Screenshots from a dash cam video showing James Edward Cicco / photo via official court motions in the case

Photographs included in court motions filed yesterday show a Beaver Police K-9 mauling a handcuffed man who was subsequently charged with taunting a police animal.

Beaver Patrolman Jeffrey Wijnen-Riems deployed his K-9 partner Czar during the arrest of James Edward Cicco back on August 18th, 2016. As the Beaver Countian has previously reported, Cicco was left with severe injuries as the result of the encounter that left him hospitalized for several days. Photographs published exclusively by the Beaver Countian show a large gaping wound to the man’s chest area.

Officer Wijnen-riems has alleged that James Cicco failed to yield to police who were responding to another call and failed to pull over when the officer attempted to stop him for the infraction. Cicco stopped approximately 1 mile from where the officer initially attempted the traffic stop after turning into his own driveway, where the officer alleges Cicco resisted arrest. Cicco was charged with dozens of counts as a result of the incident, including felony aggravated assault against a law enforcement officer, felony taunting of a police animal, felony fleeing and eluding, and 54 felony counts of possession of a controlled substance (one count for each pill of prescription medication Cicco allegedly had in his possession that was in a bottle not labeled).

A Beaver County 911 Dispatcher and Officer Wijnen-Riems could be heard laughing and joking about the man’s injuries at the time on a recording obtained by the Beaver Countian from sources last November. County Dispatcher Jocelyn Sabol was suspended without pay for two days after the Beaver Countian published the recorded conversation.

An investigation into Officer Wijnen-Riems’ use of force during Cicco’s arrest, conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police at the request of Beaver Police Chief and Borough Manager Dan Madgar, found no criminal wrongdoing by the patrolman.

James Cicco’s chest after receiving treatment for bite wounds at the hospital / submitted photo

Officer Wijnen-Riems testified during a preliminary hearing in the case held on September 19th of last year that Cicco resisted and grabbed an electric hand-drill during the arrest — witnesses to the incident interviewed by the Beaver Countian alleged Cicco repeatedly yelled “I surrender sir, I surrender,” with his hands up in the air before the officer released his K-9 partner, and that the dog continued its attack against the man even after he had been handcuffed.

Dozens of the charges against James Cicco were dismissed by District Judge Edward Howe after the man’s preliminary hearing, including all felony drug charges and felony aggravated assault against a law enforcement officer. Cicco remains on track for trial on felony charges of taunting a police animal and fleeing and eluding law enforcement, along with misdemeanor possession and several other misdemeanor and summary offenses.

A police dash cam captured the entire incident on video which was shown in open court during a preliminary hearing for James Cicco. Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier denied a Right-to-Know request for the footage filed by the Beaver Countian last year — this publication continues to appeal that denial in an attempt to gain the public’s access to the footage.

The public is now getting its first glimpses at that arrest as the result of a motion filed by defense attorney Gerald Benyo with the court yesterday seeking to dismiss the remaining charges against Cicco. The court filing includes still images taken from the dash cam video as part of a second-by-second defense account of what transpired during Officer Wijnen-Riems’ arrest of Cicco.

Defense’s Version Of Events As Presented In An Omnibus Pre-Trial Motion Filed With The Court On January 17th:

(Note: The Beaver Countian has recropped and optimized video stills included in the defense brief to dimensions better suited for display in this site’s page layout. Timestamps referenced by defense in the brief are listed in minutes and seconds.)

“In the Criminal Information, the Commonwealth alleges that on or about the 18th day of August 2016, Defendant did kick and/or strike K-9 Czar. Officer Wijnen-Riems testified at the September 19, 2016 Preliminary Hearing that after Defendant had both hands handcuffed and was laying on the ground, Defendant kicked or kicked at K-9 Czar who made a sound and re-engaged biting Defendant until Officer Wijnen-Riems physically pulled K-9 Czar off Defendant. The Commonwealth provided a video (without audio) through Discovery from Beaver Police Department Unit 293’s dash cam which depicts the following.

a. At time marker 2:35, Defendant’s vehicle completely stops in his driveway.

b. At time marker 2:39, Officer Wijnen-Riems is at the driver’s side of Defendant vehicle opening the driver’s side door.

c. At time marker, 2:40, Officer Wijnen-Riems takes hold of Defendant’s arms and attempts to pull Defendant from his vehicle after twisting his left arm behind Defendant’s back and pushing him up into the front windshield.

d. At time marker 2:47, Officer Wijnen-Riems reaches for his firearm as he has a hold on Defendant’s left arm. Defendant’s left leg is clearly visible in the video and is not turned to the right to indicate Defendant leaning toward or reaching toward the passenger side of his vehicle.

e. At time marker 2:58, Officer Wijnen-Riems disengages from Defendant and heads back to his vehicle, Unit 293, to call for backup and release K-9 Czar to extract Defendant from his vehicle.

f. At time marker 3:01, Defendant steps out of his vehicle and displays both hands, palms forward, to Officer Wijnen-Riems indicating complete surrender and compliance with Officer Wijnen-Riems last commands to exit the vehicle.

g. At time marker 3:03, Officer Wijnen-Riems releases K-9 Czar at Defendant.

h. At time maker 3:04, Defendant re-enters his vehicle and closes the door.

i. At time marker 3:05, Defendant displays both hands, palms forward, up in front of the glass of the driver’s side door while inside his vehicle indicating again complete surrender and compliance with Officer Wijnen-Riems.

j. At time marker 3:06, Officer Wijnen-Riems has returned to Defendant’s vehicle and opens the door to allow K-9 Czar to assist him in forcefully removing Defendant from his vehicle despite Defendant’s surrender.

