The Pennsylvania State Police has placed restrictions on the entire Aliquippa Police Department’s access to information from the Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network (CLEAN), and has opened a criminal investigation into the unlawful dissemination of sensitive law enforcement records and several related matters.

CLEAN is used by Pennsylvania’s criminal justice agencies to access driver license and motor vehicle information, criminal history information, the registry for Protection from Abuse (PFA) orders, and “hot” (stolen and wanted) files. CLEAN is also Pennsylvania’s conduit to NCIC — the FBI’s National Crime Information Center.

Pennsylvania State Police took the extraordinary measure of placing special restrictions on Aliquippa’s access to CLEAN information following an investigative report published by the Beaver Countian last week that first revealed a leak of the sensitive records.

According to an official who spoke on condition they not be quoted by name, Pennsylvania State Police has instructed the Beaver County Emergency Services Center to cease sending the Aliquippa Police Department printed or digital copies of information obtained through the CLEAN system. The official noted it is rare for an entire police department to face such limitations and that the decision was made at the highest levels at State Police in Harrisburg.

Beaver County Emergency Services Director Eric Brewer confirmed to the Beaver Countian that his agency is cooperating with a criminal investigation being conducted by Pennsylvania State Police into the Aliquippa Police Department.

“My agency has nothing to hide,” said Brewer. “This leak did not come from the Beaver County 911 Center. We are fully cooperating with the Pennsylvania State Police in their investigation and have already turned over records to them. We take CLEAN security in the highest regard.”

Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker has not returned a message left last week by the Beaver Countian seeking comment about the matter.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Hell will freeze over before the Mayor of Aliquippa comments on his own. Hes waiting to be told what to say.

    • Why do people spam the comments section with the names of their asshole friends and family?

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      Is this like Beetlejuice? Debbie’s gonna show up and haunt my house?

      Something should be done so these users can find an easier way to share the article than spamming comments…

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  2. Great work JP! But realistically, you can’t tell me that Aliquippa police are the only ones that abuse that system….

  3. Yes, we need an investigation into this whole county government. Beaver County spends more then surrounding counties, employs more, taxes more, sounds like something fishy going on

  4. All of the sudden, that free ‘donated’ police car is looking pretty freakin’ expensive. Like 5-15 years expensive.

  5. Soooo was it the Mayor, Chief, Asst Chief or Captain? Someone knows and I’m sure it will be made known to the public soon. Will they arrest whoever gave this info out or will it be swept under. Is this an arrestable offense? I hope I don’t get pulled over in Aliquippa.

  6. Is the CLEAN information access-only and read-only, or can it be altered or added to by the the police department and/or borough staff? That would seem to be important here.

  7. This has been going on for years, and not just in Aliquippa. I have run out of fingers and toes to count how many times Aliquippa Police have been involved with hiding reports, reading sensitive materials and telling friends and neighbors info only meant for law agencies. Hiding various crimes and covering for friends and relatives. I have in the past have told J.P. to look into something where all reports and any witnesses were gone. Hopefully the State Police will discover something.

    • Why are you notifying everyone on this site that you read an article???
      Why not privately message or notify Jenn Ziegler???

      • The idiom “Birds of a feather flock together” ends with “until the cat comes”.

        It’s actually a warning about fair-weather friends, not an assessment of how complimentary people are.

        Try quoting yourself this time and give a incidence.

      • Here’s a quote for you while I wait: “Doesn’t matter what you do, or how you do it, your neighbors are going to talk about you anyway.”

      • Hopewell police are certainly less corrupt than Quips but the real corruption lies in the commissioners and their political maneuvering to hire unqualified candidates for open positions without hiring notices being posted. Watch the shakeup in the commissioner’s team since they have hid the fact that Ciccone doesn’t live in Hopewell from the public. They’ll scheme to “appoint” one of their “own” good old boys. Stay tuned and let’s hear from you GeorgiesGuns. You sound like a person in the know about Hopewell p[political scheming & palace intrigues..

  8. The public should be absolutely terrified by this disclosure. Some of the most sensitive information about people’s lives is being shared and exploited by people who are the least trustworthy. A question begs to be asked: How widespread is this abuse of the system? How many other police departments are doing the same thing? (Don’t think too hard about that one.)

    A past article of the BC (link given below) revealed another instance of potential misuse of the JNET system. In August of 2015, the PSP investigated the Sheriff’s office, and in specific, then Lieutenant Deputy John Joe Fratangeli and Sheriff’s clerk Karen Hopkins. Also interviewed was Sheriff George David. Fratangeli was a former Aliquippa police officer, along with George David. I do not know the outcome of that investigation.

