Monaca Mayor Simon Short / photo via Monaca Borough website

Monaca’s mayor is recovering from a beating he took after trying to break up a domestic dispute outside a bar early Sunday morning.

Mayor Simon Short suffered facial injuries and was “bleeding profusely,” according to the police report of the incident, which occurred at about 2:23 a.m. outside the Sons of Italy club on Pacific Avenue.

The Monaca police report did not name Short. When reached Monday, Monaca Police Chief David Piuri refused comment on any further details. Short also didn’t want to comment on the incident, but said he is fine.

Police wrote that Daniel Hall, 22, of Bechtel St., Monaca, and his wife were involved in an altercation. Short attempted to verbally break it up and Hall punched him repeatedly in the face and threw him to the ground before driving away, police wrote.

Police stopped Hall not far from his home and found his white T-shirt neck and arms were “covered in blood.” A test revealed he had a blood-alcohol content of 0.13 percent. The state’s legal limit is 0.08 percent.

Hall is free on $10,000 bond on charges of drunken driving and two counts each of simple assault and harassment.

Police said Hall became irate during the arrest and began punching his own vehicle.

Lori Boone
Lori Boone (DeLauter) has more than 20 years of experience in investigative and community journalism. She’s won more than a dozen regional, state and national journalism awards.


  1. That looks like a stand up mayor!! Hanging at the sh%t hole SOI at 2:30am! This county needs to stop breeding completely!

    • Disappointing that today’s public servants, like this mayor, hang out at bars at 2:30 in morning and get involved in fights? Another one if Monaca’s finest, anotherpoor example of public leadership in that town!

      • @NOPE I think you missed the point. If the Mayor didnt hang out in dives at 2:30 am, he wouldn’t have to worry about watching some dude beat up on a woman!

  2. Anywhere in Monaca is a Sh%t hole. At 230am or not. So what’s the difference ? This guy that hit the mayor sounds like a real loose cannon no matter what situation he’s in. He’s totally at fault by the gist of this story. Attacking someone like that is completely out of bounds.

  3. How about instead of bashing the town of Monaca or discussing why the mayor was there at that hour, let’s acknowledge that a person was kind enough to step in and stop an obvious drunk lunatic from beating up his wife. In today’s society, I think that’s pretty commendable for a person to help out instead of look the other way or video it and put it on social media!!!

  4. Another wannabe from the Monaquippa school of thuggery and MPI lieutenants. No brains from inbreeding, West Virginians will soon be making fun of Beaver County. Poetic justice for inbred mongrels.

    • West Virginia is a law abiding genetically healthy people with decent law enforcement. They have been making fun of Beaver County for over 10 years. If Beaver County would get rid of like 30 of Beaver counties inbred mongrels the improvement would be massive. Talked to a individual from West Virginia. She said oh that’s where the neighbors spy on there own neighbors for the Sheriffs Dept. Wonder what the benefits are. Does this have anything to do with pissing on the Constitution of the United States of America.

  5. What is wrong with you people. First if all leave Aliquippa out of it. This man was just trying to help. I haven’t seen one positive remark. He needs credit for trying to help.

    • you’re right it IS good that he helped of course – but you get to a point where you’re just sick of the neanderthal people and the unprofessional lifestyles of the ones in charge of our towns. They have no class

      • Monaca once had a mayor named john Bell once a pon a time. He had class and leadership never would have lowered himselfe. Its insane here from top to bottom young woman shot 10 times in her parents drive way . Call in PSP FBI sure county Detectives can handle it. Just like they handled the Jim Naim Murder. Its all part of the same sickness other cities towns have crime but what exists here in Beaver Valley is unique. Police use the homeless and desperate to do there dirty work here.. If that’s what our police are like the Monaca Mayor getting his ass kicked at the early hours of the morning out side a bar just another night in Beaver County.

