edgal chief that would be classic

  4. This comes as no surprise. I don’t know this guy at all, but from what has been reported, Ohioville Borough was in the wrong, and now they will pay for it. That is the bottom line regardless of your feelings about him.

  5. Read into this story. This police officer has only been a cop for a few years. Why in the world would they promote him above so many tenured and qualified police officers. Unless he was promised the position if he “blew the whistle”. All I’m trying to do is think outside the box here. I have spoken to people, Lutton did a lot for that community. He was well liked by the community and his peers. Half the money that he was abuse of mis appropriating, he never received. They figured in his retirement. And I have no doubt he worked those hours. I bring this up because the outcome of this whole mess resulted in him retiring and paying Restitution. This seems to me that this situation could have been handled at the Boro level with the same result. See This officer, in his short time as a law enforcement officer, has managed to get two police Chiefs fired. Lutton hired him when no one else would. He received full time hours. Why would this officer not approach Lutton, the man who was helping him, with this info and ask for his side of the story after talking to the Secretary. Why would he not take it to the Boro. Why go directly to the state police. And not just the state police but a friend of his. Why, because he more than likely isn’t going to be hired by anyone else so he is looking for a promotion. The big payday will be from the lawsuit. I think what happened at that department with they way they appropriated funds was a common practice. I’m not talking about stealing, I’m talking about the way they account for hours. People do things all the time at their jobs to cut corners that could get them in trouble or fired.
    I believe that this was a set up and I believe that he was promised the promotion, he didn’t get it, and is pissed off. I’m not trying to argue or insult. This just makes sense.

    • I understand completely where you’re coming from. I’ve met Lutton on a few occasions, including when he was arresting my ex, and I still liked him. He was a good guy, and that is why I was kinda shocked when all this happened. I don’t thing the PSP would have brought charges if they didn’t have enough compelling evidence, though.Now, as for Beatty, I’ve seen different articles here and there about him, and there is a general dislike for him. I can’t say that I’ve met him (or if I have, I don’t recall it.) If I recall correctly, there was a story on here, where Lutton and the ex mayor had concocted a plan to try to get Beatty in trouble, by using an idiot by the name of William Pittser, someone whom Beatty had pulled over on a traffic stop for expired stickers. Well, then Mr. Pittser had then filed a complaint against Beatty when his windshield “magically” cracked TWO HOURS after said stop. Turns out, Mr. Pittser recants his complete statement, shows up at the District Justice, acting like the complete asshole that I KNOW HIM PERSONALLY to be, and implicated the chief and ex mayor. That incident ALONE could have been why Beatty didn’t go to Lutton. Or it could have been the catalyst for all the shit that blew up around Lutton. I don’t know. I wasn’t there. I do see a pattern that no matter where this guy goes, trouble is sure to follow. But if he WAS a genuine whistleblower, then he should be afforded the protection under the laws. I guess we’ll find out when all is said and done, and the dust settles, huh?

      • Beatty is the whistle blower himself, you can only cry wolf so many times before know one notices. He just need to go find a rock and hide under it, instead of pounding his chest and hiding behind a badge. Part-time is just that, part-time no guarantee of 40 hours or full time benefits. This guy is sly like a fox and hopefully to be out foxed by a Federal Judge. 