  9. From Psycho Cop to Perfidious Cop — you can get maimed or have your confidential information shared for life — eagerly awaiting you at your next traffic stop.

  10. One time I saw an Aliquippa Cop getting a BJ off what looked like a crack whore down under the tunnel where I used to work.

    • I guess they both figured it was a better solution than processing all that paperwork, paying a fine, etc.

      • I saw a cow jump over the moon once. I said it, does that make it true? You’re just rancid to post a comment like that here.

    • Blow job from a crack whore? I”ll be damned we all thought they just sucked each others DICKS. And for variety took it up the ass from the Beaver County Sheriffs Dept. boys.

  11. The Times website has a story for tomorrow’s (12/14) edition. According to the story, the Aliquippa Police chief said the leak was an “unintentional” leak of information. Couch (Police Chief) called the incident “isolated” and he is aware of what happened and when the information was accidentally released. My query, how can it be deemed unintentional when so many copies were distributed, or am I missing something.

    • Your not. Couch is a douchebag. And he’s lying thru his fucking teeth.
      Don’t ever forget, these ass clowns couldn’t find a dead body, what, five doors down from the crime scene? Because it was in a yard with a fence around it? Great PoPo work there ass clowns. These guys are the epitome of the Keystone Cops!

      • KVR 856, you are so right, and Wise Owl, if you think this is an isolated and unintentional incident, you are so wrong. This guy has been giving information out to his “buddies” forever. The chief thief has been ripping off people since he was on steady midnight. He would not go on the hill unless he had his little buddy Dan. That’s the only time he would arrest someone for “drugs”. And lets not forget “that’s twenty dollars for Eat N Park in the morning”. Oh and what about the stolen quad that you took, and your son wrecked on. Oh one of your patrolmen found out who the owner was, hopefully the quad comes back to haunt you. Maybe the state and the fed’s will come in and clean house. I ain’t tripping I am double dipping. Bye to you and your new little buddy. No more take home cars for you, the minion, and the fire chief, you are a distressed community, you live in Monaca, Rochester, and Hanover. Time for the State, Feds, or Auditor Generals office to check everything out. They found out about one guys illegal pension, and he was told to pay back what he ripped the pension off of, but who knows if he ever did. And there are a few more illegal pensions……

  12. Kirstin Kennedy, who wrote the BCT article, bought Wijnen-Riems’ phony police report hook, line and sinker, and reported it as Holy Writ in the paper, and, she bought this story the same. She is a police report reporter. Whatever the police report, she reports. In the same words, verbatim. One bright spot — State Police Lt. Eric Hermick. If that dude is on the case, you will see results.

    • BC Times is just a shill for the local democratic point of view. No originality or investigative capabilities. Parroting the party line of swill and useless drivel. Puff pieces and piss poor journalism. Any day now they will announce that President Kennedy may have been assassinated! of course they’ll wait for JP to do all the leg work and force their hand.

    • Reporter my ass. She simply goes from one magistrates office to the next and one police dept to the next and plagarizes the criminal complaint or police incident report. Once in a blue moon she’ll correct a grammar error or summarize if space is an issue. I’ve never once seen where she followed up with a subject to get their statement in order to actually report on it. Occasionally she will sit in a courtroom. I’m guessing that there isn’t a journalism professor who would grade any current “reporting” that she does higher than an “F.” I’m actually surprised she’s still employed….a high schooler could copy things word for word a lot cheaper.

  13. Keep Stonewall and the Midget as far away from this investigation as possible PSP. DO NOT let them run interference for these corrupt thugs hiding behind a badge. Hell, bring in the FBI too and maybe they’ll find out who really killed Jimmy Naim or who may have been complicit in ambushing him. Lt Hermick, put that dumbass DA in his place again like the 4 minute bullshit response time that was made in a public forum.

  14. Georgiesguns, you are so right. Hopewell has an ordinance about dogs barking incessantly and disturbing the neighborhood. I phoned his office numerous times even held the cell phone so he can hear the barking of several dogs that this one person has in his back yard. Nothing happened and the dogs are still barking. A visit to his office, he was out. Perhaps a visit to his house is next.

    • John Bates will take care of your complaint if he knows you right away, if he doesn’t know you or you are not politically hooked you go to the bottom of the list.

    • I actually got fined for my beautiful dog who is also an ankle bitter so called for putting 1 single paw in neighbor yard in hopewell township police . Is that a joke or what ??????


  15. If you look hard enough, then you will find corruption within every Police Dept, the Sheriffs Dept, the Beaver County Jail, the Courthouse, etc. simply because there are and have always been people who are corrupted by power.



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