k. At time marker 3:06 until time marker 3:10, K-9 Czar is inside the Defendant’s vehicle physically attacking Defendant and pushing him into the vehicle while Officer Wijnen-Riems uses physical force pulling on Defendant until he is outside the vehicle on the ground.

l. At time marker 3:10, Defendant is on the ground outside of his vehicle.

m. At time marker 3:10 until time marker 3:22, Defendant is on the ground being attacked by K-9 Czar while he is physically drug from outside the driver’s side door of his vehicle to the left and toward his home by Officer Wijnen-Riems.

n. At no time from time marker 3:06 until time marker does Defendant resist, strike or attempt to strike out at either Officer Wijnen-Riems or K-9 Czar.

o. At time marker 3:21, Officer Wijnen-Riems begins to attempt to pull K-9 Czar off Defendant with one hand while holding Defendant’s wrist with the other as Defendant is screaming in pain and displays the physical agony of the canine physical force being used against him.

p. At time marker 3:23, Officer Wijnen-Riems takes hold of K-9 Czar’s collar with both hands and begins to attempt to force K-9 Czar to release his jaws from the flesh of the right upper side of Defendant’s body.

q. At time marker 3:23 to 3:38, Officer Wijnen-Riems continues to use both hands to pull K-9 Czar off Defendant (lifting Defendant bodily off the ground several times as he pulls K-9 Czar’s collar) while Defendant lays limp without making any movements against Officer Wijnen-Riems or K-9 Czar.

r. At time marker 3:38, Officer Wijnen-Riems is successful in pulling K-9 Czar off Defendant as he continues to lie on the ground with his hands up, palms out, not resisting.

s. At time marker 4:05, Officer Wijnen-Riems has Defendant’s right hand in handcuffs and is in complete control of Defendant’s left hand and arm as Defendant is lying face down on the ground.

t. At time marker 4:06, Officer Wijnen-Riems brings Defendant’s left hand up behind Defendant’s back without resistance from Defendant who remains face down on the ground.

u. At time marker 4:06.90, Officer Wijnen-Riems brings his right knee down into Defendant’s upper back/neck/shoulder area despite there being no resistance from Defendant.

v. At the time that Officer Wijnen-Riems brings his right knee down onto Defendant’s upper back/neck/shoulder area, K-9 Czar is at least 3 to 4 feet from Defendant who is completely compliant, severely injured and in a state of severe shock.

w. At time marker 4:07.10, Defendant’s lower leg involuntarily rises only because of Officer Wijnen-Riems bringing his right knee down onto Defendant’s upper back/neck/shoulder area. Defendant remains face down flat on the ground and the video depicts Defendant’s foot moving straight up and down and not coming anywhere close to where K-9 Czar is located.

x. At time marker 4:08, Officer Wijnen-Riems secures Defendant’s left hand into handcuffs so that both of Defendant’s hands are handcuffed behind his back as he lays face down on the ground.

y. As of time marker 4:08, Defendant is completely at the mercy of Officer Wijnen-Riems and K-9 Czar and is injured and unable to defend himself.

z. At time marker 4:12, K-9 Czar attacks Defendant while he is handcuffed lying on the ground motionless, biting and clawing at his side and back.

aa. At time marker 4:13.33, Officer Wijnen-Riems realizes that K-9 Czar has re-enaged and is biting and clawing at Defendant and Officer Wijnen-Riems begins to attempt to bring K-9 Czar under control with verbal orders.

bb. At time marker 4:21, Officer Wijnen-Riems gets both of his hands-on K-9 Czar’s collar and begins to attempt to stop the canine from biting, clawing and tearing at the flesh of Defendant’s upper body as he is handcuffed on the ground injured and not resisting in any manner.

cc. At time marker 4:24, Officer Wijnen-Riems literally lifts Defendant off of the ground (as he remains unresisting and in handcuffs) as he pulls back on K-9 Czar’s collar as K-9 Czar is biting into and holding on to Defendant’s flesh.

dd. At time marker 4:37, Officer Wijnen-Riems is able to pull K-9 Czar off Defendant.

ee. From time marker 4:37 until time marker 5:09, Defendant remains motionless while handcuffed on the ground. Officer Wijnen-Riems is out of camera range securing K-9 Czar.

ff. At time marker 5:21, Officer Blinn approaches Defendant while Officer Wijnen-Riems is standing over Defendant who remains injured and handcuffed on the ground.

gg. At time marker 5:30, Officer Blinn bends over and lifts Defendant (who is lying face down on the ground with his hands handcuffed behind his back) up by Defendant’s left arm.

hh. At time marker 5:33, Defendant is able to get his feet underneath him and begins to stand while Officer Blinn is lifting him by his left arm.

ii. At time marker 5:34, Defendant is standing upright and Officer Blinn begins to move Defendant forward toward the hood of Defendant’s vehicle. Defendant is not resisting or leaning back to any degree.

jj. At time marker 5:35, Defendant is slammed against the hood of his vehicle by Officer Blinn as Officer Wijnen-Riems stands and watches. There is no resistance by Defendant who remains severely injured with his hands handcuffed behind his back. The impact is with sufficient force to cause the 3,828 pound 2 door Ford Explorer vehicle to rock back and forth.

kk. At time maker 5:35.90 the video depicts Defendant’s impact with the hood of his vehicle causing his feet to leave the ground.

To establish a violation of 5511.2, the Commonwealth must establish that Defendant willfully or maliciously kicked and/or stuck K-9 Czar. Officer Wijnen-Riems testified that the only time Defendant allegedly kicked at or kicked K-9 Czar was after his knee came into contact with Defendant’s back and Defendant had his right and left hands handcuffed behind his back. Preliminary Hearing Transcript page 51. The mens rea required for a violation of 5511.2 is “willfully” or “maliciously” action or conduct of the accused – an intentional act.