  6. So the man has enough integrity to step in and keep a woman from getting her ass beat, takes a beating himself and you want to mock him for wearing a hat? Question why he was there? Question why he is not in the police report? Put down the town, etc… I used to wonder why this County was so screwed up; I no longer wonder after reading your ”insightful” responses…

    • There’s a certain standard you should uphold if you’re a public servant, from DA to Mayor of Monaca! He shouldn’t have been at a bar at 2:30 in the morning. If he spent as much time working for the town of Monaca than he does in the bar, maybe he would do a better job and not get beat up, breaking up a fight, again at 2:30am… pull your head outa the sand and think!

      • Seriously give this guy some credit for the good deed. No way you can compare him to DuWann and his clan and Loser and his crew. Hell Duwann would never take an ass whooping for anyone. Yes it doesn’t look good for time and place for this guy but at least he has balls to do the Right thing which is more than anyone can say about any other public official these days.

  7. Mungo for one does commend this man’s action in defending this woman, but what he does question is his tactics. If one is inclined to step in and defend someone they should also be capable in defending themselves. A nice big can of Kodiak bear spray or even a sweet little Kimber oleoresin capsicum self defense unit would have been poetic justice and a nice case of instant karma for the piece of shit dude that thinks he even slightly resembles the definition of a man……one thing that truly raises Mungo’s ire are women beaters….for they are the true specimen of feculence, stool, excrement……….shit!

  8. One takeaway from this is that the expected behavior bar is now set quite low for whoever finds himself in a local position of political leadership, power, respect, dignity, etc. Here is a mayor in an chosen fight outside a bar. Involved in a domestic argument. Early in the morning. Drinking? Will we witness Bill Peduto rescuing young ladies from mashers on Carson Street? Rahm Emanuel driving Michigan Avenue prostitutes home? Beaver’s Hamilton tossing an unruly customer out of Starbucks? Bill DeBlasio stumbling drunk off the Empire State Building observation deck at 3 A.M.? Mayor Walker hosting a Sunday Wrestlefest of the Christian women of the choir? Probably not. Sorry, but this doesn’t pass the smell test of civic responsibility. Call the cops. Step aside. Let the pros do the dirty work with the drunken Alpha males and the couples who choose to drag their marital problems into the local pubs. Chivalry is not dead, but there are better puddles available to throw your coat down for the lady to step on and not get her feet wet.

  9. JP….
    You guys must be rolling over laughing in your office, at this county…..chips and dip and drinks in the office in total astonishment at this county’s level of retardation – just waiting for the next political idiot to make their next move, and write us about it – this is so embarrassing and so unbelievable.
    I am sick that Rachael’s beautiful life was MURDERED by people like this in this town.
    If it wasn’t SO EVIL it would be the BC SNL show.
    How in the world did they get away with this anyway!!! Someone HAD to have seen something can we PLEASE put this whole crew out of business!! and hire NORMAL SAFE people!!!!

  10. Kudos to Simon for defending a woman who was being abused. Simon is a stand up guy there aren’t many others that would do what he did. Small minded ppl make stupid comments about other ppls attire. If you have nothing intelligent to say plz don’t make yourself look like an asshat.


    DANIEL” BUBBA” HALL aka morado chubby chaser. Beating up a girl, she won’t go through with charges. Her father and former councilman Jeffery Nichol, will attempt to continuing the sham, that he’s a man and husband…. nahhhh this isn’t the first boyfriend that did this to her, the other was bubba cousin. Jeff will be a boat dock drunk with him too.

    Mayor Short, i feel bad good dude, trying to rationale, now you got fucked up face, over your buddies daughter, who he allows this to take place, 230 in the morning at an after hour club, nothing comes good of this.

    But eyes will be upon how an example is made and he agrees with woman beating and ravage behavior, if he sticks to attending the hearing for his assault charges of himself, also the respect of his police department.

    • “But eyes will be upon how an example is made…”

      Maybe in the Monaca after-hours alcoholic social gang culture this will seem O.K. And, that it is a relative matter of who does what to whom on a personal hood rat level. But I doubt that anyone in polite, normal, society really cares about hoods counseling, protecting or getting even with each other.

      Wake up! The larger issue is that this guy is the fucking MAYOR of the place. Mayors are the highest elected office in a town. They set the tone. They exemplify the expected standard of behavior for the public. They are leaders. This guy is not out hobnobbing with the elite at the Country Club, schmoozing Shell muckity mucks for money, or doing photo ops at the Humane Society to help the animals. It shows whom he hangs with, whom he befriends, where he socializes, what his values are.