  6. I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure Chief Lutton was suspended when that went down. I think. But I have a hard time believing he would have anything to do with something like that. Chief Lutton had 34 or so years of law enforcement without a blemish until now. Now from what I understand he was given his Pension and had to pay back a certain amount. To me they are acknowledging that an infraction was committed but it wasn’t malicious. If he knowingly stole, I can’t imagine that they would give him his Pension. This is why I believe that this should have been handled at the Borough level. And it wasn’t. There is a chain of command for a reason. I wasn’t referring to Beatty going to Lutton, but the council. The mayor is goon but the council. They seemed pretty competent to me considering how they handled Captain kangaroo at the last meeting. He could just as well brought this to the attention of the council. This guy(Beatty) most likely will not get another police position in Western Pa so he is looking for the big pay day. I know great police officers who have been on the force for 10+ years and just got full time. And these police officers are the best of the best. And this guy is filing a law suit because he wasn’t named Ass. Chief. To me it seems as if he had an expectation leading to a result that just DIDN’T HAPPEN. He tried to position himself and I’m sorry for him. I’m a veteran. I’m not going to D@$!IS MCK*@ myself. But we would never hurt a “brother” to position ourselves. And let me elaborate. I’m not taking about letting infractions lie. I’m talking about policing ourselves, or you policing each other, so that every bit of self respect that you have earned in the many years of service doesn’t get destroyed. Actually (nikki ;)) (I’m tired I’d using punctuation, Im warning you so i don’t get the Grammer crucifixion. There are good and bad cops, Some are crusty most are smart But the shit they do every day I believe they do because most care. I believe in loyalty… And I believe in order to have a cohesive unit you have to have trust. When they Element is removed it makes it hard.
    I believe Officer Beatty tried to position himself. I think that he was promised a promised a position, for whatever reason. It didn’t happen. so he capitalized.

    • I’ll agree with you on the fact that Beatty is done. He might as well be a mall security guard, cause that’s the best he’ll get. The timeline of things were so screwy, because also at the time, he was going through some bullshit with South Heights, who also fired him. So, without physically going back and rereading all the prior articles, I couldn’t say for sure or not if Lutton was pulled into it. And I’ll also agree that in all the years of Lutton being there, I hadn’t heard much of anything negative about him. I had had my own personal run ins with him when I lived in Ohioville with my ex and his family, but even then, I liked him. And I’ve made it known that I do dislike most law enforcement. Like I said, we’ve all got our opinions about what happened or may have happened, but since none of us were there, we’re just gonna have to sit back and wait to see how it shakes out. (ps, SoTrue, the grammar Nazi is still sleeping. I’m making a conscious effort to keep a leash on her. For civilities sake)

    • I did go back and reread some of the articles, and this was AFTER Lutton was suspended, so if I misspoke about anything concerning that, I apologize.

  7. And before anyone reads to far into the sentence “knowingly stole” I meant to say that that was not his intent. I believe that.

  8. He also got another police chief fired, I believe it was South Heights. And Nikki I thought that was the case I couldn’t remember.

  9. All you each and everyone one of you. All pretentiously cackle like hens in a house with fox outside. You all would have huddled into a fetal position and whimpered if put in the same set of circumstances. Do you honestly feel that this so called Loki of Ohioville really wanted this. I have no doubt that he is a flesh eating soul sucking individual. This is why he made a choice to seek a alternative route to process these allegations. Cause a person who bodes ill for others just brings all the darkness to light for the fellow occupants ands tax payers can see justice for alleged misappropriated funds. All you hide here behind quaint screen names. As it is your nature to vicariously cast stones. Let he without sin cast the first stone. Be sure of your judgement, I work hard and have gained much through my tribulations. I will damned if I some police chief of a less that respectful borough steals money for his personal gain. Good for Beatty pariah of Ohioville. Joke. You see the real famine of this Greek tragedy is every council member, assistant chief ( lack there of) and active member of the borough payroll. How could this go on so long while these so called representatives see or realize nothing. All them are snake oil salesmen. What concerns me more that fact that it has not been taken care of. Like wound left open to let the all the bacteria and disease bleed out. The parasites are about slated my friends. It takes a person to experience total darkness, to understand true light. Stay thirsty leeches of beavercounty as you are not alone and because some one moved the rock your scared of the light…