In this case, the testimony of Officer Wijnen-Riems along with the video dashcam footage clearly depicts no kicking by Defendant toward K-9 Czar and, at best for the Commonwealth, only shows Defendant’s upper leg/foot moving involuntarily as Officer Wijnen-Riems brings his knee down onto the upper back/shoulder/neck of Defendant.”

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • This is the guy who had the vape shop in beaver falls. Yup, talks with his eyes half closed and druling alot. I remember him. Oh boy!

  1. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. IF what is being reported is actually seen on the video, how in the hell didn’t the officer get arrested by the State Police for falsifying a probable cause Affidavit? It sounds to me like this dirtball is going to get paid.

    • Your looking at the Beaver County Sheriffs Dept. next to deputies Tony Guy will hire. they will fit right in just change the badges to swastikas.

  2. As I read this objectively I come to think, during a criminal trial, how will this be looked at handled by our judicial system?

    Defendants, prosecution and law enforcement.

    Reason being with the upcoming COMMON PLEAS JUDGE RACE FOR BEAVER COUNTY.

    I’m looking at different cases as they arise and thinking when they get distributed among the judges, WHAT IF THIS CANDIDATE WAS JUDGE CAN AND WILL THEY HANDLE IT CORRECTLY. WHAT EXPERIENCE DO THEY HAVE .



    Which brings me to current candidates
    Could you see Debbie DeCostro sitting on this case? Mitchell Shaheen? Bill Brawlasce?

    What background do they have CRIMINAL DEFENSE WORK? PROSECUTION? What’s there specialty and background?

  3. WOW, All this for not pulling over, what would happen if you were speeding in that town, people should be scared to death to drive through Beaver?

    • don’t be afraid of driving in Beaver it is very safe town Officer John Joe Fratangeli works there and protects you you are very safe he is very honest just ask Georgie David he will tell you about honest John Joe

    • The more I look and read this, I can see his taser on is belt, WHY did he not use that to control him till he could be handcuffed, and also why did that officer let that escalate to the point that a dog would have been released for a traffic stop, even if he did resist orders to a point and then followed orders after a certain time well past before the dog being released, by not have control and having it to escalate to that point, he just made that guy have more money that he will ever see in a few years! There sure are a lot of way’s to control a scenario like that then to use a dog! I think what you have here is a cop with no control of his temper and lack of training and discipline! A few bad cops make’s a LOT of good cops look bad!

  4. Did you read the story sir? I’m pretty sure you didn’t! Because this story is explaining how this man was a victim not a suspect. Smh. This is why I lost all faith in humanity!

  5. We need to stop pretending that dogs have the same judgement and reasoning skills as human beings.

    Dogs aren’t police officers and police officers are doing their profession a disservice by trying to convince us that they are.

    I see the cop isn’t carrying a taser. Why not?

    If you want to use a heroin detecting dog or a cocaine detecting anteater go ahead but animals shouldn’t be used to attack human beings.

    This isn’t Nazi Germany.

  6. I am deeply troubled that the state police, who I have the utmost respect for, found nothing wrong with this. It turns my stomach. I for one am pretty sure I could not lie motionless while I was being mauled by a dog….a dog that apparently was not trained to follow orders properly. Seriously? No wrongdoing? Sometimes I feel like I was raised on a different planet…..the things that go on in this county with no consequences at all…none.

      • Wait till it happens to you or someone you care about. Maybe next time the victim wont be so lucky instead of having his chest ripped open while cuffed laying on the ground helpless . The officers dog will rip his throat out. result suspect attacked police dog reasonable force used by officer . SUSPECT DEAD.

    • Hey Mike Morack Sr. Why did you delete your comment calling for the shooting of this officer and the K9 officer ? You realize its a crime calling for the murder of police officers right ? Dumbass !

      • Drew you are a nitwit, give it up. If anyone saw the post… it’s now gone. It will go away quicker, if you were to stop. By the way nice tits.

    • And people calling for the dog to be put down? The animals are trained to the fullest and follow commands. I wasn’t there so I don’t know if there was in fact police conduct, but the K9 was following his commanders orders. Those dogs do as they’re told. If something happened that shouldn’t have, it was under an order, the dog, I don’t believe, was out of control.

  7. He didn’t pull off to the side of the road when they came up behind him on their way to another call, that’s hardly an offense that deserves being mauled by a dog smh regardless of what his history is this was uncalled for

    • Not only did he not pull over, when the officers attempted to go around him he pulled in front of them to impede their progress. Only after multiple attempts did Officer W. Initiate a traffic stop. Then this moron didn’t stop until he was near his home or I believe his neighborhood. Every police officer has had multiple run-in’s with this guy.
      Imagine for a moment (and I pray this never happens to any of you) that you are in the other end of that call, and as a result of his actions something terrible happens to you or your family.
      They’re have been multiple police murders as a result of domestic calls. What if, God forbid, Officer Blinn shows up at this call without his backup and is injured or worse.

      I’m sorry, the bottom line is this did NOT have to happen. Just move your vehicle over and go about your day. I am a very empathetic person. But when your actions could have had devastating effects on multiple people and lives, I just can’t muster any empathy. If this were a regular traffic stop and he was non-compliant out of fear, I could handle that. This guy is just an asshole who will pull over next time and stop thumbing his nose at the law.
      I don’t know any one involved, however, I was fortunate enough to hear the truth fom an extremely reliable person before the media tainted the story.
      WHY do you think the State Police, who on a regular basis, is praised and glorified on this publication, found no reason to bring charges.
      Moral of the story kids…..OBEY THE LAW AND THIS WON’T HAPPEN.

