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Officers with the Aliquippa Police Department and the Beaver County Detective Bureau were seen leaving with brown bags after their search of an address associated in a search warrant with Sheldon Jeter Jr. No arrests have been made or suspects named by authorities in the case.

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Pennsylvania State Police Execute Search Warrant At Aliquippa City Building

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. well they gave him/them plenty of time to ditch the murder weapon,clothes ect, ect. From sunday nite to thursday……..
    And i believe the popo daughter set the whole thing in motion, from leaking the original e-mails to the end result.
    These guys know the truth, they just don’t want it to come out……

    • I agree about the cop’s daughter. There is just no reason to tell a young woman to go for a walk, alone, at that time of night. Even Rachel found it odd, if you read her response to that text. I also find it really fishy that a seasoned police officer would purposefully try to contaminate the crime scene. Someone commented on an earlier article that perhaps this was done to help the defense. It sounds plausible to me.

      • someone shoulda searched all those dumpsters and clothes drop bins around the wendys plaza….get the dogs out!!

  2. From the start I knew it would come back on this boy. I been reading so much and this is another scapegoat like that cop that got murdered. No way should APD be doing this case. I don’t trust a thing from them after doing research. It was APD that wanted Rachael shushed. I hope her family gets justice and not fake justice.

  3. You all need to get out of movie land. Jeter definitely did it. What do you think Rachael really knew about the police that they needed to have her killed? Everyone knows Donny Couch accepts payoffs for people to get out of DUI’s. But for the police to “frame” this kid is almost impossible. Bottom line is the kid was mad she was f’n his older brother and cousin so he did that.

      • Not the moon but on Planet Rational. Very hard to believe the entire police department is corrupt. There may be a few but not the entire force. There is no way this girl had so much dirt on this department that they orchestrated her killing. You can refer to Officer Naim but he was on the inside and I bet most of those cops aren’t even there any longer.

  4. I wonder who they are going to pin this murder on to clear themselves Aliquippa police shouldn’t be able to do this investigation it should be run by the state police and fbi beaver county is full or corruption especially Aliquippa police

    • Hey they have an endless pool of poor black kids to convict imprison and look at us case solved. Worked with Jim Naim success is success. That’s the way the Aliquippa police dept. kill oh and don’t forget the Beaver County Sheriffs Dept.

  5. Is it just me or is anyone else astounded that the Quip PD is even touching this case at all? Conflict out the wazoo! You’d think they would throw this straight to PSP

  6. They’re going to throw him in prison for this. Just like they did to Jamie Brown. There has to be a way to stop these guys.

    • This is exactly what is happening all over again ! My brother 17 years later still in prison for absolutely nothing!! Aliquippa PD been dirty ! Smh rwg Rachel & officer naim🙏🏽

      • I seen a program on 20/20 that there is a fellow that had this happen to him and he was starting a program for black men that get thrown in to the system unfairly. I will try to look it up and send the info your way as well as to this poor boy. Seen this coming a mile away. It’s so heartbreaking and I’m so sorry for your brother and you and your family and scared for this young man I don’t even know. The FBI and PSP really need to at least do a better job pretending they give a damn. Keep in your heart that many know the truth about your brothers innocence as well as this young man facing this now.

  7. Do the math she was about to get silenced from the first guy she was with why would his family donate cars to the police department notice how those pics are missing they run a drug ring she was about to get caught up in that they gone use him as a scape goat poor kid walker will look like the uncle Tom he is to his community way to get rid of all the black officers to allow them to troll you dummy

    • Everyone has an opinion but when the evidence comes out, please stop saying the kid is a scapegoat. Why is it hard to believe he could have actually done this? What drug ring are you talking about anyway and what reason would the ex-fiancé have to silence her? Doesn’t make sense. Also, punctuation really helps when trying to understand what a commenter is trying to say.

  8. If I’m Jeter, I’m blowing up Colafella, Vlasamids (or however you spell his Greek last name), or Benyo’s phone until one of them takes my case pro bono. Benyo is probably the only one with a big enough sac though to take on this case.

  9. Something fishy about the Deltondo woman?
    Why in the parking lot?
    Why off work so long, with pay?
    Wtf would she have reason to fight any alleged corruption?
    Seriously to the peeps that think APD is up to something – really?
    You know how many stories would have to collaborate and money to spread around?
    This is not Vegas your talking about.
    Very sad none the less!
    Hope they get the killer(s) soon.

  10. Benyo… bwhaaaaaaa…. he’s a joke. Mister I can’t win my local election but maybe you idiots will elect me as the county D.A. As it was said before, the FBI ain’t coming to investigate this.

  11. When will the police reveal she was having relations with Sheldon. She was messing with the cousin, and dating the brother Shawn? Sheldon’s own brother Shawn was a pallbearer in the funeral. The kid snapped and couldn’t handle her being passed around the Jeter’s.



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