  10. That was quite a bit of useless babble that made no sense. But judging by the comment I have a pretty good idea who I’m speaking to so I’ll get right to the point. You/He/this police officer wasn’t even wanted do to the mess he caused at the other departments. These men are his brothers. The correct action would have been to confront the man who stuck his neck out, the only one I might add, that stuck his neck out for you/him. The correct action would have been to ask him what happened. Maybe even approach a council member. Only someone with an agenda would take this to the state police. And what is the end result for all that righteous effort. Because God knows our best interests were in mind. in saying that, what I find interesting was the “personal gain” comment. Let’s revisit that for a moment. What would a NEWBIE part time officer with a few years under his belt gain from rolling over on a tenured well liked police chief. Completely bypassing his chain of command and going straight to the entity that would cause the most heat. Let’s think for a moment. And now let’s look at the end result. Chief Lutton was awarded his Retirement, minus what he pays back. And this officer is now filing a Federal suit because, and get this, HE WAS NOT PROMOTED ASSISTANT CHIEF. What reason would A Part time police officer with a few years even expect a promotion of that magnitude. It seems to me that this person rolled the dice and lost. Now due to the fact that he is now black listed from every department and his RAT status will follow him were ever he goes. He needs the pay day or wind up flipping burgers.

  11. If that is how you want your brother to treat you. You must have an interesting family. You have no idea son seems to be the issue here. Well liked and tenure does not entitle the actions demonstrated. The way that department is run it will end up like many of the others around here they will all merge. Corruption runs rampet when you give some one a nickel plate badge and tell them go get em. Shoe polish cops at best. Going to council or your so called brothers. They cannot run a borough or a small time police department. I would not trust the police to be crossing Garuds out there. I know of this guy in question and all the others there and the rumors that go along with them. He is attacked because of a choice he had to make. I would like to question him and other individuals about the things going on. But it would fall on deaf ears. Screw the debate of the promotion. The ass chief got it handled.

  12. Lutton is a crook and I hope he ends up in general population. I get what harbinger says. To some variance, you cannot group everyone in the category of a leech. Some have great intentions, others do not you have that everywhere. ( so true you sound alittle bit close to the situation). If you are then harbinger made case and point. What ever happened to the mayor?

  13. So now it’s “screw the promotion debate”. Let’s visit that first. Because it’s very clear that you have quite a bit to learn and very little time to do it in. You took a risk, tried to position yourself and failed. Thus ending your career before it began. please do not insult the these readers intelligence by suggesting that you did this for the righteous good. As you have read there are some Pretty intelligent readers. It’s screw the promotion NOW because it’s clear your not getting it…OOPS
    Now I want, if we can, to go back to the shoe polish, crossing “Garuds” that you are referring to. I’ve never met any of them, however I have had the privilege of knowing many officers from not only there but the surrounding cities and boroughs. Now I’m an Iraq war veteran with 11 years of service. Our Brotherhood is similar To yours. Mostly because it is based off of trust. It is essential to maintain trust in your line of work. That is the point of POLICING OURSELVES. It maintains the continuity of trust in a very dangerous environment. Brothers make mistakes. Brothers have lapses in judgement. They do things without realizing and sometimes just plain fuck up. We were taught it was our responsibility handle issues at the lowest level. Do you know why? Sure I’ll tell you. There is nothing more dangerous then not being able to trust the man or woman next to you with your life and then trusting theirs with you. That takes a remarkable amount of faith. You have to know that no matter what happens, I HAVE YOUR BACK BROTHER. And that’s something that these “SNAKE OIL SALESMEN” learned. And something you clearly didn’t. If you would have gone to work, did your job, went home to your family safe and sound every night, your time would have come. Through hard work and dedication you could have earned a promotion. Just like several “Crossing Garuds” that just earned full time after a decade and more of putting in their time. My point is a brother would have sat down with this person and perhaps a witness and “Questioned” him and I’m certain it wouldn’t have fallen on deaf ears. Again I say, only a person with an agenda would have gone through the lengths you did. In my experience, and I’ve been all over the world and have interacted with different branches of service and types of people. 99% of the time infractions are handled the manner described above. Which brings us to the present. It is clear the respect you have for fellow officers. Which is absolutely dispicable. And officers like yourself are why Pa. seriously should consider act 120 reform. But that’s either here nor there. It’s very apparent that you have a lot of learning and growing up to do. So while you are flipping through your dictionary and thesaurus to learn big words for you to Butcher in your sentences. Lean the words LOYALTY and INTEGRITY. Because the way you categorized these men and women who put there lives on the line everyday. It’s clear you have none.