      • Well spoken Ivan!!! You are a true comrade. These dumb Americans and their “constitution”. We Red Friends know what REAL leadership looks like, and Officer JWR is displaying it in spades. Dasvidanya comrade.

  8. Had this been a civilians dog and it could not be brought under control the dog would be put down and the owner charged. Once being subdued any additional force is unnecessary there for unlawful. I truly hope officer Blinn is charged and loses the ability to be employed by any other state or government position, he should be treated as any other violent felon.

  9. First off this officer needs to be dismissed for excessive force. Not his first complaint but the video evidence here is irrefutable. Second the dog needs to be retired because it is clearly not trained properly if it has to be physically removed. A properly trained K9 is controlled by verbal commands. This dog is clearly out of control.

  10. Comments about driving thru Beaver reminds me of my incident…driving to a tutoring class in Beaver was stopped by the police, he checked the window registration and asked where I was going and that was it. The End.

  11. Are we back to this story? AGAIN? You can put it in a dozen more formats, the guy got bit, he got arrested, the officer will probably face no penalties. The end. At least for a couple of weeks.

  12. At what point does an offence warrant 30 minutes of being mauled, with the added damage caused while trying to get the dog under control? At the time of the dog attack his only offence was eluding.

  13. The defense is quite convincing. Well done, Mr. Benyo.

    But some of the biggest issues here are the apparent obstructions against holding the officer accountable. Lozier, in true form, denying access to the tapes, after stonewalling for Connie. Madgar protecting his charges. Again. The State Police being put off the scent. Again. Tony Guy, who must fit in there somewhere? Maybe whispering in Lozier’s ear. Who knows, at this point? It’s easy being a conspiracy theorist and a cynic when some of this stuff is stuck on rewind. Obviously, this cop has friends, and that works very well for him.

    Get a conviction, pay his fines, again; have Beaver Council Give him a warning, again; hire him in the Sheriff’s office as a transfer favor for hiring John Joe. Maybe give the dog to John Joe to keep him company at Halloween parades. Wait until he throws a visitor into the front door scanning machine in anger. Repeat as necessary until he can retire with a county pay check.

    • Yes, Benyo does excellent work. I was there when the Judge came down from Erie. If I had known about this court proceeding, I would have attended. I could drive myself I guess. I used to have a driver and I paid him in sandwiches. He got so fat he can’t fit in the car anymore, so I’m on my own now.


  14. I like how we only hear what the defense is trying to say to fight the case, and hopefully the whole video will get released in court not just the still pictures that were picked out of video. It’s very odd that someone who was so compliant took so long to be placed into custody if he was so innocent.

    • Casey, I think you hit on the crux of the article that you are trying to slam.
      “It’s very odd that someone who was so compliant took so long to be placed into custody”
      That is why people are so upset. Yes this is the defense side of the story. In previous articles you can read what the police are saying as well. Just click on the links. There are also statements from independent witnesses in those other articles.

    • Okay, but THREE HOURS? Seriously? Three hours from when he stopped his vehicle to the time he was slammed on the hood of the police vehicle.
      Seems a bit fishy. I want to see the video before I jump to conclusions too, but THREE HOURS. ……

  15. So this incident occurred over 3 hours? If that is. Correct, it’s ludicrous. The officer should have been able to manage the situation much more efficiently. The dog is not adequately trained or the officer let him continue attacking the offender.

    • I would like to go to a town meeting with a few people who disagree with him still having a badge but there’s the whole fear of retaliation thing.

  16. Joe Max: I always find reading comments like yours enjoyable when the language here gets too high fallutin and things tend boringly toward the reasonable and informed. It proves that the American education system indeed has failed some of us, but not silenced the few who cruise on without being touched by it. It is also fun to see the idiotic Facebook pages of those same people who not only torture civil discourse, but themselves, in awesome displays of mind-numbing ignorance. You have fine tuned crass boorishness to a degree that is unmatched by any other fool here.

    Congratulations on winning the Raven Frontal Lobotomy Award for January 2017.

  17. STOP BREAKING THE LAW!!!!! If this moron would have listened to the cop, none of this would have ever happened! Since when did it become justified to argue with the police? Where’s the video? Anyone can pick a few still pictures out of thousands and make it look bad for the police. Who wrote the article? The thug’s attorney? More happened here than what is written. An arrest doesn’t take 3 hours, gimme a break!

  18. None of us know the whole story don’t judge until you hear everything there’s a lot of media play here that is not true wait until it plays out and see what happen I think you’ll be surprised

  19. Hmm! Don’t pull over for a law enforcement officer, don’t comply to the commands, carrying drugs that don’t belong to you, and you end up being bitten by a police dog. I never would have seen that coming. Just a fine, outstanding citizen out for an evening drive for sure. This is a fine example of why animals eat their young.

  20. This cop thinks he’s some sort of military mercenary fighting aliens on the streets of a big city. Watching too many sci fi movies.

  21. Anyone know if Judge Mancini has a pet dog? Maybe we can get it a job at Beaver Police to fill in for this freakdog.

  22. The bottom line is that regardless of the reason for the stop the accused has rights. Those rights were clearly violated with excessive violence by both officers and the K9. Additionally, as I stated before the K9 need to be retired because it is not fit for service. A properly trained K9 does not require removal by physical force.

  23. Steve Cable: Right. This should be on the Beaver Council’s agenda. Now. No need to wait for the court outcome. They could well be shelling out big tax dollars for any lawsuit against him. They’ve already paid out for one against him about ten years ago.

  24. The cop is clearly on an ego trip. His position of power has consumed him. Even if the guy that was arrested had a record, there are rules and procedures that need to be followed. You know LAWS hence the words law enforcement. From other comments made, the cop has a name as well as the guy arrested. This situation could have been handled so much better. Shouldn’t have taken this long nor gotten to this point.