      As mayor, his first call is for the police, for help. Not counseling or intervening with drunks. Not playing Dr. Phil, or AA group leader or S.O.I. social worker and referee.

      Thats it. Nothing more. Act like a mayor or resign. Now. That will show that you have at least a little self-respect.

  12. It will be interesting to see who the victim sides with, The hero or her man. I am betting on her man.Case throwned out , big waste of tax money.

    • Well, Johneen, the issue is one of preventing retaliation. And of free speech, democracy, secret balloting, the First Amendment — you know, that boring stuff. I assume you are joining Fabian, Elvis, Madonna, Cher, Bono, Sting, The Rock, Prince and other one-namers. But go ahead, put your full name here, maybe even your address, and the trolls here will have your Facebook page memorized and copied before noon.

      • Wait, what?!?! “and the trolls here will have your Facebook page memorized and copied before noon”., Aren’t YOU Raven known to go to the FB page of people here who are dumb enough to use their real names and try to shame them? Why yes, you are, TROLL. Just another example of your hypocrisy and credibility problem. And how’s that “Egley Fights Corruption” farewell tour going?

      • “…go to the FB page of people here who are dumb enough to use their real names…”

        You just made my point.

      • If you are dumb enough to post things on SOCIAL MEDIA, then expect some kind of privacy, you are fooled and the hypocrite, not I. Psycho Cop in Beaver posted threatening, aggressive, explicit police attack dog stuff on his Facebook page, before he took it down, and those posts ended up in courtroom testimony, showing that he had premeditated similar actions against people as the attack on Cicco. The avatars for this site no longer link directly to Facebook pages, but in the past, they did. All one had to do was click on the name and he was taken to the person’s Facebook page. No one had to dig any further than that. There is a difference between trolling and doing research into people in the news. Do you want the detectives and Lozier to lay off the Facebook pages, texts, phones and communications of the people mentioned in the DelTondo murder? Nope. Didn’t think so. There is no attempt to shame them, just get at the facts.

  13. Bubba bubba bubba, you got fired from anchor honking for fighting, NF&M for fighting and now fighting women… Hopefully you feel like a man. Then you punched the guy who got you your current job at the labor’s union. Just another piece of shit from New Castle. Sad thing is she is the one who bailed him out. Plus he isn’t that great of a dad to his kids.. Would rather sleep then be at his kids tball game.

  14. Follow through with the charges so Bubba can get the anger management counseling he so desperately needs before he kills someone.

  15. The SOI huh??? That’s where half of Monaca, Center, Aliquippa elected officials and the County Controllers office hang out. Was Deputy Calhoon or Rossi involved?

    • S.O.I. is were the real decisions are made, not at the council meetings. Former Chief of Police Petures knew what went and still goes on there. He turned his head and was rewarded with not one, but two after retirement county jobs. The present Chief certainly knows too.

  16. SOI Nuisance Bar- Over serving Alcohol, assault outside the club, Police being called. How many people are leaving this club driving drunk like this idiot Hall? Come on Mayor, you are allowing shit like this to happen? Clean up your town, and here is a good place for you to start.

  17. Back in the mid 70’s I used to hang out there, sign the book, and have (honest I’m not making this up) 10 cent Bud drafts….seems like it’s a shady place now. Sad.

  18. WTAE: “West Mifflin School District superintendent Daniel Castagna has been suspended with pay pending a hearing before the district solicitor.”

    That will add some fuel to this fire of tipsy Monacaquippa leaders.

  19. I wish that 200 people would comment here, for every article. These vermin that corrupt every niche of government must know that we know what they are doing. Some of this sentiment carries over into the decisions people make, and that can make a difference. Your voice does count. Use it.

  20. See. You should have voted in Norm Ely. He could have diffused the whole situation. He would have offered up some of his chicken wings and a beer. Then a couple vouchers for some free ice cream. Nobody wants to give anyone a beating after that.



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