  14. Partner you must be a cop cause you got the wrong dude… Lol throwing the words you around. I would never stand behind a nickle plate badge. Cause of situations like this. More politics than being a police officer. Sounds like I got under your skin. An uncomfortable feeling huh? You are fixated on this promotion and how great that police force is. Sounds like and I may assume cause I did not get my gum shoe badge outta the same Cracker Jack box as yourself. You are defending something that promotion spot ferociously. Lol you got the wrong guy but that should not be an unfamiliar feeling. You preach brotherhood and unity. But you will not practice it. If a brother screwed up why not pull him aside and correct him. Your obviously very close to the situation you have quite a lot of interesting info. Do not feel threatened. A comment is a comment just that. Freedom of speech and all that bull. Not to be petty but you miss spell when frustrated.

    • I’m sorry, but now, I’m gonna speak. You talk about SoTrue misspelling words when he’s frustrated…um, I don’t think he’s frustrated. I’ve bore the brunt when he’s frustrated. He’s being nice, in my opinion. You should be one to speak about misspelling words, Christ on a bicycle, you make my hurt, and my inner grammar Nazi, who I am trying very hard to keep a leash on, very irritated. Also, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, okay?ASSUMPTION IS THE MOTHER OF ALL FUCKUPS. You’d do well to remember that….

  15. Oh man yes we get it we all hate the Beatty guy. I hear a faint slow sad violin. Ya ll are getting away from the point. Of this article, who gives a crap about grammar and spelling? Real talk now, who is funding the battle against this lawsuit? John Q tax payer, sure the hell better not. Why has it gone on for so long? A year and half now? Why was the other individual who worked closely with Lutton investigated? His name was smilelick? Right? ( sorry for the spelling). Now stop all your ego fluffing

  16. Correction why was the asst. chief not investigated. I mean of all people you would think he should have an idea about the doings of Chief Lutton?

  17. Reread your last two posts genius. Those misspelled words are yours. And I’m no cop. My conclusions are based off of what I read. It’s that apparent. And you made yourself that obvious in furious attempt to defend this individual (yourself). And Thank you much Nikki

  18. Have you read anything about the questions I asked? I am not interested in all this trolling. Leave the mindless ranting to the herp. I figured after I read the comments before the herp one if you guys might have some answers. Everything I hear and read seems to be different. I hear one story that the Beatty guy hit a guys windshield with a mag light? That is not good or conduct of a officer. In another i read he sports shaggy appearance and a Mohawk? Like on duty? If these are true there are big problems in little Ohioville.

    • The story about Beatty with the windshield was mostly bullshit. Pittser lied, like the piece of shit he is, and admitted so. And I’m sorry, but the last thing I would worry about is an officer’s haircut. I could give two shits less if your bald, your hair is down to your ass, or you have a mohawk, if you’re doing your job, and correctly, and your hair isn’t impeding your ability to do so, then what’s the big deal? Podunk ass town, with like what, 3-4 officers? Yeah, I’m sorry, but the nitpicking bullshit like that is irritating. 

  19. I would figure apperance is a big deal in a police department. What kind of image do you promote if you sport a Mohawk? So the windshield story is a bust. I know the troopers require you to meet there code. I wanted to become one but body modifications prevented that. Nikki I want to sincerly thank you for answering some of my questions.

    • Personally, I can understand codes, if it’s a large department setting, like the PSP. But when you have little towns and boroughs, I don’t see the need. My focus would be more on performance, not hair style. Body mods are a totally different animal altogether. There’s so many different kinds, that in itself would be a sticky situation. 



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