  25. Isn’t this the same case that the commissioners voted to with hold the audio conversation. If my memory holds correct, Dan and Tony said why should we release the audio and Sandie said why shouldn’t we release.
    Thanks again for being a voice of the people Sandie….even when your out numbered. We know….

  26. My little JRT bit the idiot FedEx driver who came thru a fenced in yard clearly marked with beware of dog signs. Officer Jeff Hyphened- Whatshisface wanted and threatened to have him destroyed if he bit anyone else ever again. Double standard much?

  27. Ill be honest i have friends who are cops however i have been a witness to things that are way against procedure!!! I personally cant condone being mauled after handcuffs are on however i wasnt there and don’t know the whole story, if it were to happen to someone in your family or yourself, how would it feel then? Trust me there are plenty of innocent victims!!! I don’t trust beaver county or any local authorities anymore and that’s sad, mostly because they are dirty, get commision on the small things but don’t do ANYTHING about real criminals!!!

    • @ jane FYI, you ask are our kids safe ? A young boy was roughed up by Wijnen-Riems when he was taken into custody Sept. 28, 2004, for RIDING A BICYCLE WITHOUT A LIGHT ON, on Third Street in Beaver.
      An insurance company paid $90,000 to settle two federal lawsuits last month against Beaver borough, its police department and one of its officers.(Wiener-Riems)
      SIX people brought suit last year against police officer Jeff Wiener-Riems, claiming police brutality in several incidents involving the officer. In court documents filed Dec. 21 in U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh, the two suits are marked as settled, with a judge writing that all parties had reached an “amicable resolution.”
      In my opinion after these incidents Officer Jeff Wijnen-Riems should have been dismissed.
      This is a MUST READ :

  28. I agree with not breaking the law to begin with but these pictures are hard to look at and the lawyers description in some really concerning regarding the time stamps documentation and especially what was/did occur beforw the dog attacked for the 2nd time. It seems to me that the dog was UNABLE to be controlled by the handler and that SHOULD BE comcerning to all

  29. Uncontrollable dog -guilty
    Uncontrollable cop – guilty
    Career criminal – guilty

    They are all bad. Simple as that. Fire the dog , fire the cop, put away the thug.

  30. All I can say is wow.that cop gives the good ones a bad name.Shame on that cop for his reason for all wonder people are affraid to stop.over one pill in a bottle.he got all that. I respect cops.but when you are completing this shouldn’t happen.That dog only did what he was told to do.yes if you break the law.yes you should get arrested but not like this. I’m sure he has a attorney.this statement and the judge throwing alot of the charges out shows intent.and he was complieing with the officer.

  31. BRIEF: Beaver Borough settles federal police-assault lawsuit [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
    Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    By Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    McClatchy-Tribune Information Services
    Nov. 30–Beaver Borough’s insurer has settled for $32,500 a lawsuit alleging that its police assaulted a man during an arrest and broke his window using his head.

    The case filed in January in U.S. District Court by Robert Michael Doyle was closed today. Mr. Doyle alleged that in May 2010, Beaver Officer Jeffrey Wijnen-Riems and other officers responded to a call that he had violated a protection from abuse order and ended up beating him with handcuffs and slamming him into furniture, landing him in the hospital.

    Mr. Doyle, 36, of Beaver, has a criminal history including convictions for simple assault, resisting arrest, possessing drug paraphernalia and driving with a suspended license.

    Beaver Manager Whitney Brady said the borough’s insurance would cover the settlement amount.

    Rich Lord: or 412-263-1542.


    (c)2011 the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Visit the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette at

    Distributed by MCT Information Services

    • Raven- 2 more connections for your chart.

      Lisa Signore
      Community Development Program of Beaver County, Director

      Beth LaValle
      Manager, Beaver County Airport

  32. Agree with the above comment and also look into the rochester pd working at the schools 1 officer thinks its cool to message and snapchat minors and allow underage drinking….

  33. Isn’t Madgar also to blame? 6+ years of complaints and it’s just escalating. Take some action. It didn’t take 30 minutes to secure a canine after he was cuffed and on the ground. 437-509?to put the dog in the car?

  34. Hitlers SS guards used german sheperds to do the same thing to polish and jewish families starting in 1939 and continued until 1945. Any of those soldiers when found were charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity, and subsequently sent to prison.

  35. It is past time for this matter to be brought before the Beaver Council for PUBLIC review and investigation. This is a Council that is terrified of children sled riding down a 100 foot park slope for fear of injury and subsequent lawsuits. But when it comes to this cop, they seem to be curiously mum.

    They have a solicitor, John Petrush. who could investigate the problem upon referral from Council. Yes, he would probably do it.

    They have a Mayor, Thomas Hamilton. No help there. Tom doesn’t get his hands dirty on stuff like this.

    They have a Borough Manager, who is also the police chief, Dan Madgar. What a stroke of wisdom that double duty assignment has been. No help there. He has not taken action against this cop for the past ten years. Stonewall Lozier would be envious.

    The rest might provide some help, if they can agree on the room to hold it in, the wording in the agenda and what day of the month might be suitable, if it is sunny outside.

    But, it only takes one public Beaver resident to present a concern in a five minute or less speech to get it on the agenda for discussion. At least that would air it and take it out of hiding. And, it would be a great opportunity to say “I told you so”, when this second impending lawsuit is finally filed against the officer and paid for by the borough’s insurance carrier, again.

    What to do? At least put the cop and his canine partner on paid administrative leave until this blows over. That would provide an opportunity for the public to go out walking again without fear of being mugged and eaten.

    Beaver Borough Council Members, Mayor, Solicitor & Engineer’s

    Alexander Andres – Ward 2
    Daniel Deceder – Ward 3
    Michael Deelo – Ward 3
    Ronald Embaugh – Ward 3
    Walt McDermott – Ward 1
    James Perini – Ward 1
    Alex Sebastian – Ward 2
    Patrick Sims – Ward 1
    Sean Snowden – Ward 2
    Mayor Thomas Hamilton 724-773-6700
    Borough Manager Dan Madgar 724-773-6700
    Solicitor John Petrush 724-775-8600
    Borough Engineer & Water/Sewer Engineer Dan Martone 724-773-6700

    • BRAVO – ” This is a Council that is terrified of children sled riding down a 100 foot park slope for fear of injury and subsequent lawsuits. But when it comes to this cop, they seem to be curiously mum.” BRAVO

  36. First of all, all you commie bastards (Drew Figas, Tom Max, Clint Cool, John Meehan, Bobbi Jo Arnold, Denise Campbell, Luke Brown, David Chewning, Bill Riggle, Cap, Dusty Perkey, etc.) need to go back to Russia, because this is America comrades. We have something here called the constitution, and we as citizens have something called “rights”. So you commie sympathizers are not fooling anyone with your fascist ideology while you hide among us. If you want to live where people are arrested, tried, convicted, and punished by the same person at the same time, go back to the USSR and hang out with your friend Vladimir, and take all your red friends with you too. Again, this is AMERICA, you commie’s.

  37. And second of all, this is the THIRD lawsuit that has involved this officer in the last 10 years. Lawsuits were brought by (at my count) 7 different people. Over $120,000 in settlements. 1-11-2006 Beaver County Times – An insurance company paid $90,000 to settle two federal lawsuits last month against Beaver borough, its police department and one of its officers. Six people brought suit last year against police officer Jeff Wijnen-Riems, claiming police brutality in several incidents involving the officer. In court documents filed Dec. 21 in U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh, the two suits are marked as settled, with a judge writing that all parties had reached an “amicable resolution.” Attorney Paul Krepps of Pittsburgh, who represented Wijnen-Riems, said the total money paid by the borough’s insurance company was $90,000. Attorney Charles H. Saul of Pittsburgh, who represented the borough and police department, did not return a phone call Tuesday. In June, Lorri Stiles and her husband, Joel Koslicki, both of 431 Rotteck St., Baden; Christopher E. Green of 239 Taylor Ave., Beaver; and Robert Capo Sr. and his son Benjamin, of 790 River Road, Beaver, sued. Benjamin Capo said he was roughed up by Wijnen-Riems when he was taken into custody Sept. 28, 2004, for riding a bicycle without a light on Third Street in Beaver. Robert Capo said he was attacked by Wijnen-Riems when he went to the police station to check on his son. Green was at the Beaver police station on July 7, 2003, at the request of police who were investigating an incident. Green was taken to an interrogation room, where, the lawsuit said, Wijnen-Riems screamed at Green and accused him of giving police false information. Green was then handcuffed, and Wijnen-Riems slammed Green’s upper body into a window, which shattered, injuring Green, the lawsuit said. Stiles said that she was arrested Oct. 21, 2004, after she witnessed a fight at the McDonald’s restaurant in Vanport Township, and that Wijnen-Riems falsely accused her of being drunk. Also according to the suit, Wijnen-Riems called Stiles’ husband and told him that she was having sex with another man in the back seat of a police car the night of her arrest and that she had tested positive for Viagra. In August, Adam B. Colbert, of 105 Sixth Ave., Homewood, said that he was attacked by Wijnen-Riems in the parking lot of Thurday’s restaurant in Bridgewater on Dec. 12, 2004, during a fight there. Beaver Police Chief Anthony Hovanec said Tuesday that he hadn’t received any details of any of the settlements. He added that Wijnen-Riems remains on duty, and was not disciplined in any of the events listed in the lawsuits. Wijnen-Riems could not be reached for comment Tuesday. Krepps said the Beaver police officer was “eager to clear his name” through court proceedings, but the decision was made to settle the suit. Beaver Borough Manager John Barrett did not return a phone call seeking comment Tuesday.
    11-30-2011 – Pittsburgh Post Gazette- Beaver Borough’s insurer has settled for $32,500 a lawsuit alleging that its police assaulted a man during an arrest and broke his window using his head. The case filed in January in U.S. District Court by Robert Michael Doyle was closed today. Mr. Doyle alleged that in May 2010, Beaver Officer Jeffrey Wijnen-Riems and other officers responded to a call that he had violated a protection from abuse order and ended up beating him with handcuffs and slamming him into furniture, landing him in the hospital.

    • Thanks, USA! Yes, there is much hidden about this cop that a diligent search can uncover. And John Q., I have to guess that Madgar is blocking, intentionally or by intransigence, any investigation, as chief and manager. Basically, he is dealing with a weak Council who are his lapdogs. The lost opportunity to deal with W-R was when Hovanec was chief, and he could have done something about it. But, time ran out, retirement, before he could. He was no fan of the Capo kid, but he had a strong professional conscience to do the right thing in law enforcement, and given time, I have to believe he would have fired W-R.

  38. There you have it folks. A face with that name. If you get pulled over by him, record yourself and do exactly as you’re told. You never know when this guy might decide to show the world what a bad ass he is.

  39. No sympathy here. You want to live by the law of the jungle instead of the land, then feed him (them) to the lions. To be a police officer in today’s environment is more than most individuals would tolerate. They’d rather arm chair it and state what they’d do when in fact they could not live up to the distress of the job. In the near future, more police officers will go “fetal” and when that starts to happen more outright, you better be prepared to handle encounters on your own.

    • So more police officers will not do the jobs that they are paid by the taxpayers to do (ie “go fetal”), because the same taxpayers won’t stand for over policing and brutality and a lack of transparency? And please, let’s not pretend that patrolling the mean streets of Beaver PA is like policing in Chicago or something. Remember, JWR’s first lawsuit started with stopping a kid who didn’t have a light on his bike. Ooooh, how scary and stressful.

  40. Time for another String Pullers link.

    Sheriff George David — Chief Madgar — testimony at Sheriff’s trial — John Joe — Lozier — Wijnen-Riems

    So many links, so little time.

  41. Anyone bringing mauled by a a dog is going to they and keep the dog from biting them.. taunting my ass. that cop tortured that man while he was handcuffed.. and should be charged

  42. I worked around police officers for years. My take on this story is as follows. Most officers are decent, law abiding citizens who don’t use their badges as excuses for being frightened, crude bullies. I have witnessed cops who have belly bumped handcuffed individuals, stuck out their feet to trip people and the refer to the individuals mother as a fucking bitch.Why? Simply to make the person lose their cool. I remember one young man so drunk who listened to the cop berating the man’s mother, the kid was cuffed and shackled and responded by calling the cop “pussy”. The cop pulled out his taser and zapped him. Nothing happened to the cop because no one saw the incident. Unfortunately for the cop there was a video. The cop lost his job. Video will sink a bad cop. By the way, the drunk was an idiot, but he was cuffed and shackled. The drunk was attacked for being a drunk, not because he was going after the cop.
    I have seen cops from different countries and states, and have seen the best most of the time. Unfortunately, I have also seen the worst who should be wearing orange jumpsuits and stripes.

  43. I think you all are missing the point to this story. If he would of stopped at the beginning none of this would of happen. I’ve known this police officer for 24 years and he is a very kind, compassionate person.

    • Your judgement is about as good as this cops. And it is YOU who is missing the point of this story, which is that this “kind, compassionate cop” has a long and recorded history of using excessive force, three times he has been sued and settled, and that he is up to his antics once again. To think anything else shows your ignorance.

  44. Well u sure as shit can’t lay still while u are being my mauled by a dog and kicking at the dog is self defense at that point if he was hand cuffed. To laugh at the man after he was mauled no matter what the crime is disturbing and to think we have to submit and obey to ppl like that , that are sworn to protect us!! This will only make ppl more fearful of police. I think there has to be better training and more accountability by officers who commit cruel acts as well as vulgarities. Very unprofessional and heartless, sorry , if u ask me everyone involved with the arrest should be terminated to set an example that these acts will not be tolerated.

    • It could be that he’s a pussycat and wonderful, funny family man, Chris, but this is a Jekyl and Hyde thing. The guy has some incredible anger issues that have dogged him for over a decade. Want to help him? Get him into therapy before he kills or permanently maims someone. Recognize that when he goes down, his family goes down with him. He might even thank you for it.

  45. If you really want something to happen you need to get the money involved not the politicians. Find out who is the insurance carrier for Beaver and call them. If you are a stock holder you have even right to complain that the ins company is continually spending money on this cops bad behavior. Obviously he far exceed the expected/normal amount spent on settling lawsuits. The Insurance company will threaten to drop the policy unless. officer Wijnen-Riems is terminated. I bet dollars to donuts Beaver drops him in a heartbeat.

  46. Did anyone’s mother ever teach them to not tease a dog ?????what as stupid asshole and now it’s the dogs fault fuck that lay blame where blame belongs the policeman should of not even had that dog out of the car and the guy should know better not to fuck with a k9 stupid idiot duh I hope everyone knows these dogs are trained to do what they do and if. Your dumbass wants to challenge that then that’s your own stupid dumbass fault ….

    • I can see why you made dinner for two and had to eat both. Read the story, not just the comments. Look at the photos. He’s a bad cop, the dog isn’t properly trained. The man was handcuffed when the dog was on him the second time.

    • @Laura Whipple……Drag your haggard ass over to the corner of the room and see that repulsive heap of refuse in a pile? Well scrape it off onto the floor and underneath that you might find an end table or cigarette butt burnt coffee table! Upon that table feel free to sit the remainder of your 1.75 Litre Valadimir Vodka plastic bottle down and reread the entire article and come back and rephrase your headache inducing comment! Mungo doesn’t drink anymore but when he did he usually steered clear of the comment section, for reasons that your post clearly illustrate!

  47. And we’re to trust our legal system and support them. Our officers need a closer review and background checks. But again from this report, those who are supposed to protect us don’t care.

  48. Until I see the entire, unedited video I would prefer not to come to a conclusion.

    As presented above, this looks unacceptable on the part of the officer. The severity of the injuries and the time it takes to get control of the situation after the suspect is handcuffed and on the ground demands an explanation by the officer.

  49. After reading the article and looking at both sides here. I truly believe that the officer needs to undergo a Mental Health Evaluation. He is in need of some serious Anger Management classes and should not be allowed to carry a badge that clearly states “Protect and Serve” How can anyone justify his actions? It looks as if the officer is very well fit and could have subdued the victim easier than the dog did. Im sure he did not need the help of the dog…. There was no threat to the officer what so ever..

  50. Mungo: After some research, it seems this biker chick bit a Pittsburgh Zone 3 K-9 at a traffic stop during a poker run in the Hill District, and it had to be put in quarantine, but it later it went into convulsions and died of its wounds. UPMC reports she was a carrier of the Mean Virus, and it was too strong for the dog to deal with. Apparently, she has never been pulled over by a Beaver County K-9 officer, for fear of the same outcome. Beaver County Times sports reports reveal her to be the same “Mad Dog” who played defensive linebacker for the Bears in the 90’s, but I don’t put much faith in their reporting.

  51. This is clearly an abuse of power on the officers part… There was no reason what so ever to sic the Canine on the boy… The kid was trying to get away from the dog… He never “taunted” the dog… The dog was only doing what the officer told him to do… Which was totally unnecessary… This officer is clearly a threat to society give him a desk job if any job at all… I sure as heck wouldn’t want to be stopped by him… I’d lock my doors and call in Swat before Id let that cop near me… No Offense to our officers who truly Protect and Serve they put their lives on the line… This officer displayed poor judgement what he did was not necessary at all…. I agree beaver Newbie… This officer needs to justify his actions…There was absolutely no reason for the K-9 to exit the car in the first place what so ever…

  52. JP for president
    Raven for vice president
    John Q for secretary of state
    im just saying
    these guys have their collective shit together
    obviously well learned

    p.s. :
    dont forget to give Mungo and USA positions too
    im not quite sure where to put them but im sure you’ll figure it out

    • I accept. Raven and JP, it will be a pleasure to serve with you. Day one we appoint Gerald Benyo as Chief Counsel and Senior Advisor.

    • Mungo is certainly not educated enough to hold any esteemed positions, but he would give consideration to the role of jester! Many people here think Mungo a clown and that’s ok because sometimes the shit gets so unreal and depressing that if you don’t laugh once in a while you may end up looking like the Connie and acting like G David……chewing off fingers and such! And it goes without saying that commenters such as Raven and others add just the right touch to JP’s news articles! People can say what they like about JP and this site but Mungo feels quite confident that the people will one day see just how much of a complete clusterfuck the day to day operations had become in the Courthouse and how much devotion it took to shed light upon it!

  53. right on
    see i knew you could do it
    Mr Benyo is probably the only lawyer in beaver county not in CJ’s pocket
    nice pick

  54. All coulda be avoided if he pulled over asa the cops lit him up…..i know when a cop behind me i pull over within 30 seconds…i think most people do to…had he done that i doubt anything woulda happened… i blame his dumb ass..

  55. Sorry, but Wijnen-Reims looks too much like The Rock for my comfort. Anyone who crosses him should beware. What bothers me is that some kind of settlement in Cicco’s favor is eminent and history shows Cicco will enjoy a brief period of drug-fueled bliss and after the “payday” runs out – nothing.

    • How about giving Jimmy Cicco one of those prime select jobs at the courthouse that are reserved for family, that way he can have a bloated paycheck, minimal work, optimal healthcare, pension, and he won’t have to fool around with drugs anymore to make a buck.

  56. onwardandupward: As with Sylvia Guy, thanks for the compliment.

    But with the Coronation of the ( childish asshole bullshitting demagogue ) Trump, we are in for much more trouble than a boy and his hungry dog can bring us. “Preacher” Joe Sixpack is now in charge, and during this year his flock will find out that they’ve been suckered into the biggest Con since a piper led all those kids into the sea. Then, THEY will get upset and want revenge, when they find out the Promised Land was all a lie.

    Sorry, Democrats. Goodbye Republican Party and democracy, hello blind authoritarianism and armed conflicts in ignorant worldwide pissing contests.

    Vice President? Sure. I’d be with good company. But I definitely will be distracted wondering how fear and ignorance became the norm for 2017 and spending valuable time trying to escape the suffocation of it.

    This has nothing to do with politics, it is a problem of 60 million people being HAD. It’s better in Beaver County, though. At least we know who is stiffing us, and how, even though most if the time we can only get pissed off and comment here about it, and hope that someone dies of old age, retires or goes to jail.

    • Haha Raven! Usa! Usa! Usa! New morning in Merica. Trump train aint giving that tingling feeling down your leg like Chris Matthews huh? Oh well our Republic tolerated a mulatto Kenyan for 8 long years so were nothing if not resilient. Advise any snowflakes you know to wear a visible diaper pin on their lapel like many are doing nowadays, for this will show who is and who is not safe to converse with! Once again Usa

  57. yeah i truly believe trump is taking us down a worse path than we have ever taken before it seems like he is appointing positions at a whim and the people he’s appointing have no fuckin clue what they are doing i think these people he is putting in bought seats in his cabinet and all this shit is going to lead into martial law so get ready to lose whatever rights we have left

    • The first surprise will be when many of his flock lose very real health insurance. That constituency is where most of the ACA people are. Then the shooting in the foot will continue daily. Not political, just stupid arrogance.

  58. I am sure the ACLU will be interested in this scenario. Just think, this is only the first month of a New Year, 11 more months to go which we are all aware will be full of drama, scandal, more revelations and hopefully some signs of DA activity emanating from the FunHouse, and more exploits from our favorite Beaver cop.. Would it be better to pay the county tax bill in cash…rather than writing a check to Her Highness. Decisions, decisions.

  59. Oops, I had a mental lapse …county tax checks will be made out to County of Beaver, not Her Highness. Problem solved.

  60. Well I don’t say the police officer is right nor do I say the police officer is wrong for his actions. That is for the court to decide. What I see is a bunch of people who were not at the scene making judgement. Before you judge again, I suggest you go and walk in their shoes. Also, I recommend you bring another set of clothing and a few pairs of underwear.

  61. Why do People Mess with the Police ?? Yes the courts will make a judgement … Society is out of Control…– Yes Some Cops– Are trigger happy — But we never had a Society that will Shoot at Law Enforcement Officers since the 1920’s.. — ?? Our Police are Out to Protect and Serve.. They Have made Mistakes—- So has the Public and today’s Society .. Sad Days We Live In..



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